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09-17-2002, 06:31 AM
Based loosly on the "Meet the Staff" thread and thanks to Fairweathers idea...

Just tell a little about yourself... I think we have beat each other up enough over the last few months trying to get some kind of druid consensus so we probably need to back up and establish a new baseline of comradery...

Here goes..

Sorrun MacGregor

Guild: Clan MacGregor - all real life friends who used to gather pretty much every Friday night, drink beers, eat food and play EQ. Most have left the game or hardly ever play anymore and are on to bigger and better things. The few that do play actually switched servers a while back (PvP) and have never returned to the blue pastures of Bristlebane... :) We never really reached "dragon status" but we had a damn good time doing the plain old dugeon crawls and nightly adventures.

I've played pretty much since release and while I originally played alot, I also had tons of alts to soak up my funds as well as my leveling time. I also did alot of quests and tradeskills from time to time and other then carpal tunnel, I enjoyed it for the most part... :)

In retrospect, it would have been nice to max out one class (level wise) but what the heck.. I value the perspective I gained from playing other classes even if it wasnt of the high end variety.

In the last couple years, I have played alot less but I also narrowed down my interests to druids, paladins and enchanters so the funds streched a bit.... :) I enjoy EQ for what it is and play for fun and nothing more.

As far as real life, I am 31, work in software development and am married with no kids yet.

Falamil Woodhelven
09-17-2002, 06:46 AM
Well, I've been playing since the day after the Kunark release.

I wasted the first five months of my EQ career on a Zek server. I moved to Veeshan based on some folks in my area who were playing at the time.

I took a druid on Veeshan from level 1 to level 56, with a whole lotta little side trips into other classes. Eventually my druid wandered to level 58, where he has been for about 13 months now. I switched to a bard as my main. Still play the druid a LOT, but usually alongside my bard these days.

RL I am a technoweenie for a municipal police department, handling everything from planning and procurement to end-user training. I have a wonderful wife that makes more money than I do, and three fantastic daughters who all turn 13 this December. Spend my down time helping to run the family farm, breaking horses and building and shooting longbows.

09-17-2002, 06:57 AM
Been playing since Dec 01, 1999 when my friend tricked me into playing by letting me 'borrow' their brothers account. Prior to that I refused to play the game on the grounds I might like it.

I wanted to be able to teleport so I made a druid. The guild my friends were in had two wizards allready and no druids. Thus was Batou born.

I quit EQ from the time just before Kunark came out till just after velious because I was so frustrated with overcrowding on the Karana server that I gave up in disgust.

When I came back there were plenty of places to XP so I ended up leveling up pretty quick to catch up with the guildmates that remained on the server. Half of them had quit EQ as well.

When I hit 54 I ended up joining Harbingers when five of the ten members in my guild ended up applying there and got in. I was in Harbs till they broke up and helped form Farsight, which was built from the remains of Harbingers.

The largest mob we have taken down since is Lord Yelinak/Klandicar and we are currently aiming for Sont (had him to 1% last time). I'm one of 3 60 druids in my guild, though we have several other 60 druid alts in the guild who have since switched their mains to other classes.

09-17-2002, 07:05 AM
hmm ok, killing time before lunch so what the heck..

Started eq at the encouragement of friends at work and the guy I was seeing at the time (about 2 years ago now). Swore I would never play this wretched game but I am. None of them really play much anymore and the guy is yesterday's news ;)

My druid (lvl 60) is an officer in a guild called Soldiers of Light. Been around forever in other games before EQ was even an idea. I'm actually pretty impressed that it has survived through all those games as well as staying strong since EQ began. Up until I joined though they were pretty much just a friends/roleplay guild. Never did much by way of raiding or even epics. When I joined we were just starting to turn that around and now we're in an alliance that raids daily.

My monk (also lvl 60) is newly unguilded which is fun - kind of my freelance toon

I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and hardly ever beat around the bush. This gets me into trouble often ;) I'm also very "biting" when I'm ticked off which gets me into even more trouble :) Needless to say, I'm in trouble a lot ;p

I'm a total air head at times though. My friends often joke that they wonder how I get by in life. On the other hand I'm also an engineer so go figure ;p

I do all the outdoor fun stuff - grew up that way. Although my kayak collected cobwebs this summer /mad at myself (dog is mad at me too). My lazy - homebody side got the better of me this year. bleh.

09-17-2002, 07:25 AM
My druid was my first character, born April 1999. He has always been my primary character though I have many alts. He was guilded with the same guild for over 2 years where he was an officer, and is now a member of Velox Letum on E'Ci. I've met some of my guildmates in real life at either bars or Rennaissance Festivals. ;)

Knowing little about the classes (except for what was in the manual), I made a druid because of the versatility and the ability to charm animals (heh).

I was also a guide on Innoruuk for quite some time under GM Cami and GM Brenlo.

I'm a 26 yr old multimedia designer currently living in Maryland.

09-17-2002, 07:33 AM
I remember Sorrun from the Grove o-so-many moons ago. He's a flamer, nothing to know there ;) j/k Good to see ya, if you even remember me. hehe

I'm back into EQ after about a 9 month break, and I feel revitalized and I even have more patience for the few umm.. twits that roam Norrath. I'm a big RP'er as I come from a MUD background. I've been an Implementor on a strictly enforced RP MUD for about 6 years.

As far as RL goes, I'm 22, live on the east coast and I am of course a techy.

Someone said there was a limitation on sig image, can someone let me know if mine breaks this rule?

Aidon Rufflefuzz
09-17-2002, 07:36 AM
had him to 1% last time

That last 1% is killer on Sont. Heh, took Valoran a good dozen tries to get past that 1% barrier lol. Good luck! =)

09-17-2002, 07:58 AM
Hola, I am gonna add a bit, simply because I spend a fair deal of time reading these boards. Mailithin was born in february of this year. Since that time he has been guilded once with Myrmidons which is now defunct. I started playing everquest after one of my best friends disapeared into the world of EQ, who was I to know I'd soon follow. Since that time I have convinced my partner, father (some 57 years of age) and a few other friends to join the craze that tends to consume my life.
I am currently at that stage where I am heading to the mid-50's unguilded and lacking direction; but alas Mailithin will find something to keep himself amused with.

RL: 30, divorced, sys admin in the armpit of Canada (Toronto).


Matafleur Mistwalker
09-17-2002, 08:21 AM
I don't post here often but I've been browsing this board since it's conception so here goes:

My "toon" is Matafleur Mistwalker, lvl 60 Druid on the Prexus server :) My guild is Keepers of the Faith, the top guild on Prexus. My alts are Dirtyfleur Moistwalker, a refined ogre lady and Perenelle Pennywhistle, a HE cleric :) My fiance makes fun of my uncontrollable twinking and general "fads" which I have for certain class/race combos :)

I've been playing EQ since June 99 when I started playing with my then boyfriend and our RL friends. They have all since quit/moved servers, I have stayed on prexus and haven't really played on any other server. I dabbled with a druid on SZ but that was it :)

In RL, I am a 28 year old girlie, born in the UK but now living in the USA (my soon to be husband is an American).

I really enjoy my class and EQ. I'm looking forward to see what POP has in store for us (not the exp grind to 65 though, yuck yuck).

In game, Matafleur enjoys slaying dragons, bizarrely named mobs, gods, tailoring, baking and developing her AA skillz.

In RL I enjoy EQ (duh!), movies, cooking, curries, rock music, the internet, computers and literature!

09-17-2002, 08:30 AM
*stands up*

Hello, my name is Araxx Darkroot and I'm an EQ junkie :P

I began playing about 2 years ago, just before Velious came out, and didn't create Araxx on the go, but tried a Cleric and a Warrior first. While they were fun as soon as I began a Druid I just kept leveling and leveling because I loved the things he could do so much.
I like to play nice although I'm mostly in a foul mood in real life, and I help whoever I can. This, unfortunately, almost always gets me killed. /bonk Araxx

Btw, I play on Bristlebane and belong to Crimson Blade, a guild I recently transferred over to after spending almost a year in Clan of the Roc. Before that the guilds I was in kinda disappeared into the sunset when their leaders decided to play other stuff like DAoC.

In RL I live in Spain and I'm 32 years old working in Real Estate. I was born in Argentina but I have moved around since I was 1 1/2 and have lived in the US, England, and of course Spain, where I've been since 1985. My accent is so British all my clients do a double take after speaking to them and telling them my name, which is Spanish.
Btw, to add more mixture to the stew I have 100% Italian blood, which is the reason why I have such a quick temper and like to flame a lot. :)

Ciao for now!

09-17-2002, 08:37 AM
Name: Fairweather Pure
Level: 59 (only 6 more to go!)
Server: Veeshan
Guild: Companions

I've been playing since the day of release. Started with a dwarven rogue, then went to a dwarven warrior. I ended up with a WE druid simply because the melee classes I played were really boring and I wanted to try a caster. I never looked back.

I've been posting in the DG since the very beginning under several names that I have since forgotten. Silleyeskimo was a name I made for another EZboard and of course, it transferred here. Btw, the name comes frome the scene in Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis is having a flashback to his youth and is watching a really, really horrible "paper" cartoon just before his conversation with Christopher Walkin. Anyway, I get asked that alot and thought you might find it interesting.

I currently post under about 12 msg boards on a consistant basis, of which, about 5 are EQ related. I post from work, and rarely once I get home or on the weekend. I tend to tailor my posts to the appropriate forum. So, while I try to be nice and helpful on the DG, I am actually rather nasty and vulgar on Flamevault (the Veeshan version, we dumped the Vault, long story...).

I enjoy this game and my druid as much as the first day I played. I take breaks on occasion when RL becomes busy, yet still manage a decent amont of time online. I read alot of EQ boards and like to think I have a pretty well-rounded opinion and am very easy going. I spend alot of time raiding with my tier 2 guild, and hence, have spent alot of time in each and every level in EQ.

I tend to be one of the more positive druid players among the regular posters. I will defend myself and the druid class when others put us down or say things I do not believe to be true. I am the pro to many people's con.

I have no intentions of leaving EQ at this point in time. As I said earlier, I still enjoy the game. When I do choose to leave, it will be swift and silent. But until that time, I plan on being active on this and other EQ boards, posting my opinions and experiances. Hopefully, it will help druids out there, or at the very least, give them some hope that there is still fun to be had in the end game.

Fairweather Pure

09-17-2002, 09:38 AM
I started on DG way back in the day when EQDruids still had a link here. I grew up on these boards, getting a lot of good advice from a lot of druids who are no longer here. Many old Grovers left the game after the wipe on Test or started new characters with new classes.

I used to hang out in the quest/spell/equipment sections of the DG, but these days there's just way too much stuff to keep track of. These days, I just skim the general section to see what is going on. Sometimes if I can offer a piece of advice, I'll throw in my two bits.

I choose a druid because my friends wanted to play together, and druid was one of the missing classes. It also seemed to fit my casual playing lifestyle.

I despise what Verant has done to the druid class over the years and am quite the bitter old druid. Nonetheless, I still keep my druid around (although we shall see if it is worthwhile to do so after PoP).

Ellendilh Silvermist
09-17-2002, 10:36 AM
I have been on the Grove for what seems like for ever, although I am not too much active these days. I am always wondering how I have so many posts, must have been the NETs... :)

Started EQ back in September 1999 when my wife told me there was a cool game I should try (if she only knew then). After playing around with a few classes, I settled for a druid in October 1999 because I wanted to be a wolfie!!

I made level 50 a little after Kunark release, and level 60 a little before Velious. I was eventually infected by the 'druid blues' and switch my main to a warrior. Upon Luclin release, I took a 6 months break due to raiding burnout.

I have been back for several months now, and I am enjoying my druid actually more than my warrior. I mainly play my druid in duo with my wife's SK and mostly raid with my warrior. Been on Prexus since day 1 and I am part of a small guild which does some of the high end stuff in Velious (Klan/Zlan, Sonta, ST), but not too much of Luclin yet.

