View Full Forums : 76 druid returning, where to solo?

06-17-2009, 12:40 PM
Hey :)

I'm thinking about making a return to EQ after two years off. My main is a 76 druid with about 1500aa, and I have a rogue also 76 with about 800aa. For now I just wanted to xp myself back up to 85 then see where to go from there. So much has changed since I left, can anyone give me advice on where to go to solo with my druid so I can level up please? My old friends that I used to group with rarely log on now either so I'm thinking my xp will need to be done solo. If I remember rightly my mana and hps were around the 16k mark with buffs, possibly higher but I'm not sure.

Thanks so much if you can help.