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01-09-2002, 08:36 AM
Kill a Grimling Runner in Tenebrous Mountains.

Return the Runner's Pouch (container) he drops to Rallic Aristos in Katta [in large building not too far from Tenebrous Mts. zone, on first floor, left side].

He'll give you a rallic pack pattern in exchange for the pouch. Round up a Perfect Owlbear Pelt, a Shade Silk Cord, and a Shade Silk Thread. Combine all three with the pattern in a sewing kit (trivial < 127) for this:

Rallic Pack:
Lore Item
10 slots
Capacity: Giant
85% weight reduction.


Shade Silk Cord, Thread - Kill silkworms and lesser shades in the newbie area in front of Shar Vahl in Shadeweaver's Thicket for shadeling silk. Combine 2 shadeling silks in a sewing kit for a shade silk thread. Combine 3 shade silk threads in a sewing kit for a shade silk cord.

good luck!

-Quelm, 58 Preserver
Drunken Tsunami, Terris-Thule