I'll probably be here for the long run. Might switch to EQ2 if that's really better and justifies to lose an investment of 3 years.

IRL, I am a 36 Belgian, living in the US. Working as SAP Software Analyst, married, no kids, 2 cats.

09-17-2002, 11:03 AM
i started eq in phase four beta, started release with a bard who got to lvl 14 before my SO convinced me that a druid would be perfect for me. kallinn was born on karana as a wood elf druid in june after release, and no other class has managed to pull me away from her yet.

i spent early years from 20 to 44 or so as either independant or in two small guilds. at the tender age of 48, i was ninja guilded into my SO's guild while i was at work, and i have been valoran for the past 2 1/2 years. we are an active raiding guild, current projects are defeating emp and entering vt. i took a 4 month hiatus this past spring after suffering officer burnout and experiencing some health problems.

most of my time now is spent working tradeskills or quests, with a small amount of raiding as my evening hours are limited. i am constantly in pursuit of the ever elusive 250 tailoring, and shall never retire from eq until i have achieved it.

in rl im 30, have my own home business in the us, and raise an energetic "my-god-he-must-be-adhd" 6 yr old boy with my SO. i have a fascination with computer gaming that wont go away, and i hope never does.

09-17-2002, 12:23 PM
I started EQ in July 99. Put it off till then because I knew how addictive it was and work swamps me in June, so I didn't want any distractions :)

First character was a DE Wizard. Got him to around level 10, then realized that STR probably wasn't a good choice to burn most of my points in (doh!) so was looking for another class to play.

Saw a named wolf running around the forest killing the DE guards, then realized that it was actually a player. Wanted to make a druid after that. Since I was tired of getting lost in Neriak, I wanted to get as far away as possible, so I looked at the map and chose Qeynos. Liked the human models better than half elves, so Khieran was born as a human druid.

Of course, I still put my points wrong, but at least it wasn't as bad as on the Wizard :)

I've played pretty steady ever since with a break here and there. Became officer in a guild in November, 1999. Left that guild to form my own with some friends in December of that year. Was co-leader of that guild until May, 2001 when it fell apart suddenly - curse of small guilds; too much family atmosphere, so when one long-time person leaves, everyone leaves with him :(

Took some time off after that, quit EQ completely and cancelled my accounts in August, 2001 when my wife had a baby prematurely. He is fine now, but spent a lot of time in the hospital at first. So, we spent time dealing with that, etc.

Came back to EQ in November. Hooked up with some friends from my former guild who got me into my current guild Legacy of Darkness. Play time was much less with the baby in the house, but enjoyed playing again for a while. Quit EQ and cancelled accounts in June out of boredom and having not enough time to play. Just started up again a couple weeks ago.

Mid August, 1999 I joined this board, and realized I'd messed up by not maxing WIS, but chose to stick it out as a human since it was pretty unique back then. Had close to 3000 posts as Khieran when I burned out of playing my druid and made a monk my main for about a year. Been posting under her name pretty much since the first of this year, even though I play both evenly nowadays.

Good thread - there have been lots of people here lately that I didn't know. Nice to meet them :)

09-17-2002, 01:41 PM
Faedia Aeternalis, 56 Druid and long time lurker of both EQDruids and the Grove :) I'm an officer of Champions of Hope, on the Veeshan server and one of 4 active druid mains in the guild. We're a fine example of your small, close-knit family guild, and I love them all to death. Like I said, we're small. Usually between 2 and 4 groups on raids with our lvl 45+ members. We do things like Umbral and Kael, and the planes of Air, Hate and Fear. We're currently working on Thurg/CoV faction and gearing up to move into the Halls of Testing, along with work on peoples' epics.

I first started playing EQ in March of '01, playing a high-elven Paladin on Vazaelle. I then moved to Veeshan to be able to talk to friends and started a half-elf paladin. She got twinked throughly and it felt like the challenge was gone so I got bored. Was also bored of hack-n-slash melee so I decided to start a caster class from scratch. Despite all the anti-Druid urgings of people I knew as well as message boards, I started a druid named Verdanna in June. She got to about level 10 and I was convinced into re-rolling to get higher WIS, and Faedia was born. I'm still playing her almost exclusively and I am having fun. I do have a level 26 monk alt I started during a period of burn-out, but the Druid is my focus.

As for RL, I'm 19 and a college student majoring in History. :)

09-17-2002, 02:31 PM
EZBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGH

I spent about an hour and a half carefully typing up a mini autobiography... typing, trimming, trimming more, clarifying...

Then I hit send and got "server not found"
Hit back and all my text was gone :( :( :(

I'll keep it to a short and sweet RL section then...
Major computer geek, very well known in the local area. Always fixing other people's PCs. Got a Linux box and have been tinkering with the system on-and off since a very very early version of Slackware.

Every Saturday I go out and get pissed. Not pissed as in the American definition (angry) but in the good old British definitioon - drunk! I try not to post afterwards ;) Fear not, it's controlled and in my part of the world considered normal (in fact some here consider it ABnormal if you don't drink at least on a weekend)

When not playing EQ or getting drunk, I watch TV soaps and old sci-fi. Two of my favourite classics are Blake's 7 and Sapphire and Steel.

At 20 year old, I'm as mature as the next guy this age (and much more than some have become hehe) - though I'm still a kid at heart. Heck I even play Pokemon on the Gameboy, on the bus to work. I kid you not - being raised on the likes of early Final Fantasy games, the gameplay and incredible addictiveness of Pokemon comes naturally to me ;)

Very briefly for EQ... I've been playing since not long after release. Made lots and lots of alts, lost touch with good friends in the process etc :) Finally got over the alt-making frenzy recently and learned to quad... gone from being stuck at 37, to 40 and rising rapidly!
Did leave for a bit to get life sorted, as it was a mess and my future was being destroyed every day I spent on EQ. Got job, came back on a casual basis, had a blast since.

09-17-2002, 02:35 PM
I started playing EQ when it first went live. My son talked me into it so we could do something together. My daughter also joined us around the same time. My son had a syndrome that prevented him from participating in physical activities and lived his ''active'' life running through EQ woods and lands.

He got me to start on Tallon Zek, then I found Bertoxx and Test. I convinced my kids to play on Bertoxx too. My son died in March and his sister left the game. I play now to forget that he is not here and to just plain not think.

You can read about my many druids and their lives in Norrath on my eq site. I enjoy the druid's free spirit lifestyle. I really like European guilds since they play my times and usually have great people in them, extremely interesting ones.

09-17-2002, 02:45 PM
So sorry to hear that Gloria, I had no idea. It must be terrible... can't even imagine it :(

I'm not sure whether EQ should really be a substitute for life, perhaps a more 'healthy' approach would be to face what happened and find a way to move on in real life. Never been there though, it's just the first thing that comes to my head...

You're always welcome to a hug from this fellow Grover though, for what it's worth :)

09-17-2002, 05:25 PM
Milwein Fenrir
Server: Fennin Ro
Guild: T`Kagi Ro -- member for atleast 2 years
EQ Addiction started 3 summers ago

My guild is mix: we are close friends, but we get things done with low numbers because most of us have obligations. We develop many good tactics and get by through using smarts.

I don't have much time to play (especially recently) so i spend my time either getting some fast solo exp or raiding. Only when I have a day to spare do I do full out groups.

In RL I'm dreading my High School Junior year and all the APs I have to take in May (don't remind me). I play soccer, lacrosse, and train in the offseasons.

And most of all...DG makes great reading for when bored in class!

Finally, I love just logging into EQ and losing myself in guildchat. I wish VI made a feature that was sorta like a "Safe-mode" no-graphics version of EQ that you could just log on and join in guild chat. I'd be all for that

09-17-2002, 05:45 PM
been playing for about 3 years now. i started EQ because of a friend and joined him on the Veeshan server. i had wanted to start off as a druid, but my friend (who happened to be a druid) convinced me to be something else...thus i became a mage. i had hoped that i would be able to join up with him when i got to a high enough level, but he quit shortly after i reached 55. i eventually started playing his 60 druid and found that i really preferred being a druid than a mage. (so many nice clicky things...i envied that.) he recently came back to the game and i was left druidless. solution? i made my own druid! :) (ironically, my friends still tell me that they preferred me staying as a mage than a druid.) oh well.

my druid is now level 58 (almost 59 now, wee!) and should be 60 very shortly. i consider myself lucky have met good people in EQ. hopefully my friend won't have to worry about me logging his druid for somethings anymore. :) /wave

Sylvann Woods
09-17-2002, 08:05 PM
I'm Sylvann
I'm outspoken, I'm a full time PC user, I'm a published poet, I have degrees in chemistry and physics. I live near Chicago.

I just bought Adobe 7 and am playing with graphics.
I like Anime and Classic art.

Sylvann is my 3rd druid.

I have a Mage (51 DE) alt when i get the AAs I want I'll get her to 60 for PoP I suppose on Tormax faction for anyone inclined to have only Zek faction and wanting to quest Kael armor.

Kolen SL
09-17-2002, 09:51 PM
Kolen was started in August '99 (I think, around there ;) ) on Trib. My first character past level 5. I picked a druid because they sounded neat, and I was really skeptical of the type of people I'd meet on an online game, and wanted a bit of flexibility.

I picked Tribunal because I heard of an Aussie guild (Southern Legion) but after many failed attempts at finding an officer I was ninja invited to a small guild called Pride of Norrath. I eventually did join Southern Legion around lvl 30 when my playtimes meant I was seeing guildmates about once a week, and I'd been grouping with a bunch of great guys in SL in CT/Lguk for a while. (Many of these people I still play with)

Southern Legion eventually joined a planar Alliance prior to Kunark when planes were still pretty spiff.

Since SL wasn't set up as a raiding guild there was an eventual split and I went over to my current guild, Aurora Noctum, which despite many sabbaticals I'm still in today. They're a great bunch of people (on the whole :p ) Though we've been through a few rough patches. We've also gained a bit of cross-server fame and have had quite a few server transferees come over to join us recently since there isn't a lot of raiding guilds in our time zone. We're currently doing NToV/ Rhag1/2 / IV / etc ;)

If you want an idea of the twisted sense of guild humour our guild webpage might give you an idea, even though the guy who wrote the latest update is a yank (we forgive him though /waves Cebkix) Or go ask Rimidal/Tinns/Lithian about sheep and his snake... (He's a kiwi, no helping him...)

RL I'm a (failing) honours CS student in Melbourne, Aus. :)

Kanissa Noryk
09-18-2002, 02:52 AM
Okay, I normally just lurk here, but I'll post anyway (five minutes until I have to leave for class, hehe)

Kanissa was born January 2000, after I played a cleric for a couple months. She's now my main, since I have trouble keeping any alts for more than a month. Of course, after two and a half years, she's only lvl 48. I was a member of a guild for most of that time, which recently disbanded. I have joined up with some ex-guildies in Viatores Norrathae, which is definately not a raiding guild ;)

In RL, I am 18 (and a REAL female, hehe), and a college student near Cleveland, Ohio. I have no life. Unfortunately, the network's damn priorities don't leave any bandwidth for EQ, so I rarely get to play, even on weekends.

09-18-2002, 04:45 AM
Started Playing eq in January 2000. My first character was a Paladin. Got her to level 35 and for some reason wanted to start another character. I chose a druid because I wanted to see what it was like to be able to port around the world. It was fun. I wasn't real serious in the beginning but another druid started giving me leather clothing he was making and I supplied him with hides, silk, etc. Then I found other people I had know with my Paladin who had made alts and we began to group together. Before long I passed my Paladin in levels and knew I could not go back.

After hitting 60 I brought my Paladin out of retirement and have now gotten her to 42 hehe. Still don't play her much.

I now have 42 aa's and need 6 more to get elder title (class aa's aren't that great).

As much as I am addicted to the game, I have tried to cut back my time playing. More and more when I get on I find myself working on skills. Currently have fletching at 219, brewing 200 and fishing 200. All others am master (over 200) with the exception of Jewelry.

Live in Wisconsin

09-18-2002, 04:51 AM
bet new AA ability for rangers/druids/shamen.

