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11-22-2001, 01:55 PM
Here's an attempt at pooling all of the information I have read about this quest, and the experiences from doing it.

There are actually 8 quests involved in this quest, and I will do my very best to explain each one as thoroughly as I can.

#1 - Bring 4 Kromrif Picks to Shamus
#2 - Crest of the Drixie
#3 - Crest of the Wood Nymph
#4 - Crest of the Fauns
#5 - Crest of the Sifaye
#6 - Crest of the Fairy Dragons
#7 - Crest of the Unicorn
#8 - Tunarean Signet Ring

Please be advised that I did the mobs and quest at level 57, so my opinion is biased towards that.

#1 - Bring 4 Kromrif Picks to Shamus

Wakening Land only - Shamus is on the bottom level of the Plane of Growth tower, with a wood nymph sitting on either side of him.

Hailing Shamus will get him to ask for a friend of the court. Tell him you are a friend and he will ask for 4 Kromrif Laborer Picks.

How to complete quest?
On the east wall in the Wakenling Land is the entrance to Kael Drakkel, single pull and root/dot kromrif laborers for their picks. They are reasonably common drops. LOOK FOR THE OTHER RARES!
Be advised that EACH pick is GIANT sized, and does not fit in most backpacks (as well as being heavy as heck, I was very encumbered with 4.) Have an open inventory slot for EACH of these (or a Box of Abu Kar).

Take the 4 picks back to Shamus and he will give you a six slot container.

#2 – Crest of the Drixie

Wakening Land - Lord Prismwing I spotted to the north of the plane of Growth Tower.
Cobalt Scar - Yvolocarn can spawn in ANY wyvern location, fortunately on most servers they are pretty much constantly cleaned out for xp.

Hailing Lord Prismwing will make him ask you if you are a friend of the court. Answer "yes" and he will ask you to find out about a missing Drixie that went to Cobalt Scar.

How to complete the Quest?
Head to Cobalt Scar, and kill Wyvern placeholders. Any druid over level 50 can do this easily by either quadding or root/dotting. Wyverns are generally perched high up on the upper ledge, you can't miss them.
Eventually Yvolcarn will spawn. He is a level 52 summoning Wyvern with a -CoV faction hit for killing. You can NOT solo Yvolcarn, but a decent 55+ melee partner you can make pretty short work of him. I would advise a full group though.
Loot the Drixie Remains and hand them in to Lord Prismwing for the Crest of the Drixie.

#3 Crest of the Wood Nymph

Wakening Land - Eysa Florawhisper is located just west of the entrance to Kael, you can pick her up on tracking from the WL/Kael Drakkel zone line.
For the foraged items:
-Greater Faydark
-Field of Bone
-Misty Thicket
-Toxxulia Forest
-Ocean of Tears
-Lake Rathetear
-Trakanon's Teeth
-Butcherblock Mountains

Hailing Eysa Florawhisper she will ask you if you are a friend of the court. Answering her she will give you an 8 slot container (please note, HAVE AN OPEN INVENTORY SLOT) and ask you to collect 8 foraged items from around Norrath.

How to complete the Quest?
You need to forage 8 items to complete this quest, although it was MUCH easier to do than the epic, in my opinion.
Here are the locations and the items needed:

Greater Faydark - Ripened Heartfruit (that's right, the epic piece) - NO DROP
Field of Bone - Flarefire Seeds - NO DROP
isty Thicket - Misty Acorn - rumour has it you can pick it up off the ground, I foraged mine.
Toxxulia Forest - Bag of Caynar Nuts
Ocean of Tears - Marr Cherries
Lake Rathetear - Rathe Berries
Trakanon's Teeth - Emerald Orange
Butcherblock Mountains - Vineclinger Berris - NO DROP

There are no "better" places to forage any of these items... just buckle it up and keep clicking.
Combine all 8 items in the box and hand in to Eysa for the Crest of the Wood Nymph.

#4 - Crest of the Fauns

Wakening Land - Shamus again, bottom floor of the PoG tower
Kael Drakkel

Hail Shamus and he will inform you about a Kromzek Architect that has plans for the expansion of Kael.

How to complete Quest?
Locate the storm giant architect in Wakening Land, his placeholders are regular kromrif laborers. You can solo him but he is a necromancer. Root/Dot him and it's game over for that mob. Loot the plans and return to shamus - BEWARE HAVE AN OPEN INVENTORY SLOT AVAILABLE. Shamus will give you a container for 4 crystallized sulphur and a bag of crushed herbs.

Locate 4 crystallized sulphur. I bought 4 from the Othmir vendors in CS, but they drop off the kromrif laborors and Wyverns in Cobalt Scar (as well as other locations). Combine them in the container and head to Kael Drakkel.

Keep both bags at easy access in your inventory, and max your FR and make sure you have SoW up.
Zone into Kael from the WL side, head up the first ramp and there will be four partially completed buildings. The one you are looking for is the one most southeast. There are 2 bags on the floor, start clicking on that floor until a trade window pops up. BEWARE!!! once a window pops up you become VISIBLE and are KOS ... move fast or risk death. Put the bag of combined sulpher and the bag of herbs in the window and click trade.
YOU WILL TAKE FIRE DAMAGE - I took 42 points with a FR of 169.

