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There are currently 10 quests. The first section of this post will be what needs to be done only. The second part will be details for the individual quests.


1st Coldain Insigna Ring:
-collect 2 HQ Cougar Pelts, and 2 HQ Kodiak Pelts.
-combine in a Large Sewing Kit (Skill 70) to make
Coldain Hunting Blanket.
-hand blanket to Garradain, recieve (1/1/1) Ring

2nd Coldain Insigna Ring:
-ask Garradain "what nephew" and "what assistance" to recieve an axe.
-find Borridain (sits on ridgetop directly to the west) and hand him the axe
-follow him to the Giant Fort, the Jail, then to the Orc Fort. Dont let him die.
-when he returns to spawn point and sits down a rabid kodiak spawns. Kill kodiak, loot his skin and hand to Borridain to recieve a broken axe.
-hand broken axe to Garradain along with (1/1/1) ring to recieve (2/2/2)

3rd Coldain Insigna ring:
-collect the following: HQ Walrus Skin, rhino horn, skinning stone (ground spawn, appears red)
-combine in forge to make skinning knife.
-hand Garradain the (2/2/2) ring and the skinning knife to recieve (3/3/3)

4th Coldain Insigna ring:
-find Taim wandering in valley W/SW of bridge in eastern part of EW
-ask Taim "what help"
-4 giants spawn to east, including named.
-kill named giant, loot elixer and hand to Taim to receive a coldain smithing hammer
-hand Garradain the hammer and the (3/3/3) to recieve (4/4/4)

5th Coldain Insigna ring
Hand the Coldain lookout the invasion plans, Kill scarbrow, loot his head.
Hand Garradain Scarbrow's Head and (4/4/4) to recieve (5/5/5)
6th Coldain Insigna ring
Hand (the ghost) the (5/5/5), he will hand it back and start a speech. Follow (The Dog) invised and dont let him die. Kill PoxBreath loot his (a note describing what happened), Kill rodrick Loot his head and dagger (Dagger used for 9th)
hand Garradain (Note from Poxbreath), Rodricks head, and (5/5/5) to recieve (6/6/6)
7th Coldain Insigna ring
Kill Warden Bruke, loot key.
Hand key and (6/6/6) to (the prisoner) excort him to the dwarf camp. Hand (The head dorf at this camp) the (6/6/6) ring, recieve a (Note looks like a letter)
Hand Garradain (The letter) to recieve (7/7/7)
8th Coldain Insigna ring
Hand (7/7/7) to Garradain recieve "Marching Orders"
Hand Gloridain "Marching Orders" to start war.
Kill Chief Ry'gor loot his head.
Hand Garradain the head while he is in the Orc fort, Recieve "Velium Coldain Insigna Ring"(8/8/
9th Coldain Insignia Ring (Hero's Coldain Insignia Ring)
The Quest starts in Icewell Keep.
Hand Seneschal Aldikar the 8th Coldain Ring (Velium Coldain Insigna Ring)
after a short dialogue he will say 'Will you accept this task outlander?
You say, 'I will accept the task'
He will hand you a 6 Slot container and ask you to put Rodrick's Dagger and the heads of the Traitors.

We need 6 items
1) Rodrick's Dagger (Eastern Wastes)
2) Murdrick's Head (Great Divide)
3) Barradain's Head (Eastern Wastes)
4) Peffin's Head (Eastern Wastes)
5) Doldigun's Head (Kael)
6) Juliah's Head (Icewell Keep)

1) Dagger
Kill Rodrick in EW loot dagger. (See 6th Coldain Ring quest for details)

2) Murdrick's Head
Kill Murdrick in GD
Rare spawn , near Velks, he depops right after he finishes dialogue.
Loot Head and recipe for tainted avalanch ale

3) Barradain's head
Make Tainted Avalanche Ale
Hand to Captain barradain in EW, Kill him after he falls down. His bodyguards should not help him.
Loot Head and Note to Peffin

Tainted Avalanche Ale Recipe, Combine: Bottle, An iceball, an Ice Wyvren Stinger, Artic Mussels, Seahorse Scales, a Runed Seashell (Cloud), and a vial of Mind Melt. Trivial confirmed at 248.