Useful only in darts to the zone. Just remember, you don't have to be first, you just can't be last. Keep that in mind and when your group runs to zoneline, you'll live everytime. :)


09-18-2002, 05:45 AM
So sorry about your son, Glorybme. :( I bet we'd be surprised to find how many people in eq are actually in a very similar situation.

Take care.

Alyn Cross
09-18-2002, 06:28 AM
My name is Alynthir, and i'm an alcoholic.

no really, no interesting story, no sad story, nothing to see here. i just play eq in my spare time.

Alyn Cross
Riding Insanity

Bria Sunrider
09-18-2002, 06:39 AM
Hugs and comfort Gloria.

Silicon Traveller
09-18-2002, 06:51 AM

silicon was born in ultima online, where i played a tamer mostly.

started eq in july of 1999, and have been playing on and off since... more or less every day, with a few breaks here and there.

tried all classes, some to high 50s, only really enjoy the druid flexibility.
i value the friendships i've made with people i have never met in real life, its a weird net friendship... but it works for me.

i'm 28, been doing network and computer security for past 12 years, with focus on unix... though have been playing in windows world last few years also.
as well, i've been doing quite a bit of c, php, asp and sql during the last 8 years or so.

i find eq to be quite relaxing and fun after a whole day of work and dealing with crap.

pleased to meet you folks.

09-18-2002, 07:28 AM
Well, I don't post much here, but off and on someone says something that gets my attention so I feel the need to respond. It has happened a few times over the years.

I followed EQ for about 3 years prior to get accepted into the cattle call that was phase 4 beta and I have been playing ever since. Ligge was created in the first month of release to carry all the uber items from Misty Thicket to Greater Faydark that a friend and I had on our corpses out by Runnyeye. We had forgotten to bind and were scared to death to try and make the trip again from tree land to hovel land naked. So we stayed up really late and leveled this silly halfling to 5th so he had camo, loaded all the equipment on him from our real characters that were dead and I traveled alone back to Faydark.

Well, I fell in love and I have almost never looked back other than temporary breaks here and there, one of those is still semiactive, a 51 enchanter. I have played most classes at least a littel, but I have somewhere around 250 played days on Ligge so you can see where my time is spent.

I am a guild leader on my server. I am coleader of an alliance of around 150-200 people. I am also an exadmin of our server calendar system. I fought long and hard for that little entity and ultimately was the one that closed it down once Verant provided with enough real estate to compete over through expansions rather than fix the bugs and problems from the last ones...

Anyway, I am 34, very happily married - she doesnt play and that may be part of why we are so happy - and an absolutely kick @#%$ 2 year old boy that takes up all my time theses days. He loves to sit and roar back at the dragons as we are all attacking and makes me go to places with cats and bears often. He is very appreciative of the Akanon Zoo too. :)

I still love Norrath. It was the game I had always wanted to be a part of and when the fun does finally dwindle through time or misguided development decisions I know I will at least leave with many more fond memories than bad ones. Thats a good thing. (TM)

Until then, I will be here lurking, maybe a post or two, and fighting for what I think is right.

09-18-2002, 10:14 AM
Yeah, sure why not. I post occassionally, and frequent the in game chat channel.

Borreny, 60 druid, Lanys server. I started playing because some friends mentioned we all should form an xp group (which never got off the ground). My first character was a shadowknight before Kunark. Got to level 17 and got bored. Then made a mage, got to level 17 and got bored. Made a druid (because my husband, who's an enchanter wanted a porter :) , got to level 21, then kind of stopped playing. Finally, had a really really bad day at work, and started playing to relax, and haven't looked back.

In RL I'm in the San Francisco area, just turned 29, and do things from website design, to app programming, to writing. When I'm not on EQ (yeah right), we're playing with our dogs, meeting friends at the kick-@#%$ local bar, reading, and generally just enjoying life.

Ellendilh Silvermist
09-19-2002, 02:13 AM
Well, I don't post much hereAm I the only one to see the irony? :p

Kanissa Noryk
09-19-2002, 03:53 AM
Nah :p

09-19-2002, 06:24 AM
My life in Norrath began nearly a year ago when a good RL friend finally convinced me to give EQ a try despite the fact that I'd derided the game since beta. My friend started a halfling cleric and convinced me to try a halfling Druid (partly because he wanted SoW and partly so we could start in the same city). I was a slow learner (never played an RPG of any kind up to that point) and for several weeks I was an easy target for the various rats, bixies and fire beetles of the Thicket.

When we hit lvl 6 or so, we decided to journey to Qeynos in order to hunt in the *cough* mid-level dungeons of QCats and Blackburrow. I remember being absolutely petrified and exhilirated at the same time as we ran our little halflings through what seemed like dozens of zones, scared to death that my less-than-reliable camo would drop at any moment.

I nearly quit the game in frustration after a month or so (couldn't seem to plow through lvl 13) but my friend, sensing this, took me out to Kerra Isle one evening and we managed to level ding 14 on the fish and wharf rats.

SoW. ZOOOOM! I was hooked. Norrath was my Oyster. Suddenly all these lions, orcs and skeletons that routinely made life miserable could NOT CATCH ME. I learned how to kite and felt absolutely invincible! I tried to make measurable progress every day and by New Year's I was lvl 25 and starting to learn a thing or two about Druids.

After taking a break from EQ for a few weeks, I started grouping in FM at lvl 30 (all my solo spots were drying up) and fell in love with the Giant Fort. I learned that grouping could be great fun and began to tackle the whole concept of roles and how I fit in as a Druid. A few levels later I discovered quad kiting and started soloing part-time again. When I hit 40 (in April) I decided to go searching for an honorable guild. I was the first applicant to new, family-type guild on Fennin Ro (Vanguard Knights) comprised of many high-lvl chars who were friends IRL and tired of their existing guilds for various reasons. We have since grown to a medium-sized guild of around 100 members and we routinely do HoT, Vindi and other Velious and Luclin mobs with the goal of everyone with a VP key sooner or later. We are not a raiding guild and emphasize freedom to do one's own thing, but try to keep together for several events and xp groupings throughout the week, which fits my playing style pretty well.

At 58 and nearly a 1-year veteran of EQ, I bring a reasonable but not overwhelming amount of experience to the table. I play to have fun and accomplish new things. Some of my proudest moments in EQ have been:

1) Hitting level 50
2) Completing 9 of the 18 PoTC gifts completely on my own
3) Soloing Tarbul Earthstrider at 54
4) Helping out newbie halflings in varoius ways
5) Pulling aggro from our main cleric on a Fear raid, allowing her to keep our party alive while I kited adds, ultimately dying but saving us annoying CR -- next pull dropped a Vermi Tunic, which I was immediately awarded ;)

Today I am gunning hard for 60 and all the toys that come with it. I play several hours at a time and manage to make it online most days. I love to solo, group, tradeskill and raid but my tastes change often and the order of these priorities are always shifting.

I've been lurking/posting here for several months (since petition) and was nearly pursuaded to trade in my Bitter Druids Membership Card for the Sorrunated Sunglases (rose-colored, of course ;) UNTIL the last patch. Hence, I'm back attending BDC meetings ("All rise! The honorable Aidon von Rufflefuzz is now presiding") I will prolly play EQ for awhile yet, but the newness and bigness of Norrath are gradually giving way to politics and class frustration. It just depends on the day. We'll see about PoP and EQ2.

IRL I'm 27 and a multimedia developer (/wave Phluxx) working for corporate education company. I'm very happily married to the girl of my dreams and she's fine with my EQ habit as long as other things don't get neglected (including her ;) . She actually tried EQ for awhile, but didn't like the idea of killing things other than rats or beetles. I'm actively involved in sports, weightlifting, music and my church.

Nice to meet all of you! *shakes hands*
Sorry this has been so long =P
Magelo Profile (

09-19-2002, 07:40 AM
As a few others, my son introduced me to EQ. He created several accounts for the family and Everquest became our social chat room. In 1999, I was still travelling about 3 weeks a month between the USA, Europe and South America. I found out that EQ was the best way to connect with the family.

In January 2000, I decided to take a break from the business life and moved to Mexico. With a lot of free time on my hand, I started playing EQ in "earnest" and toyed with a great number of characters. My son had characters on Mith Marr, Veeshan and Xegony and is a member of Fires of Heaven and Inner Circle.

In the end, I ended up playing only on Xegony and having Xiggix (aka Xiggin) the Druid as my favorite toon. I am in Inner Circle on Xegony but I must be the only non-raiding player they ever let in, as I tend to spend more time playing with tradeskills, quests and researching the mechanism of the game.

Between my son and I, we have almost all combinations of races and classes and it is still quite interesting to see how players have evolved. Slowly but surely, I have been retiring several accounts as it has become gradually impossible to maintain so many characters with competitive skills and maximum experience. I have tried to stay away from the game from time to time, but there is something nefariously addictive that keeps bringing me back. :) Oh well, we all need some addiction.

In RL, I am 47, very happily married to a wife who hates computer games. This explains why I never play at home...
In addition to my EQ son, I also have a 13 years old daughter. Thank God, her passions are all sport-oriented. I was born in Brussels, Belgium and studied in Spain and Switzerland. I finally moved to the US, studied some more in Dallas and Boston and started a family and a business. Boy, that seems so long ago!

Jentriken Aspenbark
09-19-2002, 08:44 AM
Jentriken Aspenbark here.

60 druid, started may of 2001. (lots of playing i know)

in RL i am an 18 yr old male, who enjoys guy stuff, with occasional breaks to actually talk about stuff that matters.

i have no guild for about 4 months now at least, ummmm.

i think that's it. i'm loud, i'm rude, i'm obnoxious. the only saving grace is that 99% of the time i'm also right :D


Ganlaan Stormwind
09-19-2002, 10:23 AM
Ganlaan Stormwind
7th Hammer Server
Guild: Forged Souls ( (AoW, NToV, Burrower)
RL name: Jessie
Location: Kansas City

I started playing January 2001. In RL I am 20 and do computer support as a contractor for the Federal Government. I started EQ after a co-worker/friend got me hooked almost 2 years ago. But, when I stared my name was Ginlaan Numinoustraveler (long aint it:) ) and I played on Mith Marr. At around lvl 40 I went out looking for a guild and joined a guild named Knowledge. I was with them until I left Mith Marr. I played on Mith Marr till around lvl 47 when a lot of my friends on MM quit. At that time my brother started playing, and a co-worker at my then current job played as well. But, my new co-worker friend played on 7th Hammer and was in the guild Forged Souls. At that time the toon x-fer service was running. He talked me into jumping servers since all my friends on MM had quit or were quitting soon and I was going to try to join the guild he was in. So I did it, and my brother came with me and started a Ranger on 7th Hammer.

Coming to the 7th Hammer I changed my name to Ganlaan Stormwind. So a druid has been my only main toon since the beginning. I now have a 55 Ranger as well and with 2boxing abilities have a lot of fun on my own if needed :) . Shorly after my srever hop I was able to become a member of Forged Souls and have been with them for around 1 year now. I still remember my first raid with them in CoM just as easy as I can remember our latest AoW victory. I will probably always be in Forged Souls, and if the guild were to ever disband I would probably quit the game. We aren't a "hardcore" guild. We get things done slower than some others, but we get them done in the end. We have a lot of casual players. As a result of being casual we have a lot of members. It's not uncommon at time to have 70+ people on some raids....gets kinda crazy...and laggy :) . We definately have a different style and atmosphere than most guilds at our level do I think. But, that's why I love my guild. As we progress in the game we are moving more out of the casual mode, but the easy goin attitude will always be the back-bone of our guild.

