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08-11-2009, 08:54 AM
Hello, I am a group druid and boxing at that. I was wondering after the change to the flare line what nukes/dots you guys use in the group game.

Sod T4 and T5.

For Sod T5 I use 2 hotkeys:
This ties up 5 spell slots with nukes/dots/debuffs. In high dps groups I do not use hotkey 1 since it is a waste of mana. I still have to cast some heals especially on names or multi-mob pulls. The cleric merc just can't keep up in T5 without some help. These hotkeys have the proper pauses etc.

I was just wondering if anyone does anything similar or if they have any input. Thanks

I have tried setups using 6 spell slots for 1 cast of the flare line. I found chain casting the flare line is too much agro.

Hotkey 1.
1) Cast Hand of Ro
2) Cast Sunsinge Rk. II

Then I cast a heal and/or AA nuke

Hotkey 2
1) Cast Nature's Searing Wrath Rk. II
2) Cast Summer Solstice II
3) Cast Summer Solstice II

Then if still alive cast heal/aa nuke/clicky nukes then:
twist Harvesting Inferno Rk. II and Summer Solstice II until dead.

Any obvious improvements jump out?
I have max aa on dots and nuke crits.