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07-02-2001, 09:02 AM
A druid is a great powerleveler. At pretty much all ranges we can spike, skin, and regen/heal. A level 60 druid, in particular, is great for any level of powerleveling, with Protection of the Glades, Regrowth of the Grove, and Legacy of Thorns.

The simplest way to PL is to buff and heal someone while the mob or mob(s) hit them. Spike damage will be a big contributor, but it is not attributed to any person, so the person in question must do at least some damage to the mob independently in order to get the XP. How this can best be done depends on the person being powerleveled. Casters with AoEs, for example, can damage several mobs at once (this is particularly nice when using the alternative technique below).

You can do this at a static camp, or by following the person around a zone. You can use auto-follow while ungrouped by grouping, activating auto-follow, then ungrouping.

Alternatively, if the mobs are hitting for too much damage, you can pull mobs onto you with snare and let them beat themselves on your spikes for a bit. Do NOT do any damage to it yourself, however, with spell or weapon. Then the person being powerleveled can take the mob out with a few hits when it is sufficiently damaged. If you are high enough in level and have sufficient HP and AC, you can have several mobs beating themselves to death on you while your friend takes them out one by one. The main danger here is that he or she doesn't get to them all in time.

At higher levels, you can assist in damaging the mob a little bit, as long as your damage won't be more than your friends. For example, when PLing a level 58 warrior, I will buff them up, then pull with WoN. The mob hits me a few times, I root it, and the warrior takes over while I sit and med and keep an eye on the warrior's HP.

One pitfall to avoid is lagging skills. PLing rapidly will often result in combat and casting skills falling behind the normal development curve. The person being powerleveled should make sure to take the time to get his or her combat/casting skills up every three or four levels so as to not fall too far behind.

Some suggested locations are listed below.

07-02-2001, 09:04 AM
Heres how I do it and best locations I've found.

Also: up to lvl 35 make sure the person your powerlevelling gets at least 1 hit in on each mob. Always keep 4-5 mobs on him at once. If it is a caster with an AE available even better as he can hit them all (same with PLing a bard)

lvl 1-5 East commons (bears, beetles, snakes etc)
lvl 5-14 Unrest. Yard trash. (these levels FLY)
lvl 14-17 Derv Camp in WC. Pull the entire camp (lol).
lvl 17-25 Mistmoore out by the pond.
lvl 25-35 Upper Guk. Scryer room.
lvl 35-40 * Infected Paw dungeon. Group with them and kill everything. You get no exp, they get hella exp. This will only work if you are lvl 50 or so. Any higher and they don't get exp.
lvl 40-51 Timorous Deep. Group with them and quad kite spirocs.

Well there ya go. Personally after lvl 25 it becomes a chore. So this person better be a good friend of yours.

Also, they should take time out every 4 levels and fight for a level on thier own to get the skills up.

Power levelling spells up to 35 (before grouping) are:
Buff them with Skin like Nature, Chloroplast, and Spikes damage shield. Heal as needed.

Hope this helps.

- Glacius

07-02-2001, 09:07 AM
Best place I found at that level was South Ro -- at level 8 your enchanter can still play tank.
I just went round and round thru the 5 orc camps there with mine and flew thru 6 to 11 about
and then switched to the dervs, madmen, giant scarabs near the desert line for the next few
levels. Put on SLN, Thorns, Chloro. You set the druid to auto-follow while grouped with the
enchanter and then disband the group -- you stay on auto-follow that way. Just leave the
enchanter targeted and heal (with level 19 heal spell) if needed usually. Once in a while you
may need to finish off a tough cleric orc or snare a runner or something. Enchanter just runs
from camp to camp and tries to hit each orc once with their cheapest spell (shallow breath
or ??) while the orcs kill themselves on the damage shield.

