View Full Forums : Knights Of Fury of Erollisi Marr is recruiting

02-25-2010, 06:19 AM
Knights Of Fury

We are Erollisi Marr’s most Rapidly growing guild, KOF is a very active, relaxed raiding guild.

WE currently Raid 3 nights a week, raiding, SOD & Solteris, we also hold UF and SOD progression, hold loot nights, assist with epics, orbs whatever you need!

We have between 40 – 50 Members online most nights to group with

So if you are 75 plus, and need a guild with raiding without the mandatory requirements or need a guild with more going on then Knights Of Fury are the guild you have been looking for!

We are looking for members that enjoy raiding, and coming along to guild events. All though we have no mandatory raiding policy’s we like applicants who would like to actively join in with us.

We welcome players who are new to raiding and experienced Raiders

For more info Please contact us in game – - nizyana –velvdvlos - sigol

Apply online -

We look forward to hearing from you

Nizyana (Guild Leader)