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01-09-2002, 08:56 AM
[WARNING: Completing the quest will adversely impact your Truth faction!]

Cloak of Truth
Magic, Lore
Back Slot
Wt. 13.0
AC: +15
Str: +10 Dex: +5 Wis: +8 Cha: +5
Skill Mod: Meditate +5% (subject to cap)

Arbogast and Miller spawn in the Inn near the bank on level 1 of Katta

You say, 'Hail, Arbogast'

Arbogast says 'Hello there Snow, do you come seeking the truth?

You say, 'i seek the truth'

Arbogast says 'The truth is a precarious thing, twisted and torn by those that would deceive for their own nefarious purposes. That is why there are people like me to guide the ignorant masses that know no better than to believe that which they are told.

Miller says 'Yeah, you tell em Arbogast! I bet this one doesn't even know what's going on right under his nose in this here city. Like for example, you probably don't even know the truth about about his importantness Phenic Dionicas do you?

You say, 'Who is Phenic Dionicas?'

Arbogast says 'He that battles what he truly is only truly battles himself. Phenic Dionicas for years has made quite a show of his war on the Vampyres of Tenebrous. This misdirection of truth serves only to keep people from discovering that he himself is a foul demon of the night. Miller and I, for
our singular vision of that which is true, are not well liked in this city and so cannot obtain proof for your disbelieving eyes.

You say, 'What proof?'

Arbogast says 'You wish to see the truth for yourself? That is good, you will be taking your first step down a winding road to the only fulfillment this existence has to offer: enlightenment. Take this flask of water, I have blessed it such that it will singe the skin of the unholy. Go to Phenic
Dionicas and give it to him, then you will see... you will see.

Miller says 'Yeah, splash it right in his unliving face!

[You get 'Arbogast water vial']

[Go to Phenic in the main government building, 2nd floor, left going up the steps, give him the water-]

Phenic Dionicas looks at you and smiles despite the fact that you have splashed water all over him- he does not appear to be burning at all. 'Oh, excuse me. You seem to have spilled your water, here have some of mine my friend. Good day to you, Snow,' he says.

[You get 'Phenic water vial']

[Give Phenic water vial to Arbogast]

[You get a 'Silver wrapping' container]

Arbogast says 'He simply gave this to you? Cunning indeed for him to cover his weakness so thoroughly-he must have powerful protective enchantments in place, no doubt put in place by his good friend and associate, Tsaph Katta!

Your faction standing with The Truth got better.
You gain experience!!

You say, 'Who is Tsaph Katta?'

Arbogast says 'When you fake your death to discredit another you only discredit yourself when another sees your death was faked. Yes, you heard me correctly, Tsaph Katta lives on here in this city, can you guess who it is he pretends to be?

Miller says 'Ooh! I know, I know! Nathyn Illuminious!!!

Arbogast says 'Yes, yes, I know you know... very good Miller'

Miller beams a smile your way.

[Go get Nathyn's memoirs from behind the locked door in his castle, it is on the table. Put it in the silver wrapping container and return to Arbogast.]

Arbogast says, 'Ahh, you have retrieved the memoirs, let me see.' Arbogast opens the book and starts flipping through pages, 'Yes here, you... no, wait it must be back... hrmmm, maybe he... but it must... Well, that was pretty clever of old Tsaph Katta, removing any record of who he truly is- probably did it to cover up the fact that Norrath does not really exist.'

Your faction standing with The Truth got better.
You gain experience!!

You say, 'Norrath does exist'

Arbogast says 'You are beginning to see the truest truths as the only true truths now, are you not? That large blue orb that hangs in the Luclin sky from time to time is nothing more than an overgrown comet. What appear to be land masses and other geological features are in actuality powerful illusions cast upon the comet by Tsaph Katta himself so that panic does not spread amongst the ignorant masses. I am not one to spread conjecture, but it is possible that Katta's astronomers have discovered that the comet is hurtling slowly toward Luclin and will destroy all life on the planet, so you can see why he would want to keep the truth about the [Exodus] from his journal. '

You say, 'what exodus?'

Arbogast says 'The Exodus is the single biggest lie propagated onto the people of Katta Castellum in the known history of the intelligent races. Hogwash I tell you.'

Miller says 'A bloody, boldfaced lie!'

Arbogast says 'A story told to children. Tsaph Katta wove together a tale of Seru trying to kill him on the fantasy world of ''Norrath'' and how the entire combine fled here to escape from him... a wheel of lies, do you see how they interconnect? Why, I'll bet that even in Shadowhaven, the very site of this alleged ''Exodus'' and home to one of the grandest libraries you will ever see, not a single shred of reliable evidence regarding such an event
could be found. HA! You bring me a book on this ''Exodus'' and Miller here will eat his hat! Especially if the book is wrapped in that gold paper I gave you...'

[You get a 'Gold wrapping' container]

[At this point you go to ShadowHaven to the Library and find Beriol, or just skip and go to Rianna]

Beriol Talorakoir says 'Hail Snow. And good day to you. What brings you to my quarters today? Do you wish to learn more about the [magic] that we study in our hallowed section of the Shadowhaven?

