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04-14-2002, 12:55 PM

Horses are a new element in the game of Everquest. Horses came out at the time Luclin was released and offer a new twist for players. Below, I have outlined most of what you need to know about horses based upon personal experience.

Horses are generally purchased from The Bazaar in Luclin. Since the Bridles are No-Drop you must own Luclin in order to purchase a horse.

Speed and Prices

Type Speed Price Range

Rope Bridle Approx. 25% Movement Rate Increase 8,400pp to 12,300pp

Leather Bridle Approx. 50% Movement Rate Increase 27,300pp to 41,000pp

Silken Bridle Approx. 60% Movement Rate Increase 60,900pp to 84,800pp

Chain Bridle Approx. 70% Movement Rate Increase 95,600pp to 135,400pp

Ornate Chain Bridle Approx. 85% Movement Rate Increase Only drop off very high level NPC's in Luclin.

A note on prices, the most expensive price represents a 40 charisma while the lowest price represents a 110 charisma. 110 charisma is the best you can have for the horse merchants, anything higher doesnít lower the prices further. You can see how getting a high level charisma buff would be good when buying a horse though.


Colors don't seem to matter much other than for show. Black and White horses are the more popular colors over Brown and Tan, so they are the more expensive in each category. Basically, Black and White horses are mostly a larger status symbol saying 'see, I can afford the prettier horse!' In reality, a Tan Silken Bridle runs as fast as someone else's White Silken Bridle.


Sitting on horseback allows casters/hybrids to meditate without incurring the agro you gain from sitting down.
You can run from outdoor fights a lot easier. Faster horses naturally mean easier fights to flee from.
You move at the same speed on horseback regardless of how encumbered you become.
Horses can be used at level 1.
When riding a horse you get an innate Safefall skill of 150.

Meleeing is a lot harder on horseback than not on horseback. Frequently, you get the message 'your target is too far away' or 'you can't see your target'. Looting from horseback can also be problematic as you click on your mount instead of the corpse.
Currently if you cast the wrong spell during a fight, you can't interrupt it by ducking.
Most, if not all illusions, don't stack while you're on horseback.
For kiting classes, kiting is not very easy as horses require a 1 to 4 seconds to get going and 1 to 4 seconds to fully stop for spell casting purposes.
Horses are expensive to obtain and also No-Drop. This means you canít sell it to other players later, though there is an NPC in The Bazaar that allows you to sell your horse for roughly 60% of what you paid for it should you want a better horse later.
Horses require food and water from your rations to upkeep.
Horses have a casting time to summon. Unlike Journeyman Boots you cannot simply click them and be instantly on a horse. The only exception to this is the Paladin and Shadowknight horses obtained via alternate advancement which are instant use.
Beggars who see you on horseback assume you can give them high-level gear and that you're rich.

Overall, horses are the most beneficial to casting classes, both wisdom and intelligence casters. In high-end raids where a lot of casters need to med during fights, itís beneficial as you donít gain the agro from sitting down while not on horseback. However, interrupting spells you mistakenly cast or donít want to cast can be annoying, especially if youíre a cleric casting Complete Heal.

For Melee classes, horses are pretty much a very expensive luxury aimed at getting you from point A to point B. Meleeing on horseback is especially difficult because the mobs tend to be too far away or you canít see them, even though they can still pound on you.

For Hybrids, horses tend to be in the same boat as melee classes, though if they are fixed so that you can melee well on horseback, it might be a little more useful in gaining mana back faster. Still, Paladins and Shadow Knights get a special AA skill that summons a horse for them that is as good as the Ornate Chain Bridle horses, so patience might be better than putting out a minimum of 8,400pp for a horse. Out of all the hybrids, Beastlords would gain the most benefit as they tend to be the most mana-dependant hybrid class out of all the hybrid classes.

Lastly, Bards are the least likely to ever need a horse. They have Seloís and horses are kiting-unfriendly, so Bards would be better off with their Seloís over a horse in my opinion.