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This quest officialy starts in N Qeynos in a small area above the entrance. There is an official (Vegalys Keldrane) who when hailed says (eventually) he needs investigators to find out agents of Bertoxxulus. He says he is unsure if he can trust you though so sends you to NK where north of the wooden bridge is Guard Shistar (something like that) who is a follower of Bertox. He's supposed to be guarding the bridge but is letting evil swarmlings through. Kill him and loot the corrupt guard helm and return that to the offical in Qeynos. Vegalys Keldrane will give you a manual of protocol for investigators and send you to contact an investigator in S Qeynos.

The investigator is next to the tree in front of the Lion's Mane Tavern. He takes some time to spawn. When he appears, give him the manual and he in a way becomes your pet. Ask him "Where is the first suspect?" and he will tell you they are in the Firepride smithy. Then tell the investigator to "follow me". Go to the Firepride smithy, where a Riley Shplots will be (non-merchant, won't respond to hails) Ask him "Are you a member of the bloodsabers?" He will confess. Then ask the investigator, "I need a confession document" which he will give you. Give this to the Riley Shplots and you will get his confession. Then tell the investigator to summon the guards; they will escort Riley away. Ask the invest. "where is the second suspect" and he will tell you he is under the big arena area (Hall of Testing or some such thing). Tell him to follow you, then go there.

This NPC is called Willey I believe and is near the guy for the minotaur bracer quest. It takes some time to get the investigator to follow you there (you have to go in through the back) When he is asked, "Are you a member of the bloodsabers?" this is where it gets semi-buggy. He will deny it, and the manual before said "The investigator will offer assitance in the event a suspect is not cooperative." Well, I couldn't get the invest. to help, so I just requested another confession document, gave it to Willey, got the confession, and had the invest. summon the guards and it seemed to work. *semi-bug*

Ask the invest. "Where is the third suspect" and he will tell you he associates with Rakis the Rat (or something like that). Remember to ask the invest. to "follow me" and then head out. Rakis and Donnaly (the NPC) are on the beach area near the Port Authority (beach where there is a dock the boat doesn't go to). Ask Donnaly Stultz if he is a member of the bloodsabers and he will say he is and ask for the confession. Get the confession document, and hand it to him. He will crush it and attack. He is rather easy and has a max of 850 health (2 firestrikes and a lightning). The invest. WILL help so make sure he doesn't steal the kill from you. (he's weak, so you just have to worry about him getting the final hit). Loot Donnaly's head off his body. Give the head and the two confessions to the invest, who will despawn and give you an Investigator's Badge.

Investigator's Badge
agic Item Lore No Drop
Slot: Neck
AC 1
STR +1 WIS +1 AGI +1 INT +1
HP +5 Mana +5
wt 0.1 Size: Small
Races: All

The Investigator tells you to go back to Vegalys Keldrane to ask how you can advance further.

Antonius Bayle, Guards of Qeynos, and Merchants of Qeynos factions go up

Kane Bayle, and the Ring of Scale (!!!) go down.

A little experience is gained throughout the quest too, I think I gained about 1/5 of a blue at level 46 wood elf druid.

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ore on Badge 1:

You say, 'Hail, Vegalys Keldrane'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Greetings to you, citizen. By order of the Council of Qeynos I have been given the duty of apprehending the individuals [responsible] for unleashing this terrible plague upon the people and
the lands of Antonius Bayle. The more I look into this matter, the more I come to find that this will be no easy task.

You say, 'what responsible ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'The plague unleashed upon the Plains of Karana is the work of the followers of Bertoxxulous. Those responsible belong to group known as the Bloodsabers though there were others involved as well.
Some time back, they launched a plot to overthrow Antonius Bayle and our ruling
council. Their [plan] failed.

You say, 'what plan ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Their plan was to unleash a plague so deadly and virulent that it would wipe out all life from here to Highpass Hold. They planned to brand themselves and their foul allies with a rune that would have rendered them immune to the effects of this plague. From that point
they would have been able to simply walk in, easily defeat the weakened stragglers and declare themselves the rulers of this kingdom by default. But they were [careless].

You say, 'how they were careless ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'The sudden influx of scoundrels and loathsome individuals was our first tip off. They required a rather enormous number of supplies, materials and manpower to construct the ornate altars, craft and enchant their runed branding irons and supply their armies with the weapons
needed for the cleanup work afterward. They needed to rely upon [outside help].

