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06-29-2001, 10:28 AM
Skyfire Mobs, ordered by type/difficulty (easiest at top).

arking [S] those that CAN summon, and [!] those that are... mmmm... suicidal to solo (one ! per GROUP needed - depending on the strength of your groups of course)

skyash drake
skycinder drake
Black Scar
skyfire drake [S]
shadow drake [S - usually]

bottomless gnawer
bottomless feaster
bottomless devourer
soul devourer

mature wyvern
Guardian of Felia
lava walker [S - sometimes]
elder wyvern [S]
ancient wyvern [S] [!/!!]

mature wurm
old wurm
wandering wurm [S - rarely]
wurm spirit [S - rarely]
guardian wurm [S] [!!+]

mature chromadrac
Faerie of Dismay
Felia Goldenwing [caster]
Eldrig the Old [S]

Talendor [!!!!!+]

I might be slightly off on some [S] mobs, but I think it's pretty accurate, better assume it summons if you aren't sure :)

Hope this helps.

Gorgo Darkfyre [Skyfire], TSK 52.20


Addition by Scirocco:

There are several "named cycles" in Skyfire that seem to have a better chance of dropping spells. Kill one of the mobs on the cycle, and the next one pops at random a minute later somewhere within the spawning area for that particular cycle.

There may be as many as four named cycles going at once in different locations, according to reports. I personally can only confirm three. The easiest to spot is the "Inner Cycle" in the SW near the BW zone. The mobs here spawn in the flats south of the mountain just north of the zone, and roam the area to the east (past the wall) and west. They can go up the mountain as well.

The "Outer Cycle" in the SW is just a little bit north and NE of the Inner Cycle, and you can often find named cycle mobs from both on tracking if you are near the wall.

The other two cycles would be one farther to the east near the other zone line, and one further to the inside.

The following mobs can appear in each cycle, in random order:

Black Scar
shadow drake
soul devourer
Guardian of Felia
lava walker
wandering wurm
wurm spirit
Faerie of Dismay
Felia Goldenwing
Eldrig the Old

Spell Drops:

The Named Cycles drop a number of 50+ spells, not including level 59 and 60 spells. One significant missing spell, however, is Regrowth of the Grove.

Here are some spells that have dropped:

Fist of Karana
Wake of Karana
Breath of Karana
Girdle of Karana
Spirit of Scale
Bonds of Tunare

06-29-2001, 12:58 PM
Safe spots.

Best I have found for soloing is near the BW zone, but not right where other groups are pulling and (mostly) fear kitting or DD kitting. First, because no one really like to have a rooted mob next to their fight. Secondly, because you might (will) get hit by their pull from time to time. So, from the BW zones, follow the wall on the left side, and you will see a dragon with a globe (where the druid evac spell lands). Behind the globe is a mountain wall. This is where you can safelly root/dot. Sometimes, roamers will come around there, but this is pretty rare, and considering the small aggro range of most of the mobs in Skyfire, this is rarely a problem. I have seen people fighting in other places with some success, but always against a zone wall.

obs to root and dot.

Go for those with the less hitpoints. Botomless gnawers and feasters, wyverns, wurms, mature wurms. Skyash and skycinder drakes are possible too, but they have more hit points for their level and seems to have a higher MR. You could also try normal chromadracs, although you need to keep a safe distance between you and them to avoid their spells (boiled blood and dispell). Even when pulling, always keep Spirit of Cheetah memorized just in case you got dispelled. This spell is a true life safer in this zone.


Never done it myself. Heard that you can use botomless gnawers and feasters for that purpose. Everything else has really too many hit points.

Spell Drops.

Basically, any mob has a chance to drop a spell in Skyfire (even the botomless gnawers, which are the lowest level mob in the zone). However, some have better chance of dropping good spells. Outside the zone bosses (ancient wurms and Talendor), named/rare mobs are what you are looking for, and this is where a druid (or a ranger) shine in Skyfire. Once you have stayed in the zone for a while, you will recognize those rares in a heartbeat. This includes Soul Devourer, Black Scar, Wandering Wurm, Wurm Spirit, Faerie of Dismay, Guardian of Felia, Shadow Drake, Lava Walker, Felia Goldenwing. Be careful about those last 3, the first 2 may summon (not always, some are still 48-50), and Felia is a pain. Maximum spell level I got so far from rare mobs is 58.

