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02-12-2002, 03:18 PM
Exedor's Guide to Elysian Armor

Let me preface this by saying: Yes the ac has been nerfed. Yes we are all disappointed. But adding a HEFTY dose of resists and a nice bit of wisdom to compensate us makes me feel a LOT better about it :)

What you will need: Main thing you're gonna need is levels, if you are 55 + you'll only need 1 -2 friends to make this doable. Though it can be VERY painstaking work doing it that way and the more peopel you have the faster the kills and drops go.

Lower than that 55, I strongly suggest a full group. And to prevent frustration, chanters and clerics are an excellent choice, though neither is required.

How to get there: The route is fairly simple. From nexus to Netherbian lair, Straight thru to the opposite end and zone out to dawnshroud. Invis up and follow the left wall past the rockhopper caves to the maidens eye zone line. Keep invis up and zone to maidens. From maidens zone basically run straight accross the fields to the opposite wall of the zone, of to the right a little ways you'll see a structure guarded Xi Vius and Xin Thall Centians, inside is the zone to umbral planes. Bind here before you zone in.

Welcome to umbral plains, the zone seems designed to allow small guilds and groups of friends to get themselves gear that is comparable to the stuff the semi-ubers wear. /thank verant (sincerely) The first obstacle you will encounter is the static spawn dark assasin who camps just around the corner from the zone line.

Dark assasins are the HARASSMENT mobs of umbral and if you run into problems while here, it will probably be due to these guys. They have huge aggro range so basically if you can see them, they can see you. they also cast necro snare which slows you to a crawl, and they are immune to basically all control spells (root, snare, mez, charm, etc). Thankfully, most of them dont see invis, but randomly they spawn ones that do see invis. Some will not see invis to undead, so if you need to get past him and invis isnt working, try invis to undead. If neither works on that particular pop, you will need to kill him to continue without deaths. If you have rogues rangers or bards with you, you may want to kill him anyway because assasins are the mobs that drop rogue / bard / ranger gear in this zone.

Once you have dealt with the assasin, make sure everyone is invised and follow the right wall past the temple which is surrounded by massive stone guardians, we think this is the zone to vex thall. Anyway, pass the temple and stick to teh right wall til you get to about neg 1700 neg 1700. This is as close to a safe pull spot as you're gonna find near the target mobs spawn.

When ready to start pulling, face directly out from the wall and a little to the right, run up over the hill and you will see two sets of ruins with big flat floors and a few standing timbers. Your target is gonna be the DISTURBED ELYSIAN REMAINS, the spawn in packs of three and are laying down on the flat floor like piles of bones. With harmony I was able to pull singles most of the time. They are snare/root/dot soloable but Verant has given them such uber hit points that this is not advisable. All mobs in this zone also hit for pretty serious damage so be warned, you wont be tanking these for long as a druid hehe.

Pathing here kinda sucks so you will need to stay close enough to them during the pull or they will go tearing off in some bizzarre direction and return to your camp 10 mins later with lots of trainage.

At this point you are basically home-free, just keep clearing the disturbed remains and eventually you will start seeing your nifty druid armor drop.

Things to watch out for: Dark Assasin's DO path near the ruins, if you are doing this without a cleric or feign death puller, then you need to keep a healer within range of the puller in case he gets snared by an assasin during the pull. If he does get snared, your heal should transfer aggro to you, at which point you can pull him back towards the group and decide whether you have the manpower to kill him or if you need to have everyone camp to clear agrro and you gate to maidens and run back, succoring to the zone line is also a viable option, but the succor point is within aggro range of the assasin who guards the zone line. So be prepared to zone really fast to maidens after succoring.

Other items of note: Most of the mobs here don't summon. But have uber hitpoints and hit hard to make up for it. Fallen Soldiers DO summon and you will berunning into them, but they otherwise aren't *much* tougher than the disturbeds.

If you have Int casters with you, you WANT lots of fallen soldiers and Shak Dathors, as they are the ones who drop the Int caster Armor (dreamweaver's robe is like 12 ac 14 int 40 hp 40 mana and more, or something liek that /drool) If you have platemail classes, you will want to pull the goranga looking things that you passed on the way here. They drop the platemail, but my experience with fighting them is ratehr limited so you'll have to figure out how to do them on your own. in fact, please post whatever you find about them here :)

Not a whole lot more to be said about it beyond this. But if you die and need a resser, try dragging your corpse to maiden's eye zone line and looking in maidens for a cleric to pop over and click you. Be prepared to go invis the cleric and guide him to the zone in. Offering free portage / donations for his help is also a nice thing to do :)

Edit: PS - When Fighting Assasin's Try to let the tanks build aggro for a few secs before anyone casts slows or heals or debuffs, a chanter trying to slow one before aggro is built up on teh tank will die fast, a shaman can prolly endure long enough to have a good tank taunt it off, but why risk it.