You say, 'what outside help ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'They mostly chose to hire bandits and brigands who are foolishly more concerned with immediate profits than the long-term effects of their actions. But once they knew we were on to them they even
started hiring some of the more 'civil' gnolls, if there is such a thing. Gnolls tend to be easy to push around, stupid, and they work very cheaply. They knew their time was short and they were desperate. Choosing to work with untrustworthy, lazy scoundrels caused the whole thing to begin to
[unravel], praise Rodcet!

You say, 'what about unravel ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Their workers were careless. Aside from noticing the unsavory element in our city, our citizens began to run across many of the strange items and materials that were being trafficked into our city en masse. It was at that point that the citizens began to [complain] quite
loudly about all of this.

You say, 'what complain ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Obviously, they questioned the meaning behind these events and rightfully so. They were frightened much as they are now. I admit, I was remiss in my duties for not noticing it sooner. One of the
biggest complainers during this time was a man by the name of [Earron Huntlan], proprieter of the famed Lion's Mane tavern. Though he is just a simple merchant, he did us a great service.

You say, 'who is Earron Huntlan ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Earron is quite a character. He gets all kinds of travelers stopping by his inn for a drink or whatever other business. His patrons started telling stories of being mugged and harassed by these
loathsome individuals in the very streets of our fair city. Of course, he was concerned. So he became a kind of advocate for this cause, ringing the [alarm] bell as it were. I admit, at first I did not believe the
conspiracy. I simply could not believe it was all happening under our nose.

You say, 'what alarm ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Well, he succeeded in whipping the populace into a frenzy. He even got the famous wizard Al'Kabor to help him out by determining the nature of the strange items many of our citizens were finding. Getting that man to do anything not directly related to his research is not an easy thing to accomplish either. Needless to say, at
that point I saw the truth and the Prime Healer forgive me for not seeing it sooner. Were it not for the investigations and general outcry of [concerned citizens], we might not be standing here talking today.

You say, 'what concerned citizens ?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Yes, it was citizens like you that helped to save Qeynos that day. We uncovered their plot, captured the man who was in charge and put him to death. Of course, the Bloodsabers retaliated and using their incomplete research still managed to unleash the plague we face now.
Though devastating in its own right, you must admit it is rather mild compared
to what it might have been. I thank you for your interest. Perhaps you would be willing to [help] me?

You say, 'I am willing to help you'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Excellent! The more I learn from my investigators the more I find that these Bloodsabers have stretched their tendrils of influence all throughout our beloved city. Nevertheless, we are committed to exposing these fiends once and for all. Perhaps you would like to become an [investigator]?

You say, 'I would like to become an investigator'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Very well then, Durix . We will not allow just anyone
to wear the official Investigator's Badge and please forgive me. . . But it is hard to tell where one's loyalties lie these days. If you are truly [serious] then there is a duty you must perform first to show you are
on the side of Antonius Bayle, the council and the good people Qeynos.

You say, 'I am truly serious'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'There is a guard by the name of Robbie Shilster that patrols the Northern Plains of Karana. He is allied with our enemies and completely corrupt. He is flagrant in his trafficking of contraband
goods. His orders are to guard the great wooden bridge to stave off the insect
swarms. But our investigators report that he simply stands to the side and watches as the swarm rolls through. You are to execute this man for his treason and bring me his helm. Then, we will talk.

Go North Karana and go north of the wooden bridge, near the wall. Find Guard Shilster and kill him and loot a Cracked Corrupt Guard Helm.

Run back to Qeynos

You say, 'Hail, Vegalys Keldrane'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Thank you for bringing this person to justice. Please
read this manual very, VERY carefully. Commit it to memory. We do everything
strictly by the book. We are a people of law and order and I simply won't tolerate a breach of protocol. Investigators are expected to accurately report findings, are authorized to issue warrants and to notarize
official documents for all lands under the jurisdiction of Antonius Bayle and the
council. I sincerely hope you can earn your Investigator's Badge.

Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better.
Your faction standing with GuardsofQeynos got better.
Your faction standing with RingofScale got worse.
Your faction standing with KaneBayle got worse.
Your faction standing with MerchantsofQeynos got better.
You gain experience!!

Go to South Qeynos. At a tree south of the Lions Mane tavern you will meet an investigator in a yellow robe. Give him the book.

an investigator says 'Grouping with Durix'
an investigator says 'Very well, let's get to work. I assume you have read the briefing and committed it to memory. This is how you will be tested. I shall play the part of student and you shall play the master who
directs me. I promise I won't make it easy on you either, we want only the best.
We'll see how you do and then I'll decide if you are worthy to wear the badge or not.

You say, 'where is the first suspect ?'

an investigator says 'The first suspect was last seen near the shop called Fireprides.
(Its the armor store near the bank)

You say, 'follow me'

an investigator says 'Following Master.'