You say, 'Do you know of Exodus?'

Beriol Talorakoir says 'Ahh, the event that started it all it was the strife between Seru and Tsaph Katta that ultimately brought us here to Luclin. Those must have been interesting times but, being over twenty generations Luclin born, I could only guess. One of these days I would like to read up on the subject, but what little we do have about it is always checked out.

If that's what you came looking for, good luck- check with Rianna, she is usually up on those things. '

[Go to Rianna Birchard, to the right of Beriol by the wall]

You say, 'Hail, Rianna Birchard'

Rianna Birchard turns to you and smiles brightly, 'Hello, Snow. Lots of work to be done- books to shelve, lessons to learn... I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I feel so at home here.'

You say, 'Do you know of Exodus?'

Rianna Birchard says 'Wow, what an interesting subject- almost impossible to gather hard evidence on, even for me. It seems that everyone was so taken off guard by the sudden change of scenery that no one bothered to keep any written record of the time. First they had to figure out where they were and once they did there was so much disagreement as to what they should be doing- try to get home, stay where they were and settle in or put some distance between them and Seru should he and his people try to follow, which, of course they did. All this lead to the formations of three of the four major cities here on Luclin, all with... oh listen to me go on, sorry. We have only one book on the subject, but Peqi borrowed it just the other day.

You say, 'where is Peqi?'

Rianna Birchard frowns a bit for the first time this conversation, 'Peqi... Let me tell you, I like just about everyone but if that little gnome never found his way back to this library I wouldn't be too disappointed.'

[The book on the Exodus comes off Pequi Biato, who spawns in Shadow Haven in the buildings near the entrance to the casters' guild. Combine this book in the gold paper Arbogast gives you and return it to him.]

Arbogast says 'Ahhh, excellent... I am glad to see your interest piqued. It is the truth that will liberate the masses when the masses fail to liberate the truth. To continue to divine and demystify the truth from the mistruth, I employ a powerful component known to the Akheva as 'Akuel xi ans Vius' which translated means 'Thing that tells Truth' Yavik Teralin says 'It translates to 'Gift of the Dark' you fool!

Arbogast says 'Oh, the foolish and naive, they are the salt of the land... anyhow, bring me two of these wrapped in the black paper you have and I shall reward you, my new ally of truth, with a cherished robe that was given us by Seru himself. Isn't that right Miller? Miller...

[The Akuel xi ans Vius are tradeable, but no rent, and do drop in Akheva. Combine 2 unstacked in the black paper Arbogast gives you and return it to him.]

Arbogast says 'Oh, would you look at that?

Arbogast says 'Right then, let's get going Miller.

Miller and Arbogast do their business with the bank, Miller retrieving a heavy brown cloak and Arbogast a beautiful golden clasp. They look up at each other, unable to bear the thought of actually parting with their treasures when Arbogast says, 'You know what? I think we'll keep them. Thanks for your help, don't be a stranger. Come now Miller, let's not be a bother.' With that, they both tear off out the door.

Miller says 'Wait for me!

[You will have to kill both Miller and Arbogast, giving you substantial hits to Truth faction. Miller is approximately a level 47 warrior, Arbogast a level 49 cleric. Miller drops a heavy wrap, as well as 2 no drop no rent swords, Arbogast the clasp, a shimmering mace (Akheva Bane, +6 wis, 11/24, I believe). Both also drop a piece of Baleen Plate. Place the clasp in the wrap, hit combine, and
lo and behold! A Cloak of Truth.]


Arbogast and Miller spawn at neg 209, neg 924 in Katta. Spawn time is 24 hours, and they do not appear after a zone reset.

Phenic Dionicas is at loc 203, neg 27 on the second floor of the main government building as the guide says. He seems to always be up.

The locked door is at 332, neg 762. Just up the main ramp in Katta and in Nathyns house. When you get the book from the locked room a Coterie servant will spawn. Green to 59, doesn't hit hard. May drop some rogue only magic boots that gave a +3 to sneak skill as a rare drop.

Peqi spawns at 400, 14. If your facing the Monk/Caster area of Shadow Haven turn left down the nearest row of buildings, Peqi spawns in the second room on the right. He appears to be a random spawn since he spawned 12 hours after server up and then 5 hours after the next server up.

The Akuel vi ans Vius do indeed drop off The Protector in Akheva. It took us 12 hours for two of them to drop killing every protector that spawned.

If you combine the items in the container Arbogast gives you, it is not no rent. So after you get two, combine right away. That way if your ISP drops you, you dont loose the items.

When killing the two drunks, root Miller while fighting Arbogast. Clerics are useless while being hit so attack Arbogast first. Arbo complete heals and dispells. Note that whoever participates in the fight will take a huge faction hit for 'The Truth' and will never be able to complete the quest.

If you have max meditation the +5 meditation does nothing for you!