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08-21-2009, 06:23 PM
Cestus Dei on the Luclin server is seeking a few Druids.

About Us:
Cestus Dei is a guild which has evovled from a high end raiding guild to more of a "family style" guild... we are raiders who like much of the EQ population has grown older and matured. We don't put harsh raid attendence policies on our membership. This doesn't mean we have lost our competitiveness. We were 2nd on our server to beat SoD and as every day passes we gain strength.

-Level 85
-Void E flag
-1000AA minimum
-50% raid attendence is required during the app period

Raid Info:
-We typically raid between the hrs of 6:30 - 10:30pm CST.
-We raid between 5-6 nights per week, Friday being our off day (sometimes Saturdays as well are off).
-We clear most all of SoD raid essence dropping mobs weekly (Kora, Earth Theme, Normal Tower and Hardmode Tower). We do some Hardmode Earth raids to fill in the time between lockouts.
-We use a conventional DKP system to award loot and spells.

App Info:
-Apps generally last between 3-6 weeks... this varies based on playtimes, skill level, and the ability to get along with others.
-All applicants are tagged with the CD tag.
-Applicants earn DKP during their app period which can be spent if no other CD mains need.

Contact Info:
-Recruitment Officer: Farken
-Other Officers: Zelena, Galan, Sandaormo, Sulaya, and Xikkorakx

Update 9/5/09: Website fixed, still looking for one or two more