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06-30-2003, 11:24 AM
I pop into PoS fairly frequently to farm some giants for sellable loot or tradeskill supplies. Of course, they summon, and I need a frog for this. I'm bound on the north wall by the FGs, so I usually gate in, see if anyone is killing them, and if not, I grab a frog and go to it.

A couple nights ago, no one is on the north wall or at the FGs, so I grab a nearby wandering frog and start prepping it for the giants. Just as I'm about to pull the first one, some druid I've never seen before comes up and starts bitching at me for killing frogs.

I point out that I'm not killing frogs, I'm about to kill giants. Apparently, he believes this is impossible. I just shrug and kill the first giant.

He then starts cursing at me in /ooc. I take the opportunity to point out that the big blue things with arms and legs are not frogs (they may be oxen, but they're not frogs!), and suggest that he see about getting some glasses. I also point out that you cannot camp wandering mobs, although I'm not killing any of the wandering mobs in question at this point.

Anyway, he continues to hang around me while I pull giant after giant, while frogs are freely wandering around in the woods. Every minute or so I get some expletive-laden tell from the lad, until I finally put him out of my misery with /ignore.

Of course, he brings a frog over to chew on me while I'm killing off the last giant. Easy enough for any druid who has been killing frogs for 7 months or so. I thank him for the pull, finish off the giant, then the add.

All done, I kill off my frog (which causes the youngster to chew off his own testicles in a frenzy), and leave. No idea if the lad ever calmed down, but I did get a tell a few minutes later from someone else in the zone expressing surprise when he ran by and from the corpses saw that I really had been killing FGs.

I'm all for opening up zones like PoS, but it sure is a pain dealing with folks like this. I probably should have just left my hopped-up frog by him and evacced out. It would have been worth the 6% in XP.....FROaaaakkk!

Wolen Highcrag
06-30-2003, 11:36 AM
The frogs definitely fall under the Play Nice Policy even though they are wandering scum...I mean spawns. The normal player accomodation to the PNP is to NOT contest spawns.

People who charm mobs definitely dent the "flow" of frogs in PoS. You are as bad as smokers...assume that everyone else around you just has to put up with your behavior.

The other person's response wasn't appropriate, but your general willingness to walk over people is why folks hate soloers. You might not care (smokers never seem to care either), but I think the problem is at least in some small part of your own making.

The solution, of course, is always graciousness. Spend time helping the other person while you just jaw with them and show them what a great person you REALLY are. See if they don't reciprocate by offering you a frog to go do what you like doing...once they understand what you're up to.

I had the GREATEST time with a charmer where we shared PoS...he was there first. He started killing things and I just offered to help him...didn't ask for a group...made sure he got the killing blows. Within 30 minutes he invited me to group with him and we laid waste to everything that moved...and had a BLAST doing it.

I could have been a prick...of course...and nosed in on his action, but I decided to try the other way instead. Doesn't make ME better...people on Luclin will be more than willing to attest to my prickiness at times...but there IS a better way.


06-30-2003, 11:49 AM
Frogs in PoS deserve special treatment. They are not your A-typical "camp". Having said that, anyone that tries to claim them all is a freaking retard. Some of us have been killing these frogs for 7 months. We know how things are done. We know the etiquette because we invented the etiquette. Having some griefing lamer come in and lay down his law just makes an older player sick. I completely empathize with Scirocco's situation.

PoS frogs are free game.

06-30-2003, 12:02 PM
<strong>I'm bound on the north wall by the FGs, so I usually gate in, see if anyone is killing them, and if not, I grab a frog and go to it.</strong>

I thought they made most of PoP, including PoS, unbindable?

06-30-2003, 12:24 PM
Yeah but they didnt move people's bindpoints who were still bound there.

any enchanters are still bound by BoT nameds hehe...


06-30-2003, 12:29 PM
It is. I've been bound there since last November, when I started killing frogs.

