View Full Forums : Hunting: Othmir in Cobalt Scar

06-29-2001, 12:53 PM
The two main druid tactics (root-dotting and quad kiting) both work well with the Othmir.

For either method, harmony works well for pulling singles. A resisted ensnare may lead to a quick death, as the othmir shaman love to buff their friends with SoW. At higher levels you should be able to pull singletons, except for the 5 in the immediate area of the Chief. Harmony is always a good idea.

Keep up levitate so you run out over the water (or up and down cliffs) if you need to, at least until you get used to the area. It is also a good idea to have good faction with CoV (the dragons), so you can run through the wyverns and drakes without interference. Finally, have gate memorized and ready to cast in case things go wrong (egress dumps you in the middle of the camps, so you may not want to use it if you are KOS). Trying to zone up a ramp and around several turns in the lighthouse to get to Skyshrine (assuming you are not KOS to CoV) can be chancy, and you will only be compounding your troubles by trying to get past the sirens to zone to Siren's Grotto.

Druids can root dot single warriors in their early 50s (51 or so).

You can quad kite the othmir warriors as early as level 54, depending on your set up. You likely will run short on mana, but a couple of DoD from your ES arms/quest bracer, and/or med kiting, should enable you to finish them off before ensnare breaks. People have reported good results with a Lumi Staff. The warriors will start greening out at 58 or so, but will still give good experience.

There is enough room between the camps to quad kite the pulls there. You can also drag them up to the top of the plateau if you have good CoV faction.

XP is good. Loot is fairly good as well...Velious quest gems, plate-class armor (with str and sta adds), and othmir pelts (used by tailors). The latter drop about 1 in 4 from warriors, 1 in 10 from pups, and even less often from shell collectors.

Beware of the Chief. He is 51+ and will summon.

Shaman are a problem as well. They often will gate on you, and send several of their SoWed friends after you.

You do take a faction hit with Othmir for killing them. This is easily repaired by killing ulthorks in EW, however.