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07-31-2001, 06:22 AM
I'm doing a poem/song project in installments. As I feel inspired, I further add to it.

So far I'm pleased with how it is going. I really hope I'm able to be pleased at its final outcome.

Will begin to share with the first installment here.

I have 3 written so far ;)


"I Have Crossed The Great Divide"

When I was very young and hale,
I heard a weary traveler's tale
A savage, brisk and ruthless land
He spoke of with a trembling hand.

He entered the pub, worn and thin
and took up a chair near the fire within.
"Where have you been?" I asked the man
and he grew silent for quite a span.

Finally gazing up, his eyes morose
he waved a hand, for me to move close.
As I shuffled my stool close to his side,
he rasped, "I have crossed the Great Divide."

"Tell me of this land!" I nearly shouted with glee
for a great tale of adventure I thought to foresee.
"Please tell me this tale," I did again entreat
He sighed and nodded, as if in defeat.

In his rolling voice of baritone rumble
He told his story with never a fumble.
"A wondrous land is this," he did confide
And he began to tell of the Great Divide.

Scattered trees with crystal branches frozen
no trace of a path man's foot had chosen;
Skies the sapphire blue of a maiden's eye
Made home to the sun to glorify

One foot set forward, he began his pace
the snowflakes whispering across his face.
the traveler kept warm along his trail
by his brisk, steady trot, and flask of ale.

But tragedy and pain would begin one night
when a blizzard howled in to rend and smite.
In the ruthless, pelting snow he huddled
His normal keen senses attacked and muddled.

Late in the night, his ears were assailed
by the hungry howls of many wolves wailed.
Their song grew louder as they drew closer yet
and despite the frigid chill, he began to sweat.

In desperation the traveler struggled to run
stumbling blindly, his nerves undone.
His muscles weary under the storm's onslaught,
he felt final defeat, and slowed his trot.

Blood red eyes gleamed through the haze
and the traveler stood still, caught in a daze.
Suddenly he spotted through the storm's thick mire,
what looked like the flicker of a distant fire.

The strength of new hope flooded into his soul
and he struggled up the side of a snowy knoll.
To his wonder the torch danced atop a huge wall
behind which a fortress stood unbelievably tall.

Glancing back in the night, he saw the wolves were gone
and he began to scale the wall, towards the torch thereupon.
As he settled close to the flame to warm his blood
He suddenly heard a tremendous thud.

To his newfound horror and astonished awe
he saw a huge giant as it gave deep guffaw.
Another voice rumbled out in a terrifying bass
and the first giant raised up an immense mace.

The two glared at each other, in an apparent gauge
and finally one stormed off in a frustrated rage.
Realizing he had not yet been found out
He slipped in a small crevice, and there he hid out.

With exhaustion he could no longer fight,
he slept the rest of that fitful night.
He awoke at dawn, and with urgent care
He silently slipped away from there.

(To be continued)

Miragia Ebonmist