(The investigator follows you like a pet but the pathing of S Qeynos is VERY buggy so you need to wait and go very slowly of you want the investigator to really follow you. Each time you ask for a confession, you have to ask the investigator to follow you again.

Look for Riley Shplots

You say, 'are you a member of the Bloodsabers ?'

Riley Shplots shakes visibly and says, 'Oh, no. I knew this would happen one day. Please don't hurt me! I had very little to do with this plague, though it is quite a nice one, you must admit. I was just a courier. I'll come quietly. I don't want any trouble. My small contribution to the glory of Bertoxxulous has already been given but I certainly don't want to go to
meet him just yet!'

You say, 'give me a confession document '
an investigator says 'Here you are.

You say, 'summon a guard'

Guard Sylus says 'Come along, prisoner.

You say, 'where is the second suspect ?'

an investigator says 'The second suspect was sighted below the Grounds of Fate. (under the arena, near the cells)

You say, 'follow me'

Look for Willie Garrote

You say, 'are you a member of the Bloodsabers ?'

Willie Garrote says 'A Bloodsaber? Of course I'm not, don't be ridiculous!

You say, 'give me a confession document'

an investigator says 'Here you are.

You say, 'summon a guard'

Guard Sylus says 'Come along, fiend. We haven't far to go.

You say, 'where is the third suspect ?'

an investigator says 'The last suspect has been known to hang around that low life known as Raz the Rat. (near the docks, on the shore)

You say, 'follow me'

an investigator says 'Following Master.'

Look for Donally Stultz

You say, 'are you a Bloodsaber?'

Donally Stultz says 'Of course I'm a Bloodsaber, you fool! I've just returned from the Plains of Karana where I was reveling in the glory of the Plaguebringer. Now then, since I see that this foolish investigator is with you, I suppose you want me to sign a confession document or something like that? Well, let's have it then!

You say, 'give me a confession document'

an investigator says 'Here you are.

Donally Stultz crumples the document into a ball, throws it to the ground and spits in your face, yelling, 'You are a fool if you really believe I would sign such a thing. Prepare to die!'

Kill him and loot his head.

Give the investigator the two confessions and the one head.

an investigator says 'You have done our city a great service and helped to bring several criminals to justice this day! Wear this Investigator's Badge with pride! Speak again with Vegalys Keldrane, he may have information about [advancing further] in rank.

Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better.
Your faction standing with GuardsofQeynos got better.
Your faction standing with RingofScale got worse.
Your faction standing with KaneBayle got worse.
Your faction standing with MerchantsofQeynos got better.

You get your Investigator badge

You say, 'I want to advance further in rank'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'At this point, I am mainly in need of loyal and trustworthy investigators. I must first gather information on who these people are and exactly how far their influences stretch. However, once I begin to implement the next phase of this operation, you may be able to assist us once again if you prove to be talented enough. For now, simply continue to observe and report.

Investigator's Badge

[b]BADGE 2:[/b]

You say, 'I want to advance further'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Interested in advancing further are you? Excellent, we are ready to begin the next phase of our operation. We have gathered a great deal of information as a result of the latest series of arrests. What we require most now are [interrogators] that are able to pry the information we require out those less then willing to talk.

You say, 'What qualifications do you need to be an interrogator?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'If you are interested in joining the ranks of our interrogators and helping Qeynos further as we bring these fiends and murderers to justice, turn in your Investigator's Badge and I will give you the briefing document you need. I already know I can trust my investigator's, so there is no need to further test you.

[Give him investigator's badge]

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Very well, here is the briefing document. Please read it very carefully. I wish you luck friend, this mission could prove to be dangerous.

[head to South Queynos and talk to an investigator]

You say, 'I need a confession document'

an investigator says, 'Here you go'

[head to South Karana and give document to an interrogator]

[he is around -4332 -3518]

an interrogator says 'I see you wish to become an interrogator. This is not a duty for the weak of heart you know. This job sometimes requires ...'

an interrogator says 'a little muscle I guess you would say'

an interrogator says 'Nevertheless, we have an important job to do. Three is a man by the name of Theodore Exanthem who is a known member of the Bloodsaber cult. He fled from Qeynos some time ago and we have been hot on his trail ever since.'

an interrogator says 'We have tracked this man down and we now know his whereabouts. However, we have bigger fish to fry today then just this low life. Theodore knows the location of two other individuals also suspected of hiding out here in the plains.