09-19-2002, 10:25 AM
I originally come from the Pen and Paper Genre, the occasional MUD and a big fan of Tradewars 2002

I got started because Aerlith brought the game home and sat in front of it for hours upon hours. At that point in time Aer was playing a wizzie and a Mage. I decided on a Paladin after 7 levels Lay on Hands just was not doing it for me and I made a Bard which I got to 10 before finally making a Druid. Aerlith is now a 60 Enchanter, the Paladin is now level 9 the Bard is level 23 and the Druid is 60 with a smattering of AA points. Also in my house is Adaare Cleric 60 and Dawnlite Druid 55

I have been with Knights of Loyalty as an Officer and now a member for 3ish years. We are a Oasis guild for the most part. We have a fairly laid back attitude which is fitting. I occasionally go party with Tier 1 guilds as many of the members have formerly been KoL.

Cazic Thule is an odd server where there is no Superguild. As a result the tactics on our server revolve around Big F****** Alliances or small unit encounters. (We did Fay for Stormhaven's Epic on 14 people over a year ago).

I am a Right Click Fanatic and enjoy any kind of a right click item I can find. I also enjoy the odd quests that few people seem to do Be it the Tunarian Signet Ring or the Coldain Ring Quest (Got Ring 8 2 nights ago)

I am the Bookkeeper/Computer Guru/Whatever job needs done today for a property management firm in Fort Wayne, IN. I am married with 1 child and 7 cats. I am a results based pill with an eye on the bottom line of any endeavor.


09-19-2002, 11:09 AM
Name: Raene WolfRunner
Level: 60, 43 aaxp atm
Server: Zebuxoruk, Formerly of The Rathe

I started playing EQ in beta4 back in 1999. Previously I had played a game called TheRealm by Sierra. Going from Realm's 2d cartoon graphics to the 3d world of Everquest I knew there would be no going back.

In beta I began as an erudite cleric on Rathe, fished at night and never got above level 7 :P Most of my time in beta was spent as a newbie character that would start in each city and run the zone walls just to see where things led. I loved seeing new artwork, or an unfinished "a giant snake" human walking around the karanas. I even got a bard from Qeynos to Lake Rathe before the gnolls killed her at the dock :)

Come time for commercial version, I knew that to travel was my passion. I looked at the druid race graphics and really wanted to be a wood elf. It took a lot of virtual resolve but I overcame my fear of heights in Kelethin and learned how to navigate the bridges and ramps.

I've never looked back and wished I'd made my main something else. I enjoy being Druish. I got lucky I guess.

Currently I play on Zebuxoruk, and am in a guild in a "pre-Emperor" phase. I've been to PoM pre-nerf, have my ST key and currently am working on changing my faction to pro-dragon.

I've kept news and guild listing sites for the server I was on (first Rathe then Zeb) and moderate a zeb board, as well as an EQ art board.

In RL I am married (husband's a 60 rogue), have no kids, and have my masters in education. I'm currently working on certification to teach elementary school in my state. I'm blessed to have several RL friends in my city who are also in my guild.

09-20-2002, 08:58 AM
Howdy :)

I started EQ at the end of Beta, since several of my buddies were working at Verant, and convinced me to take a look at it. I've been playing since then (early 1999), with a nine month lapse to put some smack down in Camelot (DAoC).

My first character made was Doccus, a 60th druid on Bristlebane. Since then I've made (and abandoned) several alternate characters. My latest creation (a VS Warrior named Tahnt Orama) dinged 30 last night.

I believe I've played every class but wizard at least through 20th, now. Although since Doccus hit 60th, getting an alt to 20th takes about a night of work.

I have been in the game industry in San Diego, having come there from defense-related work. I'm a Sr. Software Engineer in a company doing homeland defense work, at the moment. I've had about 17 years in the industry, and have been happily married for 14+ years now. I have a 5 yr old son who I'll keep from getting addicted to MMORPGs as long as I can ;)

I was a founding member of Nature's Way on Bristlebane, but left mainly due to schedule problems (i.e. none of them online when I was, after my schedule got shifted far later at night). I'm currently an elder in the Ill Tempered Sea Bass. Gotta love the name :) We're in a period of a bit of rebuilding the guild, so I've been busy beating our drum and looking for talented (and fun) folks.

I'm currently working on my epic. Yes, I left it for a long time. When I took my retirement from EQ (to go to DAoC), Faydedar had just been changed to a triggered event. The previous way didn't work for me (as I had a young son, and wife that likes to see my ugly mug ... not just reflected in the light from the monitor). When I get the epic, I'll take a screenie and post it on the Grove.

Funniest EQ moment: Some lvl 2 cleric came running up to me saying "Hey, you, SoW me biotch!" over and over. I started to get worked up as he jumped around me in circles and alternately OOC'd and shouted what a turd I was for not SoWing him. He laughed and told me who he was (a close friend, with an OBNOXIOUS alt) just as I was typing /ignore .... :) I've since pestered several good friends with "mystery" alts now and then. It's all fun :)


greggo rumbletum
09-20-2002, 10:01 AM
Bought the game for my wife; she didnt play it for a bit so I took it out of the box and started up an account. That was July 2000. I have a 59 druid and she has a 59 mage as our mains. We play on the Seventh Hammer and my guild is Convergence.

IRL I am 39, we have 4 daughters. I am a New Zealander but we now live (at least for the moment) in the US.

Raeyne Goldenleaf
09-20-2002, 11:08 AM
Here goes..

Name: Raeyne Goldenleaf
Server: Saryrn
Guild: Familjen
Level: 59 (halfway to 60)
Race: Wood Elf

Game Life:

I have been playing this crazy game since August of 1999, started a druid and have not looked back. Have a few alts I dabble with all level 20 or under. I tend to do a lot of quests and tradeskills (someday I can see someone sueing VI for carpal tunnel syndrome I like doing different things in the game it all depends on the mood I am in when I log on.

As for guilds, I was unguilded til I hit 35. An EQ friend talked me into joining her guild, about a month after I joined the guild had some internal issues and disbanded. Promptly got the idea that I wanted my own guild, which we started with the friends we have found in the first guild. My husband and I started Allegiance of Hope. The guild lasted 6 monthes, at level 49 we decided we had enough of guild politics and bitching, disbanded the guild.

Another married coupled we had met in game talked us into joining Familjen, which we promptly did and have not looked back. I love my guild and have some of the best times in EQ for it. Have seen zones I never thought I would ever see as well as some great loot. : p

Real life:

My husband and I were looking for something to do together. We both loved D&D games, as well as other roleplaying type games. My twin sister plays as well, it makes it a lot nicer to stay in touch since we don't live close to each other.

My husband owns his own computer company. I am persuing my masters in environmental chemistry. Currently no kids so we have tons of time to play EQ.


09-20-2002, 03:48 PM
That last 1% is killer on Sont. Heh, took Valoran a good dozen tries to get past that 1% barrier lol. Good luck! =)
Luck was with us. Got him down last night. :) 27 standing at the end of the fight.

09-20-2002, 08:49 PM
Name: Vindler "Vinny" Stormraven
Race: Wood Elf
Lvl: 55
Server: Mithaniel Marr
Guild: Realm of Valor

I have been playing since Oct 1999. I saw the game in the stores but resisted buying it. Then my GF got me to try the game and the rest is history, I have been playing ever since.
My first char on her account was a Half-Elf druid. Then I got transferred overseas and got my own account as a way we could continue to do something together. And that is how Vindler came to be.

In real life I am in the Navy and am 38 years old. Currently I am stationed in the NW and I am engaged to a very wonderful lady who plays a shammy on Mith Marr. You are a Druid!
Take the How Do You Use Magic? test!
Written by Brimo (

09-22-2002, 05:08 AM
Venerable Celaeno Duskwalker
Fier'dal Hierophant of Erollisi Marr
Formerly of Radiant Eclipse

Unkempt Fier'dal 11 druidling of Prexus

...And a couple level 1 human and halfling druidlings on assorted servers, waiting for my attention span to reach them

I was introduced to EQ by my American ex when I was living with him for a couple months. Cel was my first character and was erased after an orc pawn killed her, 30 minutes old. She was promptly rerolled with the exact same boosts to str and sta and dex and 100 base wis, and made it almost to level 40 before I moved home again. 6 weeks later, I bought the game myself, had a friend of mine arrange an item transfer and recreated Cel with 110 base wis and 75 base str. I managed to group Cel almost exclusively from her teens to her high 40s and again from 52 to 57, joined a pickup raid list around level 50, joined a raiding guild (Radiant Eclipse) at 53 and did stuff with them I'd never dreamed of, including killing dragons and hunting in ToV. RE disbanded this week after our leader quit the game, and we are busily working on getting together in a new guild.

Siocled was made to goof off with. I initially made her to 'stalk' a friend of mine on Prexus, but discovered I enjoyed playing a little druid so much that she's getting more play time than my many EMarr alts lately. She is never going to be as down to earth as I play Cel; she won't care so much about faction and will always wear funky looking armor, preferably red and black and blue and not green at all. (Incidentally, my pal doesn't know she is getting playtime. I want to get her leveled and dressed myself so he can't twink her, mwuhahha!)

IRL, I live in Norway, RL female, have a masters degree in environmental chemistry which is apparently ahead of my time in this country, as I spent a year and a half jobhunting in vain. So, this autumn I enrolled in school again and am now going to spend the next 3 years studying to become an optometrist.

09-22-2002, 10:32 AM
Milesgond Harelk
60th Halfling Druid on Ayo Ro.
(originally Sol Ro)

I started playing EQ about the same time Kunark was released. I fondly remember when I first wandered outside the outer wall in misty thicket. I remember my first scary run to Halas to visit my barbarian friend. I was worried I'd lose my fine steel mace! I remember my first trip to Kunark and the thrill hunting in LOIO for the first time. ahh, those were the days.

then I moved on to hunting in FM, OT, and DL until I was in my high 40's. it was about then I started wondering why it was becoming more and more difficult to find groups. that's when I discovered quad-kiting. I quad-kited my way through the 50s all the while wondering what was happening to my favorite class and why it was becoming more and more difficult to find groups. when I realized it was because druids were pretty much useless at higher levels, I started to become bitter.

after becoming a "bitter druid" I started an enchanter alt which is now level 55. playing an enchanter makes me feel "valued" by my guild and in exp groups, but I enjoy playing a druid so much more. I wish very badly that druids were more useful at high levels because they are my favorite class and some of my best EQ memories are from my early years as a wide-eyed newbie druid.


09-22-2002, 07:48 PM goes

My druids name is Kegeren. He is lvl 60 working his way to SCF3 right now...Almost has the Venerable title.

I started playing about a year ago. My roommate played to game so i decided to try it out. Of course naturally i started on E'Ci because that is where he played. I have a few alts in teh teens and a lvl 43 bard that i enjoy. But i really hate lvling.

AS for a guild. I am a mercenary.
E'Ci has a VERY strong public raiding force. WE raid every day. Out best kill to date is Aary in NToV. Today we killed him flawlessly. Not a single death(other then a bard who went LD and died from enrage). WE have also attempted Lord Vyemm twice. Once we got him to 80% untill he turned and launched us all into the lava and the 2nd time we got him to 57%. Currently we need to learn how to deal with the knockback AE. Then i think we got him. But because its "public" we can draw forces from a large group of people and noone is ever required to leave an exp group to come. It's a great group of people and makes getuing exp groups together a breeze. Which brings me to another point. Soloing...i am not really a soloing druid. I can't stand it, I think it's boring, and i dont know how people can do it. I need social interactions in the game :)

And well. I consider myself a proud member of the Bitter Druids Club. Always complaining that my heals suck :) ...because well we all know they do :)

Thats me :)
Nothing special.
Just a druid and his owner...freelance, mercenary. rogue

09-23-2002, 06:55 PM
I'm one of those people who quit but never seem to leave ;)
Played on Xegnoy for 3 years 2 months but finally had to call it game over cause of school, second year university to be exact.

I have no interest in coming back to EQ, but rather just enjoy the people here and helping out with stuff whenever possible. It's actually easier to keep up to date not playing than it is playing, and I sometimes support the bitter druids on their campain...

If I could give any 1 piece of advice, it's don't pay for EQ if you're also paying for school!!!

