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04-27-2003, 05:04 AM
I throw away so much stuff when I forage.

Are there items worth saving or even going after? Things that sell well in the Bazaar or that I should take care to keep to build trade skills?

04-27-2003, 05:33 AM
Eq Traders has a very nice list of what is foraged where and if the item can be used, what is its utility. Here is the link (
I hope it will help :)

04-28-2003, 08:13 AM
Fruit - used to make Misty Thicket Picnic (sell for 1p each)

Roots - Used in fishing, brewing, others?. 1pp each.

Berries - can be used in baking (not in demand, but put em up for a plat if you have space on your bazaar mule)

Veggies - Depending on current market, and how long you want to sit on them, 1 to 15pp.

tea leaves (EK) - quanos afternoon tea. 10 to 30pp

planes pebbles (Karanas) - varios tradeskills. 10 to 30pp

Yew Leaf's (WL) - Currently in HIGH demand since showEQ has been unfunctional for a while (and will likely remain that way). Going for 400 to 700pp each on Torv right now.

Morning Dew (Gfay and Lfay) - used in cultural tradeskills. 20 to 50pp each.

Drake Eggs (skyshrine, WW, ToV) - used in velious tailoring. 20 to 50pp

Dragon Eggs (skyshrine, WW, ToV) - used in various tradeskills. 30 to 100pp depending on market.

Branch of Planor Oak (PoG) - Used in fletching and fishing. 150 to 500pp.

Branch of Sylvan Oak (WW, EW) - used in fletching. 1 to 20pp. seems to be low demand.

Cinnimon Sticks (Gfay) - used in baking. 1 to 10pp

Aviak Eggs (BB) - used to make dough. 1 to 15pp

Basilisk Eggs (RM) - used to make dough. 1 to 15pp

Griffon Eggs (EK) - used to make dough. 1 to 15pp

Aligator Eggs (Feerot) - used to make dough. 1 to 15pp

Cockatrice Egg (OT, TT) - used to make dough. 1 to 15pp

Wurm Egg (Skyshrine, WW, ToV) - used to make dough. 10 to 40pp (it makes more dough)

Plant Shoot (JP) - used in high lvl baking. 30 to 75pp

Oak Bark (Kithicor, Warsalk) - used in woodelf cultural. 20 to 75pp

Misty Acorn (Misty) - used in halfling cultural. 20 to 75pp

Fironia Rose (FV) - used in ranger and druid epic. 50 to 200pp

Patch of Dire Wolf fur (mana velious zones) - Used to make halfling cultural bags (HIGH demand). 20 to 75pp.

Bone chips (Grey) - lowbie quests and necro pets - 3gp to 5pp

Dawnshroud Seeds (DSP, UP) - used in quest for Foraging Scimitar. 10 to 50pp (low demand)

Letalis Zenith Vine (Mons Letalis) - used in quest for Foraging Scimitar. 10 to 50pp (low demand)

Red Sands Cactus (Scarlet Desert) - used in quest for Foraging Scimitar. 10 to 50pp (low demand)

Twilight Orchid (Twighlight Sea, VT) - used in quest for Foraging Scimitar. 10 to 50pp (low demand)

Cockroach (PoJ, CoD, others?) - used in baking. 5pp to 20pp

Bread Crumbs (PoJ) - used in baking. 10pp to 40pp

Clockwork Grease (PoI) - used in tinkering. 25 to 50pp

Justice Fruit (PoJ) - used in high lvl baking. 45pp to 75pp

** NEW LOY tailoring needed foraged items **

Ashweed, Plains Root, Plant Shoot, Honey Berry, Maneater Bud, cauldron Prawns, Steamfont Springwater, Sylvan Berries, Lichen Clover, Bamboo Shoot, Seahorse Roe, Cursed Clover of Viesar.

While the market for these items is still very very new, and the recipes are yet to become common knowledge, I expect a increase in demand for them. They allow tailoring skillups beyond Wu's with much less farming. Price 20pp to 50pp. Expect to sit on them a bit. Note: while anyone can make the LoY robe combines, the result is cultural.

I probly forage more than the average druid. Foraging has bought me a Fungi Tunic, 36pc haste cloak, amulet of necropotence, spells, gear... most anything I have desired in game. However, I do spend alot of time plunking buttons while reading, surfing or watching TV/movies.

A good method is to tie your forage button to a movment key. To do this, for example: Put a Forage Hotkey on your first page of numbered hotkey macros. Press CTRL-O to bring up options, click the keyboard tab, go to MACRO settings. Now, under the number of your forage hotkey, assign a second hotkey. Left arrow works well for me. Every time you turn left, it will attempt to forage.

My prices are only a suggestion. If I see someone selling under those prices, I buy them out and sell at my prices. I have a dedicated bazaar mule on most all the time (except when my wife plays her bard).

65th Storm Warden

04-28-2003, 04:45 PM