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09-07-2001, 07:32 AM
A CoV faction quest, that results in one of three items (all magic, lore, and no drop):

Ethereal Bladed Naginata (primary slot):
Size: Large; Wt. 10.3
Class: War/Pal/Rng/SK
Race: All
Dmg: 32
Delay: 37
AC 15, Str 5, Dex 10, Agi 15, HP 50, FR/CR/MR 11
Effect: Garzicor's Vengeance
--disease based DoT for 240 damage in 8 ticks
--decrease attack by 20 (L1)
--allowable targets: All
--resistance check: disease
--spell duration: 8 ticks (48 seconds)

Sanctum Guardian's Earring (ear slot):
Size: Tiny; Wt. 0.2
Class: Clr/Dru/Shm/Mnk
Race: All
AC 5, Str 10, Sta 10, Cha 10, HP 50, Mana 80, DR/PR 15

Pitted Iron Ring (finger slot):
Size: Tiny; Wt. 0.2
Class: Nec/Wiz/Mag/Enc
Race: Hum/Eru/Hle/Def/Gnm/Iks
AC 4, Sta 5, Int 10, HP 50, Mana 50, FR/CR 5
Effect: Mana Flare (5 charges) (600 mana over 4 ticks)

Like several other CoV quests, you get each subsequent item by turning in the previous. Unlike other CoV quests, however, there is no recursion: turning in the Pitted Iron Ring will NOT result in you receiving a Naginata again.

For druids, the goal is the ring, of course.

The quest requires MAX ally faction (I couldn't get the quest when I was a mere 10 points below max faction), and starts in Skyshrine:


Talk to Oglard. Oglard is a wurm, red to a level 60, located at the top of the library in the room right in front of the transporter to the quest mobs. It is at the top of the series of marble stairs in the room with the spinning ball, a star-staped opening to the sky, and four curved blue lines inlaid in the floor. Loc +286, +976.

Oglard says 'Greetings young Wood Elf. Very few of your kind has ever seen the halls you know walk through. You must have provided a great service to our kin for them to allow you passage into this inner sanctum. We welcome you to our ancient home.'

You say, 'thank you'

Oglard says 'Might, wisdom, and manners? Quite a surprise to see all of these traits in one of the younger races. I am impressed. I see you are a noble creature, one who would treat another creature of nobility with respect.......... '

Oglards eyes suddenly begin to shine with a magical, golden, light. He looks down upon you as if in judgement and asks, 'Tell me, have you done battle with dragons?'

You say, 'Yes I have done battle with the dragons'

[Saying, [i]'No I have not done battle with the dragons'[/i] will result in the following:

Olard's eye begin you gleam even brighter, then quickly fade, a frown left apon the wurm's face.
[i]'Hmm... I see. Thank you for your information. Good luck in your travels.[/i]

You faction standing with the ClawsofVeeshan got worse.]

Oglard 's eyes slowly begin to lose the golden light that flared earlier. He then studies you carefully before saying [i]'There are many Dragons on this world that do not share our beliefs. If you have done battle with dragons and have lived, then you may be able to help us.'[/i]

You say, [i]'how may i help you?'[/i]

Oglard says [i]'When a Dragon dies, his spirit leaves his corporeal body and joins Veeshan among the stars. It is our greatest desire, to be without desire, at the time of our death. Even in preperation for battle, we accept that we may die and strive to be empty of desire so that our spirits do not cling to this world when our end has come. For some, however, this is not the case'[/i]

You say, [i]'who are the ones that this is not the case?'[/i]

Oglard says [i]'When a Dragon dies, and his heart is filled with desire, his spirit will remain here in the filth of this world. The greatest torment is to transcend one's body, and still be confined to this world. Like being trapped within a cell with a single locked door, having the key to unlock it and escape, yet having no hands to use the key. This has befallen one of our comrades. [/i]

You say, [i]'what comrade has this befallen?'[/i]

Oglard says [i]'And therein lies our plight. Our fellow Dragon now suffers eternally in unlife, between worlds. We hear his pained howls when we sleep, unable to aid our fallen comrade. He turned his back on us centuries ago, and joined the Ring of Scale. In response to this we erased his name and bloodline, along with the others who left, from our memories and books. He is still Dragon though, and does not deserve the fate he's been dealt. Without his name, we are helpless.'[/i]

You say, [i]'what is his name?'[/i]

