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06-29-2001, 10:36 AM
This is my strategy for hunting Fairy Guards in Lesser Fey.

1> Your nearest zone in case of trouble is the Mistmoore Zone. There are a few problems with this… First you may zone right into a Mistmoore Train, which can cause DEATH. Secondly, you may pull a Fairy Guard (or 3) to the zone border and then the Guard will attack any EVIL races that are sitting there healing, this will make you unpopular QUICK. You can find the Mistmoore Zone easily by following the mountain wall south and then east as it curves to the Druid Ruins. The Mistmoore zone is south of the druid ruins.

2> Wandering Brownies can kill you quick. To avoid this use WOLFFORM!!! You will be indifferent to brownies in wolfform (unless you have already messed up your brownie faction some other way… not likely)

SO… The trick to successfully hunting Fairy Guards is HARMONY, HARMONY, and HARMONY. Because you do NOT want to have to zone, Harmony will keep your pulls to 1 guard at a time.
If you look at the camp from the south to the north, you can see 3 main Fairy guard spawns, and Gearheart.

One is right next to Gearheart (This one occasionally disappears, and rarely respawns as the Princess instead of a guard). NEVER pull this one, as you will ALWAYS bring Gearheart as well.

There is one south of Gearheart. It is right at the edge of the fairy town. I call this one the Gate Guard.

There is one to the southwest of Gearheart (to the left of where you should stand). It is floating in some mushrooms. I call this one the Mushroom Guard

Order of attack:

1. I first target Gearheart. Then I harmony 3 times. making sure I am close enough to see the glowing flash of light appear around these 3 spawns (2 Guards and Gearheart). The Fairy Guard in the mushrooms will not be in the Harmony AoE, but that is ok.

It is VERY important to see the glowing lights flash around the gate guard, Gearheart, and the Guard next to Gearheart. I did it 3 times to MAKE SURE I only pull singles, because if you messed up you pull multiples and end up zoning....

2. Next you target the Mushroom Guard, stand near the west zone wall, and pull with SNARE. RUN it SOUTH of the camp a bit to make sure it is out of the aggro range of the guards if it tries to run. Make sure your snare sticks, before you do any fighting.

You can fight it in a number of ways… In Earlier levels (28th) you can kite it running it around south of the Fairy camp just be sure to not get too close to the village when kiting. At higher levels you can do the more advanced porcupine. You will need a good defense and WIS, but you can pull with snare. Hit it with CL a few times (CL is better then Combust until at least 33-34th level, since it will stick for full more then Combust). Then hit it with a swarm DoT, and damage shield yourself and melee. If you conserve mana you can kill a fairy this way using only 2 bubs of mana. Then use the 3rd bub to heal yourself to full.

Then I quickly meded up from 2 bubs to 3 bubs (1 minute or so), and I went back to the fairy village.

Re-Harmony Gearheart 3 times, and this time pull the gate guard to the south using snare. At this time the mushroom fairy should NOT have repawned yet, if it has just pull the mushroom guard instead of the gate guard.

Fight the gate guard one the same way as the first.

Then you will be OOM and need to med to FM. By the time you meditated to FM, both guards should have re-spawned, so REPEAT.

Using this trick I was able to take 8 Fairy Guards per hour. Very nice exps, loot, and gets your Offense/Defense and melee skills up to max.

If your WIS or your meleeing skills are low, I would suggest you to just pull the mushroom guard, Kite it to the south, and med to full. Then just harmony again and keep only killing the mushroom guard. This is safer then the 2 guard method.

I hunted Fairy Guards on and off from 29-34th level, I killed maybe 60+ Fairies in that time. They are still non-KOS to me, but Dubious. The Fairy faction hit is very slight. Also, My WIS during this was near 170, and after porcupining a few times my Offense, Defense and Weapon skill was maxed.)

Please post any questions.
Paldor Eaglesight
36th Level Human Druid


It was a long post, so I guess the way I wrote it got confused.

I said target Gearheat and Harmony 3 times... But you ALWAYS target Gearheat, and Harmony.

Yes I think 3 casts is a bit of overkill, but I like being better safe then sorry.. it takes an extra 20 seconds and a little mana to harmony Gearheart 3 times (and the other 2 fairy Guards due to the AoE) but it takes at LEAST 15 minutes to zone to MM and come back after a bad pull. Easy choice for me.

I would rather do it my way, and rarely chance at having to zone.

As for wasting mana.. I always had enough to finish my 2 guards before I needed to med to FM. I never killed any fairy Guards other then the one in the mushrooms (near the west zone wall boundry) and the one south of Gearheart (gate guard).