4) Peffin's Head
Hand Note to Peffin, in Giant fort, in EW, She is invisable.
She will respawn at the fire outside with 3 giants at the exit and another 5 to 7 around her. Solo pull her out and loot head and note to Doldigun Addara's Bow of the Unseen rogue only drops here. Unknown if it is needed for 10th at this time)

5) Doldigun's Head
Doldigun can be found in Kael. He can be spawned by saying "the Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain" at Loc neg 850, pos 1150. In the #3 area in this map. Kael
Hand him the note and he hands you a Juliah Lockhearts Ring.
If you attack him he runs and 2 guards show up. Several Giants will spawn, I think at most 2 at a time. Keep killing these giants until Doldigun respawns. Once he does kill him and loot the head.

6) Juliah's Head
Hand Juliah her ring. She will respawn and hits for 350's the other Dwarfs do not aggro. Kill her and loot head, she also has a chance of dropping a necklace, and spells.
Combine the heads in the box with Rodrick's dagger. Then hand the Box and the 8th ring (Velium Coldain Insigna Ring) to the Dain in Icewell Keep.

Details for each quest will follow, this has just been a rough outline so far. Ill be editing this a lot but feel free to make comments.

Ok First before you start this quest I suggest you not do these in order. If you do waiting for mobs to respawn will make this take forever. I will spoil the first 8 quests, then make suggestions to speed these up.

Items needed to complete first 8 Quests.
HQ Kodiak Pelt (2) *
HQ Cougar Pelt (2) *
(Combine all to get)
A Coldain Hunting Blanket *(Hand to Garradain for 1/1/1)

A Dull Axe (Hand to borradain)
A Rabid Kodiak Pelt (Hand to Borradain)
A broken Axe(Hand to Garradain along with 1/1/1 to get 2/2/2) *

A HQ Walrus Hide *
A Wooly Rhino Horn *
A Skinning Stone *
(Combine all to get)
A Coldain hunting Knife* (Hand to Garradain along with 2/2/2 to get 3/3/3)

Elixer (Hand to Taim) *
Coldain Smithing Hammer *(Hand to Garradain along with 3/3/3 to get 4/4/4 )

Ry’gor Invasion Plans (Hand to A Coldain lookout) *
Scarbrow’s Head* (Hand to Garradain along with 4/4/4 to get 5/5/5)

A note from Kromrif
Rodricks head *
(Hand both to Garradain along with 5/5/5 to get 6/6/6)

Shackle Key (Hand to Corbin) *
Note to Garradain (Hand to Garradain along with 6/6/6 to get 7/7/7)

Marching Orders (Hand to Gloradain)
Chief Ry’Gorrs Head(Hand to Garradain to get 8/8/

* these can be obtained out of order to speed up the process.

First Coldain insignia Ring
Just sit at the base of the bridge and pull kodiaks, cougars. You are looking for High Quality Pelts. Expect to spend 1 hour per pelt. It will not always take this long but it has taken longer, due to other players etc.

Second Coldain Insignia Ring
Garradain's idiot cousin Borradain is up. there are several ways to speed this part up. Ask Garradain “what assistance”, he will give you A dull Axe. After you turn in the axe have an enchanter or a bard charm him, then sow and buff him. you will need an enchanter or cleric to atone/blur him after buffs are done. At this point it is a good idea to cast harmony on him, whenever you see a giant or an orc harmony them and the dwarf this will save mana in the long run. You can also send someone who knows his path ahead to pull the mobs out of his path and either blur/root or just snare to loose them.

He will path over to the giants fort (2 guards always up roamer captain may be up blue at 55)then start to the jail. halfway there he takes a lunch. Casters may need the break anyway, yes its annoying but thats how it works. Once he finishes lunch he is off to the jail (1 Giant 1 Orc always up) these can be moved same as the giant fort mobs. he will then head towards the Orc fort, and another 5 minute break halfway there.
********** WANRING **********
At this part it is IMPORTANT that you shout that you are heading to the orc fort with a dwarf on a quest. He is KOS to anyone on Giant faction. Ask any one on Giant faction to please clear the hill by the fort, and have warn them that you will be moving or killing the two orc guards at the gate if they are up. Cast harmony on the dwarf again if able and keep it on him.
Once that part is done you have one last fight back at Borradains spawn spot. You must make sure he sits down. As soon as he does the Rabid Kodiak spawns behind him and out of aggro range. Kill him fast loot hide. Hand the hide to Borradain to recieve "A Broken Axe". If Borradain dies at this point dont worry as long as you have the Rabid kodiak pelt your safe. Just get another axe from Garradain hand it to Borradain when he respawns and then hand him the pelt.