PPS - If you like this guide and find it helpful, you can thank me by posting any further info you you discover about this zone, especially what mobs drop what kind of armor, as so far all I know is Disturbed = Druid, Shak's and Fallen = Int caster, Assasins = Chain Class and Bard, and The Goranga looking dudes = Platemail. We have yet to figure out which ones to target for the monk, shaman and beastlord gear. And my info on the platemail gear is sketchy at best :(

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02-12-2002, 03:19 PM
Snagged this right of our guilds druid forumn. I wrote this a few days ago.

YES, these guys are soloable by ONLY druids (druids > all).

Zone into Umbral. Invis up. Follow RIGHT zone wall. About 40 seconds of running and you will come across a stone building with "Massive Stone Guardians". Go around or over the building and continue along zone wall. About 10-15 seconds later, you will reach the 'corner' of the zone. (It may not be 100% obvious that its a corner) You will be able to see the stone guardian building from this spot. This is the pull to spot.
If your in the 'corner' spot, facing out toward the zone, where the stone guardians are to you left, there is two hills directly ahead with a small passage through the middle. (Its not a trail. Its between where the two hills meet. Its not as elevated as the top of the hills)

To pull Elysians, BE INVISED and run through the passage in the middle of the hill. You will see a farm house. There appear to be dead skeletons laying on the ground in the farm house. They are not dead, they are the Elysians. Elysians see invis and will be scowling while invised. Inch slowly toward them until the closest one stands up and starts chasing you. I would wait about 7 seconds before inching closer, they tend to take a few seconds to agro and you don't want to pull more than 1 preferably. The Key to this is staying invised. There are wonderers near the farm house, and these mobs have long agro ranges, plus the Dark Assassins that are line of sight agro (they can be agroed from a long ways away, well out of sight). These unwanted mobs dont see invis.

Once you get an Elysian agroed, pull back to 'corner' behind hill. Fight the mob here and kit in Circles or in a line. You don't want stay as close to the corner as you can be while fighting these guys. Elysians have a LOT of HP's but are fairly easy kills. Spells stick to them fairly well. Sometimes i accidently pull 2 and it's a long fight.
Drops seem to be rare. I would predict about PoF rare.

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02-12-2002, 03:20 PM
A Comparison of Elysian Armor vs. Velious Quest Armor

Those of you who have had your computers turned off the past week no doubt are still unaware of the Elysian druid only armor that drops in Umbral (It's raining armor! Hallelujah!...apologies to the Weathergirls).

I managed to get a complete set in a mix of soloing and grouping over several hours (see Exedor's thread below for details on methods and techniques). Most is comparable to the Velious quest armors, as I show below. It has the gray chain (gladiator chain) look, and the helm has a graphic. It's fairly heavy (isn't all druid armor that way!), and is no drop.

For some slots, I've also thrown in other pieces, including some that aren't druid specific, but druid wearable. Just for fun...:)

By way of reminder, Nature Walker's is from Kael, Woven Grass is from Skyshrine, and Rowyl's is from Thurgadin. The Harmony armor is from Hate.


Elysian Tunic: Wt 7.00. +24 AC, +15 Str, +5 Sta, +15 Wis, +8 vsMg, +8 vsFire, +8 vsCold, +8 vsPos, +8 vsDis, +15 HP, +75 Mana

Nature Walker's Chestguard: Wt 3.50. +27 AC, +5 Str, +5 Dex, +15 Wis, +10 vsMg, +3 vsFire, +2 vsCold, +3 vsPos, +2 vsDis, +40 HP, +80 Mana, Effect of Regrowth of the Grove.

Woven Grass Chestguard: Wt 3.50. +20 AC, +5 Str, +7 Sta, +14 Wis, +9 vsMg, +9 vsFire, +9 vsPos, +50 HP, +80 Mana, Effect of Regrowth of the Grove.