an interrogator says 'Sadly, these fiends were the two that slipped into Surefall Glade and poisoned the waters there. Though the druids were able to quickly combine their efforts and neutralize the toxins with their magicks, grievous damage was done none the less. Two of the great protectors of the hills and the glade, Holly Windstalker and Cros Treewind, became seriously ill as did one of the glade's sacred bears.

an interrogator says 'Holly and Cros, sickened as they were, removed themselves from the Hills to weather out their illness and to keep the disease from spreading further. During their absence, the Bloodsabers were easily able to traffic in the materials needed to complete their terrible work.

an interrogator shakes his head sadly and says, 'Tragically, Cros Treewind was attacked by one of the sacred bears which was maddened by its illness. In his weakened state Cros was unable to defend himself and was killed by this defiled grizzly, one of the very creatures he was sworn to protect.'

an interrogator says 'So our goal is to pry the information we need from Theodore Exanthem so that we may bring these two fugitives to justice. After getting him to comply, you are to collect a confession from Theodore and have him lead us to the two fugitives. Give me Theodore's confession and the heads of these two fugitives and you shall have your badge.

an interrogator says 'I believe I know where we can find him. Follow me please.

[Missing text, phone rang and I didnt get to follow him right away. He has some dialogue with Theodore Exanthem that is essentially to the effect of tell us you evil guy/no I won't tell you cop'r]

an interrogator says 'Vile beast! You are withholding information on two men guilty of terrible atrocities, not the least of which was causing the death of one of Qeynos' most respected and well known citizens, Cros Treewind! As an Interrogator I am authorized to use physical force if necessary.

Theodore Exanthem says 'What a joke! I'm not telling you a thing. You don't look like you could scare a moss snake. I'm not afraid of you!

an interrogator says 'Take us to Markus Chachexia and Morley Murrain this instant or I'll turn you over to my friend here who appears to be much stronger then I am!

[hit theodore, kills him, compliant theodore spawns instantly in his place]

Theodore Exanthem says 'Sweet father of rot, alright already! Stop hitting me and tell me what you want me to do!

[Give him unsigned confession document]

Theodore Exanthem makes a big X at the bottom of the document and hands it back saying, 'A bunch of worthless thugs is all you folks are!'

You say, 'take us to the location'

Theodore Exanthem says 'Fine follow me creeps.

[he will lead you to a hill nearby]

arkus Cachexia and Morley Murrain will spawn.

Once attacked around 4 wraiths and 4 raised minions will spawn along with them.

arkus and Morely have around 1 k hp.

Kill them both and loot their heads

Give heads and Confession an investigator:

an interrogator says 'Excellent work, you did just fine today. You'll make a fine interrogator. Talk to Vegalys about advancing further.


Interrogator's Badge

2 ac/wis/int/str/agil 10 hp/manna

-Role Meggido

[b]BADGE 3:[/b]

If you ask Vegalys Keldrane about advanceing further he tells you to ask about becoming an [interrogator] or go talk to Velarte Selire about his [research].

[Go to Velarte Selire at the Temple of Life in Queynos]

You say, 'Hail, Velarte Selire'

Velarte Selire says 'Hello Role . Antonius Bayle and the council have ordered a full investigation of these folks that call themselves the Bloodsabers. I hear his plan is to eventually round up every member of this strange disease worshipping cult and bring them in to answer for their terrible crimes against our city and people. [Vegalys] Keldrane is heading up the investigation.

You say, 'What is your research'

Velarte Selire says 'We are currently in the process of conducting research into viable ways to bring an end to this terrible plague. This suffering has gone on long enough. Being a researcher doesn't take strength or brute force, though those qualities do sometimes help. Being a researcher takes intelligence first and foremost. No offense, but not everyone has that quality. This will be no easy task. Are you still [interested] in helping us with our research?

You say, 'I am interested in helping?'

Velarte Selire says 'Still interested then? Very well, you look rather intelligent. As a show of your commitment to this task, please turn in your [Interrogator's Badge].

[Hand him your Interrogators Badge]

Velarte Selire says 'It seems Vegalys trusts you, so I guess I can trust you as well. Take this briefing. It explains the current state of our research and it explains the test you will be conducting. If you can conduct the test successfully, the Temple of Life shall be in your debt and we shall use the findings to continue our work. However, we have a [problem] we need assistance with first.

You say, 'What is the problem?'

Velarte Selire says 'Unfortunately, those vile followers of the Plague Bringer are still attempting to foul up our plans. Several our [test animals] have been stolen from us by a gnome, a member of the Dark Reflection. These animals are very important to our research, as the briefing describes.

You say, 'What test animals?'

