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09-07-2002, 04:19 AM
A friend of mine had asked, "why are you so upset over this crap, it's just a game."

My reply was an analogy. I asked him to imagine playing a game of Monopoly at another friend's house. Everyone picked their playing pieces; his friends took the thimble, dog, etc., and he got the car token. Everyone went around the board once and collected their $200 for passing Go. After a few times around, everyone continued getting their $200, but when he passed go the fifth time, the banker gave him $100. At this point my friend stopped me and said "huh? that's not right, everybody knows it says right in the Monopoly rules that passing go gets $200 for everyone no matter what piece they're playing".. to which I replied, "well you're playing the car, and the car only gets 100 bucks when it passes go, starting with the fifth time around-- these are the house rules. Would you like to quit now?"

He said, "Nah it's just 100 bucks, the real money is in real estate anyway."

So I told him to imagine the game continued, and he landed on the "Go to Jail" panel, and on the next roll, got a double to get out. "But wait, you can't get out like that, you have to wait until the Thimble lands on the Just Visiting panel to get you out."

He said "okay this is getting ignorant."

I told him to be patient, there might be other house rules that work to the car's advantage. He said okay.

I continued with this hypothetical game, and told my friend he landed on Boardwalk -- and of course wanted to buy it!

I said, "Wait a minute though, the car isn't allowed to own dark blue properties, house rules."

He said "what the hell kind of house rules are these if there are all these crazy restrictions on just one playing piece?! Jesus H Christ, I don't think i'd want to play at whoever's house this is!"

I replied, "Well it's just a game... why are you so upset?"


Aidon Rufflefuzz
09-09-2002, 06:24 AM
One of my favorite responses to the "Its just a Game" comment has always been:

"This ain't exactly Monopoly we're playin here..."