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07-03-2001, 06:05 AM
Might as well give you a little WW guide.

The easiest mobs you will find (not counting yard trash) are the nest dragons.
lvl 52-53
Static, always spawn in the same nest (about 2 hour repop)
Low ATK, AC and melee damage.
All have an AoE proc with DD and dispell. Most are cold or fire based. Note, itīs not a spell so you canīt interrupt or drain them.
None of them have Gate, Gravflux, Fear, Silence or debuff type of spells/procs.
They can be slowed.
Lowest number weīve had for killing them was 5 people. So your guild would trash them without any problems at all.
The only strategy or tactic involved is to be careful on the pull so you donīt get adds, and counter the dispell procs with fast casting self buffs (Goblin earring, Jboots, Bracer of Hidden, Firefist, Yaulp, Illusion masks, etc )
To find these dragons, exit the tunnel from Sirenīs Ghetto, run left to the steep shore and follow it all the way to about 3000/3000. Very few mobs see invis, so usually you can get there without any trouble. However, if you bring 40 people alot more can go wrong then with a single group. Invis fades on someone, he gets aggro, when the mob procs his AoE invis fades from another 10 people, nearby yard trash aggroes etc...The chain effect can get nasty. Remind everyone not to assist aggroed guildmates whatever happends. Pulling corpses is always a better option.
When you see the dragon Haecheva, your getting close to the SS. Behind the dragon up on a small hill thereīs a statue/pillar thingy which marks the spot. All the nest dragons can be pulled there.
Mazi, Haecheva, Yeldema, Bratavar, Vitaela, Gafala and Pantrilla. Thatīs it, donīt pull anything else. These dragons will drop the low end talisman (AC 5, 4 stat/res), armor, spells and heads for Kael quests.

The next step are lvl 55ish dragons. Karkona, Ayllish, Esopra in the ToV valley, roaming dragons like Glati and Cargalia, and a few others. But those dragons have abilities that are far worse then the nest dragons. They gate, gravflux for insane damage, silence and whatnot. Not only does it require a lot more tactic and timing but the reward is just a better talisman (AC 6, 5 stat/res). The armor and dragon heads are the same. If you take it even further and move up to the Sapara and Dar brood, lvl 60+ dragons, the reward is still the same but now the talisman is AC 7, 6 stat/res.
If you look to risk <-> reward there is no reason to mess with anything but the nest dragons. Your monks might want to kill a few Ice Burrowers, lvl 60 pure melee mobs about the same difficulty as nest dragons. Maybe Stronghorn, Tantor or Mraaka for the chance of getting good weapons, they are pretty easy anyway. But take Glati for example, weak dragon, drops low end talisman but...gates. A big force of melees can beat him down before chanters have a chance to sieve all mana and suddenly your neck deep in a boring, complicated CR. Worst mofo in all of WW is probably Cargalia tho. He roams the entire zone and is one hell of a bad dragon for his con. Got him once unprepared and he dropped our 60 warlord in a few seconds with his mad 1200 proc.

WW is a great zone, killing dragons is always fun. But the risk factor is really poor design imo. Every time weīve had a CR itīs been caused by an accident, mistake or just bad luck.



At least the White Dragon "Von" does cast gravity flux. Makes you fall for 400dmg to 10k dmg sometimes. It's better to resist it :-)



There is one dragon in WW not on CoV faction, Escorpa of the Ring. He's on the same faction as Kunark dragons, RingOfScale. Also, a lot of the other not-named dragons will be KoS to you even if you are on CoV faction, but will still give a hit if you keel them. IMHO, nothing but the nameds are really worth hunting, cept maybe Ice Burrowers if your monks need that tunic they drop.

Also, Von is not a "nest dragon", which is what Drutt was talking about when he said these mobs don't gate or have gflux. Von is a very nasty roamer, like Cargila. IMHO, these 2 are worse than the ToV guarding dragons (Karkona, Ionat, etc) because they have a nasty tendency to wander by and aggro on you when you're already involved in fighting another dragon.. and if you don't have lev up, it can realy really suck =p.

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Faction hits aren't that bad, but are still considerable.. I was somewhere in Ally for CoV til last night, and we killed 4 dragons, several cragwyrms and a drake. I'm down to warmly now. I expect to get that back up to Ally by taking part in a KD raid sunday.

Having Ally faction actually saved me, once, during the raid. The usual on the way to the camp spot problem, invis dropped, fight started, escalated, the Dragon Sage jumped in and I died. Click-rezzed, and as I'm looting my corpse Kar Salpra jumps in what's left of the fight. Oops. I stagger (res effects) out of the AoE range and watch the rest of the raid scatter or die.

And yes, avoid Glati, she gated out twice, and ended up taking out our small raid. Resistant mob, blue to me, and still fully or partially resisted everything I tossed at her.