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06-02-2002, 05:55 AM
From EQ Traders:

There is an interesting formula the hard workers on the smithing and baking pages have come up with that estimates your Successrate to make an item if you know your Skill level and the Trivial of the item you want to make.

!!! This assumes you have enough data colllected to form a valid Success rate. Also the formula has not been exaustively tested against all possibilities, but it seems to work better then any thing we had before. !!!

First published by Ishwar2 then Laurefin, independant of each other, the following gives the best known way to predect Success in making an item of known Trivial while knowing your own Skill level:

Success = (1.15 * Skill) - ( Trivial - 70 )

(It is believed that 5< Success>95)

So you can plug in your Skill (226) and the Trivial for acrlylca reinforced armor (242 for leggings) and you get:

Success = (259.9) - (172) = 87.9% chance to make an acrlylca reinfirced leggings.

So to find an unknown Trivial you would alter the formula to:

Trivial = (1.15* Skill) - Success + 70

To find the unknown Trivial for An_Item_01 you would have needed to keep track of your Success rate (say, 65%) and you know what your Skill is (226). If so you should be Ok to plug in the numbers and get:

Trivial = (259.9) - 65 + 70 = 264.9 Trivial to make An_Item_01.

I recall someone applying their own Success at making omther fur caps and comming up with a very roughtrivial of 290. The new cultural imbued armor should trivial at 290-300s. The rest of the high end Velius armor trivialing within 10% ot 300.

Good luck to you and hope this helps,
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