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12-04-2009, 10:53 AM
Taken from Ormus on station forum -


Sundew Blessing - Casted on tank, it nukes the tanks target (the DD is focused), and gives you a heal twincast that has 2 procs.
Remote Manaflux - Casted on NPC, it nukes the NPC, and heals the tank, both the DD and the heal should be focused
Surge of Ironvines - Large DS, 8 hit count
Blast of Hypergrowth - Casts a pet that does melee damage to NPC you have agro on, casts a debuff on NPC that is a snare and attack debuff, and can nuke the npc.


Combate Agility
Combate Stabilty
General Sturdiness
ystical Attuning
ystical Sheild - new aa, innate 5% chance to resist any spell

ental Stamina
Persistent Casting
nenomic Retention - 2 more ranks, so we now have 12 casting gems on spell window
Armor of Wisdom
Group Perfected Levitation
Critical Affliction
Fury of Magic
Expansive Mind
Healing Adept
Healing Gift
ental Clarity
Shield Block
Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation

Acute Focus of Arcanum - upgrade to Arcanum line
Conversion of Spirits
Destructive Cascade
Egress - same as the spell, self evac
Flight of Eagles - same restrictions as the spell, just in aa form
Flight of the Eagles - same restrictions as the spell, just in aa form
Group Spirit of the Black Wolf - awsome aa
Group Spirit of the White Wolf - awsome aa
Nature's Guardian
Spirit of Wood
Storm Strike
Wrath of the Wild
Hastened Wrath of the Wild
Hastened Nature's Guardian
Spirits of Nature - new swarm pet, casts 3 swarm pets - underpowered at this time
Wall of Wind - ae pushback and snare AA
Spirit of White Wolf
Spirit of Black Wolf
Hastended Convergens of Spirits
Hastened Spirit of the Wood
Twinproc - chance to twincast weapon procs
Hastened Mass Group Buff

12-06-2009, 08:31 PM
Will be very curious where conversion of spirits and Spirit of the Wood end up with aa's. Cant say i ever use Spirit anymore, it used to be so useful, but i do use Convergence now and again so hopefully they continued a successful line and caught up Spirit.

12-10-2009, 08:11 AM
Blast of Hypergrowth rk2: The mushroom hit about as hard as Booboo (spell, not AA) but procs (or casts) Bite of the Sporali Venom rk2, doing 1690 damage. The debuff portion may be tied to the snare effect since i did not see any debuff icon on the mob (korafax/tower mobs are all no-snare).