09-25-2002, 07:12 AM
Name: Galamar Goldleaf
Race: Wood Elf
Lvl: 52
Server: Bristlebane
Guild: Holy Order of Tunare

Welp, I started a long time ago, but my first character was a mage named Sylivin since I had an AD&D character named that long ago. Turns out an AD&D mage and an EQ mage are nothing alike. So he ended around level 20 and I made a warrior. Played him a bit and decided to switch to a druid so I wouldn't get killed every time I tried to run somewhere on Norrath. Kept at it and now at 52 until I get some goods from Vox. :)

09-25-2002, 06:50 PM
I started playing everquest with the release of the Ruins of Kunark. A friend (I had played AD&D with long ago) got a group interested in playing Everquest together. I was the last of the 5 companions recruited and last to commit to playing. The other 4 had already decided what classes they wanted to play, a Ranger, a Magician, a Rogue, and a Necromancer.

My buddy suggested I choose one of the classes that can heal so that we would have a self sufficient group. I consulted various online resources available at the time and bought Prima's Official Strategy Guide. After reading as much as I could, I choose the life of a Druid.

I did not pick my class because I wanted to solo well. I picked it because I felt nuking almost as well as a wizard plus healing almost as well as a cleric was roughly equal in value compared to resurections plus improved healing. When you added in the ability to port the group around, the scales tipped heavily towards being a Druid in my situation. I never gave the life of a Shaman much thought because I couldn't see myself roleplaying one.

Much has changed since the release of RoK. The various power levels, and abilities of the classes have shifted dramatically. My life as a druid has had its ups and downs. I have never had the desire to change to another class and struggle to catch up to my friends in terms of levels and equipment.

I hated soloing day in and day out, and could never do it for hours on end like I could when I play in a group. When I joined a group, or a raid--I knew I was there because my friends and guildmates wanted me there, not because they wanted my abilities. If they did want me as a healer or as a nuker, they only really wanted me when there weren't enough clerics or wizards available. It made me value my online friends even more because they wanted me to play with them because of who I was, not what I could do for them.

I knew that if I had chosen the life of a Cleric, or a Wizard I could have served my friends much better than I could as a Druid. I tried to take comfort in the fact that I could do both nuking and healing reasonably well. I tried to enjoy the role of a utility player.

I accepted the fact that I would never be a key player or a "MVP" like the Clerics, Warriors, Monks, Enchanters, Shaman, and Wizards. It was the joy of spending time with online friends that brought me back to everquest. I changed my specialization to Alteration when I started raiding with my current guild, Lumiere Divine, because it looked like there was a greater need for healing than nuking thanks to our abundance of very powerful Wizards.

I hope to spend many more months (if not years) getting to know the wonderful people of Lumiere Divine.

Of course if the Planes of Power expansion continues to erode the dubious value of druids in the end game, then my desire to play Lemba will continue to wane. I'm hoping that Rich Waters was speaking truthfully when he said that 'all priests should offer a similar level of value in solo, group, and raid situations.'

09-25-2002, 08:36 PM
Sometime poster frequent lurker

Ndainye Wyndwalker
Level 56

Been playing EQ since October 2000 moved to Norath after an extensive stay in UO. I had sworn I'd never play EQ but friend that has since left EQ convienced me to try it and I've rarely looked back since.

I'm an officer of Divine Intervention on Drinal server. DI has been around since Drinal started and was previously on Mith Marr pre split. We are slowly working our way into the tiers, we've killed Trak and Woushi and VS. Working our way into HoT (hard to get an opening on Drinal currently). DI is more of a family guild that raids than a raiding guild and we have no desire for Uberness.

RL I'm 32 years old, female single with 2 cats. I recently quit my job to return to college full time.

Solice Farwalker
09-26-2002, 02:54 AM
Hello, I migrated from The Realm to Everquest in March of 1999. In The Realm I played an Adventurer named Nightlord and a Wizard named Nightwing.

When I started EQ the naming routine would not let me use either of those names, so Solice the Druid was born on The Rathe and transferred to Zeb during the server split.

In The Realm, I was in a guild called Geezers (the only requirement for membership was to be over 30). I never joined a guild in EQ since I don't care for the raiding style of play and have not run across a guild that suits me. Sigh, I guess I never will get an epic.

I prefer a small group and usually group with one or two friends if one of my friends is not on then I two box.

I was the first among my real life friends to start playing EQ and got a bunch of them addicted. I think their wives have a contract out on me now.

I retired about a year ago from a job as tech support/systems engineer.

Since then I started back to school at the University of Houston to earn a second degree. My original BS is in Computer Science, working on a BA in History this time around.

The completely retired life is not for me so I will pick up a teaching credential and teach as a "retirement occupation." Have to love the summer/xmas/spring vacations.

I lurked on The Grove since the beginning but did not register until March of 2000. That was the first time I had something to say :P. As you may have noticed I'm not a frequent poster.

However, I don't care what this board says I'M A GEEZER, NOT A PUPPY!!!

So.... How about them Texans }:>

09-26-2002, 03:50 AM
Been playing when June 1999 started because my UO account accidently got banned *heard lots of people had that problem*
Same character always. Actually started a druid because I looked at the spells list and was like ohhh wolf form? That sounds neat.
One of 2 active druids (almost 3 now!) in <a href ="">Triton guild</a href> so raid alot and stuff. Been 60 for a long long time, but exping again for AA is kinda fun. :P
Dont post here alot but read all the time.
In RL I'm a network engineer who is expecting her first child in less then 7 weeks. X_x Currently I'm on medical leave from work so I am attending some college classes to get some certs in networking.

p.s. ! Ever wanna talk message me in game!

09-26-2002, 05:27 AM
Id love to know how to pronounce your name Ndainye :)


09-26-2002, 05:51 AM
Hehe, Ligge doesn't post much :)

I'd post a bio if I was still a druid. Gallatin still runs around Seventh Hammer, but he's a taxi for my friend at work, who maintains the account. I'm so done with EQ it's not funny :) I loved it for a long time, but I think the Test server item wipe really took the charm out of the game. I never really recovered after that.

I was in the game the first day of full release, so I suppose my burnout isn't surprising. I got more fun out of EQ than maybe any other game I've ever played.

I remember the Oaken Scimitar, and the the Leap of Faith quest in Kelethin that led you to the Oaken Scimitar. I believe Faluviel Yellowhair gave out the quest? ;)

I remember the Flying Halfling sig pic from Bilabo, who's still running around on Test on occassion, playing a necro, I think.

Best times in EQ was without a doubt the Druid's Grove migration to the test server, long before Kunark when the production servers were packed to the gills with spawn-camping, kill-stealing, girlfriend-dating, wife-stealing non-druids :) Elial, Chrysalsis, Kytelae, Evadrepus, Bilabo, Brillig, Chaca, Jalia (our adopted shaman), Onodrim (who I still haven't forgiven for looting Braided Ivy Cords on his first Bracken kill, long before Thistle was in the game), and a host of others. FSCNitro, Zulian, Rebo (wtf, did anyone ever figure out what happened to him? Disappearing act of the century), hmm, I'll probably get yelled at for leaving a few names out :)

The old druids only guild on Xegony, long before I went to Test, when we thought we could all grow up to be 50 together, before we realized you had to be in a guild to raid effectively. Damn, I wish those extra chat channels had been in the game, then, there were some good druids back on Xegony. Xandelwyn, who's become a good friend that I talk to pretty much every day (and wipe the floor with him in Unreal Tournament), Erindath, Solar, Indreju (who sponsored the very first Druid petition to Verant way back in the day), Woodmuffin (who morfed into Klub and led one of the biggest guilds on Seventh Hammer for a little while)...

Excuse an old druid's reminiscing. It wasn't the game that kept me around for 2 and a half years, it was the people. In game, and here on the Druid's Grove. Halfling Punter (hehe, I finally did figure out who he really was), Lilli Popsicle and the merry band of NET freaks, Bobbins and Jumble, Malbor, Scirocco (still can't remember if it's one R and two C's or vice versa, I need to tattoo it somewhere), laughing at Tudamorf and Scirocco's wrangling, and respecting both their knowledge and civility.

Kytelae finally getting me to check out the Well was perhaps one of the biggest benefits of hanging around here so much. There's a lot I would have missed online if I hadn't spent so much time here.

Bla bla bla :)

09-26-2002, 06:26 AM
/poke Gallatin :p

I officially quit EQ in August of '01, though I didn't play my druid after November of '00. I played DAoC for awhile, swearing I'd never, ever, ever return to EQ. My accounts were gone, my CD's were in the trash.

Then in July my husband walks in the door with a fresh, shiny, brand new EQ box and it began again.

So here I am, back on the crack when I can find time to play.

Formerly - Krysania Septemes, 57 Druid of Valon - Terris Thule server.

Currently - Laure, 52 Druid, freelance - 7th Hammer server.

In real life - 26 year old 'gawth' girl with blue hair, music obsessed and married with one kid, 2 goats, 2 dogs and 2 cats. :p

09-26-2002, 11:10 AM
Hi all =)

Avatars name - Bartleby Windtalker
Server - The Rathe

Real name - Christian

Lets see where to start, I'm male, middle class and white (just like that ben folds five song). I live with my twin brother who plays on Xegony (Not sure why he plays on diff server) anyhow, 22 years of age, go to school full time and work full time. My locale is in the desert of Arizona, in Paradise Valley.

When I am in the EQ world I tend to be found in Maidens Eye charm kiting or on guild raids. I am also very pleased to be a member of Shadows of Yamabushi, the guild is strong and getting stronger everyday, its nice to hop onto a guild that isn't the ubernest of them, but can do quite a bit.

Anyhow thats about it for me!

Enjoy the heal =)

-Bartleby Windtalker

09-26-2002, 11:27 PM

It was declared by one of my oldest EQ friends that the N is silent. So Day-ne is how I pronounce it but most folks call me Dai.

09-29-2002, 07:39 AM
I'm new to these boards but will be around alot more in the future now that I know they exist :)

Been fighting this addiction they call Everquest since early august of '99.
Toon is Finule Dragonsbane, level 60 druid on prexus. Been a founder of 2 guilds on the server. First was Dragonsbane Elite (no I didn't name it after me, I didn't take my surname until after I disbanded). I took a small break from the game and when I returned I had conflicting ideas with the man I left in charge so I joined some RL friends in another guild. That guild disbanded so I created Exiled Tribe to keep some of our friends together. That guild brought me more fun to this game over the summer we were around then I had ever had before, but as time goes on people leave the game and we grew too thin and disbanded and have been roaming the lands of Norrath unguilded since.

RL I am a 25 year old student who just moved from wisconsin to california for a change in lifestyle. Other hobbies include sports, especially football and hockey, speaking of which... football games start in 20 mintues, time to go :)

durinda of vaze
09-29-2002, 09:47 AM
Wow i have been playing for almost a year now, and it has taken me that long to find this board.) I stand short and proud as a halfling druid of the 54th season on Vaze. I am unguilded.

Nicholaa Darkling
09-29-2002, 11:25 AM
Hello my toons name is Nicholaa. I started playing after 3 months of being an EQ widow (6 months after release). My husband would be in our computer room for hours upon hours. I could never figure out why he would play for so long. One night when he was at work I logged on. It went that way for about 2 weeks before he cought me playing one of his characters. He called a friend who played and asked him to check and see if I was logged in. I got busted and remember trying to explain myself while my husband laughed his @#%$ off. We bought a second pc and started another account as soon as we could and its history from there. While playing we have changed jobs, had a baby and meet some great people who we now call good friends.

RL I am a 27 year old woman, my husband is 28 and we have a 10 month old son and 2 cats.

59th druid Darkling of Bristlebane
Order of the Keg aka the guild formerly known as Drunken Bandits

09-30-2002, 02:09 AM
/laugh @ Nicholaa

Im the same way Nicholaa. My toon's name is Vassa. I started playing her back in July 99. My husband played a character on the Fen Ro server a Wizard. I use to just watch over his shoulder once and a while to see what his time was being sunk into. Never was really interested in Computer games. But after my Husband got his new job [does a lot of traveling], and his guild moved to another server. I myself made a druid and began playing her. [Vass]

So now after taking a much deserve hiaitus, I returned to Norrath to find new friends and old ones as Vassa's Adventures continues on!

in RL I am a 28 year old woman, my husband is 30 and we have two Cats - Luna and Majik

Rhes Olooshun
09-30-2002, 06:07 AM
Well....lets see.....

