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01-07-2002, 06:48 AM
My question is to fully understand the "Resistance Check: Magic +25" line [for a root spell].
What does this mean exactly?
Higher number more/less resistable?
Does this 25 get add/subtracted to targets resists?

This means that it takes the creature's MR stat, and adds 25 to it. So, a creature with MR of 40 will have 65 (40+25) for the purposes of this spell; that is, it's easier for the creature to resist this spell than some others spells with lower modifiers.

The figure is also scaled for difference in level between the caster and the target; if you're higher level than the creature whom you have targeted, the number goes down (so your spell has a higher chance of landing); if you're lower level than the target creature, the number gets scaled up.

If caster and target are both the same level, the "MR + modifier" is the base percentage of your spell landing. So, for PvP vs. someone your own level, 100 in each resist is the goal (excluding extra resistance to counter debuffs).

It used to be that super-high level creatures (Velious 75s and so on) were extremely hard to hit due to the massive level difference - the chances of your spells landing (and you would have to be level 60, also) were usually small; in the larger caster patch a number of weeks ago, this effect was reduced of course and we can now land spells much more easily on the super-level NPCs.

"How do rechecks work for resists, ie why does 1 root last 1 second and another 120 seconds?"

After the initial creature resistance is calculated, there are a number of checks at periodic intervals, depending on the spell. At each one of these intervals, the creature has a chance to break the spell if it is of the 'breakable' casting type (duration formula) - whether it be root, charm, &c.

Creatures with higher natural MR of course will succeed in one of these periodic checks with greater frequency than a creature with lower MR.

"Any idea how levels play into it, lvl caster vs lvl target?"

Oopsy daisy, I answered that one at the start; the formula for extra-high differences in level has been significantly changed from the PC-to-NPC end.

Level 59 players trying to cast on a level 75 NPC used to have the creature's resistance scaled up to 400+, a nearly impossible target.

Lotusfly Stewnicely