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01-04-2002, 06:04 PM
Wood Elf Druid Newbie Guide – Levels 1 to 20

NOTE: While this guide is written with a Wood Elf druid in mind, you could easily use it with any other druid race – however, I highly recommend you choose either a Halfing or a Wood Elf for your character, as Humans and Half Elves do not have very good stats for a druid.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp So you picked the most popular (and hated) class in the game, huh? First off, be prepared for a tough grouping life once you start to get to the higher levels. People shun druids, because we do a bit of everything but nothing better than the class that specializes in it. However, because our wide variety of spells, we are (arguably) the only class that can effectively solo all the way to 60. This guide will be long and detailed, with very specific hunting guides for each zone along the way. It assumes you know the interface, and will not cover any technical issues. Read the manual, and if you still have questions, go to a web site or better, ask a fellow player. However, with this guide, you should be able to get level 20 within a week or two of playing 4-6 hours a day. Buckle up while I memorize my teleport spell, and let’s head over to Kelethin, tree city of the Wood Elves – I hope you’re not afraid of heights!

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Character Creation:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Since you already know your race and class, the only thing you need to know is that you should put every single skill point in Wisdom (it will allow 25 points, I believe) – put the other 5 in strength. Wisdom determines mana, your life blood. The more, the better.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Starting off: Kelethin, tree city of the Wood Elves

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Welcome to Kelethin. You are a naked druid standing on a wooden platform a couple hundred feet above the ground. First things first: stick that Club in your primary slot, scribe/memorize your spells and destroy the Tome of Order and Discord (this is if you want to be Player VS Player – do NOT turn it in to the Priest of Discord; non-PvP characters will not be able to cast any spell on you, which means no buffs, heals, or any other beneficial spell). Then walk around that tree – you’ll see a building labeled “Soldiers of Tunare”. Give that tattered note in your inventory to the “Heartwood Master”. He’ll give you a shirt to wear (put it on), and a bit of experience. Now right click on him and dump three practice points into One Handed Blunt, one in sense heading, and one in alteration.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Now it’s time to start killing things.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Kelethin Newbie Grounds (Levels 1-3)

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Better face this fact now, if you haven’t already: Killing things is how you become strong, period. It is virtually the only way to gain experience, not to mention skill points. So hop to it. Make sure you right click (consider, or “con”) on every enemy you see. Kill Bats and Giant Wasp Drones, and whenever you see one, Decaying Skeletons. In the beginning, just run up and attack with your club. When you’ve saved up a bit of money from selling the loot you receive to merchants, go buy your other useful level one spells. I recommend picking up your first direct damage spell as well as snare. Don’t worry about any others just yet, you’ll do fine with these and your two starting spells (make sure you cast your Skin Like Wood spell on yourself, when it goes down, recast it).
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Do not purchase equipment from Merchants, however great the temptation may be. When you reach level 2, which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, barring deaths, start carefully attacking Orc Pawns, Pixie Trixters and Widow Hatchlings. The Orc Pawns (as well as an occasional Decaying Skeleton) drop weapons and cloth armor. Put on the cloth armor and sell the weapons – on a side note, a rusty weapon is a lot worse than your starting Club, so don’t trade it for one. In addition to the level 2 monsters, don’t be afraid to whack everything you see, which means you should still be killing Bats and Wasps, and most certainly Decaying Skeletons (good loot).
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Within an hour, you should now be level three. Continue to kill every monster you see; this will seem to go slow, but after awhile, you should reach level 4. On to Butcherblock Mountains:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Butcherblock Mountains (Levels 4-7)

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Now it’s finally time to move out of your old newbie zone. Butcherblock Mountains is one zone away from Greater Faydark, so you don’t even have to worry about getting bound. Just follow the path away from Kelethin – you’ll pass by the High Elf city, and some really big Wizard Spires (which are now extremely crowded due to the release of Shadows of Luclin). Don’t take any forks on the road, but keep your eyes peeled after passing the wizard spires – you’ll come to a path where the “Straight” path is a bit hard to see. I’m sure you’ll figure it out – if you come to dead end, just backtrack and find the right path. The only danger on this journey is the roaming Orc Centurions, but they are rare and easy to avoid if you keep your eyes open.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Ok, now you’re in Butcherblock Mountains – where to from here? Well, follow the path until you reach the crossroads, which have a guard post at them. Around here there are plentiful monsters for you to kill. Large Snakes, Large Spiders, Giant Bats, Goblins, and at levels 6-7, Giant Scarabs all give you good experience and some nice loot too. None should be aggressive to you, but the Goblins do group so make sure they don’t have buddies nearby when you attack one. Stay right near the guard post, and if you feel that you are in the slightest trouble, run to the guards. It’s better to have your pride slightly wounded and lose a blue bubble of experience than to spend 10 minutes running back from Kelethin to get your corpse and continue hunting. These levels should go fast; continue to save your money, and buy your new spells at level 5 (Your new Direct Damage (DD) spell, as well as your first Area Effect DD spell, among a couple others including Gate, a spell you will be using all the way up to level 60).