We had this discussion about camping wandering mobs with regard to the PoS frogs here on this board about 4 months ago (I know, because I started it when people first started trying to claim "FF" as a camp). The majority view was that you can't camp wandering mobs. Sorry, campers. (Thus, I dispute anyone who claims that the "normal player accomodation" is that you can camp wandering mobs. It may be "normal" amongst greedy campers, maybe, who never saw a spawn they couldn't camp...including mobs they can't see because they're at the zone-in or in another zone!.)

In all the months I've been killing FFs, I've never claimed the "camp." I refuse to respond to any "camp check" for them. I refuse to call a camp check because, as I hope I have made clear, you cannot camp them (in my opinion). In fact, I have often been hunting forest frogs with 2 other groups at the same time.

Now, it worked out that as more and more druids who can kill all of the forest frogs in less than 5 minutes showed up, we generally tended to not interfere with each other. My philosophy has been to treat other folks the way they treat me the first time they show up. If they start killing frogs when I'm there doing the same already, I just make a note of it, and consider them to have indicated that they want frogs to be open season (which is fine with me). Of course, I do the same if I show up and they're already there before me. (In the latter cases I sometimes hear protests, but I remind them of what they did before, and attribute it to "karma.") If they've left the frogs alone when I was there first, then I'll do the same for them.

At the same time, no one has ever made a fuss about someone grabbing a frog as a pet and hunting something with it. No matter how many people were killing frogs.

Anyway, I wasn't really trying to start the debate over camping wandering mobs again, since I wasn't even killing the FFs. I was killing the "big blue frogs with two legs and two arms". Anyone who attempts to tell me I cannot charm a FF to kill giants because they're "camping FFs" had best expect me to laugh in their face...:)

P.S. I am in perfect compliance with the PNP policy in this case. All frogs made into pets were previously unengaged.

06-30-2003, 12:59 PM
These frogs are so stupid. They need to make 10000 of them. I have had nothing but trouble and constant bitch about people claiming to camp them. Had frogs rooted on my head, trained giants, and KS attempts. Now they opened the zone up to anyone I just dont even go there anymore.

Since it was brought up too. Why did they let people say bound in the planes?

06-30-2003, 01:06 PM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>People who charm mobs definitely dent the "flow" of frogs in PoS. You are as bad as smokers...assume that everyone else around you just has to put up with your behavior.[/quote]
I still don't even have the charm and find this corelation to smokers offensive. Sony doesn't even recognise the existance of camps, let alone the 'flow' of the mobs in said nonesistant camp.

The frogs are a wandering mob. The spawn at random locations and then roam over half the forest area which takes a while to run across even with flight of eagles. To lay claim to all mobs of a particular type in an entire zone is just as rude in my mind as your hypotetical smokers. It would be like going into crushbone and trying to claim 'orcs' as your targets. Just because more orcs spawn doesn't mean that it's suddenly allright. If it does, then were do you draw the line for when there are enough mobs to call the entire spawn in a zone a camp, especialy when the makers of the game specificaly say there aren't any camps...

06-30-2003, 01:09 PM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Since it was brought up too. Why did they let people say bound in the planes? [/quote]
It's easy to put a flag on a zone that say "No one is allowed to bind here." It's another thing to search though every player on every server and every alt said player has and see if they are bound in a particular zone and then bind them somewhere else. Furthermore, what if your specialy coded program that is moving peoples bind points has a bug that ends up corrupting your character files. It's not worth the time and effort needed to move the bind points safely. There are still people who are bound in the Plane of Mistchief to this day.

06-30-2003, 01:49 PM
<strong>It's easy to put a flag on a zone that say "No one is allowed to bind here." It's another thing to search though every player on every server and every alt said player has and see if they are bound in a particular zone and then bind them somewhere else.</strong>

They can and have done that, they moved people's binds from Ogguk to Neriak for instance and I thought they had also retroactivly added a level restriction to some zones and moved people's binds out because they were too low. Thought they had done the same when they made the PoP zones unbindable.

