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01-09-2002, 08:31 AM
You say, 'Hail, Tobala Honeyjar'

Tobala Honeyjar says 'Hello Lhani! I am Governess Tobala Honeyjar of Katta Castellum. Overseeing the maintenance of the [Nocturnal Gardens] is just one of my duties as the governess of agriculture and ecology.

You say, 'what nocturnal gardens?'

Tobala Honeyjar says 'These are the Nocturnal Gardens in which we now stand. It is a collection of flora from various regions of the dark side of Luclin. It is a shame that we are not capable of supplying the nutrients necessary to maintain flora from the light side of Luclin. If you wish to assist in the maintenance of the garden I have some [tasks] you may be helpful in completing.

You say, 'what tasks?'

Tobala Honeyjar says 'I am in need of ingredients to create more [fertilizer] and in need of a competent forager to gather some [rare plants] for me.

You say, 'what rare plants?'

Tobala Honeyjar says 'I am seeking seeds and plants that I may extract the seeds from that are native to the light side of Luclin so that I am prepared should the Illuminarium Industria succeed in constructing a lantern that will provide the plants with the nutrients they need to survive here on the dark side. It would be a tremendous help if you could bring me a Twilight Orchid, Dawnflower Seeds, a Red Sands Cactus, and a Letalis Zenith Vine.

[Give four items.]

Tobala Honeyjar says 'Oh thank you so much Lhani! You have saved me much time and trouble! Now if only those tinkerers in the Illuminarium Industria could figure out how to get that artificial light working!

Your faction standing with Concilium Universus got better.
Your faction standing with Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Heart of Seru got worse.
You gain experience!!

Receive: Foraging Machette
1HS DMG: 5 Delay:32
Skill Mod: Forage +10%
WT:4.5 Size: Med


For flowers -
Scarlet Desert, Twilight Sea, Mons Letalis, and Dawnshroud Peaks.

For compost -
Owlbear dung is foraged in Paludal Caverns, as well as Compost. Netherbian Nitrate is in Netherbian's Lair. I had very little trouble getting the items, however some people with 200 forage were having trouble getting the Nitrate.

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