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Excerpts from the Book of Tailoring, the Gospel of Wyrdlan.

Chapter 1:1 - 15

These are the words of the Tailor.
In the beginning was swatch, and the swatch was from silk, and the swatch was silk, and it was good. For the swatch shall not fail and with the swatch further mercies shall be given. In the time of the swatch, thou shalt travel until the place of Common gathering, and in this place though shalt strike down the arachnids, for these arachnids keep the silk from you.
Of these arachnids, some shall drop the spiderling silk, of which much may be given and much may be made.
In those days, thou must make threads, for of these threads come the padding of thy smiths, and with it they shall make a wonderous and fine armor.

Chapter 2:15-26

For in the days before time, Karana did walk among her people, and her druids did adore Karana, and Karana did adore them and Tunare was with her. Then the lion did revolt against the peace and ways of Karana, for the rain was troublesome to the lion and they did not like it. So the lions did revolt and Karana in her wisdom did decry that from the lions armor may be made for the druids, who were obedient. And thus from the lions may be gathered three types of armor, that of Patchwork, that of the studds, and that of the reinforcement of boning.

So in alliance with the wishes of Karana, and beholded to Tunare, thou shall gather these pelts and make Patchwork, saving with you the pelts that thou can not use, for preparation is the key to the mercy of Karana.

Chapter 5:27-42

Quellious did look down upon his monks and dismayed, for they were too heavy in his sight. He spoke with Karana and did discover her quarrel. Quellious the peaceful decided that his monks did need bags, and bags for them he provided. Of the low quality skins of animals, together with the silken cord of the spiderling, Quellious provided bags.

Chapter 10:27-32

Again Quellious did look down upon his monks and saw they were being struck. For this reason he did spy the silks of spiders, and the swatches that did not fail, and he did combine with them patterns. And with these patterns he did create armor that was silken, and that weighed little, and with this armor he clothed monks, and he clothed also pure casters of all types.

Chapter 15:42-56

Then Karana did remind her druids of the pelts that they had saved. Attention was given to those of middle quality, not so pure as others, but more pure than those from which bags are made. And with these pelts the druids went to the forges of the dwarves, and for them the dwarves did make studs from steel, which the druids sewed into this armor, and wore it, and it was good.

Chapter 16:56-82

From Qeynos there came a decry that the monks shall not be forced to wear only the armor of Quellious. A master was found there that did spill his drink, and his drink was a Kiola, and it frothed with much head. Where this drink had touched the fabric it had cured it.

This curing had many effects, the fabric was made lighter, but with it came a strong smell. For the Heady Kiola is made from the nut of the mighty Kiola tree. And it is that tree from which the saying comes, A Kiola may smell mightily, but not so much as a clean Ogre. For that smell was in the drink, and it was in the clothes, and for this reason the magicians could not summon, for none would come near, and the enchanters could not hide, for their smell did reveal them. And the fumes were flammable, so Wizards dared not come near. Necromancers did recoil from the smell as well. But the monks of Qeynos cared not for the smell, for they did not bathe and to them a fragrance of Kiola is a reminder of humbleness.

Thus it is written the third gift of Quellious was discovered.

Chapter 23:7, 56-82
These are the words of Wu.
If that CANST get experience while hunting lion patriachs and matriarchs, thou MUST gather thy pelts of thrice
qualities, the quality of ruined, the quality of medium, and thy quality of the highest. For THEN shall thy be prepared to SMITE the ranks of 40-56 and 82 - 115 when thous DOEST come to them. For when thou comest to these levels thou will SMITE thyself if thou has wasted the chance to gain experience while gathering thy components. For on the third day thou shalt BEGIN to kill crag spiders, and crag spider DOEST drop up to six spider silks on their bodies, and it is good. For Wu did look at Eastern Karana, on the plains of Karana, and the continent of Antonica, and he did pronounce it good.

Chapter 25:83-115

Again Karana came to her druids telling them of the pack of many slots. For the bear must not go to waste as it is the greatest of Tunare's creatures. So from the bear, when a pelt fitting to honor Tunare is found, a bag may be fashioned for the back, and this bag will be called a backpack, to remind where it ought be worn. She did also remind them of the quiver, for in it arrows may be held for her rangers. With these arrows rangers may smite her foes, so with these quivers rangers may shoot more quickly. This was the wish and desire of Karana for her fallen creatures

Chapter 26: 16-58

Again in the lands Wu walked, for he had heard accounts of wonderous enchantments. When in the forrest of Faydark he encountered brownies he did say to them, "Does thou know of wonderous enchantments" and they did try to smite him for it was their way. Being a monk, he did act as though dead, and called for help. An enchanter happened also to be in the forest that day, and pretending to befriend the brownies he came into their camp. And in their camp the enchanter found wonderous scrolls on which were written a variety of ways of perserving manna. And Wu did call to him, and the enchanter did make him invisible and they did escape together.

Now this enchanter was not very old, but Wu did call on him to make the things which he had seen. The enchanter tried with rubies and could not, and with other precious stones and could not. Finally the enchanter tried with pearl, and from it a vial was produced, that when place in gloves, or in other cured clothes did act to make the monk Wu move with wonderous agility. For this Wu was glad and set off to tell those in his guild, stopping only to battle the Chief of the Orcs of that part of the forrest. Of Wu nothing more was known.

Chapter 58

Behold in those last days a prophet shall be sent, and she shall be known as the denmother, and Niami shall be her name. She shall describe in those days a great multitude of things. For she will discover many armors, and they shall come the forgottten land. Thus it is written, thus it shall be.