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07-01-2001, 06:03 AM
There are two cycles in Trakanon's Teeth: the Froglok Forager cycle and the Froglok Hunter cycle, each with their own rare named NPCs. The Forager and Hunter each drop a medallion, both of which are necessary to make an Old Sebilis key. Some of the rare named NPCs have their own drops, listed below.

When you kill a mob on the cycle, another mob from that cycle spawns immediately. They spawn in random locations throughout the zone (from near the Swamp of No Hope zone all the way down to the south near the entrance to Sebilis), and begin wandering quickly. A good central location to camp is at is the lake. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do the cycles without a tracker.

Doom (large Iksar skeleton) – Level 55, SUMMONS, no known drop
Ffroaak - (froglok wizard) - no known drop
Harbinger Josk - no known drop
Hierophant Ixyl (Iksar skeleton with pet) – no known drop
Keeper Sessis - no known drop
Oracle Froskil (Iksar skeleton) - no known drop
Partisan Yinlen (specter) – Gleaming Shortsword: 1HS, 10/29, +5 cha, all melee.
Trakanasaurus Rex (large dino) - Trak Tooth: 10/20, rogue only
Vessel Fryn (skeleton shaman) - no known drop
Ebon lotus (erollisi mantrap) - Ropy Tendril: 7/28, effect: Stun
Sigra (large lion) - Cat Fur Girdle

Bloodeye (dino) - trak hide armor
Harbinger Dresnik (Dronik?) (Iksar ghost wizard) - Iksar Hide Mask (tradeable)
Commander Silis (Iksar ghost look) - rumored to have a regen BP (19 AC +5 HP Regen)
Flayth - no known drop
Hangman- Hangman's Noose: AC 5, + 17% Haste (head or waist slot)
Keeper Lasnik (Iksar ghost wizard) - Lasnik's Staff: 2HB, 12/40, +5 int, +15 mana, +15 sv magic, wt. 9.5, MNK WIZ, ALL .
Keeper Sepsis - (Iksar ghost SK w/ pet) - no known loot
Klok Denris (Iksar skel) - Korzanz Kit'ioukl: SK helm, lore/nodrop, AC 10, +3 str, +2 dex, +3 agil, +20 hp, wt 8.5
Knight Dragol (Iksar skel) - no known drop
Titail Sinok (Iksar skel) - Meditative Blanket: shoulder, nodrop, AC 10, +2 str, +3 wis, +3 int, +2 agi, WT .5, ALL/ALL.Champion Arlek (Iksar skel) - knobbed warclub
Champion of Thenrir (Iksar skel) - Ghostly Robe: AC 10, +6 int, +8 sv fire/cold
Crusader Zoglic (Iksar) - Iksar Ceremonial BP
Dragontail (slightly oversized chicken) - no known drop
Silvermane (sabretooth tiger) - Sabertooth Amulet
Dreadlord Fanrik (Iksar skel) - Grim Pauldrons: AC13, +10 str, WAR SHD CLR

Dreadlord Dekir (specter) - no known drop
Knight Dargol (Iksar Skel) - no known drop
Stonebeak (large chicken) - no known drop
Throkkok (froglok) - no known drop

For more information, see 1.topic

Sources: Petunya, Xendrix, Glorybme, Ainalda, Altea, That Kia Girl