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07-02-2001, 12:50 PM
Get two Coldwater Barracuda livers from coldwater barracudas in the bay in Cobalt Scars. I found the barracuda in the east center and the north center parts. The liver dropped about 1 in 10.

Turn the livers into a named otter, Qarrgy Scallopgobble, who is in the shell house closest to the tower. Get bladder of acidic ooze.

Go to Wakening Lands. Forage sap. Random forage chance. Sap is no drop, so any non-foraging class will have to get a forager to multi-quest or chain-quest it for them with Pythic Urson (see next paragraph).

Go to Thurgadin. Give sap and ooze to Pythic Urson. He is in the bar in the back area next to the mines. Get bottle of dissolving liquid in return.

Go to Great Divide. Give the bottle of dissolving liquid to the Gnomish Deserter, who is at the very top of the mountain in the middle (the one that has the wurm tunnels). Get the Locked Rum Box.

Go to Eastern Wastes. Kill wooly rhinos until you get four "fresh" chunks of rhino meat (the regular wooly rhino meat will not do). I found the fresh meat to be a very rare drop, about 1 in 25 or 30. You are most likely to find rhinos in the SE, NE, and North parts of EW. They spawn pretty readily up by Warden Burke's hole and the ulthorks (they're part of the general spawn table there...don't forget to kill the bunnies).

While in Eastern Wastes, go ahead and kill Dire Wolves, too. You need 1 HQ dire wolf pelt. I got one after 15 kills.

Go to Wakening Lands. On the south shore of the lake in the center is a level 60 mist panther. Give the 4 chunks of fresh rhino meat to the panther. Get a broken golden key. This will work even with dubious faction.

Go to the Gnoll Village by the tower in Iceclad. Give Errgriz the gnoll in one of the tents the HQ dire wolf pelt. Get earmuffs/head covering in return.

Go to Sojan the Sleepless in the southernmost igloo in the gnome pirate village in Iceclad. Give him the earmuffs, get fine metal chain in return. Give Sojan the fine metal chain and the broken golden key, get rum box key back.

Go to the Captain in the igloo to the north. Give him the rum box and key, get a bottle of Captain Nalot's Triple Strength rum back.

Go to the docks on the same island. Give the rum to Nelet Durzit who is on the docks there. Get the Rough Silver Chain:
5 ac
+30 hp
+30 mana
+5 resist all