Rowyl's Chestguard of Nature: Wt 3.50. +20 AC, +5 Str, +14 Wis, +4 Cha, +7 vsMg, +5 vsCold, +5 vsDis, +30 HP, +80 Mana, Effect of Regrowth of the Grove.

Hauberk of Harmony: Wt 3.50. +22 AC, +5 Str, +12 Wis, +4 Cha, +7 vsFire, +5 vsCold, +5 vsDis, +35 HP, +75 Mana, Effect of Regrowth of the Grove.

Crystal Chitin Chestguard: Wt 15.00. +25 AC, +7 Agi, +10 Wis, +7 Cha, +10 Mana, DROPPABLE. Classes: Ra Sm D C P Sk B Ro Wr Bl. All Races.

Discussion: As you can see, the Elysian BP is comparable to the SS and Kael BPs, and, in fact, slightly surpasses them in total mana (including wisdom). Total resistance package is better, at the cost of a bit fewer HP. AC is better than the SS, but worse than the Kael. Only thing really missing is RoG, but as a druid friend of mine said, his SS is going to come out only to refresh RoG...the Elysian is for everyday wear. The biggest advantage for the Elysian? You can get it...:)


Elysian Leggings: Wt 6.00. +16 AC, +15 Sta, +7 Wis, +10 Int, +10 vsCold, +50 HP

Nature Walker's Greaves: Wt 4.00. +14 AC, +6 Dex, +7 Wis, +3 vsFire, +3 vsCold, +20 HP, +70 Mana, Effect of Circle of Misty.

Woven Grass Greaves: Wt 4.00. +9 AC, +5 Sta, +6 Agi, +9 Wis, +3 vsPos, +20 HP, +90 Mana, Effect of Circle of Misty.

Rowyl's Greaves of Nature: Wt 7.00. +9 AC, +6 Str, +7 Wis, +3 vsCold, +70 Mana, Effect of Circle of Misty.

Gladiator's Chain Leggings: Wt 0.00. +17 AC, +2 Str, +6 Wis, +4 Cha, +10 vsMg, +20 HP, LORE NODROP Classes: Ra Sm D C P Sk B Ro Wr Bl. All Races.

Discussion: No clear winner here, either. The Kael and SS are superior with regard to mana, but the Elysian blows them away (well, the SS, anyway) with regard to HP and AC. That 15 Sta really helps. The Elysian is also slightly better with regard to resists. Just depends on what route you prefer. Anyone complaining that the Elysian doesn't have Circle of Misty will be neutered...with prejudice!


Elysian: Wt. ___, +12 AC, +5 Str, +6 Sta, +4 Wis, +25 HP, +25 Mana

Nature Walker's Vambraces: Wt 1.50. +10 AC, +2 Wis, +2 vsMg, +20 HP, +30 Mana

Woven Grass Vambraces: Wt 1.50. +7 AC, +2 Sta, +5 Wis, +30 HP, +30 Mana

Rowyl's Vambraces of Nature: Wt 1.50. +7 AC, +2 Wis, +30 Mana

Vambraces of Harmony: Wt 1.50. +8 AC, +3 Wis, +25 Mana, LORE MAGIC NODROP

Gladiator's Chain Sleeves: Wt 7.00. +16 AC, +9 Str, +5 Dex, +3 vsMg, +2 vsFire, +2 vsCold, +2 vsPos, +2 vsDis, +20 HP, LORE MAGIC NODROP Classes: Ra Sm D C P Sk B Ro Wr Bl. All Races.

Crystal Chitin Armplates: Wt 5.00. +18 AC, +5 Str, +5 Sta, +10 HP, LORE MAGIC Classes: Ra Sm D C P Sk B Ro Wr. All Races.

Discussion: I think the Elysian beats the SS (slightly) and is clearly superior to the Kael. With regard to the latter, it has +wis, more mana, more HP, and better AC. With regard to the SS, I think the edge in HP (incl. sta) and AC prevails over the slightly smaller mana boost. Too bad it doesn't have the AC of the Gladiator or CC...:(


Elysian Crown: Wt 5.00. +12 AC, +5 Str, +8 Wis, +10 vsFire, +5 vsCold

Nature Walker's Circlet: Wt 0.60. +11 AC, +2 Agi, +9 Wis, +1 vsMg, +1 vsFire, +1 vsCold, +1 vsPos, +3 vsDis, +20 Mana

