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11-22-2009, 04:57 PM
Its a bird!, its a plane!...Nah its just a drood stain!~

Darkstar Alliance (a Fennin Ro guild currently Farming Tower in preparation for Underfoot), Wants YOU! to come get revenge on our resident evil Paladin!

Basic Info:
-Darkstar Alliance is a EST Raiding guild on Fennin Ro and the only one remaining that raids purely as a Single Guidl Entity!, Having downed Tower July 2nd/09 we are currently in farm mode for Underfoot and are always in search of great players to recruit!
-Our raid times are 7:00pm - 12:00am EST.
-We raid Monday - Thursday and Saturday with Sunday reserved for aug runs and friday occasionally featuring some other fun stint!, we also do Naggy/Vox optionally Late Monday and Friday

What we like:
-We are welcome to any high attendance Druids, lvl 85 with a respectable amount of AA's that works on their char outside of raids as well as excelling in the raid enviroment itself
-You Must be able to listen to instructions and execute properly!..and make sure any drakkin necros die a horrible death!
-Our required keys dont go beyond VoidE atm

Why DA?:
-DA is a steamroller of a raiding guild with a strong desire to succeed and rise to the top
-We have a great loot system based on DKP (Contact me in game for specifics)
-We dont restrict self expression in any form, be as free as you like...but if your an ******* prepare to take some of your own **** right back!, there of coarse is a point where the line must be drawn, dont be a tool!, /gu most days will keep you laughing till it hurts
-Help is available constantly, the guild retains many very active players who are on for disturbing amounts of time! So whether you just want some exp/faction or your just looking to get revenge on Darkenvoid..someone will be down to help!

Who to talk to and where to go?:
For Application purposes or if your just curious feel free to hit up some of these sources:
-Website: (
-In game: Send a tell to anyone with the tag and theyd be happy to answer your questions or redirect you to someone online that can!, Most days im available to talk to and drain information from~

01-22-2010, 12:04 AM
Hahaha "Not a Lurker Anymore!" i never noticed that,

And Yes...Still WTB some fuzzy druids!