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08-14-2009, 05:13 AM
Clerics, Shamans and Druids !

Nordlys Crusaders is a guild on the Antonius Bayle server. We are a part-time high-end raiding guild, challenging ourselves to progress and succeed to the limit of our abilities, but we are also proud of our family-oriented nature, with emphasis on grouping together, progressing together and helping each other to achieve our own goals, all the while remembering to have fun doing it!

We raid every Wednesday & Friday from 7.45 until 11ish, (sometimes later on Fridays), and every Sunday from 7.15 until 11ish - UK times.

Open classes
We are currently open and taking applications for membership from:

Raiding membership:



Social (non-raiding) membership:
Social membership is a way for friends and family of existing members, who can't or don't want to commit to raiding, to join Nordlys Crusaders. If you'd like to join us as a social member you'll need to know or get to know some members who would like to sponsor you to join us.

Note: If your class isn't open at the moment, feel free to apply anyway if you feel your app merits special consideration. We can make exceptions for exceptional apps or if you have strong family/friends ties to existing NC members.

General Requirements
Applications should ideally have at least the following general requirements.
Be able to attend at least 2 out of the 3 raid nights per week on a regular basis. Trialees need to attend at least 60% of all raids during trial period. Higher than minimum raid attendance is looked on very favourably.
Be free to start raids at 7:45pm UK time (7:15pm on Sundays) and raid through to 11pm (Sometimes later on Fridays).
To apply to join Nordlys Crusaders, you need to be 16 years of age or above. Exceptions can be made to this for close friends and family of current members only.
Be at least level 80 with 18,000 HP/Mana, have all unbuffed resists above 400 and have spent at least 600 AA
Pet classes need to have the pet hold AA
All spells of at least rank 1 up to and including SoF
Have all expansions up to and including SoD
Healing classes need to have at least most of their class healing and curing AAs.
Tank classes should have most of their defensive AAs & a minimum of 4K AC (unbuffed)HOWEVER .....

Are you guild less or in a casual guild still raiding old content? Ever felt that you wanted to experience a different type of raiding and see Rathe & Discord Raids, but you couldn't because you feel you may be out of your depth, or because requirements for those guilds are too high?

Then read on - Nordlys Crusaders may have something of interest to you...

NC realizes that it might be hard to meet some guilds' requirements if you want to join them, especially once they are past level 75 content. Casual players or players still raiding older targets might well struggle to meet those requirements and rather than fishing in the same waters with all the other guilds around our level, NC have decided to offer you a unique opportunity to make that jump possible to higher level raiding.

So yes, Nordlys Crusaders (Antonius Bayle) is opening its doors again for certain classes, and specifically all healing classes. If you are an active healer that wants to raid Seeds of Destruction content, please read our offer below.

What you need to take advantage of this offer

Nothing more than level 75 or above and a commitment to NC that you are active and willing to work with us to help develop your character.

What NC can offer you
A mature and friendly guild atmosphere
Kick-ass raiding in Crystallos & Seeds of Destruction content
Groups to help you develop your character as well as develop new friendships, including an LFG forum section to get groups going in advance
Informal guild fun events on a regular basisPLUS.... the NC Mentoring System!

A dedicated Mentor and point of contact to:
Introduce you to the guild and its members, explain how it all works and answer all your questions.
Act as a general guide to help you settle in and get the most from your NC experience.
Work with you to create a development plan for your character, including levels, essential AA, quest items, gear, raiding flags and much more.
Work with you to to realise all your development goals through organising appropriate groups and mini-raids.There is NO catch, no pressure, no imposed targets or time-scales to your development. Do it as quickly or slowly as you wish, we will support you every step of the way. Ultimately of course, we want to see you raiding with us and having as much fun as we are, and we will do our best to support you in getting there.

For more information, visit our forums, or send a tell to one of our Officer Team - Rennia, Danelgar, Tanith, Fiigmo, Anduain, Siaka or Clearmoon in-game who will be very happy to talk to you in private and in full confidence.

Web site:


Best wishes and good luck,

The NC Officer Team (