<strong>There are still people who are bound in the Plane of Mistchief to this day.</strong>

PoM was still bindable last I knew. I would occasionally bind in the room beside the horses when we did ToV.

06-30-2003, 04:07 PM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>These frogs are so stupid. They need to make 10000 of them.[/quote]

Actually they should never have existed imo.

Too many retard assjacks that can sit there and whore themselves on frogs for 5 levels.

Just make the zone in frogs a level lower, at least it takes a minor modicum of skill to pull one of them, any braindead idiot can single pull a lorok.

And yes, PoM is still bindable, thank god.

Aidon Rufflefuzz
06-30-2003, 04:41 PM
Frogs in PoS are not a @#%$ camp.

They weren't when I started killing em when PoP came out. They aren't today. They won't be tomorrow.

I just don't bother with the gamey bastards anymore unless I need a quick fix to my 65 xp. Not worth it.

07-01-2003, 04:01 AM
I don't see how pet mobs can be claimed by someone as a camp. Mostly, I don't agree with camps on general principle, but I will respect them just because its easier to get along then not. But, the FF are a special mobs, IMO. I'm not letting anyone's claim of a wandering mob camp keep me from a pet if I want one.

07-01-2003, 06:17 AM
I hunt frogs when I can but the reason I like to do so is that I can kill one then afk to get some things done, and come back later and kill another one. I don't know many solo spots where you can do that and still be safe going afk for extended periods. In all honesty, I have found only once that someone claimed the frogs as their camp. I just laughed and told them that if they petitioned and a GM or helper said it was, indeed their camp, I would happily leave and come back later. Nothing more was said.

I do have to admit that when I have time to kill two in a row, I get a little miffed at tracking one down only to have a ":" add before it's name by the time I get there. But then, tracking one that is at 15% HPs isn't wonderful either =D The thing about the frogs is that you simply have to know what to expect (heavily sought after, often extinct or nearly so) and understand that you will either share or move on once you get to them.

I agree that it was poor planning on VI's part.... creating a creature that could be soloed then placing it on one small area of a zone. I suppose that they finally decided that in this OH so SOCIAL game they would force grouping by limiting the viable solo mobs. Sad that "social interaction" in EQ often breaks down to a verbal or KSing battle between two or more players. Typically the way VI has dealt with situations like this in the past was to simply eliminate the bone of contention. At least the frogs remain for those of us who are willing to suffer the pain of hunting them.

07-01-2003, 06:31 AM
It really isn't that small of an area. You can stand at one spawn point at one end, and not be able to track frogs that have spawned on the far side. You can stand in the middle and not see either end (not even close).

07-01-2003, 06:32 AM
This happens everywhere not just PoS and in just about as much quantity. I was doing the flies and assorted rats in PoD (the area straight out from GY) and had been doing so for about an hour.

Out of nowhere a ranger runs by me invis while my rat is killing a fly and the next thing I know I'm being attacked by 2 malarians and a fly. He tells me I must of aggroed them at some prior time (boggle) and they attacked me. This is at the same time I saw another mob that didn't attack me from his pull (the one he hit obviously) run by and he was fighting.
People don't care if they kill you and often get upset, for some reason, if they see you're doing well in a particular location. This i;s very apparent if you're soloing. Doesn't happen in group situations near as much.

So idiots exist in all places at all times and in great quantity. You live with it the best you can, until they get real testy then YOU get very crafty /grin.

07-01-2003, 06:45 AM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>I hunt frogs when I can but the reason I like to do so is that I can kill one then afk to get some things done, and come back later and kill another one. I don't know many solo spots where you can do that and still be safe going afk for extended periods.[/quote]

HoH basements or zone in =/

07-01-2003, 07:00 AM
He was probably mad because you took one out of the 'cycle'. That never much bothered me when I hunted frogs. What othered me was either 1. one person trying to monopolize the whole cycle or 2. when charming duos or groups took 2 or 3 out of the cycle. If there was no one else there then I would charm solo the whole lot until someone showed up, then I would either tone down the pulls or switch to root/dot if someone DID show up.