Rhes Olooshun was created just after Kunark release in June of 2000. I was introduced to the game by several co-workers and I thought it was the coolest thing I had every played on a computer. I have been playing ever since. Rhes if 59, and has since been relegated to my alt.

Rypem Anuwon was created shortly after Luclin came out. He is level 60 with 25AA, primal and epic. I am in a mid-tier guild, as we do ST, Kland, Zland, Vindi and minor Luclin ubers.

Both characters are in Alliance of the Arcane on the Quellious Server.

RL info - I have lived in Alaska for nearly 25 years. I am 35 years old and am a Network Administrator for Fedex TradeNetworks. I am a divorced father of a 15 year old daughter.

09-30-2002, 06:50 AM
Valk! :)

Gallatin still lives on Seventh. Give Giddemore a shout if you ever need a res, he's the guy running Gallatin. I can't believe you're playing again :)

09-30-2002, 08:49 PM
*steps up to the mic*

Well I to am an EQ junkie...

Chalise Soliel was not my first char though. I started on the first day of release. ok second day..(my husbands was hogging the comp till way after midnight!)

toons are:

Chalise Soliel 55 DRU
Merelan Lightbow 39 RNG
Fandayena 39 Mage
Linney Littletoes 34 Cleric
Caldarae 32 Enc
Natalie 18 Monk

All are members of Children of Tunare, small guild on CazicThule. the guild was started by my husband on 7'99 although he has pretty much stopped playing.

no kids yet because I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
10 mths after we got married. Since then I have lost the abilty to walk, write, and my hands shake uncontrollably (probably due to tradesskills! Scirocco see if I have a valid claim here ;) ) I seemed tto also misplaced my mind, if found please return.

10-02-2002, 09:15 AM
Hi folks. Adding my 2cents of bio here.

Slives Wolfrunner
50 Druid on Bertoxx

I started playing 4 or 5 months after the initial release, joining some friends. I had recently dumped my OU account after getting fed up with all the PKing there.
Started with a human monk and fooled around with him for a month or so getting the hang of the game. After reading some stuff, I decided I wanted to try a druid. I liked the look of all the options that you could have playing a druid. A real utility class, which fits me pretty well anyway.
Also tried out a few other characters, but nothing held my attention like the druid did. I always considered myself a casual player, even when I was playing upwards of 25+ hours a week. But I was never in a leveling rush and was mostly out to have fun.
Last summer I got burnt out on EQ and stopped playing. got into the final BETA of DOAC and ended up playing on the test server for a while. Really enjoyed the companionship I found there but after a while a lot of people left and moved on to other things.
Around the beginning of the summer, I was really burnt out on everything so I quit playing completely and enjoyed the summer. About a month ago I was talking with some of my RL friends that still play and we were talking about how much fun we all had and that finally gave me cause to come back to EQ.
All my characters were still around, so that made it easier to come back. And since now I had a second PC, I bought a second copy of the game and am currently working on bringing up a warrior to work with Slives.
Also trying out a couple new classes, but will truely be playing casual now. Since there are things in RL that actually take time, like the GF. But I expect to continue to play for some time to come, mostly as an escape from the grind of real life.

10-02-2002, 10:20 AM
Hey there =)

Khardan was born June 6, '99, into the Xegony server. . .he *almost* was a ranger, but my friend, who had just started a wizard, told me that druids were alot like rangers, but get more spells! (Oooo spells! =D) been playin pretty solid save 6 months last year. . .

Leveled ta 50 with a fine band of folks i met in my 20s. . .and then formed the guild Consilence, with myself and my 4 companions as officers. . .with the intention to build a raiding guild from the ground up, a few months prior to the release of Koonark (which meant fear, hate and 2 dragons back then!)

Shortly after the release of Koonark, Consilence met the guild Jade Dragon, who was filled with folks with a similar philosophy on how to run a guild (the intention was to build a raid guild that didnt forget the humanity behind the toons in short). . .we merged guilds, and began to gear up folks with epics and such.

Mid-velious a schism opened in the guild. . .1/2 wasted to move forward, the other 1/2 wanted to chill. . .was a rough time. . .lost many old time JDrs here. . .but we were opening communication with a guild known as Axiom of Faith (which was a spinoff of the guild C.L.A.W.) This was when I took my 6 month break.

In the interim, JD merged with AoF, which, was the 1st real step in reaching a long time goal of morphing into a higher-end raiding guild. Since I have returned (as an officer of Jade Dragon) the guild has begun to push into all EQ has to offer us. . .been a blast. . .our big goal atm is to see AoW dead by PoP (1%?! ARG!) =p

Khardan has been my only character since I began playing EQ. . .and since forming Consilence, has been in the role of a guild officer. . ./played is in the mid 200s.

Must say I have always enjoyed the class

10-03-2002, 10:07 PM
Char-Name: Teoden
Server: Innoruuk
Guild: Thunder
Status: just in front of NToV :)

Hi all,

i started playing eq in spring 2000 after i was on my holiday in US. I heard of EQ quite a few, cause some of my best RL-Friends played the game. One of them was only playing in an Internet-Cafe, had no account on his own and i decided to buy him an account while i was in the US. Few days after i have been back to germany (yes i live there) he told me that he stopped playing so i said to myself "what the heck, let´s give it a try, you have 3 months free". I talked to one of my RL-Friends asking him to come around and give me some hints on the game. So my first Toon was born, a Barbarian Warrior. He got twinked very well (for that time :) ) and was a nice first char to learn basic about the game but he was not really fun. I wanted to make a casting class, so read the boards and found the spells of the dr00ls the best. Most of my time i have been some kind of casual player. I love grouping with my friends and would prefer that over any solo/quadding. I think i would rather log out instead of soloing.
My /played is somewhere in the 120-130´s
On a second account i have a soon to be level 51 DE Cleric. most of the time she is logged in only for resses :)

RL i am a 29 year old male, no wife, no child, no pet :-)

I don´t post here very often, because my english is not that good and sometimes it´s hard to explain what you want to know from the community. But i am very impressed that there are so many kind people around who always will help their fellow players if help is needed.

So, guess that´s it for now.... :)

Lotusfly Stewnicely
10-04-2002, 02:22 AM
Hi Gallitin! I hope that all is well. ^_^

P.s. The Grove swiped Chrys from Prexus! *Shakes fist* Is that guild still going? You gave me access to the private board a number of years back, but I've since lost the password. Hehe.



King Burgundy
10-04-2002, 03:07 AM
Some old faces, some new ones. ;)

I started EQ with beta 4 as a necromancer. Got him up to about 14 before the game went live. I decided that I wanted to play a "good" class and set out to pick the one I thought would be the least played so I could be reasonably unique. I figured the druid would fit that criteria, and also help out the group of characters my roommates were going to play. Obviously my sense of judgement was although the druid class didn't start out as a majority, it quickly became one.

I browsed and posted here from pretty much the beginning, with my Xandelwyn ezboard name. I played my druid up to 57, meeting many interesting people along the way, including Gallatin and the other members of my first guild, the all druid Sacred Circle. Eventually the older druids left the guild for more raid oriented guilds, and I made the switch as well.

I had been grouping with Venator Sapentia since before the guild had even started. My roommates, and most of my friends had joined the guild already, and I was the straggler thanks to my ties to Sacred Circle. VS, even today, basically consists of three groups of RL friends. One group based in the Denver/ABQ area. One group based in the Minnesota area. One group based in Columbus, OH.

Anyway, about a year ago I cut all ties with EQ and explored other options...AO, DAoC, etc...and probably about 6 months before that I had cut my ties with mboards like druids grove...thus the long absence. ;) But, although I still talked to them in email, on mboards, phone, etc...I missed interacting with my friends/guildies and so was drawn back in.

My ezboard name, King Burgundy, has been my online handle for pretty much ever. Its a literal translation of my RL name into english. My first name is Malek. I'm 28. I live in Denver. I work in sort of a network admin position on graveyards, which is when I surf the web, browse mboards, and do my homework. I also just went back to school starting this semester, which doesn't leave me a ton of time for anything else like EQ, but I manage... and I'm getting straight A's so far. :)

Xandelwyn Deindrael
58 Druid, Xegony
~Venator Sapentia~

10-04-2002, 06:45 AM
*hugs Malek* :)

Nice to see you again!

King Burgundy
10-04-2002, 06:55 AM
*hugs Christi*

Thanks. =) Fancy meeting you here. ;)

*Pets the goats*

Xandelwyn Deindrael
58 Druid, Xegony
~Venator Sapentia~

10-04-2002, 08:46 AM
Name: Ikta Sentrosi
Wanted: For random acts of n00bness and being the first and only Wood Elf Monk on the Seventh Hammer Server.
Reward: 0000pp =P

I'm Ikta Sentrosi of the seventh hammer, created April 21, I am relatively new compared to most Druids. I started out playing a mage with a friend, got him to about 26 then quit and made a Druid from items I had aquired over time. I've only had four guilds in both of my characters lives. Priests of Median, Chain of Heroes, Mythrilmoon Mystics, and Fires Within (my home) ;) Priests and Chain were disbanded during my Druids life. Mythrilmoon had some disputes and never listened on raids..I wanted a challenge and I got it from Fires Within..still do daily with ST key mobs and NToV..and even killing my own godess (Tunare).

In RL I'm a lazy arse 18 year old bum, I am a freshman in college.

Ikta Sentrosi
60 Hierophant, Assling killer of the 7th
<Fires Within>
"This person will self destruct in 5 seconds"

10-04-2002, 11:41 AM
hiya =)

I started playing in May 2001 after having watched my boyfriend play his wizard for several months. A particular open raid on Lady Vox that most caught my attention, led by the well-known-to-Prexus folks, Bonecaster (of who's guild, a year later, I'm now in: Harmony of Souls).

On Saturday around 4pm, I started looking through the original EQ guide - by 7pm, I was creeping along the platforms in Kelethin, scared to death that I'd fall.

That night I was trying to kill a bat just off the pod lift and when I turned around, an orc pawn was beating on me. I screamed and covered my eyes with my hands - my boyfriend had to kill the orc. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Why a druid? Because in the old character models, one of the wood elf faces actually looked like me in RL; it was too uncanny to pass up. Am I happy with that? Yup. I tried playing a cleric a little and a chanter a little and even messed with a warrior twink my boyfriend, but there's just too much I wanna do with Chen.

I am the druid cupcake (tm); I've been changing my sig nearly once a week since February of this year, almost always with a famous Hollywood starlet.

In RL, I'm a 30 yr old software developer. EQ has taken a big wet bite out of my other activities, but I used to quilt quite a bit as well as do community theatre costuming. I live my fabulous boyfriend who plays a lvl 60 wizard and my two wonderful kitties, Nicky and Cato. Nicky likes to sit on my lap when I'm farming or grinding, but jumps down when we're raiding as I'm too nervous. =)

spelling & grammar > me

10-07-2002, 06:19 AM
Hi there. :) This will be my very first post on here. Read alot of the different posts just never really had time to sit down and write out a response of my own. My druid's name is Teaolyene Shining. She is actually my second char. My first being a ranger. My ranger made it to lvl 17 before I decided to try out the druid. Tea (as she is known) quickly passed my ranger and became my main. I started EQ in August of 2001. My druid is now 54. Although Tea is my main I have a lot of other chars that I switch out now and then for a change of pace.

In rl I am a 28yo female. My boyfriend plays eq as well. He has a lvl 56 ranger. We love to argue over who is a better class. hehe I have two cats and when I am not playing eq I love to paint.

And well met to all here in the Grove

10-08-2002, 10:36 AM
I also read avidly but post only rarely.