Woven Grass Headband: Wt 0.60. +8 AC, +3 Str, +3 Dex, +10 Wis, +5 vsMg, +3 vsCold, +3 vsDis, +15 Mana

Rowyl's Circlet of Nature: Wt 0.60. +8 AC, +2 Sta, +8 Wis, +3 vsMg, +2 vsFire, +2 vsPos

Crown of Harmony: Wt 0.60. +9 AC, +2 Sta, +7 Wis, +2 vsMg, +3 vsFire, +2 vsCold

Crown of King Tranix: Wt 1.00. +13 AC, +15 Cha, +20 vsMg, LORE MAGIC Effect of Serpent Sight. All Classes. All Races

Discussion: Once again, the Elysian is comparable to the SS and the Kael. An exchange of a bit of mana for a bit of AC. The real question, to me, is whether to wear the Elysian over the Tranix Crown....hmmmm....


Elysian Gloves: Wt 4.00. +10 AC, +6 Str, +10 Dex, +3 Wis, +5 vsMg, +25 Mana

Nature Walker's Gauntlets: Wt 1.50. +10 AC, +2 Sta, +2 Agi, +2 Wis, +2 vsMg, +1 vsCold, +25 Mana

Woven Grass Gauntlets: Wt 1.50. +8 AC, +2 Sta, +2 Dex, +3 Wis, +5 vsMg, +5 vsDis, +45 Mana

Rowyl's Gauntlets of Nature: Wt 1.50. +8 AC, +2 Sta, +2 Wis, +2 vsMg, +1 vsPos, +25 Mana

Coldain Skin Gloves: Wt 1.50. +12 AC, +9 Sta, +6 Wis, +6 Int, +20 HP, +20 Mana

Discussion: Once again, the Elysian is comparable to the SS and Kael. It's moot, though, because any Velious-quest-capable druid who isn't wearing Coldain Skin Gloves or better should be shot like a rabid dog...!


Elysian Boots: Wt 5.00. +13 AC, +5 Sta, +10 Agi, +4 Wis, +10 vsDis, +15 HP, +15 Mana

Nature Walker's Boots: Wt 2.50. +11 AC, +13 Agi, +2 vsMg, +2 vsFire, +1 vsCold, +10 Mana, Effect of Spirit of Wolf.

Woven Grass Boots: Wt 2.50. +8 AC, +15 Dex, +2 vsMg, +2 vsFire, +2 vsCold, +2 vsPos, +2 vsDis, +50 Mana Effect of Spirit of Wolf.

Rowyl's Boots of Nature: Wt 6.00. +8 AC, +13 Cha, +1 vsMg, +1 vsFire, +1 vsCold, +10 Mana, MAGIC NODROP Effect of Spirit of Wolf.

Crystal Chitin Boots: Wt 3.00. +20 AC, +7 Str, +3 Dex, LORE MAGIC Classes: Ra Sm D C P Sk B Ro Wr Bl. All Races.

Discussion: The Elysian wins, in my opinion (among the quest armor). Compared to the SS, you give up 11 mana for more AC. The Kael boots have similar AC, but less mana.


Elysian Bracelet: Wt 2.50. +8 AC, +7 Dex, +3 Wis, +5 vsMg, +10 vsPos, +15 Mana

Nature Walker's Bracer: Wt 1.00. +9 AC, +9 Wis, +2 vsDis, +20 Mana, MAGIC NODROP Effect of Drones of Doom.

Woven Grass Bracelet: Wt 1.00. +7 AC, +9 Wis, +4 vsMg, +4 vsCold, +4 vsPos, +30 HP, +30 Mana, Effect of Drones of Doom.

Wristguard of Harmony: Wt 1.00. +8 AC, +8 Wis, +2 vsFire, +15 Mana, MAGIC NODROP Effect of Drones of Doom.

Rowyl's Bracer of Nature: Wt 1.00. +7 AC, +7 Wis, +2 vsFire, +20 Mana, Effect of Drones of Doom.

Coldain Military Wristguard: Wt 5.00. +10 AC, +5 Str, +6 Wis, +5 vsMg, +5 vsCold, LORE MAGIC NODROP All Classes. All Races.

Discussion: Finally, a category where the Elysian really is inferior! Not just because of the lack of the DoD effect, but the stats themselves are pretty miserable. The Kael or SS bracer are preferred...the only question is what goes on the other wrist. The Coldain bracer listed, for example, actually has the same graphic as the Elysian, if you go that route.