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07-02-2001, 05:53 AM

Reprinted here in case source disappears:

The Warden Symbol of Tunare
(For Clerics and Druids of Tunare only)

Ok, so you're trying now to get that free mana gear because you've maxxed out your wisdom. You're using a Chrysoberyl Talisman, what do you step up to?

Warden Symbol of Tunare
AC7 Wis +3 Cha+2 Mana +15
_ _ _ _ Effect: Grasping Roots

While it IS less mana, it gives you 6 more AC and a free-mana spell...try casting your root for 5 mana. This is a rather long quest, took me about 10 hours to do and I hate fighting greens for a quest. On the good side, we might run into Thistle Underbrush quite a few times on this quest and he uncommonly drops the Braided Ivy Cords which sell for 400p.

Places you have to go:
Lesser Faydark

Faction Changes:
ClericsofTunare better
KingTearisthex better
Anti-Mage better
KeepersoftheArt better
FaydarksChampions better
TheDead worse

This quest starts in Felwithe. Head to the cleric guild there and find Yeolarn Bronzeleaf who is the guild hall trainer there.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Hail, Teodella ! We of Tunare are charged with protecting the Great Mother from the forces of Innoruuk. Even now, the evil minions of this foul deity are despoiling our great forest. Will you help us [protect the Mother]?

You say, 'i will protect the mother'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Just outside the gates of Felwithe, the forces of Innoruuk gather in the guise of decaying skeletons. Bring me four sets of bone chips as proof of your vigilance. I assure you, your faith shall not go unrewarded.'

So find 4 bone chips off any skeleton and turn them in.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare! I knew you would be victorious. I reward you with this spell, and pray that it will help you in your fight against the unholy forces of Innoruk. When you are ready you will make a fine [Initiate of Tunare].'

You say, 'what initiate of tunare'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'The Teir'Dal behind the undead plague in our forest have discovered a means of creating a terrible undead called a Ghast. These Ghasts have been sighted in the Lesser Faydark and must be destroyed. Bring me four of the vile creatures hearts.'

So now you head into Lesser Faydark. After 8pm at night, between 1 and 4 Rancorous Ghasts will spawn in the woods.

They can be anywhere so I'd recommend a tracker, and because of the brownie population, I'd highly recommend wolf form if you can get it. The Ghasts are around level 10-12 but only about 1 in 4 has a heart, so you'll be here for a few nights. After about 6am, they stop spawning and you'll have to wait for the next day. At night, Thistle Underbrush also will spawn up to about 4 times. Kill him if he's on track because he might drop the cords, and 400p for killing something you weren't really camping isn't bad. Take 4 hearts back into Yeolarn and he'll send you for more.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare!! You have done well young Initiate. Here the symbol of your station within our faith. Return to me when you are ready to [slay the necromancer] that has been creating the undead.'

He then gives you the Initiate Symbol of Tunare which is a junior version of what you want but has an anti-disease effect.

You say, 'slay the necromancer?'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'The Fier'Dal rangers that inhabit the Lesser Faydark have spotted a courier making deliveries to the Teir'Dal camp near Castle Mistmoore and to a necromancer that lingers near the ancient obelisk. We believe that the crates he carries are supplies needed for the creation of more Ghasts. Another shipment should be arriving soon. Seek out the necromancer at the obelisk and take his head then take the head of the courier and return them to me with the crate that the courier carries and your Initiate Symbol of Tunare.'

So by questing back into Lesser Faydark at night, you'll find a shrine in the SW part of the zone, mostly due north from the mistmoore zone border. Kill the skeletons and mummies that spawn on the shrine and eventually the necro, Larik Z`Vole, will spawn. Kill him. He will drop his head which you need. Right after the necro dies, the dark elf courier will spawn. You will need to dispatch him as well and with haste for he spawns around the steamfont zone border, but is running to the Dark Elf camp in the south wall of the zone which contains quite a few casting Tier`Dal who will tear you up if you're doing this solo. I found that in wolf form, I found him at about the halfway point by running due east of the shrine and then tracking him.

Killing the courier will result in the crate and the courier's head. Take all 3 items back to Yeolarn.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare! The Mother smiles on you this day Disciple Teodella ! I present with the symbol of your new station among the Priests of Tunare. Return to me when you are ready to become a [Warden of Tunare].'