My druid's name is Terianya, and I am quite attached to her. She was my first character and I have been playing her since 04-01. I was introduced to the game by my boyfriend (long since ex-boyfriend). Sometimes I curse the day I discovered it. I am old (36) and played AD&D with paper and pen before there were second (and more) edition rules. I had the little figurines and everything.....

I sometimes miss the RP, but I am resigned to it now.

I play just about every day. Main problem for me is that being in EST, I can't participate in a lot of guild events because I need to get to bed by 11pm, and things don't start up til 9-10pm. Its frustrating at times.

My favorite zone in the game is DN. I was the first in my guild of 9 people and one extra account to get an epic. I have since left that guild as they mostly play on US West Coast times, and I can't participate.

In RL, I am female, a social worker, and OLD. grin

Ellendilh Silvermist
10-08-2002, 10:50 AM

I am 36 too and I am not old!!!

Give me twice that age, and maybe I'll agree.


10-08-2002, 11:00 AM

Well, the last time I tried to talk with someone about AD&D, they were talkin about some totally different game then I remember. I am old enough to be the mother of many of my current guildies!!! I know the words to some songs of Frank Sinatra (RIP)... EEK

Ellendilh Silvermist
10-08-2002, 11:47 AM
I lost track of changes in AD&D after the second edition too. Mostly because we didn't want to buy all those new manuals every 2-3 years. We were still playing with our original high-school group until about 5 years ago. It was very difficult to retire characters we had been playing for almost 20 years (scary!!).

Okay, now I feel old :)

10-10-2002, 03:15 AM
Hiya :)

I am an EQ addic for sure. I started playing Nov '99 at the urging of 3 of my brothers. They needed a druid so that is what I became (never once have I regreted that choice). To keep it in the family I got my kids hooked on playing EQ as well (yes they are over 20 so it is not that bad ;) ). March '00 I joined Legions of Valhalla (euro based guild) and have been with them ever since. I have met so many wonderful people on MT, several who are now close rl friends. I am a female from Texas in rl, recently unemployed. At the moment I am in Europe with with my fiance,who I met on EQ, getting to meet people in our guild. When not playing EQ I enjoy being outside in nature and playing around with my 4 cats and dog.

*gives BIG WARM HUGS to everyone* :)

10-11-2002, 03:11 PM
I doubt there's many here that even recognize my name, but I've been around the grove for a while now, mostly lurking lately. I've been a board addict ever since the days of the old EQ boards where being a druid required several different heat-protective suits.

In game I started as a magician on Karana in June 99 and was eventually dragged to Luclin (when it first came up) by a RL friend. My last twinking project on karana was a woodie druid so I decided to actually lvl one on the new server, and Korwin was born. I absolutely loved being a druid until I hit early 50's and at the time, this was not a happy place for druids (pre-healing changes). My interest in Korwin really started to dwindle so in Jan 2001 I decided to start a warrior twink. Because I thought female wood elves had the single best plate look in the game, that's the race that Aysa became.

I really grew to love the warrior class and Aysa became my main. In June 2001, at lvl 56, she was accepted into Legacy of Sorrow, and that's where I've been ever since. Korwin has fallen to the same fate of so many other Hierophants, making guest appearances when ports are needed or I feel like duoing for exp.

Anyways, nice to meet all the new (and old ;) ) grovers. :)

10-11-2002, 03:38 PM
Been avoiding posting to this since I did not think I could curb my natural tendency to type. So...with brevity (as much as I am able to muster).

RL - 34 yo male living in the beautiful bay area of California (SF). Originally from New England, I relocated to have the "live far from home" experience (had gone to college in Boston area). Never had seen SF before I stepped off the plane, and moved out with $1500 or so to my name...scary at first but never a regret. Now I manipulate people through their subconsious and conscious desires (I work in marketing).

I started playing computer games when I was in college (Wizardry 1 was very bad for my Freshman year GPA). Always leaned towards RPG's.

Had played UO for a brief time back when it was brand-new (before there had been any expansions) but the hooliganish PVP drove me away. Distinctly remember getting PK'ed, yet again, while chopping wood or something and thinking "that is it GD it I hate this game."

I watched the press a lot about EQ before it was released and was very excited about it. I also saw the Microsoft game press releases too and got more excited about that one. I planned to start playing right away, but wisely held back since I was still in business school (evening program) at the time and knew it would screw me up too bad.

So I waited, and read, and finally decided I would buy EQ. But then I heard there was an expansion due out, so I waited just a little longer and bought the game with Kunark's release.

I started playing in April 2000 (I think that is right), never expecting to play more than a few months (like I had with UO). I never expected to join a guild. I never expected to have so much fun. I joined my first guild, Holy Might, at about level 17. I had been grouping in High pass with a lot of them at the time. I stayed with that guild through level 50, when the need to try out more raid content caused me to apply to one (and only one) guild - Fires Within. I joined FW as a level 51 druid in April 2001 and have relished my time there.

Been through ups and downs like many guilds but we are doing great and have been building and strengthening over the past year and it is with great delight that I see us beating mobs I never even thought I would see.

Been a great ride and I still enjoy logging in each and every day, seeing what we are going to do next.

Oldoak Tree
Druid Officer
Fires Within
The Seventh Hammer

10-13-2002, 02:56 AM
Here goes...

Well, lets see, RL I'm 32, live in Canada, in southern Ontario.

My very first character was born on the day of release on the Xegony server. She was a ranger, and got to level 5. Then I found eqvault, and read their descriptions of the classes. Under druid it said "Master of Travel" and I thought that sounded interesting. So Tiane was born Mar. 26, 1999.

Soon after that found TDG, made an account here in June of that year. Still have some printouts and saved messages from the early days when we were still trying to figure out what the spells did. Things like the order in which to buy spells, since money was at a premium! Those were the days of playing "Find sleeping Chaca!", the wonderful gosselin posts (sic!), the split to 7th Hammer and seeing a bunch of people I'd seen around leave my server to become successful there (gallatin, woodmuffin, the dark exile!)

I was never on the initial bleeding edge of levellers, but I was steady. One of the earliest people I met was King Burgundy himself as Xandelwyn. He was a dozen levels ahead of me, one of the pioneers, so I pestered him now and then for druid tips! I spent a lot of time fishing, hence the surname Polebreaker. To my knowledge I was the first on my server to get fishing 200! (I was bored!)

Played with my RL friends Teshia and Finuala up to level 50 well before kunark arrived. Turned out we were among the earliest to that level. Round then I started raiding with Inner Circle, a guild I wound up staying with for over 2 years.

Kunark came, levelling and epic hunting began, was 3rd for the epic, 7th to 60, never quadded, had a lot of fun pushing the limits of what a druid could do. Was back in the dark days when Superior Heal was a level 53 spell! Then Velious came, my guild continued to thrive, and I started losing interest in my druid. By the time Luclin came around, I had basically retired my druid, left my guild, and was playing my monk full time (who was also born pre-kunark!)

Enjoyed exploring Luclin from the PoV of a melee, gave a new perspective on things like mana regen and travel. (Actually I had zero problem adapting to travel as a non porter/non inviser. FD was kind to the learning process though!) Couple months ago however my monk's guild (she'd been sepearate from Tia, and only a few people knew I was both) had some issues, and I left, leaving myself with 2 level 60 characters with multiple aa levels, epics, and no guilds!

So switched back to Tiane again, as the few guilds I'd talked to seemed (to my surprise!) more interested in having a druid along than a monk. Adjusting to playing her again was difficult, especially in light of my long history with the top guild of the server. But people arent all bad, and I eventually wound up raiding with a former competitor guild, Illuminati Sancti, and have been having quite a bit of fun seeing and doing things I thought I'd given up when I retired Tia a year ago. Like actually completing the VT key, something I quite openly mocked as a horrible time sink! Which it was, but learning how to raid there has been very challenging.

I do miss my monk, but the the thought of the impending nerf keeps me from logging her in lately. So here I am, stuck with the druid, for better or for worse, likely till the end of my EQ days. Have made a ton of friends along the way. Some have moved on, and I've made new friends too. Its been a hell of a ride, far more than I could have possibly imagined back when my beta-testing friend shoved the box at me and said "try this!"

Who knew?!


King Burgundy
10-13-2002, 10:29 PM
Still remember visiting with you on the docks in Qeynos.

Ah, memories. :)

10-14-2002, 02:29 PM
Hey all,

I'm a 26 year old software developer living in Brisbane, Australia. I have had a healty interest and fascination computers, and especially computer games, since the days of Doom.

I started playing Everquest around June of 1999 when a friend, who had been raving about the game and had been following its development and launch, bought me a copy of the game as "late" birthday present. We started as Erudites, I as a wizard, he as a magician, on the Ellorisi (sp?) Marr server. Made it to about level 4 or 5 in the hellhole of a newbie zone that was Tox forest (kept get killed by those @#%$ kobold shamans) before getting bored with it and stopped playing.

A few months later, around the middle of September, I got the urge to play again and did a bit of checking around the various servers that were available at the time. I learned that a relatively new server, the Tribunal, was a sort of defacto Australian/New Zealand server and so a started a new character there - a paladin named Senin, who hailed from Qeynos. I wanted to be able to fight in melee but I was also still very keen to be able to cast spells. I played Senin for a few months, levelling up through Qeynos Hills, the glory of Blackburrow (to this day, hunting in Blackburrow are some of fondest and most enjoyable EQ memories - one of the best dungeons ever created in EQ imo), and then the Karana's and eventually Unrest, where I learned alot about pulling =).

While I was hunting in Blackburrow I remember being utterly amazed at seeing a wolf running around with a player's name over its head. I enquired, and learned that the player was a newly level 24 druid (can't remember his name for the life of me) who was playing with his new wolf form spell. He was also de-railing entire trains of gnolls with the level 24 PBAE (Tremor?). I was immediately envious of this player's ability to take on another form - I thought that was so very cool =). However, I continued to play Senin for a bit, and it was around level 23 in Unrest that I started to get a bit bored with the character. Looking for something new to try, and that wolf always in the back of my head, I decided to try a druid.

And thus Sorran was born in Rivervale, in the month of Janurary, 2000. Rather amusingly, the name "Sorran" came from the random name generator but I had to change one letter because the generated name was already in use - that original name was "Sorrun" =). I used to get tells asking me if I was the guy who posted alot on the Druids Grove.

I have played Sorran almost exclusively since his creation, clocking up almost 200 days /played - Senin remains my highest level "twink" at the grand level of 26. With Sorran, I have been lucky enough to see pretty much everything EQ has to offer - I've seen every zone, been involved in killing every uber mob currently in the game bar one (Seru) and I still love logging on =). I am looking forward to Planes of Power very much, and can't wait to be exploring them with my guildmates.


Elitists and Vagrants.

10-14-2002, 06:40 PM
Well...I'm a student of 24 years and live in the Great White North a.k.a Canada.

Prior to EQ, my gaming experience consisted of mostly console RPGs and a brief and not-fun-at-all stint into UO. I started sometime around Oct, 2000 but didn't really start playing "hard-core" (which may or may not have been a good thing :p ) until around spring/summer of 2001 when I was still a puny lvl 10 after almost 6 months :evil:

This will be the third incarnation of Deesra...Wood Elf, Human, and now Half Elf ;) I started a druid mainly because I wanted to go all over and I liked to heal/buff people (and SoW which to a newbie like me was uber :p ) but being a Cleric seemed like a drag due to lack of utility and Shamans can't port (plus I didn't know they got SoW :p ) so Druid it was and so here I am ;)

Oh yeah and Half Elf because of.... THE THONG!!!:rolleyes:

If you're ever on TP server, say hi and I'll accompany my macarena-dancing Griffon and do my thong dance for ya ;)

10-19-2002, 11:39 PM
Humm well I just recently started trolling this board so I'll introduce myself.

In RL I am a 22 year old female, Divorced. Live in relationship.I have two small Girls ages 19 months and 5 months. I am currently a stay at home mom.I started my char on Oct 17 2001, after watching my BF play so much I decided to see what was so interesting and have been hooked ever since.