Well, this is it. Hope it helps. Solo is great in Skyfire, but sometimes, it can get really boring. For better fun, group with a necro, shadowknight or enchanter and go for non-stop pulls!

Ellendilh Silvermist
Wandering Preserver from Prexus

06-29-2001, 12:59 PM
Make sure you do not pull any skyfire drakes or elder wyverns as these can be level 51+ and summon. Outside of the obvious red guardian wurms and ancient wyvern, all other non-rare spawns should be 50 or lower. Also, I would recommend to just leave all version of the chromodracs alone when soloing. If they do dispel your SoW or wolf form using either dispel or their blood boil DoT, it can be all kinds of trouble.

Once nice thing is that your fire based spells WILL work on the sperms. This makes these much easier to kill than the other reptilian types that are very fire resistant. The sperms can also drop spells and have lower hps, so these are my first choice if soloing.

y advice for skyfire: As a druid, hook up with a class that has fear. Clerics and necros work well for this. Also, if you get into a group with 3-5 other casters, at least 2 with fear, you can own this place. The only down time is the time that it takes to pull another mob back. With the 2 that can cast fear, you can also pull the chromo types and lvl 51+ stuff. This results in better experience and better spell drop potential, especially on the higher level spells. One time my group got two 56 level spells off of an elder wyvern which was very nice indeed. On the topic of spell drops, I have gone in there for a few hours and the group walked away with 4 spells, and I have hunted there for several hours and walked away with no spells. Like everyplace else, the drops seem to come in bunches.

-Galipure Stormdancer
Sun Clan of Warriors
Solusek Ro

06-29-2001, 12:59 PM
The bottomless mobs have the added benefit of not giving you dragon faction hits, in addition to not being resistant to fire.

Around 50, I found the BW zone to be best. In the mid 50s, the area along the wall just north of OT zone seemed good. When I got close to 60, I hung out on the far north wall (4600,0 I think), which isn't too populated, either by mobs or other players. As you move north like that, the average level of mobs gets higher.

Bottomless devourers can be effectively quad kited in the high 50s if you have patience and the lumi staff to finish them off with. It can get a bit hairy sometimes, but if you're a hardy quad kiter, it will work and get you good exp, and even some spells. Mature wyverns can also be effectively quad kited together with bottomless devourers.


06-29-2001, 01:02 PM
In my experience, it's much better to group with a necro then solo. Things go MUCH faster. Basically all you do is SoW everyone, snare dem mobs, and keep necro crack (Regrowth/Chloro) on the little darkies. They stick a few dots and fear on. You nuking or dotting with anything other then ES arms just makes downtime you need to med with, they'll always outmed you. Two necro's is even better then one. Three was a crowd though. Even with all the junk around it was hard to keep pulling as quick as they could kill hehe. The named spawn in 2 general area's from whut I have seen. 1 is out of the BW zone, before the first huge mountain, many will spawn near the wizzy port by the wall. The other, take a left if running out of the OT zone (Think It's north but I never really do directions). Hug the wall, follow it until your at about the third place where it drops down, named spawn straight out from there, around the volcano looking thing and wander as far as the edge of the lava lake/ocean. This spot is also good fur Fear kiting. When you fear a mob here it will just path along the wall. There are several spots like this, but this one is the most camped because it's easy to pull named here as well as normal MOBs. The others I'll let ya find fur yerself.
Happy hunting

--Dusticus Scatman--
--Be do do wap--

Go out from the BW zone, take right wall just a bit past the dragon bones. This is an excellent root/dot spot as wanderers are rare, never seen one myself. Invis up and go scouting. Look for the named mobs, lotta HP but drop spells commonly. Have done this grouped as well as solo. Druid spells I have seen dropped, off the named cycle are Blizzard, Wake of Karana, Girdle of Karana, and Frost. Gotten Mark of Karn, Acumen, Manasink, and Vocerate Water which I hear are very rare. Exper isn't great here do to the insane HP mobs have, but when you loot that rare druid spell you have been dreaming'll forget about the sucky exper.

-Peran Peran
Outrider of Brell

y spot in Skyfire is the shelf just to the right of the ramp as you come out of the tunnel from the Overthere zone. I pull mobs up to the shelf and root/DoT them there. I have never gotten a wanderer there and with the fix to root not dispelling snare, there is plenty of room.

Robyn Goodfellow
54 Wanderer of Prexus

06-29-2001, 01:33 PM
Black Scar does have an incarnation that can summon.