A third bag appears on the ground. Pick it up and boogie for the zone out. In your inventory you will have a "pile of rubble" hand this to Shamus and receive the Crest of the Fauns.

#5 – Crest of the Sifaye

Wakening Land – Countess Silveana is trackable from just east of where Rolandal sits. And apparently has a placeholder that gives a negative Tunare hit… I would advise instead of killing PH just wait till she shows up.

Hailing Countess Silveana she will introduce herself, ask her “what tunarean court” to get a response.
Ask her “what giants” and she will inform you of a giant with a “metal stick.”

How to complete the Quest?
Go back to killing kromrif laborers outside of Kael. A rare will spawn named storm giant surveyor. Kill him and loot the surveyor’s scope. Turn this into Countess Silveana and receive the Crest of the Sifaye.

#6 Crest of the Fairy Dragons

Wakening Land – Lord Gossemerwind – He’s about as rare as rare can be, the one time I saw him he was west of the PoG tower. I caught him immediately after the server repop.

Hail Lord Gossemerwind and tell him “I wish to assist.” Lord Gossemerwind will tell you about the kromzek foreman.

How to complete Quest?
Back to killing kromrif laborers. Sooner or later komzek foreman will spawn. He is soloable… but snare and root are very difficult to stick. Bring along a fear kiting partner and it’s game over for this guy. Loot a Kromzek Foreman Helm and hand it in to Lord Gossemerwind and receive the Crest of the Fairy Dragon.

#7 Crest of the Unicorn

Plane of Mischief

There is a long and complex lead-in to this quest that is NOT required to be done. You can skip to "How to Complete this Quest" if you want. Otherwise, start with Lady Gelistial in WL, found west of the central lake.

You say, 'hail Lady Gelistial'

Lady Gelistial nods towards Pharos and a soft gentle voice whispers in your mind as if carried by the breeze passing through the gentle grove. You tread upon the sacred ground of Tunare. I am the Lady Gelistial, baroness of the Tunarean Unicorns. Are you a friend of the Tunarean Court?

You say, 'I am a friend'

Lady Gelistial says 'Be wary of the black unicorns then my friend. All unicorns once inspired dreams and fascination in mortals but the lineage of Lithiniath has been twisted and now inspire delusions and madness. If my duties here were not so pressing I would seek the wisdom of Prince Thirneg in finding a cure for the cursed bloodline of Lithiniath.

You say, 'who is Lithiniath'

Lady Gelistial says 'Lithiniath was once a proud and noble Unicorn until he stumbled upon the realm of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. The lord of mischief twisted the magical nature of Lithiniath. The once noble unicorns fur grew blacker as delusions clouded his mind and madness follows where he treads.

You say, 'who is prince thirneg'

Lady Gelistial says 'Prince Thirneg is the ruler of the Tunarean Court. He resides in the Plane of Growth where he is constant contact with the all mother herself.

Go find the prince. He is located in the bottom of Tunare's Tree.

You say, 'hail Prince Thirneg'

Prince Thirneg says 'Salutations Wood Elf Lhani ! I am the Prince of the Tunarean Court! What brings you to this most sacred of all Tunares blessed creations?

Kenamin says, 'Lady Gelistial sent me'

Prince Thirneg says 'Gelistial is a very wise Lady. She does well in her duties to the court as well as the duties to her people. Unfortunately the weight of her responsibility prevents us from meeting as often as I would like.

You say, 'I seek a cure for the line of Lithiniath'

Prince Thirneg says 'Ahh..Lithiniath, the first of the black unicorns, cursed by Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane to spread madness and delusions. Lithiniath is not evil, but his lawful magical nature has been replaced with a chaotic reflection of it that has twisted his mind. Lithiniaths physical form can not survive the removal of the chaotic magical nature. The only cure for Lithiniath is death and rebirth into a lawful vessel.

How to complete this Quest –
Go to Plane of Mischief and find Lithiniath. I recommend at least on VERY sold group 58+.
Lithiniath is a level 63 black unicorn, kill her and loot the horn. Hand the horn into the white stallion in that room and receive the Crest of the Unicorn.

How do I get to PoM?
It’s a crazy difficult thing to do… go to and read up on it.
No, you can’t do it alone, and yes you probably need to be friends with an Uber guild to get there.

Put all crests in the box and combine.

#8 Tunarean Signet Ring

Hand the combined box of crests into Shamus. And receive your reward.

Tunarean Signet Ring
AC: +2 Wis: +10 Cha: +10 Magic Resist: +3 Fire Resist: +3 Cold Resist: +3 Poison Resist: +5 Disease Resist: +5 HP: +15
Weight: 0.1
Classes: Druid Ranger
Races: Human Half Elf Wood Elf Halfling
Inventory Slot: Finger
Planar Item: Yes
Velious Required: Yes
Can be stored in Medium and larger containers

Good Luck.

Queyla Beefcake
Havenlight Guild