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10-25-2002, 05:52 PM
Hereinafter, you will see an embryonic attempt to organize a bit of the information of the "trials" in the Plane of Justice.

As usual, after a review/criticism session, I will try to it up clean up and leave to posterity. Please post your corrections and additions.

The text below illustrates the lashing and execution trials. Lashing should be for the Plane of Valor and Execution for the Plane of Storms. We'll sort out soon the other trials. The names should be lashing, execution, flame, stoning, hanging, and I believe torture.

<strong> THE MAVUIN TRIALS </strong>

<strong>General Overview</strong>

This involves several trials at the Tribunal in the POJustice. By doing one of the trials and acquitting him with the Tribunal, you will get access one of the second level Planes.

To begin, you need to find the prisoner Mavuin. You can get a quest flag from him. You will probably need a group to get to him, he is behind a hallway 4-5 sets of things that look like Fungal Fiends and Pebblecrushers. They are below level 54, and mezzable.

Thru the dialogue, Mavuin will ask you to plead his case. Here is an example:
[Thu Oct 24 00:56:27 2002] You say, 'Hail, Mavuin'
[Thu Oct 24 00:56:28 2002] Mavuin strains his eyes to look up at you in disbelief, then reaches down into a rusted vent and pulls out a journal. 'Please I implore you, take word to the Tribunal. I have done nothing wrong, yet I have been sentenced to eternity in this cell. I wish to present all of the [information] about my case to them. They must listen to my plea if they are truly the gods of justice.'
[Thu Oct 24 00:56:36 2002] You say, 'what information?'
[Thu Oct 24 00:56:36 2002] Mavuin tells you, 'I know it has been said for years before me, and will be said for years after me, but I was truly framed for my crime. You see the gods feared the knowledge that I carry with me. So to prevent me passing this knowledge to others, it was set up to show that I had plotted to murder one of the other elders. Please go before the tribunal and plead my case. If you do this I will share what I know with you, I apologize for holding it against you, but I am desperate to be released.'
[Thu Oct 24 00:56:36 2002] You have received a character flag!

After that, you will have to talk to the tribunal members:

You start by saying: 'what about mavuin?'.

At this point, you can get several different answers from the tribunals. One talked about a trial of hanging, one talked about a trial of lashing, one talked about a trial of torture. There are 6 different "trials".

Most of them seem to be along the lines of protecting something. In a nutshell, there will be 4 preliminary waves, all equal in difficulty and a final one . You can't bring more than one group as it will boot you out if you have more than 6.

<strong>Example of the Execution trial:</strong>

The Tribunal nods slightly. 'Very well. When you are ready, you may begin the trial of execution. The victim will perish should the hooded executioner reach him. Its life will end only when all of the nemeses which accompany it also perish. We shall judge the mark of your success.'

You say, 'I am ready for the trial of execution.'

You will be ported into a room with someone at an executioners stand. Then, an executioner will appear. You cannot target him. The wave will comprise 2 "a dark nemesis" and 2 "a fierce nemesis". Two looked like the Pebblecrushes from the Grey and the other two looked like Fungal Fiends. The rock ones were immune to mez, the Fungal Fiends were immune to root.

You have to kill all the NPCs around the "executioner" before he gets to the executioner's table. If you don't kill them in time, you lose. If you do kill them in time, you get a "mark of execution". Then you will to run back and forth between Mavuin and the tribunal to complete the test.

It's not easy, to say the least. Bring lots of DPS and have a balanced group:

One group that beat it was rogue, cleric, mage, tank, enchanter and monk. They used this strategy:

Shaman buff everyone up before group went in. Mage casted DS on tank and to add to shaman DS potion. Mage summoned epic pet as soon as group went in. Dont bother slowing any mobs, you need the damage from the DS. The final guy is slowable and hits for max of 720 and does a weird 'armor break' proc. The rock guys are not mezzable.