Velarte Selire says 'These animals were enchanted with a sort of anti-disease aura. It sounds crazy but we thought that perhaps we could use a sort of 'anti-epidemic' to spread a cure to this disease. However, this aura is as of yet imperfect and also quite [volatile]. We had hoped to use rats to spread the cure, much in the same way they often spread disease.

You say, 'What do you mean volatile?'

Velarte Selire says 'Yes, the enchantment we placed on the rodents does not last long at all. It disperses its curing magic almost instantly. We fashioned several containers at great expense and they have the ability to preserve an enchantment for long periods of time. After enchanting a rat we [place them in the container] until we are ready to conduct our tests.

You say, 'How do you place them in the container?'

Velarte Selire says 'Oh, I assure you it is completely humane and the rats do seem to enjoy prolonged exposure to the enchantment while in the container. In fact, it is all we can do to get them out of the containers once we put them in! In any case, those containers are dreadfully expensive to make and those rats. . . Well, we have begun to become sort of attached to them. Please find this [gnome].

You say, 'What gnome?'

Velarte Selire says 'Her name is Oobnopterbevny Biddilets. She was last seen high tailing it across the Plains of Karana. She infiltrated our temple and stole the containers that had our beloved rodents, which were already enchanted and prepared for our next round of tests. I shudder to think of what this monster may be doing to those poor animals. Anyway, retrieve them at any cost. You will need them for the [test] you will be conducting.

You say, 'What test will we be conducting?'

Velarte Selire says 'The briefing explains how the test is to be conducted but first you need to find the test animals. Get the rodents first from that gnome. Then give me your Researcher's Briefing and we will start the test. Release all three rodents as directed then give me the three Empty Enchanted Jars. If you were able to cure all of the diseased rodents by properly using our enchanted rodents, we will consider this test a success and you shall be rewarded with the Researchers Badge.

[Go to West Karana and find Oobnopterbevny Biddilets. She wanders east to west across the center of the zone. She is a level 40 necromancer, kill her]

Faction hits are:
Your faction standing with DarkReflection got worse.
Your faction standing with EldritchCollective got better.
Your faction standing with GemChoppers got better.

--You have looted a Live Enchanted Rat: Jar 1.--
--You have looted a Live Enchanted Rat: Jar 2.--
--You have looted a Live Enchanted Rat: Jar 3.--

Go back to Queynos and give Velarte Selire your Research Briefing

In front of him will spawn a 4 x 4 grid of rats. The grid is A - D, horizontal and vertical. Ie AA is the first square and DD is the last.

HR = healthy rat
IR = Infected rat


Place your rats at the following postions

Jar 1 = DA
Jar 2 = DD
Jar 3 = AC

Turn in the empty jars to Velarte Selire:

Velarte Selire says 'You did it! You have proven you have the intelligence required and you may wear this Researcher's Badge with pride! Thank you for returning the jars.

Faction hits:

Your faction standing with PriestsofLife got better.
Your faction standing with KnightsofThunder got better.
Your faction standing with GuardsofQeynos got better.
Your faction standing with BloodSabers got worse.
Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better.
You gain experience!!


Researchers Badge:
4 AC 3 WIS/INT/STR/AGL 15 hp/mana

-Role Meggido

[b]BADGE 4:[/b]

Just finished this quest. The key phrase to go ahead with it is "I wish to advance further" The dialogue leads you from there. He first sends you to find the investigator in the Qeynos Sewers. You'll find him closest to the sewers entrance near the front gates hidden wall. Show him the seal of vegalys and he'll go into a dialogue. He'll ask that you find Guard Helminth and tell him that he, the investigator, is dead.

I spent a bit wandering around the sewers and did eventually find the guard. After talking to him and telling him that the investigator was dead he asks to see your seal so he can lead you to the person that started this plague, Azibelle Spavin. Once you give him the seal, be ready. He spawns as a corrupt version of himself along with a necromancer and some zombie guard. Hit for 100 max, all green to my 60 warrior. Did have a decent number of hit points.

Looked around a bit more and found the Azibelle person. She's a necro that's blue to a level 60. Probably level 50 as she couldn't summon. 2 Sepsis Rats with a fair amount of hp's and hits for 78 were nearby along with 4 spectres. Kill her and loot her head. Head back up to Vegalys after you have the head and seal (this you get back everytime you hand it in). Hand both in to Vegalys, he congratulates you, mourns his guard and wishes for the necro to rot.

Your reward is the Qeynos Badge of Honor. Ac 5 str/agi/wis/int 4 Mana and hp's 25 and the effect of see invis. all/all with almost no weight.


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