If everyone used the root/dot approach there wouldn't be a problem because the length of time it takes assures everyone of having one to pull almost all the time, otherwise you go through these droughts where you have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for respawn because of the charm soloing. Of course for all the people that want their AA's in 5 seconds or less this won't work, but it's the most 'social' way of doing frogs.

07-01-2003, 07:02 AM
I hunt frogs when I can but the reason I like to do so is that I can kill one then afk to get some things done, and come back later and kill another one. I don't know many solo spots where you can do that and still be safe going afk for extended periods.

PoFire, courtyard of 2nd castle otherwise known as "party bench" or "Fennin Prep"

Excellent 0 train, xp spot where you can go afk and not worry about it.

07-01-2003, 07:04 AM
Well Rocky, sounds like your druid friend in PoS is as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

07-01-2003, 07:55 AM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>PoFire, courtyard of 2nd castle otherwise known as "party bench" or "Fennin Prep"[/quote]

Fennin house is even safer. You never know a when a wizzy might mess up his quad and dump 4 pee'd off doomfires on ya (as in ... wizzy got caught by 4 mobs that quad for 900).

Just a note:
ost peeps like to kite around the picnic tables as opposed to taking them down the FR path. These kites will put you on the aggro list while you're AFK.

07-01-2003, 09:21 AM
There are only two frog camps in PoS.

1. The cave.
2. The Zone in Frogs.

Never before has a normal/random spawn been considered a camp. It's just impossible to claim a "camp" when the mobs spawn beyond Tracking range.

A few people have tried to claim them as a camp on Cazic before the flag patch. They were always shot down. Things haven't changed with the Johnny come latelys. They try, but they just can't. It's just silly to think one can camp a mob type in a zone. It's no different than the old Hill Giants in Rathe Mountains.

07-01-2003, 10:16 AM
Kinda off topic (but hey! I didn't start it !):

PoFire picnic bench as it's known on my server. I'm new to PoFire and I experimented with 1 of these Doomfires that spawn there. I tried root/rot- but root doesn't last very long if it does land. What is the most efficient way to solo them? Aggro kite? Regular kite?

Any info would be neat for when I can't find an elementals group :)

07-01-2003, 03:36 PM
If that's the way it really went down, then it sounds like the guy was just a jackass. If it was wandering outside of an area being camped, then it's fair game.

07-02-2003, 06:05 AM
I ran into a situation about a week ago.. I zone into PoN..and since it was like 9:30 AM on a Monday I went to see if "stalkers" were uncamped.

I get down there and see them all up and noone around.

I pull one and charm, and pull another to kill one and at that time someone runs up to me and tells me "These are camped."

I reply "Why are they all spawned if you are camping them?"

His response "I was medding."


I left the stalkers.

In Hindsight, I wish I would have said.. "Well they are spawned, and I am hunting them. If you would like to pull some, that is your right as a player."

07-02-2003, 06:17 AM
Yep, some Wizard likes to call NEC all by his lonesome in PoV on my server. He pulls ONE at a time and does root/nuke then meds for 5 minutes. Perhaps he wouldn't mind if someone "shared" the camp spot with him (I haven't ever asked, I just set up farther down the wall and stay out of his way), but calling a camp implies to me that you're able to put a dent in the spawns.

Just because you're sitting there doesn't mean you own the camp spot all by your lonesome, IMO, especially if you can't begin to keep it clear.

*edited for redundant redundancy

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07-02-2003, 07:27 AM
On a side note: If you have to med while doing WW in PoN you're either too low (i.e. getting too many resists) or don't know how to charm period. My first time there the other day with my druid at 55 and I never went below 70M and would over pull a couple at times.

That has to be the easiest most profitable camp for the 55-60 know what they are doing druid in the game.