<strong>Example of the LASHING trial</strong>

[Thu Oct 24 01:03:59 2002] You say, 'what about Mavuin?'
[Thu Oct 24 01:03:59 2002] The Tribunal tells you, 'So, mortal, you wish us to allow a prisioner to plead his case? What power do you think that you hold that we should field your interests? You must prove yourself in one of our trials before we will consider hearing this plea.'
[Thu Oct 24 01:04:04 2002] You tell your party, 'got one here'
[Thu Oct 24 01:04:18 2002] You say, 'how do I prove myself in one of your trials?'
[Thu Oct 24 01:04:19 2002] The Tribunal says 'The trials of the Tribunal are no easy affair. They will severely test your might and skill. Are you prepared for such an ordeal?'
[Thu Oct 24 01:04:27 2002] You say, 'I am prepared for such an ordeal'
[Thu Oct 24 01:04:27 2002] The Tribunal nods slightly. 'Very well. When you are ready, you may begin the trial of lashing. You must protect the victims from their tormentors. Be wary of the scourge of honor - you cannot fight it directly. You must find and destroy its life force to defeat it. We shall judge the mark of your success.'

[Thu Oct 24 01:04:56 2002] You say, 'I am ready for the trial of lashing'
[Thu Oct 24 01:04:56 2002] The Tribunal says 'Then begin.'

From there you will ported to a small square room with some prisoners.

The 4 mobs in this trial are 2 "A malevolent punisher" and 2 "A savage lasher". They hit for 200 to 300. :)

10-25-2002, 06:06 PM
<strong>Summary </strong>

This is for PoFire. The NPC is Miak the Searedsoul.
You will find Miak in PoTranquility, in the building out in ocean.
Just 'What's the portal's destination?' to get a flag!

<strong>Quest text for PoF flag:</strong>
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:03 2002] Miak the Searedsoul says, 'Greetings traveler. I am Miak, guardian of the portal to the greater elemental [Plane of Fire.]'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:08 2002] You say, 'What plane of fire?'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:09 2002] Miak the Searedsoul says, 'The Plane of Fire is no place for a mortal to go frolicking about. Regardless, to use the portal now would surely mean [your demise.]'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:15 2002] You say, 'My demise?'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:15 2002] Miak the Searedsoul says, 'Yes, the end of your mortal existence. Recently the portal seems to have lost its direction. The location the portal sends you to is not safe; the [portal's destination] seems to have moved somehow.'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:28 2002] You say, 'What's the portal's destination?'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:28 2002] Miak the Searedsoul says, 'I do not know if I will ever be able to correct the portal's destination, but if you have the true route for the portal in your mind I will be able to channel the portal to the correct location.'
[Wed Oct 23 11:13:28 2002] You have received a character flag!

Happyfeet Funkmaster
11-04-2002, 07:15 AM
To get into Crypt of Decay you must kill Grummus in PoD. If you can't kill AoW, don't even try. He's 1200 unslowable w/ rampage and 2 AE dots, together they are ~300dmg a tick.

Another way to enter CoD is by this quest.

[Tue Oct 22 06:47:46 2002] You say, 'Hail, Grimror Plaguebringer'
[Tue Oct 22 06:47:47 2002] Grimror Plaguebringer says 'Grimror no have time ta talk. Gots stuffs ta do.'
[Tue Oct 22 06:47:49 2002] You say, 'what stuffs?'
[Tue Oct 22 06:47:49 2002] Grimror Plaguebringer says 'I wuz sent here by Zulort to, err. . . To gadder some alchemy type stuffs. Him have big plan, and need me to travel lots.'
[Tue Oct 22 06:47:52 2002] You say, 'who is zulort'
[Tue Oct 22 06:47:57 2002] You say, 'what big plans?'
[Tue Oct 22 06:47:57 2002] Grimror Plaguebringer laughs. 'Me not tell you dat! Grimror keep secrets secret. You gonna help Grimror or no?'
[Tue Oct 22 06:48:04 2002] You say, 'I will help grimror'
[Tue Oct 22 06:48:04 2002] Grimror Plaguebringer says 'Dat good! Grimror been getting compon ents for dayz now and Grimror still not finushed. You gonna get dem tings fur me?'
[Tue Oct 22 06:48:08 2002] You say, 'what tings?'
[Tue Oct 22 06:48:09 2002] Grimror Plaguebringer says 'Grimror need bile, dat stuff es strong here! But Grimror keent seem to git eet all. Bile comz from da leetle bugs. Keel little bugs, and geeve Grimror dere leetel bodiez and Grimror give yuuz anyting dat yuuz want. Dere be four leetel buggiez dat Grimror still neez, seegeen, scaveen, genereen, and harroon. Yuuz bring Grimror dere skinz and Grimror geeve you anyting yuuz want.'