Oglard says [i]'Unfortunately our libraries have no record of him. We know of his death from 2 sources only. Our Lord Yelinak was the first to hear his tormented howling. Then the rest of us slowly began to hear him as well. A chosen few left our home to find his corpse if possible. We were surprised to find he had died here on this continent. Apparently he had returned to us, which pains us even more. [/i]

You say, [i]'where has he returned?'[/i]

Oglard says [i]'His body was found in the Eastern Wastes, spears of Krom Zek make protruding from his side and chest.' The wurm pauses for a moment to sigh heavily. He continues, sorrow on his voice, 'We believe......we hope, one of the sentient races witnessed his murder. Chances are slim to nil. But perhaps one of those.....Caldoin? Or something? Found him and recorded his name. Will you investigate this for us Keyno ? [/i]

You say, [i]'yes I will investigate this for you'[/i]

Oglard says [i]'We are greatful for your service to us. We know you have little interest in our affairs, yet you risk your life to aid us. Once you find his name, then perhaps we can find a way to release his restless spirit. If you do this, you will be rewarded an item of your choice from our hoard of treasure. Begin with.....whatever they call themselves. The Giants refer to them as iron pellets. Return to me proof of his name and he will be remembered.' [/i]


Loremaster Sarl can be found in Thurgadin in the Statue room across the way from the Icewell zone. Sometimes a Loremaster Sarl is wandering around and will not talk to you; if so, go to the statue room and look for another Sarl standing there.

(Note: You can shortcut the following conversation and trek by simply saying "black" to him. He will vanish from the statue room and reappear immediately in the library. You then proceed to give him the 50 pp as described below.)

You say, [i]'Can you tell me the name of a slain dragon'[/i]

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'The name of Dragon you say? One that was slain? Hmmm, sounds interesting. Like I said, we've had little contact with Dragons, but I vaguely recall an ancient legend about a slain dragon and one of our people meeting. Follow me to the Library and we'll talk along the way. [/i]

You walk to the Library. This may take some time.

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'There are only a few myths we've recorded havin to do with Dragons, many less legends. There's a story of an ancestor of the Dain ridin a 'Wurm' into battle against Giants. A Wurm be a lesser form of a Dragon, not able to use magic or fly, but still just as mean. There's another story, more recent, about a pair a Coldain that rampaged through the countryside along side a magical sea turtle, undoing evil and saving this and that. Heheh, more likely a drunken wive's tale. [/i]

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'Ye may not know this, but we didn't always make our home here in Thurgadin. Centuries ago we lived deep down in the ground, close to Brell. That was our first home after we became stranded on this chunk of ice. We lived there peacefully for a while, until the Giant kin found us. They drove us out, though we didn't leave without a fight. This statue coming up here is of a hero that sacrificed his life in that battle to bring a great cavern down on the heads of many o those giants. [/i]

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'I brung up our old home of Froststone because we had many books and tablets that were lost when we were forced to flee. We had a long history during our peaceful time there, much of it is lost to us now. Still, we were able to save a few slim volumes. I'm thinkin we may find yer answer in o those old recordings. We'll see.........Ahhh, here we are. Remember to keep yer voice down, it is a library ye know. [/i]

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'Ok, here we are. Let me see.' Sarl runs a finger along the book labels searching for a paticular volume... [/i]

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'Do ye know anythin about this dragon? Ye need his name right? Some o these older ones are organized in strange ways. I love me fore fathers, but they made some funny kinda rules. Do you know what color this dragon was? [/i]

You say, [i]'Black'[/i]

Loremaster Sarl says [i]'Excellent, I know what we're lookin fer now.[/i]

He despawns and respawns.

Lorekeeper Sarl says [i]'Ah hah! Here it is! Let's see here..Yes, I remember now. This is the story o Burdael. Ill lend ya the book, but it'll cost ya 50 platinum.[/i]

Hand Sarl 50 pp, receive a book.

Now head to Crystal Caverns, a dungeon located in Eastern Wastes and accessible through a small hut in the orc compound.


You are looking for Historian Baenek, who wanders around the city of Froststone. Fastest way to get there is to cast levitate, camo, and jump down into the orc pit all the way to the very bottom. At the bottom you will see 3 orc miners or oracles (with an occasional wandering miner or oracle). There is a ramp leading up to a bridge, and a doorway at the other end. Take the doorway (not the ramp), and take a right. Keep straight on the pathway (do not go down to the frozen river, and do not descend any ramps or stairs), and you will end up at the front gates to Froststone. Enter the gates and look for Baenek. He is often found in a room on the lower level next to the tunnel leading to the geos and spiders, but can be found elsewhere in the area as well. Use tracking.

