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06-29-2001, 09:45 AM
Undoubtedly the best exp IMHO at level 32-45 (at least solo) is dwarves. Also loot is great. Every dwarf loots an axe that sells for about 3pp to average of 2-3pp in coin and one out of every 4 kills loots either FS or ringmail armor.

Here is a brief synopsis of what i can remember.

At level 32 you can begin to kite dwarves. Here are spawn info and faction info.

There are two factions of dwarves in BBM. DwarfCitizen faction and the OTHER factions. If you kill the right dwarves you will only lose DwarfCitizen faction and the only mobs on that faction are the few scattered camps in bbm. YOU WILL still be able to traverse through Kaladim and the guards with no problems. They are not related to this faction and they will not help them if you train across them...even though the dwarves shout to the guards.


There are 6 locations of dwarves you are able to kill in BBM.

ONE at chessboard
ONE at hut just north of crossroads
THREE (den & friends) at double huts near southernmost part of waterline...west of druid circle south of docks
FOUR at docks
TWO at stone ring east of docks around the corner
TWO east of entrance to kaladim in one of the huts

I would recommend the single at the chessboard to begin with: Signus Boran. GFay zone is close and while you are waiting for repop you can help out the newbies at chessboard.

Just do the normal snare/DD the dwarves are all level 35 and have a TINY bit below average hp...they make up for this in extra high attacks (double for 92 and kick for 32) and have a tiny bit higher MR than normal. At 32 and 33 they will con red to you...if they do not resist any part of your dd spells you should be able to kill one without run/medding but i wouldn't count on that happening too much. Get used to might takea few mintues longer to kill the dwarf but it is well worth it soloing a red at this high of a level.

This will get easier and eventually you will be able to multikite them around level 39 or 40. There are 3 multikite spots (see above)...

-two-spawn, boring but hey it's double kiting..not too bad...but kiting only two at a time isn't great of exp.

-four is at end of each of the two docks...two more are each in their own two huts to left of entrance...pull the two at end of docks and run by the huts and aggro the others out of them. Docks are contested becuase there are 4 spawns and you get a lot of exp...but most people don't know that the spawn time for docks is higher (not by a lot...but maybe 4 or 5 minutes) than its main competitor, the "den and friends" spawn.

BTW, dont mind the dwarves fishing near water....if you've kept to DwarfCitizen faction they wont bother you.

-three spawn...merchant here too...and right near druid if someone wants a port (and BBM contains the most begging for ports cause people get tired of waiting for boat) then you can port real fast get back to bbm and get to den & friends before someone takes your camp. Again dont worry about the fisherman if you have stuck to the correct faction.

My personal favorite...the spawn-time is fast too.

That is it...the exp slows down a bit at level 45 but you will find that it is still good exp anyway compared to your other options.

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