You need
a harrion larvae flesh from "a harrion larva"
a sengian larva flesh from "a sengian larva"
a scaevian larva flesh from "a scaevian larva"
a generian larva flesh from "a generian larva"

I believe those are the correct names of everything. They are all in pod.

Turn them in and you get a 7ac bracer that is clickable only in the inventory... unlimited charges of resist disease. And it acts as the CoD key.

12-02-2002, 05:56 AM
Getting into PoF can't be that easy? Is there any other info avail other than killing SRo?

12-04-2002, 04:53 AM
Happyfeet do you know where id pod to find "a harrion larva" "a sengian larva" "a scaevian larva" and "a generian larva"? Also are the things they drop no drop?

12-04-2002, 07:53 AM
they are nodrop.. so far I have collected a harrion larva and a sengian larva.. i have never even seen a scaevian larva or a generian larva.. not even on tracking.. do these mobs spawn in a different part of the zone? or are they just extremely rare?

12-04-2002, 10:21 AM
I got scaevian and generian in north section, pretty much dead center of north wall.

Where was sengian found? Only one I am missing for weeks... a whole level + made in that zone and never seen him once.

12-09-2002, 08:46 AM
All of the Plane of Justice trials result in getting a nodrop rune called a Mark of xxx.

Once you complete any of the trials, you can hail one of the tribunals, then say "what about Mavuin" and recieve another character flag. You then go back to Mauvin and hail him again and recieve the character flag that allows you entry into plane of valor and plane of storms.

12-10-2002, 09:52 AM
I got sengian by the water where those piles of goo spawn. he was somewhere around there.

12-10-2002, 11:46 AM
When you follow the right wall from zone in the harrion is in the water there.

Take the first corner until you come to the first pussling house. The sengian spawns outside that.

Follow the wall around more past the next pussling house and you will see a large open area. I hunted in that area in between the N and S walls from there to get the other two.

Fun quest, CoD just didnt seem worth it once I got there though.

12-18-2002, 07:39 AM
I finally completed this quest and went into CoD.. I typed /who and discovered I was all alone.. :p things on tracking were either dark blue or higher, with a few exception greenies which I assume are the dire charm toys of the zone.. I was gonna try pulling something, but I chickened out.. anyone know if the mobs in this zone are immune to changes in run speed? or do they summon?


12-19-2002, 10:48 AM
So far nothing near the front summoned, but they have high resists and they hit like a tank with little or no room to run around for you.

If we want to chat more take it to Hunting Guide please. My bad as I was one of the first to let this thread take a turn, but its stickied to be about quests for flags not hat we find when we get there. :)

Xiggins feel free to clean up these posts as far as I am concerned.

02-23-2003, 06:25 AM
I tried getting into Fire yesterday. While saying, "what is the portal destination" did get me a flag, I was undable to enter the zone. The message I got was, your will is not strong enough for you to enter safely. As I am only lvl 51, I assumed it must have a level restriction, but a guildie of mine said he saw a level 50 in the zone and the reason I couldn't enter was that Fire is a 4th tier zone. I have yet to get flagged for any of the other plains so perhaps my guildie was correct.

04-08-2003, 07:45 AM
Some of that imformation is incorrect.

~ If you complete any of the PoJ trials you get flaged for PoV and PoS both very hard zones.

~ The types of mobs that apear in the trials are random and there can be named mobs as well that drop nice items. although they make it harder.

~ The trilas are much more about levels that classes. Don't bother till your at least lv 60 and imo 61 is better.

~ The rock like mobs are killable with the druid/mage DD vs summoned though it takes a 68pp(?) gem every atempt. Dont plann on getting rocks to DD them get the DPS in group to do the trials with or with out them.

~ Having a solid tank for the end mob is a must any tank with loots of AA's will do but it is best a warrior, make shure that know to go defensive *before* the engageing the Exe .... he hits for 700!

~ Every trial consists of 4 waves of 4 mobs for a total of 16 kills. Every time a mob is killed the exe is reset and begins his walk to the front. you have about 30 sec to kill the next mob, jsut before he is executed teh exe askes "Do you have any last requests" if you see that DD FAST.