Give the book to Historian Baenek.

Historian Baenek says [i]'You found one of our lost tomes! A lost volume of the Book of Grudges, quite a find. Oh dear Brell! This evidence proves that the legend of Burdael is true! Thank you Metopious. And now I suppose you wish to meet his ghostly form. I have snesed him from time to time. I will call to him now. Go and wait for him in the lower halls. His spirit sometimes calls to me from where the fearsome Stalag Terrors lair. Be warry though, unlife may have twisted his mind beyond reason."[/i]

Your faction standing with the CitizensOfFroststone got better. [Note. This is the only known way of increasing your faction with the Froststone Dwarves.]

Burdael is a ghost, and spawns in the main stalag terror room. Descend the tunnel in the back of Froststone, go across the broken bridge until you reach the point where it divides into 3 tunnels. The right tunnel winds up past the geos to an exit out of CC (you come out in the "rook" to the NW of the orc fort). The middle tunnel leads past the crystalline spiders to Queen Drachnia. The left tunnel is the shortest, and leads past various stalag terrors to the main terror room where Burdael spawns (in the back).

Burdael appears to be a level 50 SK (with pet), although there have been reports of him summoning (hence, he may spawn in a set level range). He is blue to 60. He rants in an unknown language, and responds to bracketed text. He will despawn after about 5 minutes.

When killed, he drops Onyxbrand, an axe. When identified, you see the phrase: "Remember, Garzicor"

[b]Onyxbrand (primary/secondary slot):[/b]
Size: Med.; Wt. 5.1
Class: War/Pal/Rng/SK/Bard/Rog
Race: All
Dmg: 10
Delay: 24
AC 8, Sta 10, Agi 3, FR 5

Return to Oglard in Skyshrine.


Give Onyxbrand to Oglard in Skyshrine. Make sure you have an open inventory slot first, as you will receive a container in return.

Oglard examines the axe closely. The Wurm's eyes widen as he makes out the name of Garzicor and immediately raises his head to the ceiling, letting out a howl of emotional pain. Your bones shake with the screach, an image of a man in the midst of a rain of his own child's blood comes to mind, the agony is so great. Out of breath, Oglard drops his head and focuses his attention back to you, barely able to hold himself up. He places an urn before you and says, [i]'You must find his corpse. Find his burial site and summon Garzicor's spirit by speaking your remembrance of him. Speak to him and find out all you can. Return to me with 2 pieces of his corpse combined in that urn. Help us, you MUST!' [/i]

Your faction standing with ClawsofVeeshan got better.
Your faction standing with Yelinak got better.
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.

You receive an urn, a two slot container.

Go to Dragon Necropolis.


Zone into DN with camo up. The spiders roaming around do not see invis, so you are relatively safe as long as you do not step on any bones and trigger a trap. Head into DN until you come to a large set of double doors set into the ground at an angle (the entrance to the Paebala area). If you get the large wall with the vertical double doors, you've gone too far. The Paebala doors slide to the side, head into the tunnel. A short way in you will find a dragon head projecting from the wall on the left hand side, with bones on the ground in front of it at +1523, +1109. Stand under the dragon skull in the wall (you can step into the middle of these bones). Say [b][i]'Remember, Garzicor"[/i][/b]

You will start to hear a voice rambling with text similar to the following:

Must go home
Need vengeance
Veeshan awaits
Kromzek must be made to pay
So tired
Time to go
Blood must be shed
I am one but two
I am sorry


Veeshan waits
Must have revenge
Kromzek Must die
Must spill blood
I am one but two
I am sorry

As soon as the words "I am sorry" appear, 2 no-rent bags spawn on top of each other on the ground in amongst the bones (slightly to the right of the dragon head): one dragon skin, and one dragon bone powder. Place them in the urn and combine them as soon as possible. You get a dragon crafted urn in return.


Give the urn to Oglard. He returns a dragon crafted urn (NOT the same one you gave to him, though) and tells you to go give the urn to Eldriaks Fe'dhar. He is a wyvern in the library room just before you get to Oglard. He is to the right of the doorway exiting the room and leading up (+745, +928).