In game I am a 60 wood elf druid.I play on the Sol Ro server and belong to Darkblood. I have been with them since June 9th of this year. I love these guys to death.

My biggest accomplishments thus far have been Epic and my Heirophant title :)

Its getting late but theres a lil about me see you on the boards


10-21-2002, 07:18 AM
I'm an enigma, enough said. Hehe. :p

10-21-2002, 12:52 PM
I was in Italy when this game came out, and had no computer, so everything I heard about this game came from my best friend. After hearing about the game, I decided this was not the game for me. I also asked him why he spent so much time into something you cant *beat* ...
When I came back to the US, I stayed with family and went to visit him. He showed me his monk and druid, and told me to try out my own race/class.
I started with a erudite mage on his acct. 15 hours later, I was hooked.
I started my druid on my own acct on my laptop in apr 01, where I got him to 35 before I actually got a real computer to play him on.
I have been in 3 guilds (joined first guild at lvl 9, left at 14, joined 2nd guild at 24, became officer, became leader, and at lvl 51, merged with my 3rd guild, in which I was immediately made officer, and soon kinda *coleader*... guild has been disbanded as of 17Oct02 /cry) in which I look back at a great time. I enjoyed my last 2 guild immensely.
I have built my druid on doing things on his own, with as little outside support as possible (I hate asking for help), however, am willing to go to great depths to help out my friends, although I will not PL.. lol
My character has the same personality as I do, as I was never much of a *roleplayer*, but as far as I know, very well liked.
Not much of a raider, but i do like raids now and then... more of a social butterfly, and likes to talk.... spent 3 months at 45, and 5 months at 49... took me 14 months to reach Baron 60.
Now has goals that will be achieved, regardless of equipment or guildstatus.
Thats about it I guess.... /shrug

Fanorn Draffut
10-25-2002, 11:37 PM
It's too late to be posting online, since I have to get up for work in 4 hours, but hey... why worry about my play life? I need to focus on my real life, I.E. getting level 65. :D

61 Druid, 45 AA points.
Cazic-Thule Server. Illusion of Apathy Guild.

I started playing back in July of '99, and thus have been around (251 days played on my dr00d... and counting). I enjoy killing othmir (although the exp isn't much to brag about anymore, so I've moved on *sniffle*) and phase spiders in DN. When grouping, I live in Umbral Plains, although the PoP expansion has changed that drastically. My favorite pasttime? Overnuking on raids, praying for a crit.

IRL I am a 19 year old male. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I am currently attending a community college (much <3 for scholarships that pay full-ride) and will get my Associate in Arts degree this December. I am a waiter at The Cracker Barrel, and spend my life doing 3 things: Working, Sleeping, Schooling and Playing EQ (increasing in order of how much time spent in each). I live in the basement of my father's house, and thus pay no rent... haha. I am a devout Christian and enjoy meeting new people.

I'm glad to have met you all and may God bless each of you.

10-26-2002, 01:48 AM
Skunkworker Clandestine

Server - Povar
Race - Halfun
Guild - Inverse Logic
Level - 61

Just your average quadding druid, not much I can say.

Arryn Truheart2
11-06-2002, 01:01 PM
Just started playing a couple months ago and am totally addicted. I have lurked on this board for some time now and feel this is as good a place as any to introduce myself. I am an Officer in the guild, Tribunal of Justice. If anyone ever needs anything, gimme a /tell!

Good to finally say hi.

FWH Andarta
11-06-2002, 11:44 PM
I'm Andarta and am level 50. I play my Druid'ess on the MLF server. I am one of the GM's of my guild: "Fight With Honor" (aka: FWH). I have been playing DAoC since it went live last October 2001. Previously, I played Asherons Call (AC), and had a level 58 four school mage there as my main character. In AC I played on the Harvestgain server, and had the same name (Andarta). I am currently retired from AC, but plan to give it another try when AC2 goes live. I have been in the FWH guild for almost 3 years now (obviously joined them in AC, since DAoC hasn't been out that long).

In RL I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, own my own historic home (protected by federal government historic preservation commission), and am a counselor/Social Worker.


11-13-2002, 11:19 AM
Hello, I am new to this board, but not to EQ...started playing a year and a half ago...when my husband got into it, I wasn't interested, until he convinced me to try it and I made my first character...a druid on Vazaelle server named her to level 26 and finally got my own account and started Rinaea, who is now level 26 after two months of playing almost non stop...I normally do everything on my own, because I don't like asking for help.

In RL, I am 31, stay-at-home mom with 4 kids, 12, 10, 4, and almost 2.....and one REALLY big kid who is also 31 :P...I currently live in Louisiana; will be moving to Fort Hood, Texas, next spring.

-Rinaea Wolfguider
26 female, halfie dr00d
Cryptic Shadows
Vazaelle server

11-16-2002, 07:57 AM
Yeawen Peregrinator
Rodcet Nife

Yeawen was born on the 4th or 5th day that Rodcet was live as a server in early May 1999. I started a druid after experiments with several other classes because I wanted a character that could heal and could nuke. I had no idea what SoW was, teleports were, or any of our other neat abilities.

After a little more than a year, I joined my current guild as they were just starting to raid Nagafen and Vox, and the Planes of Fear and Hate. I wanted to participate in those "end-game" encounters, but participate in them with a guild that was just figuring them out, not a guild that had been doing them for months.

After another year, they made me their only (still) druid and wood elf officer, and we're still figuring out those end-game encounters, from NTOV to Ssra. I've fought hard for the realization that druids are useful for a number of things, even to the point that a secondary healer and fire debuffer was useful in Sleeper's Tomb as a nice patch healer before nameds were slowed and to increase ranger (and wizard) DPS and showing that my sustained DPS via nuking on mobs like Yelinak was more efficient than sticking me in a group as a backup healer.

Since August, I've been on sabbatical while I'm in my first year of law school, but I'm looking forward to playing over break as obviously I've seen nothing of PoP, but I sense my presence is missed as I see guildmates argue about needing clerics and slowers in PoP grinds, which obviously isn't true ;)

Meriel Silvertree
11-30-2002, 03:55 AM
Greetings ~
I too have lurked around these boards a long time.

Started playing in July '00 at the urging of my niece, who told me I'd like this world of playing with *real life* people much better than Myst where I was always alone.

I joined my guild of Random Acts of Kindness in August of that year and have made some truly great friends along the way. A few I've even met in RL.

After all this time, I hope to get to know a few of you a little better.

Aildaase Skywolfe
01-04-2003, 11:25 AM
Hail all and well met, I am Aildaase Skywolfe a Woodelf of the Bristlebane server and I am new to this site and i will admit I am loving being a druid and this site is most welcoming of new druids( i am lvl 30 atm but still consider myself new :p ) and others more experienced.

I was started when a friend made a Druid named Kutey (yes this is her name) and i basically fell in love with the possibilities of going places all by myself not asking for ports, SOW...and eventually i met more druids farther along in season and noticed we got wolf form too... to me at lvl 5 seeing someone in wolf form knowing that they are a druid too, it means UBER!

well thats enough about me gotta go!

Aildaase Skywolfe
Druid of the 30th leaf

Lavawolf Cinderpaw
01-17-2003, 06:51 AM
I been playing 3 years and my druid is about 1 1/2 years old he is 54 and has his epic which he got a 51 (Thanks to the great guild The guard ) and I have full elysian and my faithful stead called TRAIN TO,ZONE. I RP most of the time creating my balance its good to be good and evil all in 1 )

Kunoichi Ryuujin
01-31-2003, 12:26 AM
Hi my name is Kunoichi and I am addicted to EQ :rolleyes:

My character story and a little bit of my history...

A thick mist hung heavy in the early morning air in the peaceful village of Surefall Glades. A faint cry echoed in the distance…only slightly muffled by the falls…a plea for help from a young child that had fallen in the pool below the falls. The townsfolk rushed to save the child. The Druid Elders were surprised to find an orphaned child playing in their protected woods. The child called herself Kunoichi.

Orignially Kunoichi was a monk but the monks found that the 2 sisters got into to much mischief together. The sisters looked so much alike the monks had to tattoo the younger ones belly. The monks also realized that Kunoichi had a natural kinship with animals and other special abilities so they took her to live with the Druids to learn their ways.

The Druids soon realized that Kunoichi was no ordinary child. She had a natural kinship with all the creatures in the woods. The Druids decided to raised her in the ways of nature and magic. But she was a difficult student and insisted on fighting instead of following the wisdom of the Druids.

Kunoichi is a free spirit and was not content to just stay with the Druids in their quiet little village. Kunoichi left the safety of the village and ventured around the lands near Qeynos where her younger sister was being trained in the ways of fighting by the monks. But the Monks did not allow the sisters to see each other. So Kunoichi started befriending every Monk student she meet in order to seek information about her younger sister.

After barely surviving the depths of Blackburrow she then ran into a blizzard in Everfrost peaks. Nearly dead and without food or drink and lost in the snow covered peaks and being chased by some unkind animals she was rescued by the Barbarians. Who took her to live with them in Halas where they fought all day and partied all night. Where she meet her dear friend Janamce of Circle of Virtue guild. But at that time she had no interest in this “guild” stuff. All she wanted to do was party and have fun meeting new people. And boy did the parties get wild! She became well known for stripping when drunk and even skinny dipping in the icy waters of Halas and making all the guys “hard a wood”. Except once, all of Halas had a big scare when she was drunken dancing and fell in the well. Don’t worry she somehow managed to get out…by using her Druid wisdom for once. lol

But Kunoichi was a restless soul and needed to explore more. She gathered her Barbarian warrior friends and her Monk friends and went into the lands of Karana. Where they got lost on several occasions but were always rescued by rangers whom she quickly befriended as well. Everyone loved her gifted healing powers and she loved to help others in any way she could. They’re goal was to get to the lands of Commons but she and her friends were not strong enough to defeat all the Gnolls in the High Hold Pass. She and her friends had no choice but to hunt and learn the lands of the Karana’s even dared to venture in the dungeon of Split Paw.


Katori got angry when her sister left her with the Monk Masters in Qeynos to go adventuring with HER Monk boy friends! She was left all alone for months. She lacked her sister’s ability to out run creatures or to self heal herself. She found it harder to make new friends since she could not heal anyone. She eventually befriended another monk who was wise in knowing how to defeat creatures solo. She joined his guild and vowed to never leave her Bro behind. They decided to prove to her sister that ways of the Monk were better. Traveling lightly she ventured up to the High Pass and found it was more treacherous than even she and her Bro could handle. She kept trying and failing for weeks until along came another druid, wiser than her sister. The Druid was very nice and took the time to use his mystical portals and take her to new lands that even her sister had not been too. Actually the Druid (Valtair) seemed to want to take her EVERYWHERE with him! So excited she sent her Druid friend back to Karana to get her sister so they could both explore new lands. Katori had a new liking for Druids. /smirks mischieviously.

But Kunoichi being stubborn was bound and determined to return and find a way to get thru the High Pass. She often spoke to other people she met to seek out more brave warriors that will adventure with her. One day she meet a wood elf warrior who claimed to be able to show her the way thru the pass. So they set off immediately and he not only showed her how to get thru safely but he showed her the hidden castle within with its many riches of ore for her smithing skills.


Kunoichi did finally sober up and focused more on learning the ways of the mystic portals and began to travel ALL the lands of Norrath and eventually the moon. Kunoichi is now truly free to travel anywhere, anytime she and her friends please. And she still prefers the company of Monks and warrior types over being alone like the rest of her Druid kin.

And Katori will always be there to defeat what Kunoichi fails at. What Kunoichi cant, Katori will. Hense why Kunoichi’s last name is Ryu meaning Dragon and Katori’s is Ryuujin meaning Dragon Goddess! And my answer to anyone who has asked to marry either is…”Can you tame a dragon?” …besides….”There can be only one…”


I've been playing for about 2 years now on the Rathe Server.
Both my Druid and Monk have gotten epic during the past couple months :)