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08-02-2002, 08:15 AM
This is pretty much for beginners that haven't been to the raptors yet. Someone asked about it, so I figured.. might as well type something up until a formal guide is posted (I am sure many exist already.. sue me)

First, get to TD. Head to the Oasis and swim just off the dock to find the gnome translocator and have him send you to TD. Upon arriving in TD, you'll be on the same island the raft used to drop you off onto. Since you can now bind in TD (finally!), you may bind here for various reasons (1 - death respawn, 2 - safe gating, 3 - to save a hell of a lot of time getting back to TD).

Second, getting to the Raptors. The druid egress spell will take you to the island with the iksar master and a roaming caster NPC named Alarik (unsure of what quests either are for), also commonly known as the "chessboard". It is here, than upon first arrival, you should buff up before heading to the raptors for the first time.

Load your best skin, coat, snare, root and a regen isn't a bad idea (especially at first). Levitation is also a BIG plus, and the first time down, INVIS until you get a decent picture of the islands. I don't even have to mention the value of wolfform.
Check your faction in wolf with the NPCs at the chessboard area just in case you need to egress during a kite.

Once you're buffed, head due south and once you're into the water, using tracking to find the raptors. Before long you'll end up passing near a land mass with a solo raptor standing on a small section of beach. This is the "large" island. The other side of this isle has many raptors is should be sought out after you've mastered the area.

The island to the south is the "small" island, and contains approximately 8 raptors, 2 of which roam (one per side). The easiest side to start with is the eastern side (to your left as you approach). There is a small corner of the island at the northern tip, where beach meets rock that is safe even while visible. You'll notice a stagnant spawn raptor sitting on the beach nearest you. Another spawn is on the northern arch of the ruining structure near the center, another on the far beach to the south, and a roamer that starts on the south beach and roams all the way to the first spawn nearest you on the north beach. These four are the best place to start quadding raptors. Coast around while invis to get a good look. You don't want to be surprised, it can be a deadly mistake.

I won't go into quadding techniques.. I assume you are familiar (items, evasion.. etc)

The easiest way to start is to wait until the roamer heads back to the south and start by snaring the two closest raptors. You can hover over the water if needed when pulling them off from the sand. Then coast along the beach and grab the second two, and voila. Be careful not to walk around the south beach past the farthest spawn, or you'll get an add from the far south beach (you won't see him until he's already aggro'd).

The island is small, but you can get two lightning blasts in before having to turn around and head the other direction, three if you're careful. Be aware of the trees and structure so you don't end up splitting the mobs and losing a solid 4-hitter blast.

If you get into trouble, keep gate or egress loaded. With gate, you'll end up egressing anyhow or camping to clear aggro.. the choice is up to you.

The spawn time on the raptors is roughly 15 minutes. When done, return to the northern tip and rest. If you have KEI or a lot of mana, it's perceivable that you could tackle the other side of the island and pull them to the eastern side if you timed the spawns correctly.

Some people like to pull the quad to the chessboard. That is very time consuming, and no, if you egress, they won't find you - it's too far. Pulling them through the water is annoying, IMO.

Occasionally, a vicious raptor may spawn. With the changes to snare/dots, you could ES dot him to death should you run out of mana.

At 54, with 205 wis and old world equipment (about 120 in mana), I have about a bubble left when all hits land. Every so often, i need to med/kite another blast.

I am by no means an expert, but this is how I do it. It's safe so long as you don't get lazy with your buffs (if you get hit during a kite, each hits for about 137 and if you get stunned, you're really in a world of hurt). Also try to keep lev up.. it's VERY handy to just fly out over the water to get away. The island isn't big enough to escape them, and if you try to run to another island, you'll end up with severe problems with other raptors (they have an insane aggro range).

Good luck...

08-02-2002, 08:45 AM
ok a few corrections i noticed. one the spawn time is under 15 minutes im guessing closer to 12. two the small island only has 5 static spawns and one wonder the large island has 7 static spawns and 2 wonderers. im sure there is a map but im bored so ill go to photo shop and try and make one in the next few minutes:)

08-02-2002, 09:14 AM
ok i hope this work i made this from scratch just now kinda sucks but the visual might help :)

btw doing this at 51 is EXTREMELY hard if you dont have clarity

edit: forgot to put in that the red X is a safe spot to med :)

Aidon Rufflefuzz
08-02-2002, 09:24 AM
Congradulations! You've just made it to the archieves =D

I'm sure we have a quadding raptors guide there already..but that map rocked.

Don't be surprised if I take that map and the various quadding raptor guides and turn them into a single guide. =)

Aidon Rufflefuzz
08-26-2002, 11:33 AM

I'm stealing your map =) I'm going to make this thread a guide on the site and doubt you want the hits to your bandwidth if it gets looked at frequently.

If you have any objections please let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

Thank you =)