Give the combined urn to Eldriaks Fe'dhar. Get Sanctified Bone Dust (lore, no drop), and a book entitled "The Blade" back.

Eldriaks Fe’Dhar says [i]‘Hmm? What’s this? Oh! You are the High Elf who has been helping us with the nameless one. Well, not so nameless anymore. A part of Garzicor clings to this world, eager to wreak vengeance upon the giants who murdered him. We’ve decided a weapon must be constructed, and the restless spirit of Garzicor must be bound to it. You must be the one to construct this weapon. This dust must be used in the forging of the weapon’s blade. Are you a master smith?[/i]

You say, [i]'no, I am not a master smith'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'You must be the one to forge the weapon. Go and learn the art of the smith. Return only when you are a master and tell me you are ready. I will then tell you what must be done.'[/i]

You say, [i]‘yes, I am a master smith’[/i]

Eldriaks Fe’Dhar says [i]‘Good. The weapon is extremely complicated to construct, your skills will be tested perhaps beyond your abilities. The weapon is known as a Naginata. You need not be proficient in its use to build it. The Naginata is constructed of four major parts. The shaft, the blade, the fittings, and the hilt, or tsuba. No ordinary materials can hope to bind the dragons spirit. Special materials must be found.[/i]

You say, [i]'how do I make the shaft'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'The shaft must be strong enough to withstand the effects of the spirit’s presence, yet flexible enough to be wielded properly. Of the few dragons that returned to us from the Ring of Scale, some brough back knowledge of a type of wood that may be sufficient. It is known as bronzewood. One can find it amidst one of the forests on the continent of Kunark. I am sure it is being used by one of the sentient races there.[/i]

You say, [i]'how do I make the fittings'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'The fittings are the most important part. The spirit itself will be held there partially. We’ll discuss this later, when you have all the other pieces in your possesion.[/i]

You say, [i]'how do I make the hilt'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'The tsuba is where most of the enchanment will lie. It must be forged seperately of another ore created to be the bane of the dragon. It is called chronium and was developed by the Kromzek with the aid of their blood-thirsty @#%$. You must forge the ore into a plate and then find a craftsman with the skill to carve a detailed mandala of draconic binding into it. This mandala will hold arcane power and restrain the spirit from destroying the weapon.[/i]

You say, [i]'what chronium'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'Chronium is a sacred ore used only by the higher ranked priests of Rallos Zek. You may be able to find some in the city of the Kromzek, Kael Drakkel. Perhaps in one of their temples. Forging it into a plate is simple. Heat the ore in a forge and shape it with a Forging Hammer, then temper it with a Flask of Water. [/i]

You say, [i]'how do I make the blade'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'The blade will be the most difficult piece for you to build. First of all, no mundane ore will do. Long ago, Veeshan sent a gift to us in the form of a meteor. This meteor holds the ore you must build the blade with. Once you have the ore, follow the instructions in this book and forge the blade. Don’t forget, when melting the ore, use the bone dust I gave you.[/i]

You say, [i]'what a craftsman'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'Since the mandala is so detailed, only a craftsman trained specifically in these matters will do. I'm sure you're a fine smith but an adventurer like yourself wouldn't have time to fully master the skill needed to create the tsuba. Find one whose entire life is the art of creating these types of weapons. The craftsman will need a sketch of the mandala as well as the plate of chronium. [/i]

You say, [i]'what mandala'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'The type of mandala we need is a diagram laced with powerful arcane enchantment. You'll need to find a sketch of the correct mandala for the craftsman to go by as he carves it into the chronium plate. There is one place you may be able to find a sketch of a mandala powerful enough to bind Garzicor. [/i]

You say, [i]'where is the place?'[/i]

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'The ones that returned to us from the Ring of Scale told us of the Sarnak. These are hybrids of dragons and a sentient lizard race known as the Iksar. Whoever created them had to bind a dragon to his will or restrain it at some point. Perhaps this being or one of his brood still has a recording of the mandala. Once you have the Tsuba, Blade, and Shaft, return here and show them to me. I will then explain what must be done next.[/i]


[i]Only a master smith may make the blade.

Once the ore is found, it must be broken into 2 portions with a forging hammer and a smithing chisel.

First you must form the core of the blade. Take one portion of the starmetal and apply the bone dust in the forge. Then, with a hammer and chisel, fold the block of ore. You must repeat this 5 times to homogenize the steel. After the 5th folk, take the hammer to the ore and shape the core into a curved blade.