If you can NOT sow buff him expect a 15 minute walk around EW, and non stop adds. If you have a full group 58 average lvl you may just want to kill everything that adds, it will save time, but if your trying it solo or with low 50s I suggest moving the mobs and leaving them, only killing the mobs he actually aggros.

Third Coldain Insignia Ring
Next is the Coldain hunting knife. You will need to hunt for Rhinos (Wooly Rhino Horns), and Walrus (HQ Walrus Hide). There is a very large Walrus population South East of Kael. Rhinos’ are found everywhere in zone, but can always be found by the jail(far north). If you are a smith the rest is easy. If not find a smith go to the south part of the zone. (Near sleepers tomb) If you look around a lot there are little orange dots on the ground have the smith pick one up (Skinning Stone) Have the smith combine The Skinning Stone, HQ walrus Hide, Rhinos Horn in a forge to create the Coldain hunting knife. The knife is not no drop so the smith can transfer it to you when its made.

Fourth Coldain Insignia Ring
When you tell Taim ,“I will help”, 4 giants will spawn. They will all be blue at 58. The way I suggest killing these is tohave a druid snare the named Giant, and aggro the rest. The rest of the group waits while the druid kites away the 3 non named mobs, then kill the named. If the non named do not aggro they will kill Taim. Do not worry if this happens. The named will drop “ A Vile of Elixer”. If Taim is still alive hand him the Vial to receive “The coldain Smithing hammer”. If Taim died, wait until he respawns (1 hour 30 minute) then say,” I will help”, the and hand him the vial. The Giants will have respawned so if you need another Elixer kill them again. If not just run.

Fifth Coldain Insignia Ring
You will need to obtain “Ry’Gor Invasion Plans”, they drop off the Ry’Gor Messenger. He spawns on the South side of the Jail, and runs to the Orc Fort. He is green and easy to kill. The plans are droppable, ask your friends, if they have one.

Once you have the plans head to Garradains camp. When you hand the plans to the lookout, Scarbrow and up to 7 other orcs will spawn West of the camp (the hut will be in the way so you can not see them) If you have a druid/ranger in place they can harmony Scarbrow, and then solo pull him. You only have about 10 seconds while they buff, before they rush the Dwarfs, so you must be fast. Please be kind and not do this when Gloradain is up since they will also kill her making someone (maybe even yourself) wait 24 hours for her to repop. A full group of lvl 58-60 people can take all of them, but a single druid can also finish this part, but do not underestimate them, the shaman will buff the rest as soon as they spawn. Kill Scarbrow loot his head.

Sixth Coldain Insignia Ring
This is a 2 part quest. Hand (the ghost) the (5/5/5), he will hand it back and start a speech. Follow (The Dog) invised and dont let him die. He will wander around the zone until he reaches the camp by the bridge to iceclad (The Oracle). When he is about 1 minute from the camp Poxbreath will spawn. If you have someone invised standing inside the hut, he will be able to target Poxbreath then leave the hut go to the max range of a spell (Druid/Necro/shaman dots have a VERY long range) cast and pull him through the wall. Snare is not a long enough range unless you are level 60, if you try pulling with snare you will most likely get adds. If you do get adds just run around under the bridge, make sure a tank aggros Pox, and pull any other adds off the tank with snare. Kill PoxBreath loot a note from Kromrif.
Next head to the Orc Fort. Be prepared for a VERY long camp. Average time lately has been 12 hours. Outside the fort is the back exit to Crystal Caverns. When the Ry’gor Emmissary spawns he will walk to the hut, stop and wait one minute. Rodrick will then spawn. The idea here is to pull only Rodrick, leaving the Emmissary alive, if you are lucky he will respawn Rodrick
Rodrick is 100% resistant to all magic, You can use fire etc to kill him but will not be able to snare him, or use magic based dots, or nukes. He is easy for a tank to melle. Loot both his head and the dagger(used for 9th Coldain Insignia Ring)

