View Full Forums : Hunting: Sarnak Fortress in LOIO

06-29-2001, 12:57 PM
There are several good places in Sarnak Fort. At front gate there is usually a group pulling from the front and pulling the wandering grimalkins, and gobs out front.

If you go thru the front gate, you can hang an immedate left and pull all the mobs in the courtyard of the fort.

If you go up to the actual fort entrance, there is a little ledge to your right, looks like a platform. You can pull up to there.

The back door is a decent place to pull for one group on the outside.

You can go inside the back door and there is a room immediately to your left to pull to.

You can go in the back door and hang a right, and go down to end of hall, and there is a room there.

The best place to hunt, but you need an enchanter in your 20's, is just outside the chancellor's room, (just make sure chancellor is not up, cause he will wipe out a group in it's 20's-he's around 40-45 shaman). This area is full of sarnaks, and you will usually have 2-4 mobs come per pull-so be prepared to mez, and have good healers, but pulls come as fast as you want them to.


Best place to hunt in the Snark fort for a small group is as follows:

Go in the back door, turn right, take every right turn you can, until you are in the Northwest (Ithink) corner of the fort. Go in that room and set up camp. It is a really large room, you can fight in that room and not aggro other monsters. That is one reason it is nice. It is also nice because you don't have such long pulls to lose adherents on. In addition to the foregoing, you get to fight revenants, adherents, lego's and recruits. Much better loot in there. I am not sure which corner it is in, but it is not the chancellor corner. It is a very large room in one corner of the dungeon. To get there, you actually take every right turn except the last one. Since the whole key is knowing which is the last one, I appreciate that isn't much help. Look at a map and go to the big room inthe corner where the chanceloor isn't, or go in rthe back door and take every right turn until you find yourself in a very large room (if you take every right turn, you will first find yourself in a smaller room, but when you leave that room and take a right, uyou will be in the big one).


The spot Tarf is talking about is the best spot for pulling to. It depends on your level. Lower levels better have a full group and enchanter with them. I was hunting my 33 monk in there solo at times (FD is great). But, the reason this place rocks so much is that there are many spawns nearby, and if your group is smoking on the pulls, you can run down the hall to the chancellor's room, which is full of mobs, and can pull from there constantly (just avoid the chancellor)-ie, try to make sure you know exactly where chancellor is before pulling, and have a good monk do pulling so in case he does accidentally agro chancellor, he can FD, and avoid pulling him back to you.


My favorite was in the rear area. Go to the back door entrance. It's flanked by two guards, and there's a wanderer or two that will come through (it's been awhile). =) Take these guys out, run up the stairs just inside, hang a left. There is a room right here that is great to pull to, and plentiful pulls in the vicinity. You can pull from the hall and the two guards just down the stairs.


Just watch out for the aggro bug. If your tank pulls something and it doesn't make it back to camp (pretty bad pathing in there) have them camp before you or anyone else cast a spell on them. If they don't camp, you'll soon find that the zone is pulling for you, and the mobs will usually run right at the healer. Not fun :(