Now for the “skin” of the blade. Apply the remaining bone dust to the last portion of starmetal. Fold this block of ore, as with the core, 10 times with the hammer and chisel. This will be the most difficult and time consuming steps. After the 10th fold block, apply the skin to the core with the hammer [and chisel]. The last step in the forging process is taking the whole blade and shaping it into a suitable naginata blade [by applying the hammer to the raw blade].

The last major step is the tempering of the blade. This includes a mixture of clay and water for the differential tempering process. Combine a small block of clay with a flask of water at the potter’s wheel. Then take the clay and apply it to the blade at the wheel as well, leaving the edge of it exposed. Allow it to dry. The last step is to heat the clay covered blade in the forge, and then plunge it into a fluid to temper. In this case, a special fluid must be found. In the mountains of Kunark one can find a very caustic type of mist that freezes and collects at high altitudes. Find a portion of this ice and use it for the tempering.

Good luck.[/i]

[b]PART 1 - THE SHAFT:[/b]

The Bronzewood Staff is found on a rare giant spawn named Carpenter Grundo, who spawns in the Giant Fort in the easternmost hut (the one with two giants inside). He may spawn only in the southernmost point (the one on the right as you face into the hut). Kill the giants in that hut until he spawns, kill him (he is blue to a level 60, and can be root-dotted like an ancient), and loot the staff.

[b]PART 2 - THE BLADE:[/b]

The Starmetal Ore (magic, not lore, not no drop) is dropped by the two Cliff Golems that guard the entrances to the enclave in the NW of Overthere. They appear to be in the 55 to 59 range, but are not difficult by Velious mob standards. They are fairly magic resistant, but spells do land with sufficient casting. You can pull them singly, but it is extremely easy to pick up Dragoon adds. If you do pick up dragoons, you can kite them to a zone, or if you have a good enchanter, just mez them. (In my case, the first golem came alone, but I picked up 4 dragoons with the second golem. Our chanter just mezzed them, and we finished the golem, then each dragoon in turn. The dragoons can be easily snared, rooted and dotted, by the way, despite being blue to a level 60.)

Grey Colored Ice (the "Mist that Freezes") is found
as ground spawn at -260, -297 on the top of a mountain.


Time to construct the blade. Basically, just follow the instructions in the book. Note that you need a Forging Hammer, not a Smithing Hammer. You can buy both the Forging Hammer and the Smithing Chisel from one of the smith merchants in Highpass Keep, by the entrance to the mines.

First, combine in a forge one Starmetal Ore + Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel. You will get one usable Portion of Starmetal (no drop). Contrary to the book, you will NOT get a second portion from this split. You will need to split the other starmetal ore to get another usable "portion" of starmetal. CAUTION: according to some sources, do NOT attempt to split the other starmetal ore until you have already made your combines with the first portion.

Second, form the core of the blade. Combine the Portion of Starmetal and Sanctified Bone Dust in the forge to get a Dusted Block of Ore (lore, no drop) and Remaining Bone Dust (lore, no drop). "Fold" the block of ore 5 times by combining the Dusted Block of Ore + Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel in a forge. Each time you get the hammer and chisel back along with a Blade Core-x Fold. Combine the Blade Core-5th Fold and Forging Hammer in the forge to shape the core into a Shaped Blade Core (lore, no drop).

Third, form the skin of the blade. Combine the Remaining Bone Dust with another Portion of Starmetal in the forge. Take the result (a Dusted Block of Ore), and "fold" it, as above, by combining it with a Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel TEN times in the forge. Each time you get a Blade Skin-x fold back.

Fourth, take the Blade Skin-10th fold and combine it with the Shaped Blade Core + Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel in a forge to get a Complete Raw Blade (lore, no drop).

Fifth, combine the Complete Raw Blade and the Forging Hammer in a forge to make a Complete Shaped Blade (lore, no drop). This has been reported as not being trivial at smithing of 180.

Sixth, temper the blade. Combine a small block of clay with a flask of water in a potter’s wheel to get a clay/water mixture. Take the mixture and combine it with the Complete Shaped Blade in a potter's wheel to get a Clay Coated Blade (lore, no drop). Take the Clay Coated Blade and combine in a forge with the Grey Colored Ice to get a Finished Naginata Blade (lore, no drop).

[b]PART 3 - THE TSUBA:[/b]

The Mandala of Draconic Binding is found in the east wing as a ground spawn on a coffin in an alcove off the room with four alcoves (it's the alcove further in to the left).