You will receive the next necklace of the set..slightly better, different effect but still not what we want.

You say, 'i am ready to be a Warden of Tunare'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'The crate obtained from the Teir'Dal Courier contained this black candlestick that radiates an aura of great magical power. I request that you deliver the candlestick to Lady Trilani who is studying with the High Men in Erudin. Perhaps she can divine the nature of the candlestick and offer aid in defeating its power. The remaining contents of the crate have been given to Crusader Swiftmoon to be delivered to a gnome in steamfont that is purchasing them on behalf of the Eldrich Collective. When you return be sure to present your Disciple Symbol to me with anything that Tilani may ask you to deliver.'

He'll give you a candlestick. Now. there's a typo in the text, but it indeed is TRILANI, not Tilani as mentioned in the last line. She resides in the top level of the same Erudin zone that has the bank and gem vendor in it. She's inside the building with the yellow sign above it. Just head to the 3rd floor and you'll find her between some beds.

You say, 'Hail Trilani Parlone'

Trilani Parlone says 'Hail, good adventurer! Do you bring word from my [husband]?

You say, 'who husband'

Trilani Parlone says 'Tolkar is his name. My beloved husband. He still lives in Felwithe while I study here. It must be hard on him.' [Ed. note - this is for the mystic cloak quest, a +int, caster-only, no drop cloak]

Now we give her the candle

Trilani Parlone says 'I can sense the dark magic that rests within this candlestick. I will need you to concoct a divinatory aid for me before I can discern more. Take this suspension and brew it in a brew barrel with one white hellebore, a pouch of the red dust created by the Fire Peak goblin wizards, and the caustic substance used by the Dark Offerers in Mayong Mistmoore's wicked castle.'

Well isn't that quite a grocery list? We head off to Mistmoore castle in a full party of 30's and head up to the drawbrige area that's at the end of the last ramp before you enter the castle. Pull various rooms (EXCEPT THE LARGE ROOM WITH GYPSIES IN IT- That room will trigger the entire castle to come out and step all over you). Eventually you should have "a dark offerer" come out and when you kill it, it will have the caustic substance on it. The good news is that Mistmoore has alot of spawn and decent drops like the Advisor's Robe and such so you should be able to talk people into coming here if you can convince them that trains won't be a problem (which they really aren't as long as you don't fight except at the drawbridge)

Now we will need to run off to SolA and kill goblins. Lots of them. The pouch of red dust is NODROP like the caustic substance and drops off any goblin, best I can tell...just as a rare drop. After about 40 goblins, I found one (right at the entrance) who dropped it and I was off to SplitPaw.

We head to South Karana as it's the SplitPaw Gnolls that drop White Hellbore. An /auction in SK or Paw itself should result in someone who has looted the Hellbore off a gnoll. If not, kill gnolls till you find it.

Can you brew? I hope so. Once done, we put all the items in a brew barrel along with the mixture we were given by Trilani and combine. My brewing was over 130 and I got a report that this mixture was trivial so I'm going to assume you could fail at it. I would definately say for the effort it was to get everything, that I'd get at least a 50 in brewing before even thinking of doing this. Once you finish, you'll understand why it was so hard to get the materials. Give the mixture to Trilani.

Trilani Parlone performs a subtle divinatory ritual. 'This is a powerful evil indeed. The smoke from special candles crafted by the Teir'Dal and burned in this candlestick allows the creation of undead of unordinary might. The Ghasts are only one of it's many possible creations. I will concoct a powder for you to take back to Yeolarn that will assist in defeating the monstrosities the candle has produced. The candlestick itself will remain here within the High Tower of Erudin for the time being.'

You wind up with a Powder of Unanimation that has 2 charges of the level 60 cleric spell "Banishment of Shadows" which instantly kills any undead mob, but with no loot or exp. Take this powder back to Yeolarn.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare!! I will have our sorcerers examine this powder immediately to see if we can reproduce it in quantities enough to eliminate the undead plague. I award you the rank of Warden of Tunare, the All Mother smiles upon you Teodella !

You will now be the happy owner of the Warden of Tunare necklace. Right click on it and it will cast a mana-free, 4 second cast root spell.