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09-10-2009, 01:07 AM
Sacred Fyre is seeking one high play time Druid!

Basic Information:
-Sacred Fyre is a PST family guild on Fennin Ro that raids high end content. We have cleared all of SoD(including hard mode raids). We eagerly await Underfoot for fresh content to kill.
-Our raid times are 8:30pm - 1:00am PST.
-We raid 5 days a week (Sunday - Wednesday and Saturday. Thursdays are optional non dkp raids, and Friday is the official day of rest).

What we are looking for:
-We are looking for one high play time druid lvl 85 and some well spent AA's
-You should be able to follow instructions
-Be willing to learn from others
-Have the ability to get along well with others and work well with others
-Void E. (This key will need to be obtained in order to attend the majority of our raids)

Why Sacred Fyre?
-We are a well structured family raiding guild with a strong raid force, we have a high number of raiding members which means you will not have to worry about "low number nights."
-We have a fair loot system that is mostly based on attendance, you save and spend your dkp as you see fit. The higher your raid attendance the better your chances are of constantly obtaining gear.
-Our raid times are great for a number of situations. West coast and Hawaii/Alaska raiders, people who work late, people with friends and families are free to spend time with them and raid during the later evening times.

Contact Information:
-To submit an application or for questions you are welcome to use the following sources:
-Application officers: Woodelfous and Sanlene
-Other officers you are welcome to contact if application officers are not on: Matiilda and Jeezu.
-Cross server tell format [tell or ;tell
-In game email

Not a druid? We might still have a spot for you in our raid force! Feel free to contact us for information!

Good luck!