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05-03-2003, 07:27 AM
.. Protection of "the Nine" ..

who are these people!!! and why did they make something better than my cabbage!!

theres nine of them and i dont even know any of them!!

05-03-2003, 07:43 AM
Ooh interesting question, and I don't think I've ever seen it answered yet. I don't get how they have 9, when there are 4 druid races (wood elf, human, halfling, half-elf), so there should be probably 8 or 12 in order to achieve equal number among the races.

But then again, wood elves rule so there are probably 3 wood elves in the Nine, while the rest of the inferior races only have 2 representatives. :D

05-03-2003, 08:19 AM

Um who else?
Lotusfly is Rebecca Cabbageleaf-not one of the Nine?
Then again.

2 more hobbits
1 more elf

I'm kinda ashamed I can't think of the last 3 off the top of my head.
I will look the rest up.

05-03-2003, 08:30 AM (

Ok, I cheated and found it.

There ye go.

05-03-2003, 08:35 AM
Fyyr is listing the named druids from the Cabbage quest. Nine named druids, each one responsible for one of the nine crafted items.

If I remember correct, there are three from each of the primary druid races: humans, elves and halflings.

05-03-2003, 11:20 AM
poor half elf druids

05-03-2003, 11:30 AM
Thanks for the link. :) I'm only confused on who the hobbit that made the Misty Thicket Picnic was...I've reread the passage and there doesn't seem to be any clue to his/her name in there. :-\

Miss Foxfyre
05-03-2003, 12:59 PM
My interpretation is that "the Nine" is the blessed gifts because there are nine gifts and only eight druids in the original recipe text.

Silvered/Sylvaned Tree is Sobe Silvertree (1): Champagne™

Sirocco is Scirocco (2): Sickle
Though Scirocco is a human druid in actuality.

Fox's Fyre is Foxfyre (3): Idol

Gosselin (4): Fishing rod

Paldor (5): Stein

Running Wolf (6): Robe
friend of Rebecca Cabbageleaf

Sorrun (7), piemaker

Rebecca Cabbageleaf aka Lotusfly (8): Picnic, Lucky Cabbage

You know I'm right:

However, you can perhaps try too,
By making the Nine sacrificing true,
In a fiery furnace of suitable heat,
A smiths forge, perhaps, your needs will meet,

You forge together the Nine [gifts] to make your earring and spell.

05-03-2003, 01:14 PM
"Gosselin (4): Fishing rod"

I love how the gifts each has a significance, it's own particular meaning.

What else would one use for trolling?


I was always confused about Sylvaned Tree.
I don't think that is Sobe.
Someone else who we here don't know, perhaps.

All in all, I think it is the zenith(epitome) of what a good quest should be.
There should be more like them.

And I still say that 'liber' translates better to english as 'manual', rather than 'book'.

Miss Foxfyre
05-03-2003, 01:20 PM
I am 99% sure Sylvaned Tree is still Silvered Tree.
He came forward [from the throng] carrying the bottle of champagne then stepped back.

There came a tall elf named Sylvaned Tree,
Carrying a bottle bigger even then me [Rebecca]!
Of workmanship it was most refined,
the jewelled bottle well definied.
The bottle itself was first created,
from magical gold, with opal mated,

With a glass bottle, by jeweller skilled,
what gorgeous craft with drink to be filled.
Once bottle crafted, now came this brew:
Using the magnum, wine yeast, and double grapes too,
With a little soda water mixed to taste,
Not a drop of liquid gone to waste.

With these fine ingrediants five,
The result was a champagne for which to strive!
In order to mix the soda water,
Ye should seek out Mudhand's Daughter.
Thus water and soda should ye simply mix,
To produce more fizz than Fizzlepop's six!

The elves do brewing in varying strengths,
adding more or less grapes, such lengths!
However this drink requires grapes just two,
Though using one or three can taste fine too.
With gift upon the fire overturned,
Back to the throng Silvered Tree returned."

05-03-2003, 01:29 PM
"Main Entry: syl·van
Pronunciation: 'sil-v&n
Function: noun
Date: 1565
: one that frequents groves or woods"

Aye, you might be right, just like the reference to Summer's Wind.

Or, The Lucky Cabbage.

Is Xanthe considered one of the 9, or the tenth mentioned?