The only guard that is not in the harmony AoE (from targeting Gearheart) is the Mushroom guard, but it does not matter since she is the one you pull first.



It is possible for Gearheart to spawn in a 100% Harmony resistant form.

Only fix is to kill him, his respawn should be harmony-able.

Best way for a low level to kill him is hit him with a low level spell at distance, and run him to a zone (I suggest Mistmore, but DO yell to the evils a Fairy train to MM.)

Once you hit MM zone, ROOT Gearheart at zone line and then go across the zone.

Immediatly zone back, and Gearheart should still be there for you to kill away from the other fairies.

Gearheart is about as hard to kill as a Fairy Guard (Just remember to only kill GearHeart when you must, as the fairy faction hit for him is very large.)

Paldor Eaglesight
51st Level Human Wanderer
Officer of the -=Outward Eye=-
Quellious Server

06-29-2001, 10:43 AM
Been hunting these for awhile now (killed gear and the princess a bunch too, that whirl spell sucks), and you can still hunt them while KOS to them. Harmony is the big key to this. I target gearheart and harmony him and then pull whichever guard I want from the outside of the ring. My strategy for them at 30 and 31 is the following:

1: harmony
2: pull with combust
3: root
4: CC
5: immo
6: med till the dot is done then melee it to death (it will have almost 0 HP at this point)

Our 29 root is pretty effective against these and as long as you just use dots the root will generally hold for quite awhile. These have pretty low resistances so the immo sticks most of the time as well.

Using this technique I can basically solo there non-stop with almost no downtime (cept for waiting for spawns if there are other groups). The medding while the dot works keeps your mana very high - and these little guys are great xp.

Danier ShadowDancer
31 druid Xegony

06-29-2001, 10:44 AM
Well, these are all great strategies, but I have a little tid-bit to give.
You can target yourself and stand just between Gearheart and the Faerie guard to his immediate right and cast harmony on yourself. This will not only stick everytime, but you will also see it stick on Gearheart, the guard to his right and the guard just behind him and that guard to the right. If the last mentioned guard doesn't "blink" with harmony, get closer to it but still stay close to Gearheart and the guard to his right. You can easily harmony them all in one cast and that way pull the faerie up on the hill and the faerie outside the mushrooms to gearheart's left (the one close to the hill). Did this from 29-34 and it took 'til about the end of 33 to get me KoS =)

Happy Hunting!

Klecker Jones
Druid, 38th circle, The Rathe

06-29-2001, 10:44 AM
Yes, you can still harmony Gearheart while (very) KOS to the fairies :)
And to correct what was previously stated (if I misread I apologize, just skimming) there are 4 guard spawns plus Gear and either his guard or Joleena. If you are gonna cast multiple harmonys (which is a good idea if the camp is not broken) you are better off casting on different targets to make sure you cover the camp. Basically the 4 guard spawns are in a square. I typically describe them when pulling to my friends as back left/right and front left/right. Gear's location is closest to front left (to let you know how I am oriented when I start). Assuming a full camp we will pull front left first. Start by harmonying gear, then I harmony front right. Target front left and pull with snare (or have the warrior pull with his bow if available). Once the first one is down, you can pretty much pull singles after harmonying gear only. Just pull straight away from camp so you don't have your pull crossing in front of gear or other guards (I shouldn't have to say that, but I have seen many a young druid get his tail handed to him because he doesn't seem to realize this)
For additional fun (and profit) it is not uncommon for Thistle to spawn within tracking range of the faerie ring, so if you have the extra mana smack the little bugger down hehe.
The faerie guards are great all the way up to 35th. They are about half green at 35 though :( I went from 34 to 35 here in one day though, so even though it may be boring, it is a great way to get through the early thirties. I usually group up with a barbie warrior that is my level and either an enchanter or wizzie a couple of levels lower (enchanter is preferred hehe). The spawn is fast enough that with the three of us we can kill almost non-stop.
Keep in mind that while fighting guards, if you can see the faerie ring, gear WILL come running if he spawns while you are fighting or your harmony wears off him.
Once you go KOS, do not..I repeat do NOT run through the ring while it is spawned hehe.

hope this helps
35th Druid Karana server

06-29-2001, 10:45 AM
If you want to hunt here and not get KOS, just don't kill Gearheart, the Princess, and maybe even her PH the fairy guard. stick to the faerie guards. You'll be able to hunt here far longer before getting to KOS.

Suta Telperion
36th level druid of Prexus