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08-29-2002, 03:52 PM
Well, I have always thought that druids could solo summoning mobs. I have always told people that, and with this I made it come true.

Obviously, we can't solo every summoning mob, as it does require to use your charm ability. Since our charm ability is limited to any animal (max 55 with CoK?), it makes it that much more difficult. This same principle is why enchanters are able to solo in Kael, etc. ($$$$)

There is not much to gain from killing Yeldema. You will lose about half a level of faction, gain her talisman (5/4), and get some type of boots. I got the worked dragonhorn boots (15ac, 7agi, 5svm; melee type, sells for about 1kpp on Tholuxe) (maybe some spells too, I never got one).

It took 16 tries to kill Yeldema each time getting closer and forming new strategies. Below is some factual information to help you setup your own strategy and below that I will post what happened during my actual fight. Here is what I gathered:

1) It can be done using CoK and charming any animal in the zone (except Stronghorn and Tantor) but you have to be quick. Ie. Chain Nuking/Pet Taunting, etc. I came as close as 16% using a CoK charmed animal before it broke.

2) Expect to die if you do not have the instant-succor Exodus. It is a class ability, 5 points to obtain and is priceless in any situation.

3) Your chances of success is greater if you have Dire Charm. You have a 20% chance to dire charm any Glacier Mastidon in Western Wastes. They are level 45-49; regen 3% of 16000HP per tick (OMG, 480HP/tick). You can add regrowth and whatever to that, but make sure you start with 100% mana pool. This pet is godly to just solo any non-ae mob in the zone. It will regen back to full in a matter of seconds, absolutely awesome. Glacier Mastidon is probably one of the lowest animal range mobs in the zone, so restrict your DCing to these animals only.

4) DCing a Glacier Mastidon is tough. It would be useful to bind at the tree or crystal shard area near Yeldema's spawn. When you are attempting to DC, prep Egress and Gate both. Find a Glacier Mastidon, try to DC. If you fail, gate and then egress (or whatever). These mobs don't summon, so no worries.

5) Zerg attempts with gate if your charm breaks don't work. If charm breaks and you get a gate off, she will just summon you again. When I tried that, she summoned me and I had to spam Exodus.

6) There are three mobs that run by Yeldema, only one seemed to add. There is a cobalt drake, wyvern hunter/huntress, and a cragwyrm. The cragwyrm seems to gate to anywhere on his path, sometimes he just pops on you if you are rush Yeldema at her circle. I got Yeldema down to 12% once when Cragwyrm added, and he will eliminate your pet as fast as you realize he is on it. Cragwryms DO SUMMON.

7) In any event, click off your AC/Thorn buff - Bladecoat. If you do get an add, you might be able to snare and run it around. If you do damage from your buff, you will get summoned, and that is not good. AC from Bladecoat wont save you anyway in this fight. Clicking off bladecoat would only really save you from an add, since you are doing damage to Yeldema with your pet, you will get summoned.

:cool: Yeldema has approx. 16kpp with about 2% regen per tick, overall maybe about 18Kpp per fight, depending on how long you last. She has NO AE, IS SNARABLE.

Fight Preparations:

When I tried this 16th time, I started at the succor point in WW. I tracked each glacier mastidon and attempted to Dire Charm each one. If I failed, I snared the mob and egressed. When mobs are snared and no aggro, they do not move for the 3 or 10 minutes (depending on spell. This also works for other mobs, which is good for trying to split. You do not get a message if the snare breaks when you do not have aggro, so remember that. On the 4th try, I DC'd a glacier mastidon, and ran around each canyon (NEVER go over it, sometimes pet will get stuck or bugged, and depop. Happened once to me). If you get an add (only velium hounds will add, dragons and worms do not), just haste your pet and let it go to work. It will PWN each hound or even a glacier mastidon (they do not add) it faces.

During my trips, I still had a pissed failed DC attempt elephant (that I kept rooting) and a velium hound add. I killed the velium hound in about 30 seconds and continue to run NORTH/NORTHWEST around each canyon. When I reached Yeldema's spawn point (when you see Bratavar or Vitalia, you are close), the pissed DC pet followed me and I leveled him in around 30 seconds as well. Don't bother to heal your pet, after or during each kill, he won't need it. He will just regen back to 100% in a matter of seconds (40%-100% in like 20-30 seconds).

During my battle I had a Mage bracer (not really needed) and C3. My armor isn't that great, about 3650mana so I felt it was greatly needed. The rest were self buffs:

Spirit of Eagle, POTC, Mask of the Stalker (NO BLADECOAT, see above)

I hasted (Savage Spirit), Cabbaged (POTC), DS'd (Shield of Blades), and Girdle of Karana (32 STR) my pet. I think that is all I gave him, If I let anything out, I will let you know that I gave him the regular pet buffs. I also SoE'd him as I brought him to Yeldema's spawn point.

ATTENTION CoK users: Make sure you snare your pet before you charm, and only charm the mob once you are ready to engage. You won't be playing with 100% mana when you fight and time is your enemy. I would STRONGLY advise not to try this with CoK if you do not have exodus, the odds are against you in succeeding (but is possible).

Now for the fight. YOU MUST drag Yeldema out of her circle to avoid the wurm add. I used the low level (SNARE) to avoid extra aggro and pulled her to a spot adjacent to the shore and crystal area. YOU MUST fight her on the shore, you probably won't get an add (tho a wyvern walks near there, but has a long path). In that very same spot, /pet guard here to make sure he is not following you when you go to snare Yeldema.

Now, use the snare on Yeldema and drag her to the said spot. When you are at the edge, have your pet attack and spam taunt her as you run along the shore (minimal run space). The pet's taunting and aggro ability is $$$ so will take about 5 seconds. Then the fight starts.

Yeldema hits for 219 damage max, usually doubles for that. I didn't have too much trouble with her stunning my pet (that I could see).

When you have engaged, your only 2 primary spells are chloroblast and wildfire - there is no need to do anything else. Creating massive aggro = Death

When she is approx 70% you can start landing nukes if you choose to make it a quick fight. Otherwise, just spam heal. Try to keep your pet health above Yeldema's health at all times by at least 5-10%. DO NOT use Nature's touch, that is horrible aggro and she will summon you out if you use it too often (this is just common raid sense).

There is nothing other than that. It is mostly avoiding adds and keeping your pet healed. Yeldema flees at around 8-10%, then you can just lay into her (as I did in the snapshot). Don't bother to DOT or epic dot. Its pretty pointless and just wastes heal time and mana (if u use mana laiden dots).

In any case, its about a 2-3 minute fight. If you can control the usage of your mana and keep your pet alive, she is sure to be dead.

I hope this helps, I know a majority of people did not realize you could dire charm something in WW. I wish you all good luck, and ;t tholuxe.darklumina if you have questions or if you kill her. GOOD LUCK! :)

le freez
08-29-2002, 04:25 PM
nice post
a great spoiler one for all who want to kill yeldema :)

and grats on your kill !

on a side note
you can use 2 pet: DC (or charm but DC much better with this tactic) one brontho or a mastadon and park it with /pet guard here ( i hate the "/pet sit down" warp bug !)
now aggro a 2nd brontho and pull it to your fight spot, snare, root and debuff mr, keep it parked at this spot
pull yeldema and start fight with your DC pet, when the dc one is dead charm your parked bronto and /pet attack :)

of course yeldema will summon you and you need a good timing for charm the 2nd pet but well its fun to try :)

some critical heal can help you to stay alive, else i really love exodus ;)