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp West Commonlands (Levels 8-15)


West Commonlands is a large, open outdoor zone with a large variety of hunting available. Note that this hunting guide is arranged a little differently; I pulled it from a zone-specific hunting guide I wrote a while back.


&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp First of all, many high level characters come through this zone, as it has a commonly used druid ring. Most druids will be willing to buff you up; nothing's as fun as soloing the entire Dervish Cutthroat camp at level 12 because if the incredible buffs you have up. Another benefit is that there is a druid merchant right in the druid ring (by the way, most of the monsters spawn near the druid ring, conveniently) for selling all that loot you gather.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Furthermore, you can collect lightstones and greater lightstones off of various wisps inhabiting the zone; make sure you have a magic weapon if you plan on hunting these. Other nice loots come from the Dervish Cuttroats; they almost always drop Cutthroat Insignia Rings, which sell to the merchant for nearly 2gp apiece. They also drop gold in loot, and an occasional bronze weapon. Kodiaks often drop words or pieces of grimoire, worth around half a plat apiece. Finally, the treasure of this zone is the large number of bears roaming about. Kill every bear you see - each High Quality Bear Skin you loot is worth 50pp to almost any tailor. I once made 125pp here in a couple hours of hunting.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp On a side note, don't sell those greater lightstones to the merchant or to players; save them and give them to a merchant named Synthan at the gypsy camp in Oasis (be careful because sand giants and other nasty mobs often roam around this camp). Synthan will give you a Research Book for each Greater Lightstone - sell the books back to her for 8pp apiece.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The experience in this West Commonlands is great; if you have great druid buffs (I recommend finding a level 50ish druid and politely asking for skin like nature, storm strength, wolf form and their highest level damage shield) you can easily solo yellows or low reds (probably Kodiaks for the suggested level range). However, kill pretty much anything you see that is blue-even. The monsters in this zone aren't too difficult for their level and can carry some nice loot.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Note: Avoid Darkweed Snakes. They have nasty poison thats hits for a ton of HP per tick. I have killed one and died after the battle from the poison. Not fun.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp My favorite mobs to kill in this zone are Willowisps (also the other variety, Will O Wisps) and Young Kodiaks. If you wish you can fear kite the animals (panic animal, then snare and run behind hitting it), but I found it more trouble than it was worth. Make sure that when you reach level 14 you head over to Rivervale or get a teleport back over to Faydwer so that you can buy your new spells including wonder of wonders, Spirit of Wolf. Purchase this spell, as well as your new Damage over Time spell (Stinging Swarm) and Bind Affinity. There are a couple other useful spells, but these are the biggies.


&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp An occasional Hill Giant spawns near the druid ring; I have never been killed by one (they're usually aggrod pretty quickly by a high level hunting them for the pp), but watch out. Also, Dragoon Zytl and Kizdean Gix spawn at static locations - I forget where Zytl spawns, but Kizdean is right near the guard post. The guards will NOT attack these guys, so just keep an eye out for them and don't get attacked - they have a large aggressiveness radius. The final danger is that most of the monsters here are groupers. Wisps and bears can quickly team up and destroy a young player. Watch out for other monsters with the same faction as your aggressive monster - you can usually avoid them in time.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Lake of Ill Omen (Levels 16-20+)

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Here it is, the last stage of this guide. Soloing finally starts to require serious downtime at these levels, especially if you do it the wrong way. When you reach level 16, take the boat to Kunark and make the run from Firiona Vie to Lake of Ill Omen. This is a bit complicated, so head over to and pick up the maps to Firiona Vie and Lake of Ill Omen.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Once you reach the Lake of Ill Omen, find the Windmill. This is the best hunting spot in the zone up until level 20.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Here you have two options: the first one is to kite the monsters in the “Killing Field” near the mill.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Kiting is when you SoW yourself, Snare the monster you are attacking, and then cast your DoT (Damage over Time) spell on it. Lead it on a merry chase as its health drops. When your snare and DoT run out, recast them. If you have not practiced conjuration (using Dance of the Fireflies and/or Whirling Wind) before now, you’ll be better off using “Turn and Burn” Kiting. SoW, Snare, then run ahead, turn around, DD, run ahead, repeat. It is no longer safe to Melee your enemies, as the monsters in this zone hit fast for maximums of 32 or 40 points of damage per hit (ouch, I know).
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Your second option is to find a group. I preferred grouping for these levels, as long as the group was fast and had enough melee classes. In a group you can keep up a steady stream of monsters, which means lots of experience. You should be meditating 95% of the time in a group, only getting up to heal people when they are in need. The fastest groups seemed to be the ones containing three or four melee classes, a healer (usually you, the group Druid) and an Enchanter. The melee classes should preferably be a Warrior, a hybrid (Ranger, Paladin, Shadow Knight or Beastlord) and a Bard (bards keep downtime low with regeneration songs, plus they can melee fairly well). With this kind of group, you can camp out near the ruins in the Killing Field, pulling every monster you see.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Once you reach level 19, you will receive a new line of spells, including your first (self-only) teleport spells. All your money you have saved will probably go towards your level 14 and 19 spells, as the 14 spells cost 5pp each and the 19 spells cost 10pp each. Immediately purchase your personal teleport spells (the merchant in the druid ring in West Commons), and then teleport over to North Karana and buy your new DD, healing and damage shield spells from the vendor in that druid ring.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Now that you have teleport, it’s generally best to stay bound in the windmill in Lake of Ill Omen – you can teleport to the closest druid ring to your corpse if you die somewhere else, and being able to gate right back to your hunting ground is convenient.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Get to level 20 much the same way you got the previous levels. At level 20 you receive the ability to Track monsters, as well as your surname (type /surname and then your last name of choice to create one).

