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07-07-2001, 04:35 AM
<font face="Tahoma"><table cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3 border=1 width=600><tr><td colspan=7 align=center><font size=+1>DRUID ROOT SPELL SUMMARY</font></td></tr><tr valign=bottom bgcolor=yellow><td>Spell




Duration</td><td width=75>Dmg. Formula</td><td width=250>Other/Use Notes</td>[/b]</tr><tr valign=top><td>Grasping Roots</td><td>5</td><td>35<td>2.0s</td><td>48s</td><td>10</td><td>Caster analogue: “Root”. General-purpose spell.</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Ensnaring Roots</td><td>24</td><td>60</td><td>2.5s</td><td>96s</td><td>34+(lvl-24)

(max 60)</td><td>Caster analogue: “Enstill”. Has longer cast time and mana cost, but much longer duration. Use this spell over Grasping Roots when you want to keep something out of the way for (potentially) a longer time without having to worry about it, such as for crowd control. Not a good spell to use in close combat situations due to cast time.</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Enveloping Roots</td><td>39</td><td>80</td><td>1.8s</td><td>60s</td><td>88+2*(lvl-39)

(max 110)</td><td>Caster analogue: “Immobilize”. This is an upgrade to Grasping Roots, and offers slightly longer duration and short cast time for frequent use in combat without interruptions. Lower resist rate.*</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Engulfing Roots</td><td>49</td><td>100</td><td>2.5s</td><td>180s</td><td>157+3*(lvl-49)

(max 160)</td><td>Caster analogue: “Paralyzing Earth”. This is an upgrade to Ensnaring Roots, offering an even longer potential duration. Not a good choice for close combat. Lower resist rate.*</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Engorging Roots</td><td>56</td><td>75</td><td>1.8s</td><td>180s</td><td>178+4*(lvl-56)

(max 190)</td><td>Caster analogue: “Fetter”. This is an upgrade to the entire root line, offering all of the benefits of each spell without any of the drawbacks. Fast cast time, relatively low mana cost, long potential duration, high damage. Only drawbacks are level requirement and channeling difficulty even at level 60. Lower resist rate.*</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Entrapping Roots</td><td>60</td><td>200</td><td>2.5s</td><td>180s</td><td>190</td><td>No caster analogue. This spell is an area-effect version of Engorging Roots with a slightly longer cast time. The spell is centered around your target, with a radius of 30 paces. Lower resist rate.*</td></tr></table>

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0 width=600><tr><td><font size=1>*Spells marked "Lower resist rate" should, according to GZ and EQCaster, have a slightly lower chance of being resisted by your target than the basic Grasping Roots spell.</font>

</td></tr><tr><td>General Use Notes:<ul><li>The root line of spells are not just linear upgrades. There are two groups of Root spells before level 56: the "combat" line (Grasping Roots/Enveloping Roots) and the "crowd control" line (Ensnaring Roots/Engorging Roots).</li>

<li>The "combat" line is best for close-combat situations where you want a better chance of casting the spell while under attack, and care less about potential maximum duration because the target is likely being hit with stuns or direct damage.</li>

<li>The "crowd control" line, with its longer cast time, is best when you want to keep a target out of the way for the longest time possible without having to recast the spell. You should not use the "crowd control" line in combat, because the longer cast time lowers the probability of a successful cast and the probability of reaching maximum duration is extremely low if the target is being hit with stuns or direct damage.</li>

<li>The higher level root spells are also useful as a mini direct-damage spell which saves against magic.</li>

<li>Any root spell, whether successful or resisted, is a fairly large taunt.</li>

<li>A rooted target will attack the closest thing that is on its hate list, regardless of the amount of hate (so long as it is larger than zero). The target will summon if sufficiently damaged.</li></ul>

</td></tr><tr><td>General Root Mechanics:<ul><li>When you cast the spell, the target has a chance to making a saving throw. Except for a few NPCs that are immune to the root spell, the saving throw depends only on the target's magic resistance and the difference between your level and the target's level.</li>

<li>If the target fails the saving throw (does not resist), its movement rate is reduced to zero and its melee radius is slightly increased.</li>

<li>Each "tick" (6 second period), the target makes another saving throw to break free of the spell. The chance of it breaking free at each tick is lower than the initial chance to resist, but if the target has high magic resistance or is close to the caster's level, the probability of breaking free before maximum duration is high.</li>

<li>The target has a high chance of breaking free whenever it is hit with any spell containing a stun or direct damage component (including the initial damage component of a damage-over-time spell). Damage over time and melee spells do not appear to increase the probability of breaking free.</li></ul></td></tr></table>