Miss Foxfyre
05-03-2003, 02:20 PM
LOL Fyyr, you know that definitions mean little out of context. ;)

In the context of the section, read these concluding verses:

With gift upon the fire overturned,
Back to the throng Silvered Tree returned."

"Back to the throng" and "returned" indicate that the subject made previous actions. You have to have separated yourself from the group in order to return to it or go back to it, and the only one doing that is Silvered Tree. The implied referent is revealed by the verbs and their inherent chronology, not by the name of the character. There is simply no other referent in this section. "Sylvaned Tree" [cf. Silvanus] could be seen as a play on "Silv." I mention Silvanus because god of the forest, god of the grove/woods, is the position that Sobe Silvertree has in this textual grove. I don't know any other "EQ" Silvanus other than Elial and Spiritual.

Xanthe isn't considered one of the nine because the nine is the gifts, not the druids per se. She would be the ninth druid mentioned in the last Liber text, but she had no offering to sacrifice.

Onetree Tallbarque
05-03-2003, 09:35 PM
So Sorrun is seven of nine. /ponders Nevermind. :D

05-03-2003, 10:42 PM
The half elf druids really do get it socked to them. Their original stats are HORRID, the females get yukky spit hair and they have to run around with their buns hanging out /shiver.

05-03-2003, 11:26 PM
Thanks Fox.

I understand now.

05-04-2003, 03:53 AM
I agree with Glory. A lass should never have chilly buns....

Gwynet Woodsister
05-04-2003, 04:17 AM
I don't see the link between that and the spell though :( These are for cabbage quest not Po9, or did I miss something?

05-04-2003, 04:58 AM
You are missing something.

With the Cabbage quest, Verant put in the backstory of Nine gifts/druids as the source of Protection of the Cabbage. Referring to the "Nine" in the name of the <em>upgrades</em> to Protection of the Cabbage (and the more generically named group version) seems a pretty obvious connection to me.

05-04-2003, 07:25 AM
I think the 9th was me holding a knife to some poor halfling druid's throat forcing him to make me a Picnic lunch.

05-04-2003, 12:29 PM

Miss Foxfyre
05-04-2003, 04:58 PM
Xanthe is mentioned in the addendum Liber and is credited as the first druid to make a sacrifice of nine [gifts] in a forge to make the earring and spell. Not a bad way to enter game lore at all! :D

05-04-2003, 06:16 PM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Sirocco is Scirocco (2): <strong>Sickle</strong> [/quote]

ggggrrrrr... My smith hates you Scirocco! :|

05-05-2003, 07:24 AM
level 70 spell will be called Protection of the Cupcake!


Aidon Rufflefuzz
05-05-2003, 08:47 AM
<strong>I agree with Glory. A lass should never have chilly buns.... </strong>

Volunteering to warm em all?

05-05-2003, 09:16 AM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>I agree with Glory. A lass should never have chilly buns....

Volunteering to warm em all?[/quote]

.....*does not say what she is thinking, promises herself she will NOT say what she is thinking*

Moorgard Ghostfist
05-05-2003, 09:51 AM
Please do not encourage the nerfing of half-elf female buns.

Thank you.

05-05-2003, 09:55 AM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Please do not encourage the nerfing of half-elf female buns.

Thank you.[/quote]

Show me some more skin, fellas! Ladies like to look, too.

05-05-2003, 10:03 AM
It was a nice suprise to be mentioned in this quest. I am just glad noone ever ran up to me asking for a stein..

My pottery is a paltry 129.

Guess I got lucky...

Miss Foxfyre
05-05-2003, 12:38 PM
Good grief, all this talk about tits and ass!

P.S. If only the "Nine" spells could be made from the nine gifts...

P.P.S. There are still only eight druids who brought offerings, with Cabbageleaf giving the Picnic and the Lucky Cabbage (2). We've got to have a ninth darnit.

05-05-2003, 02:04 PM
Time for a vote! :)

Aidon Rufflefuzz
05-06-2003, 12:05 AM
A Bitter Brew.../nod

05-06-2003, 01:07 AM
I'm probably way off base but here goes....

When they finally gave the druids Luclin ports they spoke of some druid elders who busted Al'kabor or whoever it was messin with the spires and figured out the trick to get us ports to the moon.

Weren't there 9 of them?