Seventh Coldain Insignia Ring
At the north end of the zone is the Jail. In one of the huts Warden Bruke Spawns, by himself. He does have a PH which will despawn on its own after a LONG period of time, or you can just kill and hope Warden Spawns. If you attempt to pull warden from the front you will also pull 4 mobs who will spawn do to a trap. All are 100% MR (no mez) and blue to 60. So enstead target him then walk behind the hut. Make sure you have sow, then cast a spell on him, and run, the key here is to get out of the aggro range of the 4 other giants fast, you can do this at lvl 50 but if you wait too long they will aggro you, and they run VERY fast. Once you have him out solo, tank him, nuking will just get him made, and he has the HP to outlive 1 persons nukes, this is a pure meellee fight.
Once he is dead loot the Key off him, and move over to Corbin. There are 2 Giants and 3 orcs guarding him. Solo pull them out and kill them one at a time. They have a 20 minute respawn so med up when they are dead. Hand Corbin your 6/6/6 and the key. He will hand back your ring, then start walking East towards Dobbins camp. Half way there he will stop and 8 orcs 4 giants will spawn. They have a tendency to warp a lot.
There are several ways to do this part.
1) 2 druids go ahead, who know where the giants spawn (they spawn in 2 group one East one South and slightly East) the 2 druids aggro and snare as many as they can and lead them to the Dwarfs to kill. If too many get fast them work on snaring them all while the group aggros any of the mobs that that aggro on corbin. Using fear to loose a few is also a good idea. DO NOT ROOT ANY OF THEM. If they are rooted and Corbin is closr to them than a tank is the will continue hitting him. Once all mobs who have aggroed him are dead he will start walking to the dwarf camp. The ring bearer will need to stay with him. If the fighting is going bad the rest of the group should pull the mobs south to garradains camp, if they are all snared this will be easy. Doing it this way a druid and a necro can easily duo this part.
2) Bring in a strong enough force to tank them all into the ground. This is by far the hardest way. I have seen it done. I have also seen a full, well balanced group of 60s get wiped out. It does work and is relitivly fast (and convintional) but the death count is just too high for me.
3) Bring in 2 enchanters mez all the mobs, and kill one by one. The problem with this is there are about 12 mobs to mez. Using aoe is not an options since it can bug Corbin, (people do not like to wait for him to respawn) Pretty much everyone but the enchanter aggros a mob hit them once nuke them etc. The enchanters then start mezzing the mobs one by one. You have to do this fast since anyone but a heavy tank will not have the life to take 3 or more mobs pounding on them for long. Once all are mezzed (but the one Corbin is hitting, try not to mez it since he will just break the mez) just assist corbin and kill them till he starts walking or all are dead. You then have the option of killing them, keeping them mezzed until quest is done then porting out, or just running out of aggro range while mezzed.
4) This one is tricky and does have a high chance to fail, but can be don’t by a single enchanter, or cleric. The second he stops moving, he will shout something, aggro him and run west. Once far enough to be out of giant/orc aggro stop and mez or root him. Wait on the giants to despawn, once they have blur/atone him until he no longer cons threathiningly. He will then continue on his way, and will not retrigger the giants.
Once at Dobbins camp He will speak briefly with Corbin then Corbin despawns. Wait until he asks for the ring (he will not do so until Corbin despawn) or 1 minute has passed (For some dumb reason he does not always say it but if you turn in the ring as soon as Corbin despawns it will be eaten)
** NOTE: You will only get a letter back not the ring don’t get scared =)
Eighth Coldain Insignia Ring
First be ready, this was nerfed since it was first done which means you can no longer let Garradain Die and just turn it in later.
Classes you need.
Druid/Ranger Harmony
Enchanter/Bard Mana Regen
Cleric Healing/buffs
Warrior/Pal/Shd Heavy tank (Really suggest this but can be done without)
Monk/Rogue Fast Damage
Pet/meellee/wizard Fast damage

Spotter Ungrouped person any level, non kos to dwarfs. High level is a plus since they scare away the assholes easier.

If you happen to get a nice shaman, there buffs are worth the loss of the fast damage output plus there slow.

If your group is under 55 you may want to bring 2 groups.