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Equipment:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Once you head over to West Commons, you’ll be wishing you had better equipment. Cool down, and hunt there for a little while. Make about 100pp and go hang out in either Greater Faydark or East Commonlands (depending on which zone is the Auction zone on your server). Now it’s time to start making incredible amounts of money for your level. Note that this method is easier if your auction zone is Greater Faydark, as there are many more merchants there.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The primary way to make money is to purchase nice items that people dumped off on merchants and resell them for a very large markup (a little below what they commonly run for being sold by a player character). Although I have done this many, many times, here’s a couple of my favorite examples.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp I purchased Gnome Skin Sleeves from a merchant for just 5pp. Five minutes later, I resold them to a player for 75pp. Another time, I found a “Master’s Eitchatka” at a merchant for an incredible 2pp. This was a beastlord only Secondary slot weapon with very very nice stats (9 Damage, 20 delay, and some bonuses, using the hand to hand skill, if I remember correctly). 15 Minutes later, I resold the claws for 250pp and a pair of wisdom sleeves (Uthork Hide Sleeves).
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Another way to make money is to learn the prices of items, and jump on opportunities. This method is not as reliable or effective, but it still works. Once you have a general idea of the prices of many items (PC everything), start asking people what price they are selling particular items for. If it’s less than half of the common price, buy it and stick it in the bank to resell later for it’s running price (which happens to be twice what you bought it for). By spending a couple weeks doing this method, you can quickly gain of 1k (1,000) platinum. This method may be a little cheap, but it certainly works. Here’s a list of low level druid items to purchase:

Earrings: Electrum Jasper, (+2 wisdom) – 20pp for a pair

Neck: Blackened Alloy Medallion, (+3wis, +3int) - 50pp

Head: Savant’s Cap, (+3wis, +3int, 2ac) - 50pp

Face: Silver Ruby Veil (4wis 4str no AC) – 100-200pp

Bracers: Polished Bone (3wis 3int 2ac) or Jaded Electrum (10hp 10 mana 1ac) – about 50pp each

Sleeves: Uthork Hide (+3wis, -3dex, a lot of AC, can’t remember the exact amount right now) – 100pp

Gloves: Split Paw Hide Gloves (+3wis, +2dex, +3ac) – 25pp

Rings: Moonstone Rings (30 mana, 3str) 35pp each

Tunic: Brown Chitin Protector (+12ac, +9 to stamina, dexterity and agility) – can be found for under 250pp

Shoulders: Prayer Cloth of Tunare (3wis, 2ac) 25pp

Back: Kunzar cloak (2wis, 2int, 10sv Fire, don’t remember the AC) – 100pp

Belt: Lizardscale Belt (10 mana, 10hp, 2ac) – 75pp

Leggings: Stick with leather for awhile, but if you see a good deal on Gatorscale Leggings (4wis, 15hp, 7ac) jump on it – at very cheapest they will cost you 500pp

Boots: Just stick with leather at this time, wisdom/mana boots are far too rare and expensive.

Primary Hand: Three options here, each more expensive than the last: Wraith Bone Hammer (8dmg 26 delay, 5str, 2wis, 2int) – 200pp, Velium Etched Stone Mace (7dmg 22dly, 3str, 3wis) – 300pp, Centi Warhammer (15dmg 32dly, 5str, 5sta, 2wis), 500pp

Secondary Hand: At first, Shiny Brass Shield – either camp the Orc Trainer in Crushbone or purchase it for around 20pp – when you get to the high teens, look up and do the Testament of Vaneer quest.

Range: Two options here. First one is a Small Wisdom Deity, which adds 2 wisdom and will cost you 150pp, the second is a lengthy but rewarding quest on Luclin which yields the Eye of Trust, a (2wis, 2int, 2dex, 2str, 5ac) range item. If you are interested in doing the quest, look it up at

NOTE: These prices are all the running price on the Xegony server and may be different on yours.

-Laiessen Wildwood, 20th season Wood Elf Druid on the Xegony Server.