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09-11-2001, 06:50 AM
Strength of the Elements (shoulder slot):
Magic, Lore, No Drop
Wt. 2.0
AC 15, Str 15, HP 100, FR/CR 15

Markil Rargon is now giving out the details of Al'Kabors fusibility research in Western Wastes. He is on Temple of Solusek Ro faction. He wanders along the eastern part of the zone, not along the wall, but east of the ToV valley, and a bit north of the DN valley.

When you talk to him, you get several books that give the history of the research and then you are asked to participate in a fusibility test. He gives you box and asks you to combine all four fusible ores in it. Giving him the combined box and ores gives you the Strength of Elements.

The fusible ores are found in the following locations:

Coral - drop off Phinigel in Kedge Keep

Igneous - ground spawn at 900, -1500, near volcano of Veeshan's Peak in Skyfire

Velium - drop off Guardian Kozzalym in West Wastes, an 51+ air elemental hitting for about 160 and doable by 4 to 6 people. Fairly magic resistant. Can be found wandering just east of ToV valley (near Makil Rargon), all the way south to just outside of the Sirens Grotto tunnel.

Earthen - drop off Master Yael in Hole

Details from the conversation with Makil Rargon:

You say, 'Hail, Makil Rargon'

Makil Rargon says 'Greetings. I am Makil Rargon, an esteemed assistant to the great wizard [Al'Kabor]. What can I help you with?

You say, 'who is alkabor'

Makil Rargon says 'Al'Kabor is the most powerful wizard on all of Norrath. He is currently back to his Combine Empire research. Being his most trusted assistant, he assigned me to follow up on his fusibility [research] findings. Do you have any information to offer?

You say, 'what research'

Makil Rargon says 'Ah. Yes, his fusibility research. Al'Kabor has been studying the melting point of minerals. Here. Take this journal. It explains what fusibility is. Over the last few years, he has conducted several tests on [fusible ores].

At this point, Makil Rargon gives you a 3 paged book called 'Fusibility Study: Part 1'. The text is as follows:

The Fusibility Study
By Al'Kabor

Part 1: What is Fusibility?

By nature, most minerals have some point at which they can be melted. In order to determine what that point is, fusibility tests must be conducted. Being a master of the scientific art of wizardry, I, of course, have mastered this process. When exposing a mineral ore to a controlled amount of heat and other factors, it slowly shrinks, forming a liquid base of particles.

Over the last few years, I managed to collect several samples of ore that produce a unique output when subjected to these fusibility tests.

My research continues...

You say, 'what about fusible ores'

Makil Rargon says 'An ore is considered fusible if it can be melted. Now, this book explains the most unique forms of fusible ore that the master has conducted [experiments] on.

At this point, Makil Rargon gives you an 8 paged book called 'Fusibility Study: Part 2'. The text inside is as follows -

The Fusibility Study
By Al`Kabor

Part 2: The Fusibile Ores

Fusible Coral Ore:

Back while unraveling the secrets behind the demise of the Kedge, I confronted Phinigel Autropos, the last survivor of his kind. While speaking with him and enduring his ill-tempered threats and warnings toward me, I noticed coral-like ore on the reef of his domain. I managed to collect a few samples of this fascinating mineral.

This ore is composed of coral reef shells, another substance, not yet defined, and is tightly compressed by the water of the Kedge Keep.

Fusible Earthen Ore:

When those bumbling gnomes destroyed the Hatch releasing Yael and Dartain, minerals from the Plane of the Underfoot dispersed outward onto the surrounding area.

This form of earthen ore is one of the hardest substances currently existing on Norrath and is the source of the earthen golems and elementals who lurk in the Hole.

Fusible Igneous Ore:

I spent many months researching upon the continent of Kunark. I came across a unique form of lava in the Skyfire Mountains. These mountains have several dorman volcanoes filled with lava waiting to erupt. It was around one of these volcanoes where I found fusible igneous ore.

When volcanin lava cools it forms into a hard-form mineral. This mineral is by far one of the hottest minerals on Norrath and requires extreme heat to melt.

Fusible Velium Ore:

Although he is usually a bothersom individual, the dwarven warrior Thubr Axebringer has assisted me with obtaining samples of velium ore. He managed to find a few rare pieces of it in the Western Wastes of Velious.

Velium ore is the most unique ore I have found so far. Its composition relies heavily on the coldness of the area it is found. The cooler the area, the more tightly compressed it si likely to be. In addition, the more compressed the ore is, the greater the likelihood of it being useful in spell research.

My research continues...

You say, 'what experiments'

Makil Rargon says 'So far his research has been quite successful. This journal explains what he has been able to accomplish. He has managed to create several magical items including an artifactual scepter of great power. While only he can grant permission to a worthy wizard to possess the artifact, if you are willing to help me complete a [fusibility test], I can offer you another item of great strength against the elements.

At this point, Makil Rargon gives you a 6 paged book called 'Fusibility Study: Part 3'. The text inside is as follows -

The Fusibility Study
By Al`Kabor

Part 3: The Experiments

Continuing my research on the fusibility of the fusible coral, earthen, igneous, and velium ores, I have conducted several experiments. By mixing the velium ore with the other three, I discovered quite an extraordinary magical compound. When cooled, the velium caused the compound to expand and quickly harden - the outcome, a product that is uniquely resistant to the elements.

In order to make use of this newly created substance, I performed the experiment again. This time, while reciting a few incantations that I have been working on. I then quickly poured the compound into a mold of a scepter while chilling it. With the power of the chilled fusible ore compound and the spell incantation, I managed to create quite an unusual scepter artifact.

When held by a wizard of great power, not unlike myself of course, the magical energy of the scepter flows throughout the mind expanding the intelligence while providing a greater protection from the elements.

Needless to say, I would only entrust a most loyal assistant with the safeguarding of such a powerful artifact.

At this time, Makil Rargon is the only assistant whom I am sure I can trust to continue on with my fusibility research. I have authorized him to release my findings regarding this study to others since I'm positive that only Makil Rargon and I, myself, can duplicate the process.

My research continues...

You say, 'I will help you complete a fusibility test'

Makil Rargon says 'Very well then . . . Fill this Empty Fusible Ore Crate up with four different fusible ores then seal it. Bring me back the Full Crate of Fusible Ore and I will use the compound to create a magical item that was developed by Master Al'Kabor.