Shout to zone “First Warning everyone please leave the Orc fort area, starting war in 10 minutes 30+ mobs will spawn on both Giant and Dwarf Faction, If you are near the fort you will die”
Make sure your spotter is in front of Gloradain. If another group shows up and turns in the orders first the war is theres and you have 24 hours to wait.
Enter the orc fort turn right walk around to the side wall (stay away from the front of the fort the mobs will aggro through the wall) Make sure your group knows to stay at the wall only 2 people will leave the wall during the entire fight.
Once in place buff up, the more buffs the better, no need for any resists. Once buffed give the second warning same is above but 5 minutes now. Ring holder now moves to Garradains camp
Ring Holder turns ring into Garradain, and will receive Marching Orders. Once all are FM Give last warning to the zone. The warning is more for your sake than theres. If the aggro the giants they will move out of place and Garadain will aggro them and may die. Your spotter is there to warn you of any troubles both with Garradain and with the Giants. If he has too he can aggro giants blocking the entrance (Garradain needs a free space to run through) and run, chances are he will die if he does this but if it saves the ring it is worth it. Turn Marching ordors into Gloradain, you will receive nothing in return, but the war will start. Ring Bearer will then invis and run to the Orc Fort and back to group. You have less than 1 minute to do this.
5 mobs will spawn,
Frost Giant Elite, FireBrand the Black, Chief Ry’Gor, Ry’Gor Oracle, Frost Giant Elite
The Key here is to kill each mob as fast as possible, plan on 45 seconds per mob. This will give you about 45 seconds left until Garradain enters the fort. The Druid should harmony the second they pop, and pull with a lvl 1 nuke (low aggro very fast cast, snare is bad because the high aggro and the fact they walk slow.) As soon as the first mob is on the tanks reharmony, when the mob hits 30% pull the next, by the time it runs to you and hits you twice the other will be dead and the new one waiting to be killed. The Ring Bearer should take no risks during this. You will need to be very careful.
While the group is doing this the spotter should be following Garradain. Keep everyone away from him, It is fun to watch and listen to the stuff that is said, you should all do this once =) When he reaches the top of the hill overlooking the fort the spotter should see a single row of giants with a gap where the entrance to the fort is. If that gap is not there you have a problem. Garradain will aggro those mobs. The only chance you have is to either have the spotter, or group members aggro them and run. They will all be sowed will root cast and dispell. You have about 2 minutes to clear the entrance. The only time this happens is when someone aggros them and dies in front of the fort. If they make it away before dieing the giants will not be there.

If all goes good Garradain will Yell charge and run into the fort (spotter should not follow) he will stop before the building turn and face the entrance. As soon as the last mob is dead, the Ring Bearer should have invised and stood at the door to the building to wait for Garradain. When you se him enter the fort walk up to him and wait. He will ask for the chiefs head. When you hand it in you get 8th ring.

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This is a detailed walk-through for the 9TH Coldain Ring. As usual, feel free to comment and make corrections.


1. Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring
MAGIC Lore NoDrop
STR:9 STA:9 HP:50 SV-M:9
Effect:Shield of the Eighth

2. Dirk of the Dain
Magic Lore NoDrop
Slot:Primary Secondary
STR:5 DEX:5 AGI:5 SV-P:10
Effect:Frost Strike


This subquest starts in Icewell Keep and will require to gather 6 items
1) Rodrick's Dagger (Eastern Wastes) – From 6th Ring
2) Murdrick's Head (Great Divide)
3) Captain Berradin's Head (Eastern Wastes)
4) Peffin's Head (Eastern Wastes)
5) Doldigun's Head (Kael)
6) Juliah's Head (Icewell Keep)


Head into Thurgadin and then go to Icewell Keep. Find Seneschal Aldikar and hand him your ring. If he is dubious, you can sneak behind him to get him to indifferent and proceed.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Well done, most esteemed Xiggix, I have heard of your victory over the Ry`Gorr. If you are willing to assist the crown further please follow me.

Seneschal Aldikar walks to a room and waits there.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Please, shut the door behind you. What I am about to share with you must not be overheard.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'My army stands prepared to launch an assault on Kael itself, but one task must be completed before this can happen.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'It seems Rodrick was not alone in his treachery. There is a faction of Coldain who believe that a treaty should be signed with the Kromrif, ending our hostilities with them. This, of course, is impossible. If there is one thing our history here has taught us it is that the Kromrif simply cannot be trusted.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'These traitors are poisoning the minds of our citizens, promising great rewards to those who will betray the Dain. It will take the unbiased eye of an outlander to flush out the masterminds behind this plan. Once again we turn to you.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Will you accept this task outlander?

You say, 'I will accept this task'

Seneschal Aldikar says 'In this box, place the accursed dirk of the fallen Rodrick. With it combine the heads of every traitor you dispose of. When this is done give the box and the velium insignia ring to the Dain directly. On behalf of the crown and all good Coldain, I thank you ... May Brell be with you.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Farewell.

