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07-02-2001, 09:58 AM
Druids get tracking at 20. You need to put a single point into it at your friendly neighborhood trainer. After that, there should be a button labeled "Track" under your "Abilities." Move the Track button to your hotbank key (left-click and hold to move it).

Druid's tracking skill maxes at 125 (which is quite an improvement over previous caps at 20 and 50). This gives us a fairly substantial range, although less than that of rangers. Rangers also get some nice track sorting options that druids don't get.

To track, simply hit the Track hotkey. A window with a list of mobs or PCs on it should appear. Except for PCs, the color of the mob names is the color of their /con to you, thus making it easy to find XP-giving mobs.

If you are in a group and are tracking PCs, then your group members will always appear at the top, even if not in range. Otherwise, the list will show all mobs in your range, with the most recent spawns at the top of the list. (Note that this is for new spawns in the zone. The first time you enter the zone, the list is in inverse order, with the newest spawns at the bottom. All new spawns after you enter will show up at the top of the list.)

You can scroll down the list to see all the mobs in your range using the button on the right-hand side of the window.

To actually track something, left click on the name of that mob and hit the Track button at the bottom of the window. The window will disappear, and you will now get a message ever few seconds as to the direction of the mob from your location. You can lose track of your mob.

Tracking PCs is a bit more problematic, often giving false locations. This appears to be related to the character saves, and may be gotten around by having the person being tracked stand still and/or drop something on the ground.

To stop tracking, simply hit the Track hotkey again, and close the window or hit ESC. If you open the Track window but want to continue tracking the mob you currently are tracking (say, it goes out of range and is no longer on the list), change your window view. This will close the tracking window but will not stop your tracking.

Tracking range increases with skill level. Your tracking skill level will increase with tracking use.

You can track invisible mobs or PCs only if you can see invisible.

You can also track corpses of group members. You must have been in the zone when your friend died, and must now be grouped with them. If you stay in the zone, you will be able to track their corpse. If you leave the zone or camp, you will not be able to track their corpse. Also, you will not be able to track their corpse if the person reenters the zone.

You can track your own corpse if you are bound in the same zone where you died, and do not leave the zone.

Tracking Commands:

/trackplayer on/off/group

On - track all PCs, including group
Off - track no PCS, including group
Group - track no PCs except for group