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01-09-2002, 09:07 AM
Shield of Bane Warding
secondary slot, wt. 6.5
Clr/Pal/Rng/Dru/Shm/Bst, all races
AC 25, Wis 20, Cha 8, MR 12

This quest starts Roshawna Rhorer, a Vah Shir in Katta Castellum. She is located in the palace/cathedral just to the SW of the Tenebrous Mts. zone. You will find her in the first corridor on the left as you enter, last door on the right.

Roshawna Rhorer says 'A pleasure to speak with you Venture! You appear to be a foreigner to Katta Castellum as well. I hope your reasons for visiting this noble city are more leisurely than my own. In addition to my normal duties as a Shar Vahl Emissary to Katta Castellum there is the issue of the [tormented vah shir] in Tenebrous Mountains that must be dealt with.

You say, 'What tormented vah shir?'

Roshawna Rhorer says 'Recently the skeletons of Vah Shir have been spotted wandering the Tenebrous Mountains ferociously and blindly attacking the living. There are legends among my people that speak of Vah Shir warriors that were murdered dishonorably in their sleep by a traitor allied with [dark spirits]. The spirits of these murdered warriors become trapped in their decaying mortal shells for often many years before they are driven mad by the despair, rage, and torturous experience. When this negative spirit energy becomes strong enough the corpses rise and attempt to slaughter all that crosses their path in their state of eternal rage. Spirits tormented in such a manner must be assisted so that they may finally find peace in death. Will you [help the souls] find peace?

You say, 'What dark spirits?'

Roshawna Rhorer says 'Not all spirits that can be called upon by those who are in touch with the spirit realms are of good intentions. There are spirits who seek to destroy and corrupt. These dark spirits are best avoided and kept from manifesting their influence on the mortal realms. Unfortunately the foolish or the weak willed are tempted by their promises of power. Most who deal with the dark spirits are shortly driven mad by the spirits influence or destroyed by the very powers they were promised. There are tales however of powerful shaman capable of harnessing and controlling the dark spirits and their evil powers of corruption. These wicked traitors to the Vah Shir teachings are called [Rakshasa].

You say, 'Rakshasa?'

Roshawna Rhorer says 'Like I said the Rakshasa are spoken of only in old tales. Whether they truly existed or not can not be proven for sure and the elder spiritist insist they are nothing more than creatures of fiction. If there truly is a Rakshasa alive today it would be a powerful creature indeed. They are said to no longer have a physical body of their own, having traded it to a powerful evil spirit so that it may enter the mortal realm in exchange for dark gifts. Because the Rakshasa no longer has a physical body of its own it must take the forms of other creatures and can not be destroyed with conventional weapons.

You say, 'I will help the souls.'

Roshawna Rhorer says 'The only way for a tormented undead vah shir to be put to rest is to destroy its body and take its skull to Shar Vahl where our spiritualists can perform a ritual to cleanse and free the imprisoned spirit. Fill this chest with skulls and return it to me and I will make the preparations for it to be sent to Shar Vahl. The spiritualists there have just recently received word of the situation and will be prepared to perform the proper rituals when the time comes.

The box she hands you has eight slots. You must kill Tormented Vah Shir in Tenebrious Mountains to get their skulls. The skulls are no drop. They spawn in various locations, and their placeholders appear to be Grol Baku soldiers and DW bats (perhaps others, it may vary by location). The PHs spawn every 6 minutes (although a spawn may be skipped every 10 to 12 spawns), and the TVS show up about every 1.5 to 3 hours, on average (although 2 TVS in 3 spawns have been known).

There appear to be several locations in the zone where these spawns appear: at the south end of the Katta wall, and just north of the Coterie castle in the east, to name two. At the former location, the spawns often spawn in the wall itself, and can despawn in a few seconds or a few minutes (I had two TVS despawn in the wall within seconds after spawning, even after getting one to aggro on me by standing next to the wall). The castle spawn location avoids this problem.

The TVS are light blue to 56, green to 60, and fairly easy to kill.

There is a theory that clearing the nearby mines in the SW affects the Katta wall spawn. However, the TVS have spawned when the mines were not cleared, and the TVS have not spawned when the mines were cleared. If you try this location, you may want to try keeping the mines cleared (15 spawns, 12 minute timers).

Combine the 8 skulls inside the box and turn it into Roshawna.

Roshawna Rhorer purrs an incantation and waves her claws back and forth over the chest. The runes inscribed on the chest and iron bands begin to softly glow with a golden light. 'You have done a great service for these poor souls. I have sent for a courier to come for the chest of skulls but he is quite late in his arrival. I will keep it safe until the courier arrives.

Your faction standing with Guardians of Shar Vahl got better.
You gain experience!!

A courier spawns outside and comes in the room in about 10 seconds. Do not attack this courier yet.

A vah shir courier says 'Sorry for the delay mistress, I ran into a spot of trouble on the way here. I am prepared to deliver your crate to the spiritists back home.

Roshawna Rhorer says 'I hope your journey back to Shar Vahl is less eventful. Please make haste, the spiritists must receive this crate as soon as possible.

A vah shir courier tucks the crate of skulls under his arm and nods to Roshawna. Suddenly the courier begins to shake, his fur stands on end, and his eyes glaze over expressionlessly. The courier runs for the gates of Katta Castellum with an otherworldly howl echoing in his wake.