You are given a 6 slot container to put the Dirk of the Traitor and 5 heads in:
<img src=>
<img src=>

Now you head to the Great Divide, in the direction of Dragon Ring and Velk’ Lab. There is a tunnel at Negative 5600, Positive 3530. Inside that tunnel, take a right into first cave and you will see several dwarves. Murdrick Tardok should be up or wait a while and he will spawn soon. The latest reports indicate that he no longer has a PH. You'll need to kill Murdrick to get his plan and his head. You must kill Murdrick fast otherwise he will despawn. He should be handled easily with a full group of high levels.

Murdrick Tardok says 'Good day my friends, it is good to see you all are alive and well.

Davin Fatfist says 'Well, we are alive, but I'd hardly say we're well... We have heard of the death of Rodrick, and the Dain is calling on all citizens of Thurgadin to flush out any opposition to the throne. If we're tied to your dealings with the Kromrif we'll be sent to the bottom of the well for sure.

Murdrick Tardok says 'The Dain knows nothing, and I have a plan to keep it that way. I have given the matter much thought, and I have gathered you all here to ask for your help.

Gerton Dumkin says 'We all saw what happened when Rodrick agreed to help you. I, for one, am none too eager to take on these new friends of the Dain.

Murdrick Tardok says 'Rodrick knew what he was getting into, and so did you. It's a bit too late for second thoughts. I don't recall seeing any hesitation when the loot was being passed around.

Lapker Geynion says 'Go ahead Murdrick, what's this plan of yours?

Murdrick Tardok says 'As I said I've thought long and hard of our situation and I feel we are indeed in danger. My cousin Berradin is a captain in the Dain's army. I've always been uneasy about him, but now more than ever. He could easily betray many of us and take credit for destroying the rebellion.

Murdrick Tardok says 'My plan is to poison him and plant a suicide note on the body, a note in which he would take full responsibility for the actions of the rebels. This would both ensure that he could never betray us and would give the Dain closure. We will be free to continue working with our Kromrif friends without fear of discovery.

Davin Fatfist says 'Sounds good boss, but how do you plan on poisoning him?

Murdrick Tardok says 'Berradin has a weakness for drink, one drink in particular... Avalanche Ale. I have had the recipe altered slightly to include a deadly poison. I have much to do, I need one of you to brew the drink and bring it to me. I'll handle the rest.

Gerton Dumkin chuckles, 'Once again, Murdrick, you've put us at ease in the middle of a treacherous predicament. I will volunteer to brew the drink.

Murdrick Tardok smiles, 'Very well, take this recipe and follow it exactly. It won't be easy, but you'll be richly rewarded for your efforts I assure you. Send word to meet me back here when you are finished.

Gerton Dumkin says 'Consider it done. Be sure to watch yourself Murd, the Dain's gotta be suspicious of ya, being Rodrick's brother and all. And those outlander friends of his are dangerous, chopped down the Ry`Gorr chief like he was nothin!

Murdrick Tardok says 'I must be off, be well friends. I will send word when we are to meet again. Until that day, be strong! Together we will overcome any obstacles!

When Murdrick is slain he has the following on his corpse:


Now is the time to use one of Xiggix's infamous Avalanche Brew:
Find Captain Berradin in a hut in Eastern Wastes and have your loyal Brewmaster and let him give one of his potent brewskis.

Captain Berradin will say:
You gotta be kiddin me, Avalanche Ale?
Haven't had a bottle a this stuff in ages. Brell bless you, Xiggix!
Glug, glug, glug...

The Captain will keel over from the mighty effect of the Avalanche beer.

He is surrounded by 4 or 5 bodyguards that should be blue to a level 60. The captain cons green to level 60. When attacked, the captain shouts:

Captain Berradin shouts 'Yer messin with the wrong Coldain, prepare ta meet yer ancestors!

When Berradin is slain, he will have the following on his corpse: his head and a note to Peffin.

Letter to Peffin:
My Peffin, By now you've heard of the death of Rodrick.
His demise places us all in great peril and forces me to take extreme action.
I plan to turn our fellow conspirators in to the Dain.
The Tardoks have boggled this operation for long enough...Please continue to take refuge with Fjloaren until this all blows over.
Stay well hidden,my love, the Dain's outlander friends are no doubt helping him invertigate our involvement with the Kromrif and they are not to be taken lightly.
As soon as I know you're safe we can put this whole business behind us.
Until that day,Berradin.

