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05-13-2010, 04:06 PM
Valorguard is currently recruiting quality people and players of the following classes:

The minimum requirements to apply if your class is Open are level 85 + 900 AA.
Korafax group flag is highly recommended; lacking this flag will severely limit your ability to raid with us.
Our raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; from 7:00-11:00pm EST.

Valorguard is one of the oldest and most respected guilds on the former Nameless Server (now Erollisi Marr) and VG members are very proud to be part of the family. We are always looking for skilled players who fit in well with our friendly, helpful guild culture. We never close recruiting for any particular class completely; instead, we merely become more selective for a given class.

Valorguard is not a "hard-core raiding guild" since we typically raid only 3 nights per week, however, we do make constant progress through the game due to the dedication and discipline of our members and leaders on raid nights. We seek out people who play regularly, however, Valorguard is a totally volunteer organization with no mandatory attendance requirements. We understand that our members also have real lives that take priority over gaming. Recruiting slots for classes we are lacking are opened periodically to cover our group and raid needs.

Valorguard is a collection of players who genuinely want to help each other advance through the game and have fun doing it. This is most evident during non-raid times where members are free to form groups to accomplish their single-group goals. Members are generally willing to help their guildmates in whatever way they can. Applicants should have a good attitude and be supportive and willing to help other guildmates.

If your class is listed as "Closed", that means that VG is currently well staffed in your class and there is not a need to recruit an additional player of that class. However, we realize that there are exceptional players out there and we understand the benefit to the guild by not turning them away. Therefore, we have a process where a player of exceptional skill with a highly-experienced character can apply to Valorguard as an "exceptional applicant". The requirements for Exceptional Applicants are considerably higher than those of a standard applicant, and are based on the stats of our current members in that class. Please visit the Valorguard website for further information.

If Valorguard sounds like the right guild for you, please feel free to visit our website at ( and stop by our app channel (vgapp:honor). You may also guest with us on our raids with no obligation if you are interested in applying and would like to get a closer look at Valorguard (however all guests must be at least level 85 with 900 AA).

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss applying, please feel free to contact any member of Valorguard's leadership team:
Iwenn (Guildmaster)
Iheart (Webmaster)
Marneth (Recruiting Officer)
Kiiks (Officer)
Stargazer (Officer)
Hammerfur (Officer)
Issk (Officer)

Thank you for your interest in Valorguard!

07-22-2010, 07:19 AM
Valorguard has adjusted our raid schedule for the summer months, freeing up our members' weekends for camping, BBQ, beer, and all the fun family stuff associated with summer! We are now raiding Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7-11pm EST. Our members also hold some impromptu off-night raids to farm runes and essences, or to help each other with UF progression.

We have recently defeated the Beast and are now working on The Unburrowing; we are farming the Tower as well. If you have been considering Valorguard, now is a great time to apply! You may find more details at (