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06-28-2001, 03:11 PM
Shroud of Nature (magic, lore)
chest slot
13 AC
+6 Wis, +8 FR, +8 CR
Wt 5.0
Dru, Rng

Found in Temple of Droga (Kunark) on Goblin Warders

Desired by mid to high level druids for the combination of AC, wisdom and resistances.

"How to Solo your shroud."
by Linden Fey'Galadriel

On entering Droga have Levitate on and Invis/camo. there is only one path to take you into the dungeon, where you will drop down through the trap floor and descend rapidly through the downward trending tunnel. there are many alcoves and varying tunnel widths which appear to lead somewhere but dont. You are headed to Goblin Town LOC: N115.2 / N170.5

The first true tunnel branching you come too will be a largish room with 4 or 5 definite tunnel openings (several are dead ends). Take the tunnel directly ahead and to the left heading E-NE the Tunnel opening map artwork appears to have the roof of this tunnel falling in (rocks) where the others are quite square in appearance LOC +113.2 / +283.3 this leads you to the Town Square.

Where the tunnel opens out on to the town STOP! ahead is the Back of the house and to the left is a wall with a tent in an Alcove that spawns a Warder placeholder.
Back up a bit and look at the left (north wall) before the Tent and still somewhat in the tunnel you will see a Large Rock OVERHANG at the corner junction of the Art mapping at LOC n33.89 / n64.75
This is your Med and Pull to spot due to the Pathing in Droga you may sit, med stand and Bonk / Poke the two tunnel wanderers and they will Not See You!

You are now in the WEST tunnel under the Overhang at LOC
-33.84 / -64.75 directly to your east and along the left North wall is the Tent Alcove and the back of the house in front of you to your SW. ref map at -----

There are TEN warder placeholders that I can confirm #1 is the wandering Gob from the tent alcove (nicknamed him "Omar" the tentguy) #2 + #3 spawn at the back west corners of the House (nicknamed Houseboy 1 and 2)
#4 spawns at the front door of the house On a table (nicknamed him "MaitreD" MD) #5 + #6 spawn Inside the house on the Loft (nicknamed Bellhop 1 and 2) #7 +#8 +#9 spawn around the Tables under the House Awning (nicknamed Waiter 1, 2 and 3). #10 spawns at the Firespit and nicknamed him "Cook"
There are 4 other nearby spawns but I have not seen a Warder pop for their PH's two under the bridge one at tent in north tunnel and one wanders from tent at south tunnel unconfirmed if Warders pop there stick with the numbered one above to be sure!

STRATEGY for level 44 and up.

From the Safespot under the overhang Buff "Skin, ThornShield, Regen, Resist Magic, Strength, Resist Cold and Fire. Memorize Thornshield, and your Two best DD's
(I used Calefaction and Combust at 44) Begin Pulling!
(*Reminder* STAY UNDER THE OVERHANG n33.89/n64.75 if tunnel wanderers are near THIS is a BLINDSPOT for them)

I Thornshield myself cast Snare followed by Combust and can usually get Calefaction in before the pathing allows them to get to you, Melee and cast Combust or Lightning till dead!

I start with the Houseboys then get Omar, watch and time your attacks for the tunnel wanderers to leave they Will join in if you melee but WILL NOT aggro if your just casting (They Cant See You)
ROOT DOT WORKS GREAT and no worries about wanderers!

Root Dot takes much longer then Nuke / Melee and your Mana will vary however Omar and the Houseboys should go down in ten minutes of fighting and respawns are 18 - 20 minutes Then you can pull some of the waiters, cook or MaitreD. To pull the patio waiters wait till hall monitor wanders off then move forward past the tent hugging the north wall until you can target a waiter or patio Gob (Watch carefully for the two Placeholders in the arches under the bridge) Snare a patio gob and Blast while moving back to safe spot you can get in three Combusts before they come around the tables and catch up to you at Overhang, Thornshield and Melee as above.

with this Method I got my First Shroud at 44 solo and have gotten more than a dozen since for my guildmates. Warders are somewhat rare and the shroud rarer still, however an average camp killing 5 or 6 placeholders to get a shroud was 4 to 5 hours The more Placeholders you can Kill the Higher your chances of course!

Fare thee Well Fey'Galadriel.
Linden Fey'Galadriel
LOV'er and Fighter
Legacy Of Valor
Rodcet Nife
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