Kresha Zauber
Halfling Druidess of Prexus

07-02-2001, 09:07 AM
1-12 The Undead Ruins in North Karana
12-19 Reaver Hill In East Karana
19-34 Unrest yard then basement
34-39 Lower Guk Live Side at the zone
39-48 Lower Guk Live Tower and Noble Area
48-52 Front 6 at The Hole
53-56 Lower Guk King/Herbalist Area or SolB LDC/Beetles

Kethos Danu [Shining Path] 51 Wanderer

07-02-2001, 09:09 AM
Also consider using /assist, that way you can keep the lowbie targeted, hit assist to target and root the mob he's working on, then /assist again to retarget the player.

Toggling between views will also help you see and keep track of all the action and enable you to target and root the few that do get away. Then the lowbie can just walk over to that rooted one, get within meelee range and let it finish itself off.

Powerleveling is, in itself, a skill that must be practiced. LOL :) But if I get one more tell that starts with, "hey, you busy right now?" I'm gonna scream.

Frank the Druid
Phraynque Senbeenz
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07-02-2001, 09:13 AM
1-5 newbie zone
5-10 Dervs
10-18-Orcs in Oasis
19-29 Goblins in Sol A
30-45 Kedge Keep All the fishes and pirhana
45 50 Dreadlands



1-10 South Ro
11-16 Reaver hill in East Karana
17-30 Camped Ghoulbane in Upper Guk :)
31-44 Mino Elder and pals in Lower Guk Live
45-50 Dreadlands

Fendril Shadowshifter
Blackguard of 55 Levels
Eastern Keep
Rodcet Nife


Well I have done this too. However my choices were a bit different. I chose areas that were not occupied so I could maximize the number of pulls per hour.
1-8 Misty Thicket
8-12 Orcs/Dervs in WC
12-16 Beholders Gorge
16-22 Runnyeye
22-30 Lake of Ill Omen or Firona Vie
30-40 Overthere and Kedge Keep

If you can pull light reds or yellows to the enchanters level you can go up really quick, by quick I mean a level every 30 minutes in the lower levels, a level an hour in the mid levels, and about a level every couple of hours in the middle 30's.



I have powered about half a dozen characters using the following guide:

1-8 misty thicket/west commons (young kodiaks, dervs, willowisps, etc.)
8-12 gorge of king xrobb (yes you read that right, muddites are the ultimate powering mob-- they don't run when low on health and don't hit that hard)

I have powered people from 1-12 in under 4 hours played using the above tactics. After 12 you have many more options, i have done all sorts of zones, one of my favorites being high hold pass killing the entire orc camp. this of course only works if no one else is around, otherwise you're probably better off elsewhere.

Linguica [Level 56 Preserver Rallos Zek]


1 - 13 Field of Bone Pit
14 - 20 The Overthere near dry lake near Wrsliks Woods ZOne
21 - 24 Undead Ruins in Swamp of No Hope near FV zone
25 - 29 Frontier Mountains near Dreadlands zone. Zone in and turn left across first ridge. Go to bottom of V by tree, safe camp spot
30 - 35 The overthere, zone in from FM and turn right, run down a bit away from crowd
36 - 40 Yetis caves in Dreadlands

Made level 40 in just over 4 days played with my druid powerleveled by 42 mana bard and 49 Pally/46 Cleric

Qwack Pluma Blanca
Jus Divinum
Sheriff of HighPass Keep


1-4 Field of Bone
5-16 Kurn's Tower
16-25 Kaesora
25-35 Dalnir
35-50 City of Mist

Won't take more than four hours to get to level 15 at Kurns. When things get blue or even it's probably time to move. Second, have them use the fasest delay weapon they have. Their damage means nothing, you just want them to make sure they hit each mob once. Make them pull while you med.

I'm not 100% on my levels, but my general plan is correct. Never, ever, ever power someone on a mob that will a) agro to you if you heal or, b) run away when it's low on heath.

Skels, skels, skels...



_Great, ungodly exp can be found in the back corridors of Permafrost. Go to the Archaelogist's area, pull in ice goblins from the surrounding spawns. A pair of 12ths were making 2 blue bubbles a kill off them. Snare pull, let the goblin beat itself to death (grasping root it when it runs so it turns to smack and die). Just be sure to kill the casters yourself, they take far more mana than its worth. Fortunately the ice goblins are the more common spawn. And you can get a pack or mask off the arch, no one hunts there except for the named.