Roshawna Rhorer says 'Stop him! Stop the courier! An evil spirit has possessed him! He must not escape with those skulls! Catch him and bring back that crate of skulls!

What happens is that the courier going in despawns and immediately the possessed courier respawns and starts running. A good place to wait for him is out in the hall. Tag him, then drag him out to a large open area, like the area in front of the Tenebrous Mt. zone. Don't kill him in the hallway or other constricted area, as 8 reanimated TVS spawn on his death, and some may get stuck in the walls. He is an easy kill, light blue to 60.

A vah shir cou's corpse slams the crate of skulls against the ground with unnatural force as he falls jarring it open. With his dying breath the possessed courier mutters a dark incantation and the skulls burst from the chest sprouting new skeletal forms.

Kill the skeletons. Same as before, except now you have all 8 at once. The reanimated TVS are light blue to 60. They can be rooted and dotted. The guards won't aggro on the skeletons, but don't use area spells here, as guards frequently walk through and may aggro on you.

The 8 are soloable by a level 60 druid, although it can be dicey, especially if you catch a guard in an AoE snare (as I did!). Ideally, get a tank and a cleric to help, or an enchanter to mez.

Loot the crate from the courier and combine the skulls of the 8 reanimated skeletons in it. If you somehow miss the crate from the courier, you get a new box from Roshawna like you were starting the quest, and combine in that. Turn in the box with the combined reanimated TVS skulls to Roshawna and get the box back with a note.

Take the note and box to Spiritist Roleko. Spiritist Rolenko is in the Grimling Forest, close to the Hollowshade Moor zone in the kitty area in the SE.

Spiritist Roleko says 'I require both the crate of tortured vah shir skulls and the report from Roshawna.

Spiritist Roleko says 'It was wise of Roshawna to send you to me instead of risk bringing something so tainted by the dark spirits within the walls of Shar Vahl. I shall begin the ritual immediately. What is that?! Look! There is a grimling heading this way followed by what appear to be grimling undead. Defend me while I perform the ritual. Give me the head of that grimling and the skulls of those undead!

Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.

This can be a hard fight. 1 possessed grimling and 3 skeletons spawn. They hit around 130 or so each and are immune to run speed changes. They spawn just to the south, and if they reach Roleko, he will attack back. If this happens, snare Roleko, and take him off and root him somewhere (you will have to zone and come back to turn in the heads, of course).

Spiritist Roleko says 'I am grateful for your assistance. I will be able to complete the rest of the ritual without danger, the spirits in the skulls have been calmed. Please take this report of occurrences to Spiritist Cholsa in Shar Vahl.

Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.

Go to Scribe Cholsa (not Spiritist). She is located in the lower level of Shar Vahl, about halfway back in the southern room with the scribes and spiritists.

Scribe Cholsa says 'So it seems there is more truth to the legends of the Rakshasa than is commonly believed. I recall much of the tales of the wicked shaman who sold their souls and bodies to the dark spirits. There is a ritual that must be performed to force the Rakshasa to fully materialize in our realm so that it may be slain. I will write down the instructions for the ritual but the [components] I'm afraid may be difficult to obtain.

Scribe Cholsa says 'The legends instruct that the ritual requires an Amulet of Golden Rays crafted by a worshiper of the sun, Charcoal that burns with a Black Flame, and the Brain of a creature that can Leech the Thoughts of others. If you manage to procure these items please take them with the instructions I have provided to Spiritist Roleko at the Grimling Forest Outpost. The Rakshasa shall be summoned and slain there away from the citizens of Shar Vahl.

Ingredients needed (all no drop):

Thought Leech Brain - from thought leaches in Mons Letalis (the entrance to the cave is at approx. neg 1000, 0, in the north side of the large mini-mountain in the south center of the zone, just NW of the zone entrance). It is a random drop from any thought leech here (green and light blue to 60). TLs can also be found in the Deep.

Black Flame Charcoal - from umbrous toilers in the NE part of Maidens Eye. These are blue to level 60, but can be rooted, snared and dotted.

Amulet of Golden Rays - from the Burning Priest in Scarlet Desert. He spawns on the plateau at the single sun revenant spawn location by the rock along the center of the south edge of the plateau. He is a rare named spawn, and can take several hours to show up (the spawn time appears to be about 30-35 mins.) He is blue to 60, and can complete heal. A level 60 druid can solo him, however.

Turn in the note, the ash, the amulet, and the brain to Spiritist Roleko and it spawns the Rakshasa, who appears to be a shaman and hits weakly for around 145 (against a level 60 warrior). He is movement-immune, and will summon and gate, so don't pull him away from his spawning point. Blue to level 60.

Spiritist Roleko prepares the ritual components according to the ritual instructions. 'I will need to maintain my concentration to keep the Rakshasa from escaping back into the spirit realm. If you kill him while he is materialized he will be slain and his body will remain material. Bring me the head of the Rakshasa when he is slain.'

Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.

Kill the Rakshasa and take his head. Turn his head into Spiritist Roleko for the shield.

Final faction hits:

Your faction standing with Order of Autarkic Umbrage got worse.
Your faction standing with Coterie of the Eternal Night got worse.
Your faction standing with Valdanov Zevfeer got worse.
Your faction standing with Akheva got better.
Your faction standing with Shak Dratha got better.
You gain party experience!!