After that, go find Peffin. She is a dwarf and hides in the Giant Fort in Eastern Wastes. Since she casts invisibility, you will need See Invisibility to find her. After passing the gates, it is advised to be careful when approaching the brick building that is in front and to your right. Xiggix got attacked by Giant Elites despite being invisible[/b]

You say, 'Hail Peffin Ambersnow'

Peffin Ambersnow gasps in astonishment, 'Oh, I uh... err, hello there. Umm, thank Brelll you're here, those bloody Kromrif were going to torture me! Yes, yes, and you've saved me! How can I ever repay you?

You say, 'who is Murdrick?'

Peffin Ambersnow looks away and stammers, 'Ehh, ahh, Mur who?

You say, 'who is Captain Berradin'

Peffin Ambersnow goes even paler than usual, 'Hmm, Berradin you say? Sorry, but I've never even heard the name.

Simply hand in note to Peffin Ambersnoand she will say:

You'll regret your interference,outlander.
This doesn't concern you!

First off, there have been some changes on the Peffin spawn!

First, Peffin will now run out. Wait to attack until she shows up in front of the fire. Also, there are 3 Giants Elite who will spawn inside the hut-like building. They are blue to a level 60, see through invisibility and seem to be KOS to everyone, even people who are Ally to Giants. The best strategy will involve CoH the person handing in the note and kite those 3 away while rest of group handles Peffin and the 5 static giants.

Now, when you want to kill Peffin, the 5 giants around the fire are rooted and it is no longer possible to kite them away. There are a couple ways to do this without too much trouble though.

Tactic 1: Druids’ Harmony
Have a nice and friendly druid keep casting Harmony on all the giants while your group moves in and kill Peffin. Best way to do this is to push Peffin towards the fire with melee, and out of the range of the giants.

Tactic 2: Enchanter’s Chain Rune
Have an enchanter stay out of range of the giants, and chain rune the person tanking Peffin. This causes all the giants to aggro the enchanter, and as long as you don't actually damage them, they won't summon, and they will ignore the people killing Peffin.

Tactic 3: BFG
It is reported that the easiest way to deal with Peffin's giant friends is to BFG them away and isolate her that way, simpler than chain rune or chain harmony or whatever.


Text of letter to Doldigun:

Doldigun, our plans are working faster than expected.
I am confident that the Dain is merely days from mobilizing his troops in a full attack on Kael.
Our lies seem to habe been fully believed.
The attack will leave Thurgadin virtually undefended.
Remain in Kael until I send Peffin once more to inform you of the day and time to the attack.
Tell our large friends in kael to prepare for a long lasting alliance with New Thrugadin!
Remember to stay hidden until you hear the password, 'the Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain'.
Until we meet in victory,farewell.

This bow also drops.

Step 5: Doldigun's Head
Doldigun can be found in Kael. He can be spawned by saying "the Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain" at /Loc neg 850, pos 1150. That location is known as Iceshard Keep.

Hand him the note and he will say:
I was just following orders!
I swear it! Here, this is proof! Take it and be gone.
If you continue harassing me I'll call for help and you'll never make it out of here alive.

He will hand you a Juliah Lockhearts Ring.

Then Doldigun Steinwielder calls for help and scurries off and 2 guards show up. Several Giants (PROBABLY 5) will spawn, first 2, then 1 at a time. Keep killing these giants until Doldigun respawns. Once he does kill him and loot the head.

Step 6: Juliah's Head
Hand Juliah her ring. She will say:
FOOL! You've ruined everything!
You'll pay with your life for meddling in the affairs of others!
She will then respawn and attack. Kill her and loot head, she also has a chance of dropping a necklace, and spells.

Final Step: Claim your 9th Ring
Combine the heads in the box with Rodrick's dagger. Then hand the Box and the 8th ring (Velium Coldain Insigna Ring) to the Dain in Icewell Keep.

Dain Frostreaver IV will say:
The people of Thurgadin are in your debt, Xiggix.
Please accept the Coldain Hero's Ring as a token of our gratitude.
The curse has been removed from the blade as well.
I hope you find it useful against our common foes.
When you are interested in assisting me further please show me the blade. Until that day, may Brell bless and protect you.

He will then give you:

Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring
MAGIC Lore NoDrop
STR:9 STA:9 HP:50 SV-M:9
Effect:Shield of the Eighth

Dirk of the Dain
Magic Lore NoDrop
Slot:Primary Secondary
STR:5 DEX:5 AGI:5 SV-P:10
Effect:Frost Strike