This will get you at least a level a night (2 to 3 hours of killing, max), I worked two 12ths to 16th/17th there in a few days.

1 - 5 newbie lands, wolfform and one of them being a bard just sponged exp up at a furious rate.

6th to 9th on the orcs in S Ro.

10 - 12 on the WK bandits, there are many spawns in the mountains, and they are never camped.

Then to perma. Note the common point, nothing they killed was camped by people hunting in their own weight class. Its rude to PL where people are hunting. Which is why places like Unrest and MM are off my PLing list. But you can always find gobbos uncamped, say in the OOT. Or FM.

Blackwulf, 55th druid


The limiting factor for me is healing, and short of having clarity there is not much I can do about it indoors, outdoors Form of the Howler helps.

Fixation of Ro is a 44th level spell out of Velious, its an AC/ATK debuff. Works wonders for PLing, mobs that were tearing our friend up suddenly became managable.

Now that we aren't using it, I'll add my next step after the Perma goblins: The undead ruins in Rathe Mountains.

Rarely camped, and while trash mobs spawn in place of the good ones, just add them to the pull and let them do a few points of damage while killing themselves on the thorns. You can easily work someone from high teens to high twenties there.

Blackwulf, 55th druid

07-02-2001, 09:15 AM
Ok, remember that PLing any caster has some troubles assosiated with it. The Enchanter is going to be spending a lot of time get doing skill raises on spells. Still, why not... we are rather good at powerleveling after all.

Remember this though! An Enchanter is the master of the powerlevel too. Once your little buddy hits 12th pick up memory blur. (I'd do NRo, WC, LoIO and such areas to get to 12th, it really should not take long.) With memory blur you can forget the whole porcupine levelling bit and do things in style. The Druid picks something about three levels above the Enchanter. He then nukes into into submission, the flight but snared stage. Our intrepid Enchanter then Mem Blurrs it three times or so and finishes with a nuke or poking it in the back. Voila, full experience for the Enchanter. Mix in some old fashioned porccing to keep those neglected finger-wiggler defensive skills up and you have an Enchanter on a mission.


07-02-2001, 09:15 AM
my guide - done a few melees from 1-50

up to 6 newb zone to perserve equipment and corpse
6-18 field of bone moving from pit to between Kaesora and Kurns on grass
18-25 Swamp of no hope - near bandit camp and obelsk
25-30 LOIO sarnaks
30-46 Overthere
46-52 Dreadlands outside karnors or BW

Im about to drag a 48 warrior to coablt scar to see how it pimps up there versus BW

This is with a 51 druid PL - and sometimes a cleric healing

Allied Giants on Ayonae Ro
Creator of
Saddle 53 Monk / Agtwilight 48 Bard / Bruenor 50 Cleric / Phati 48 Warrior

07-02-2001, 09:16 AM
I have been Power leveling my new DE cleric. I checked this post many times and I hit 29 with him last night. Here is my summary of where I did it.

1-6 Misty - great newbie zone, I couldn't pull fast enough, mobs to spare.

6-10 Sro Derv camp - Nobody here, ever. This is on E'ci with 2800 people on.

10-17 Unrest Yard - OMG, if you have never PL'd here, this is the place for you! I would run my cleric around and argo huge trains. Pull back to where I parked my druid and the mobs would line up to hit me. Only 4 would hit at once, the rest would wait in line! Also, nothing runs away, best zone to PL IMHO.

17-25 Mist Moore - Another great spot, I tried LOIO at this level and it is WAY over camped. I can remember leveling my druid there and the mobs ran free. Now, its a rare to see a roaming mob on in LOIO on my server. I did manage to do a level or 2 in the goblin tunnels, that was decent.

25-29 Upper Guk - I went to Uguk and headed to the live side zone. Set up camp in the small room right at the zone line. I love this place, but I think its time to zone over to lower guk, live side and start doing the bedroom and minos.