~ Agro controll is very important, if you stand 30 feet away and DD till you have agro you will pull the mob away from the tanks and there DPS will drop and you will louse. When DDing stand by the MA make shure you hit assist so your on the right mob and only then DD so you will not turn the mob stopping rogues BS.

~ Make shure the MA uses a DS potion fresh just before you go in. There are 2 kinds I know of the weaker is "Kevha's (sp) Blistering Flesh" and the better is "Kevha's Skin Aflame". You can get them in the Bazaar get the 2nd kind as it has 2 times the DS ... it makes a big difference.

~ while the trial of Exe has a timer build in some of the others dont. Generaily teh ones with no timer have mobs that hit harder in the case of lashing it is 4 waves of 4 mobs that hit for 388 each and after a short while the lasher comes out he hits for 200ish and can not be tergeted or killed, he will hit the person that is nearest to him till the wave is done.

~ ~ hope this helps ~ ~

Kanus Silverleaf
05-05-2003, 11:57 PM
Ok To get into PoFire you HAVE to Kill all 5 Mini Bosses in Sol Ro. These Flag you to get into Sol Ro himself. You then have to kill him. Up on Killing him you will, previded you have all other flags, beable to get into PoFire. To get into Sol Ro, You have to have killed all Bosses from every plane except Rallous Zek.

Here is a Nice Little Flag Progression Chart my guild has posted enjoy :)

<a href="" target="top"></a>

Kweil Treehuger
05-30-2003, 08:27 AM
Just to clarify:
To get into the zone Tower of Sol Ro you don't need to kill Rallos Zek. To get into the chamber with Sol Ro, you have to kill the 5 mini and Rallos Zek.

Progression chart I like better is: (

07-11-2003, 04:02 AM
To get into fire you just need the Sol Ro flag, not the 5 minis. You can get into Sol Ro's chamber without any mini flag with the 15 percent rule and subsequently skip having any mini's to get into fire.

There are several people in my guild who are missing 1 or 2 mini's and can still zone into fire.

07-24-2003, 07:02 AM
Ok first some info on the CoD quest then i have a couple questions.

All of the mobs are rare and have placeholders:

Harrion PH = Malarian Larva (no e on the end of larva)
Generian PH = Planarian Larva (again no e on end of larva)
Sengian PH = Tachnian Caterpillar
Scaevian PH = Tsetsian Pupa (no l on the end of Pupa)

Ok now here is my problem. The damn placeholders for the Harrion and Generian keep spawning UNDER THE WORLD. Heck i even spawned a Harrion and IT was under the world. Makes the quest impossible to finish. With the harrion I attacked a Malarian Crysalis and she spawned 3 Malarian Larva so they werent realy under the world; they were inside her. However when I had kiled all of them adn then her the harrion spawned under the world and a new mob called a Malarian Gall spawned in place of the Crysalis. When I tried to kil that mob it summoned and i had to leave it up. The harrion has been up under the world for 24 hours now. Not sure if killign the Gall mob will caause it to be above the world or not. Has anyoner else had this problem or know of a solution?

07-24-2003, 07:45 AM
Odd, I've never had this problem and I've done the quest 4 or 5 times now.

One thing I do know is that more than one copy of a particular named larva can be up at once. So even if a named mob gets stuck under the world somehow, you're not completely out of luck.

07-26-2003, 04:21 PM
Ok the mobs are NOT stuck under the world. They burrow under the world and are NOT aggro so impossible to get them out by walking on them. I even tried earthquake. No luck. But I finally found the solution. You train a mob over their location and they ADD to the train. :-0 Once I figured this out i got the Malarian no problem. Made some rather large trains a couple of times though LOL The Planarian actualy spawns over by the Pussling houses just right where the otehr two do but he quickly heads toward the castle and gets stuck in the river. They cannot climb the steep walls. This allows you to exploit and kill them in complete safety by just floating over them where the river dead ends at the castle. Not normally my style but hey what idiot designed the game so you have to exploit becaseu they screwed up and made this mob unable to climb walls. My pet rat had no problem climbing down to kill it adn then climb back out. Once you kill the two in the river then you can sit up buy the Pusslings and pick them off as they spawn. I ended up with 2 spawning at the same time. :-)

08-27-2004, 01:20 PM
I just use booboo, he is freaking awesome when you need to get mobs unstuck.