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07-03-2001, 06:23 AM
Druid DoTs, with "listed" damage and ignoring any debuff effects:

Stinging Swarm: 117 pts, 10 ticks
Creeping Crud: 210 pts, 11 ticks
Immolate: 240 pts, 11 ticks
Drones of Doom: 340 pts, 11 ticks
Drifting Death: 650, 11 ticks
Breath of Ro: 920, 11 ticks
Winged Death: 1287, 10 ticks

There is no initial damage. Damage is applied at the end of the first tick and at the end of each tick thereafter. So when it says 10 or 11 ticks in duration, it means that there are 10 or 11 times that damage is applied. These spells often are listed with durations one tick short, probably because they presume initial damage.

Resists don't reduce the damage in any way, they only affect the initial resistance check. If the spell is not resisted, it does full damage for the duration. The only reduction is based on PvP status or the status of the mob (i.e., the old DoT nerf).

The DoT "Nerf" that reduces damage IS done on a per tick basis. At the end of the tick, the status of the mob is checked, and the damage applied is either 112% (if rooted, fleeing, or standing still in combat) or 66.67% (chasing, moving between targets). So it is possible to have different damage over the course of the DoT each time, unless the mob was chasing you the entire time or was rooted/in combat the entire time.

The statements of the DoT damage being reduced if the mob was moving for more than 18 seconds (or 3 ticks) actually come from the above calculation, and assuming the 12% increase when static (discussed below). If the mob is moving for 3 ticks (66% damage) and static for the remainder (112% damage), the total damage from the DoT is approximately the same as it would have been pre-nerf (the listed, 100% damage).

If "full" damage is applied, our DoTs do more than the "listed" damage. This "hidden bonus" appears to be done server side based on the status of the mob. It isn't based on increased duration, as the duration of the DoTs stays constant.

Based on self-testing, the measured PvP damage numbers (without backing out the PvP reduction, which is on a sliding scale) are:

Wrath of Nature: 1110 (37/tick, 30 ticks)
Winged Death: 980 (98/tick, 10 ticks)
Breath of Ro: 682 (62/tick, 11 ticks)
Drifting Death: 473 (43/tick, 11 ticks)
Drones of Doom: 231 (21/tick, 11 ticks)
Immolate: 154 (14/tick, 11 ticks)
Creeping Crud: 132 (12/tick, 11 ticks)
Stinging Swarm: 70 (7/tick, 10 ticks)

To back out the PvP reduction, work with the per tick damage, not the total damage. Remember that the PvP damage is truncated, so the full damage per tick might not be a simple back calculation from the PvP damage per tick.

Backing out a .625 figure results in the following:

Wrath of Nature: 1770 (59/tick, 30 ticks)
Winged Death: 1560 (156/tick, 10 ticks)
Breath of Ro: 1089 (99/tick, 11 ticks)
Drifting Death: 759 (69/tick, 11 ticks)
Drones of Doom: 374 (34/tick, 11 ticks)
Immolate: 242 (22/tick, 11 ticks)
Creeping Crud: 209 (19/tick, 11 ticks)
Stinging Swarm: 110 (11/tick, 10 ticks)

07-03-2001, 06:23 AM
Scirocco's thorough discussion of this topic is right on target, as I tested this about a year ago, around the time of the "kiting nerf".

Against a stationary target, DoTs do MORE damage than the amount listed in EQ Caster. There is a server side bonus of approximately 12% for the high level spells. I first noticed this when I was playing a shaman long ago and saw that two envenomed bolts (listed as 1132 damage per shot, or 2264 together) would always kill a sand giant of any level if rooted, but two ice comets (1120 each, or 2240 total) would not, leaving a visible amount of health (more than the 24 differential). I then saw the ShowEQ data that listed SG hit points as 2472 + 20/level (maximum 2552), and it all made sense - the two envenomed bolts were doing at least 2552 damage, if the ShowEQ data was correct.

I then tested the DoTs against myself to confirm it. Like Scirocco, I first cast spells on myself with known damage amounts to test the amount of PvP reduction for high level spells. I found it to be 62.5%, close to Scirocco's 62.9% figure. I then cast envenomed bolt on myself and carefully noted the damage, adjusting for 1 hp/tick standing regeneration. I multiplied the result by 1/0.625 and discovered that the DoT was doing about 12% more damage than what was listed in EQ Caster.

Now add to this the very unique property of the druid swarm spells -- namely their unusually low resist rate even against high MR mobs -- and you can see why druid DoTs are insanely good. Winged death does over 1,400 damage per minute and has about a 5% resist rate on all but totally magic immune mobs. It costs 350 mana, and assuming about 5% of that mana will be wasted on resists, you are getting about 3.8 damage per mana point. Compare that ratio to the POST-RESIST ratio of any other single target spell.

Now add in drifting death, which does about 725 damage per minute for 200 mana, again with an unusually low resist rate leading to a very respectable post-resist damage-to-mana ratio of 3.5. Overall, using these two spells, you are doing 2,125 damage per minute for about 575 post-resist mana, outside of root mana cost. (I'm not counting level 52 Fizzle of Ro here, because of its insane fizzle rate for me at least, and its relatively high resist rate.)

So whoever thinks necromancers are the DoT masters: you're wrong. Druids are. :)