Unfortunately many people who play just don't have sumpreme principals and will resort to lying and just doing stupid things to destroy your fun.

07-02-2003, 07:53 AM
Xegony is a server that is known for the general rudeness that goes on. And as was pointed out, forest frogs take 0 skill to pull or kill so you get everyone and their grandmother (from wizards to enchanters to full groups!) that try to xp on these frogs because they are easy.

Early on in the PoP game, I used to xp there a lot because it was easy to get there and few were there hunting. Then moved in the bards who had to trail 5 frogs at once even though they were only killing one at a time because 'they won't get adds if they have them all agroed'. Then came your wave of rude people who didn't care and would just up and attempt to take your frog.

The only reason I use a frog anymore is to kill some giants to get friends BoT key pieces, or to kill Drornok. However, even that is tough these days. A few weeks ago, I was hunting forest giants for a sash for a friend. Frog broke charm and I was low on mana (this was in between giant pulls). So I rooted the frog and was medding. A wizard (no I don't remember his name) came up and nuked my frog to break his root and take him. I told him that it was my pet and rerooted. I got the reply that if it was my pet he wouldn't be able to nuke it. So he kept coming back over and over to try and steal this frog. Well he was so hellbent on stealing my frog that he didn't notice a frog behind him and he went splat. He came back to get his vengeance on me, though he caused his own death and attempted to dispel my frog while it was fighting a giant. Having seen him walk up, I walked right next to him and egressed right before his dispel landed. He died again. The wizard ended up dying a third time before calling in guildies who began to curse, etc in ooc for me killing him over and over.

PoS frogs are a cesspool now. It is the result of two things in my opinion. 1) Making everything in the zone summon. 2) Making the things that summon give less xp than the frogs that don't even though they are higher 'risk'.

Now of course we can solo summoning mobs no problem. It's trivial if you pay attention. But by and large, the majority of people want mobs that don't summon to xp on. So you get everyone who can't get a group trying to kill each other over these frogs. Ridiculous.

To end this on a positive note, I rarely remember the names of the assholes, but I do remember the names of the good people. And on Xegony, there is one Princess of courtesy who I have always had the utmost respect and courtesy both for and from. From where I first met her root/rotting the sun revs in the grey to the forest frogs today. That person is Remi. She is always the most courteous and always gives me consent to pull a frog for a pet and is always generally cheerful. I know FF isn't a camp, but I always ask her out of courtesy anyway.

Kudos to Remi for being someone who puts druids in a good light constantly.

07-02-2003, 07:58 AM
Well to give the wizard the benefit of the doubt, he probably doesnt want to lose his spawns to a group there.

Happened to me one weekday. I was off from work and pulling OC in PoV.

I was keeping all cleared but 2 in the back room, so more than half the spawns.

A group comes in and tells me they are going to start pulling from OC.

I told them go ahead but dont set up in the cave or I will be pulling over you and to please at least leave me my half of the spawns.

I wound up leaving a few kills later. They were not in the cave, but in my kiting space. They had some fooking ranger who thought she was helping me by shooting arrows at my rooted mobs (dip****). She stopped when I asked though.

But many times you almost have to call the camp so the group knows that someone is at least there pulling, if not, as a soloer, they will try to move you right out because a group can usually pull faster then a solo druid. Usually.

07-02-2003, 10:30 AM
I know what you mean Kbern. It's a bit of a two-edged sword. Unfortunatlely groups really don't care if a soloer is able to keep a camp spot clear, they typically believe the notion that more bodies = right of way (which SOE fosters). As a result soloers feel the need to stick up for themselves and perhaps overstep the bounds of their capabilities in the process.

y rule of thumb is that if a soloer OR group is struggling to keep an area mostly cleared, it's more than fair to ask them to share spawns. If they refuse then it's kind of a judgment call as to what to do next. I will typically leave just because I don't want to cause a ruckus, but occasionally I'll set up nearby and "help" keep an area clean. If this is done respectfully, I rarely get anyone who objects.

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