05-06-2003, 12:39 PM
I vote Sildan to be the ninth. /nod

05-06-2003, 12:59 PM
So uhm... if I ever level up and get either Pot9 or Bot9, should I yell "Protect me Paldor!" in guildsay? ;)

05-07-2003, 10:35 AM
Never thought to ask about who the 9 were. Pretty cool its our very own.

Miss Foxfyre
05-07-2003, 03:32 PM
<blockquote style="padding-left:0.5em; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0; border-left:solid 2">When they finally gave the druids Luclin ports they spoke of some druid elders who busted Al'kabor or whoever it was messin with the spires and figured out the trick to get us ports to the moon.

Weren't there 9 of them?</blockquote>

Yes. There were nine. The text did not specify who the nine were. The earring quest nine is still eight druids, so I am wondering who the ninth is supposed to be. "The Nine" is the gifts, and by metonymy, it refers to the druids bearing gifts, but as I indicated, Cabbageleaf bore two, so that makes her number eight and nine all in one. LOL

05-07-2003, 05:56 PM
Maybe there were only 8.

We are Druids. High Wisdom not Intelligence.
We might be casting Blessing of The Eight



05-07-2003, 09:26 PM
"Cabbageleaf bore two"

One the NPC, the other The Lucky Cabbage, herself? perhaps?

I know I am grasping.

05-10-2003, 01:45 PM
well considering the mana regen is only 8, not 9, it may as well be blessing of the eight instead =P

just a thought that may be way off base, but how many stones are in the druid circles? counting all stones involved

Aidon Rufflefuzz
05-10-2003, 02:52 PM
Heya Kallin =) ltns

05-11-2003, 06:52 PM
Actually, The Nine they are talking about if I am correct is from Tolkien. 9 rings were given to Man....Who above above all, desire power.

Sylvann Woods
05-11-2003, 09:09 PM
More than likely it was inspired from the Celtic Blessing of the Nine Elements which I have kept in my signature and ezboard profiles for years , then added notable druid player characters in the community to symbolize along with each of the gifts and followed the celtic Blessing/ theme as well for the spell naming.

<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr><strong>The Celtic Blessing of the Nine Elements:</strong> May you go forth under the strength of heaven, under the light of sun, under the radiance of moon; may you go forth with the splendor of fire, with the speed of lightening, with the swiftness of wind; may you go forth supported by the depth of sea, by the stability of earth, by the firmness of rock; May you be surrounded and encircled, with the protection of the nine elements. [/quote]

nanyea starrym
05-11-2003, 09:26 PM
Nice bit of crossover of EQLORE and Celtic mythology, and very nice to see them gettin the players involved like that even if in a third party type of way...but imo opinion the poster above me's name is ALOT closer then Sobe... it is kinda a stretch there...

05-12-2003, 09:09 AM
"it is kinda a stretch there"

Nope, not a stretch.

The reference is vague for a reason.

Aidon Rufflefuzz
05-12-2003, 06:29 PM
The druids in the books are all older well known posters of the Grove...somehow.

Sylvan Woods, isn't. (No offense, Ms. Woods)

Lotusfly Stewnicely
05-13-2003, 08:40 AM
Forgive my intrusion, old chums,

"Silvered Tree" is Sobe. lists "Sylvan'd Tree" in one section from poor translation; as is my understanding, the reader was not a Master in the language in which the book is encoded (Faerie) and utilised the oft error-prone translation method of repeatedly opening and closing the book in order to derive the original text. ^_~

Head to Faraniel Leafsway, in Northern Felwithe, with Master skill in Faerie and the correct translation shall be revealed to you. ^_^

Not all the druid references have been "spoiled" yet, either! I would encourage cunning linguists to chat a little in the Plane of Justice: there was a list of NPC dialogues on the Safehouse, but they consisted mainly of "humanoid"-faction conversations. There are two factions of prisoners in the zone, and the "monster" faction conversations are largely undocumented... and considerably more interesting. You never know what you might find... Boom! ^_))


A little old friend.

05-13-2003, 09:01 AM

Umm...this isn't going to be like asking Prince Thirneg for "phat lewts", is it? :)

05-14-2003, 03:28 AM
You'd think it'd include 9 FT at least /shrug

Palater Moondancer
05-21-2003, 07:03 AM
yeah, a bit of a strech?