Chromite Ore is a drop off the Armor of Zek, found close to the Vindicator in the Temple. ('Nuff said...:)

Forge the chromite ore into a plate. In a forge, combine the Ore + Forging Hammer + Flask of Water. It is known to be trivial at 118 smithing.

Obtain a toolset from an innkeeper in Paineel. He tends a bar with some dancing skeletons playing instruments. Hail him and give him 1000pp to get the toolset. The set is transferrable, so if you are KOS in Paineel, make a level 1 erudite to get the toolset.

Find the Kerran craftsperson in the Warrens (as you zone in, take a right, then after a few turns, take the first door on the right). Tell the Kerran that "I need your help," and he'll respond that he needs a special set of tools and to bring them here along with a suitable plate of metal and a sketch of the tsuba's design, then he can construct the tsuba. Give him the plate, the toolset, and the mandala sketch to get the Tsuba.


Return to Eldriaks in Skyshrine. Hand him the staff, the blade, and the tsuba, get vial of kromzek blood along with an assembled naginata back.

Eldriaks Fe'Dhar takes the staff, blade, and tsuba and looks them over. He says, [i]'Excellent craftsmanship. These will make a fine weapon. But one part remains to join all the pieces together. That is the fittings.' [/i] The wyvern then hands you the items back along with a vial of blood and says, [i]'This vial of blood will allow you to awaken Garzicor's spirit.'[/i]

You say, [i]'How do I awaken Garzicor's spirit?[/i]

Eldriaks Fe'Dhar says [i]'First you must awaken his spirit by speaking where you found his corpse. You must say exactly this: [b]"You are one but two. Your vengeance shall find a home."[/b] Hopefully this will bring him to you. You must hurry and splash the vial of Kromzek blood upon his ghostly form. The taste of the blood will bring him fully into existence. You must then do battle with him. If you defeat him, you will have split his being which will be represented by two more shades. Give them each a flawless diamond. He will comply and choose these gems as a phylactery. Once you have the dual phylactery, you need only combine them with the assembled naginata in a forge to create the Ethereal Bladed Naginata. Bring me the weapon.'[/i]


Return to the dragon's head and bones at +1523, +1109. Say: [i][b]"You are one but two. Your vengeance shall find a home."[/b][/i] An invisible spirit spawns (you can target the name).

Give the spirit the kromzek blood and Garzicor's Remains spawns (looks like a construct) and attack. If you have anybody KOS to CoV, fight the remains up the ramp away from the spawn point (so as not to aggro the later translucent spawns). The remains are fairly weak, hitting for only 144 with a weak AoE.

Garzicor's Wrath spawns where the remains died and attacks. He is a translucent dragon, hits for around 350 and has a strong AoE fear.

When Garzicor's Wrath dies, another translucent looking dragon, Spirit of Garzicor, (CoV faction) will spawn at the original spot under the dragon's head. Give this dragon spirit a flawless diamond to get a magical Gold Tinted Diamond back. There will be another translucent dragon just past it, same name, deeper down the tunnel. Give this second one another flawless diamond and get a magical Blackened Diamond back. Both returned diamonds are NO DROP.


Combine the assembled naginata with the two magical diamonds in a forge (just the naginata and the two diamonds) to get an Ethereal Bladed Naginata (unverified). Trivial is below 193 smithing.


Give the Ethereal Bladed Naginata to Eldriaks Fe`Dhar and get a "verified" naginata back:

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'You have succeeded Iustus . Garzicor's spirit no longer calls to us from beyond. Now we ask that you do one more thing. You must wield this weapon against all giant kind to satiate Garzicor's thirst for vengeance. The Naginata has a special power against the Kromzek, they will fall easily before it. However, if you do not wish to, hand the weapon back to me and I'll give you an earring more worthy of a being of faith. If you are one of sorcerous powers, hand me the earring and Ill hand you a ring more suited to you. [/i]

Identify on the naginata given back (which looks identical) reveals: Item Lore: Eldriaks Verified Naginata.

Give Naginata back to Eldriaks to get earring.

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'Tis sad to see that the weapon will not be wielded by it's maker, but here is your earring. Wear it well. [/i]

Give him the earring to get the ring.

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says [i]'So you prefer the ring? Very well, may it serve you well.' [/i]

Do not give him back the ring. You will get nothing in return.