View Full Forums : Hunting: Charming Sabretooths in OT

06-29-2001, 09:49 AM
I found that charming sabertooth tigers and send them in to attack another is a fast way of getting xp.

If you can get your cha to 120+ your pet will stay charmed for 1-2 fights most of the time. Just charm a tiger, track another, cast 1 DoT ( immolate is nice to lower ac, but tigers resist it quite a bit ) and fear, then let your pet take him out. At lvl 40 i was getting the same amount of xp from 2 tigers that I would from quad kiting, plus you don't have that HUGE down time after every 2 mins of kiting.

Make sure you snare the evil tiger ( the one you're attacking ) AND your pet ( they run damn fast when they break charm and you need some time to cast that lvl 34 charm spell ). If you don't fizzle too much you should have non stop killing, and it's WAY more fun than quad kiting, and in my opinion better xp up to lvl 43-44.

If there is an enchanter in the zone willing to clarity you everytime it ran out you can damage shield your pet and skip the fear, then med during the fight. This makes things a lot faster as your DoT is working, your pet is hitting for 60-95 and the evil tiger is getting hit by another 12-15 every time he hits your might have to heal your pet at some point though.

One last note: WIS DOES NOT MATTER IN THIS! I took off all my wis gear and had no problems doing this, also this is a nice time to work on def since you have a pet to back you up = )