07-02-2001, 09:30 AM
I have a cleric that I've power leveled to 39 with just over five days played. I'm proud of the fact that most of his primary skills are pretty well maxed out, including divination for invis to undead. His conjuration is pretty weak, haven't worked on any weapon skill but 1HB, but I figure that's enough since clerics don't need to be in melee at higher levels anyway. Most importantly his defense is maxed. I spent some time chain casting for points occasionally and I spent a couple of hours with my druid doing some quest related stuff while on my other computer, the cleric was just swimming in place for that skill.

I spent my clerics lower levels in Butcher Block. Dwarf skeletons until level five or so, then the chessboard till about 10 maybe.

South Ro pulling dervs, ghouls, dry bones till about 15.

UNREST!!! 15 to about 25 in wolf form is fantastic. I'd pull yellows and reds for my cleric, gaining a little extra experience from the inevitable yard trash that would join. I could pull, pick and choose the mobs I wanted for my cleric, while he was relatively safe outside, since he was non-KoS in wolf form. When the morons made trains, most of the time we were on the wall by the back door, so we avoided them or if a train came by and we weren't fighting, I could just let it pass by and it would ignore us. I only had to zone once I think in the entire time I power leveled here.

LOIO at the goblin caves from 25 to 30. I scoffed when a buddy suggested LOIO because the gobs were blue to my cleric, a few even cons when he was at 25. That was until the first few kills. Incredible experience from LOIO mobs, and surprisingly, even when there were 100 folks in the zone, the caves wouldn't be heavily camped. Go figure.

Tizmaks from about 30 to 38. The experience from each tizmak isn't that great, but the cave entrances have an incredible spawn rate, so I was killing non-stop. Once my cleric got to 34, my druid could have up to four tizmaks dying from ES Vambraces, while my cleric would Atone the most dead tizmak, rooting it if my druids root broke, and letting it beat itself to death on the thorns.

Crystal Caverns 38 to 39 maybe to 40. Take the left tunnel after the broken bridge and kill the tentacles. Again, mad spawn rate and you can single pull with a high level druid.

I plan to start getting into groups with my cleric post 40 since he is now at the point whereby he will be valued over shaman and druids for healing duties.

Robyn Goodfellow
54 Wanderer Prexus

07-02-2001, 09:30 AM
One of my fave spots is the 5th floor of Tower of Frozen Shadow, doing the Ushers. All of them are good exp up to about 47 or so, you CAN get xp with them all the way to 51, but you'll go through a lot of xp greens to do it.

I'm helping a good friend work her warrior up, she's got herself decked out pretty darn good, full crafted dwarf with dual yaks ;)

Getting up there is the trick... I took her up with my druid and my cleric, cleric has the keys... Invis/Invis vs undead on your way up at each level's mirror/entryway, when you get to the 5th floor you're set to go... you can work your way in pulling with snare and just buff/dmg shield/snare the mobs and heal while they just fight their ass off. It keeps their skills up, at around 30 they are red, and xp will FLY till about 45. We were doing a level in a casual night's play for a while. The reason I did it this way is she can work on her pulling skills, and her other skills stay maxxed, bring a variety of weapons with and let them work the skills up. If you can bring a bunch of bandages with, you can let them get beat down pretty low and use gheal to keep em in "frenzy" mode, the ushers *will* run back down the hallway to the end and "warp" to the right side and keep running in a loop because of it.

IMHO one of the BEST places as far as risk/reward because the money is decent, there's the mirror right close by, and then you have the added bonus of being able to turn around and blast Nosja and Daman at the odd time if the floor is empty, and possibly get rings. I have gotten at least 6 of the rings Daman has dropped... NONE off of Nosja, they've *severely* nerfed those ring drops off of him. The downside is the Enraged Relative. I camped my 50 warrior up there and have a third machine ready to log him in if that one pops... blue to a 54, this thing gives me the added bonus of getting xp for pl'ing someone, but will tear through stuff in melee very fast, so you better have a cleric behind your melee.


07-02-2001, 09:32 AM
Well, I've taken PLing as a profession lately from doing it so much. (made friends with most of the people whom I PLed). I've done four warrior, three rogues, a monk, a mage, two rangers, three paladins, two necros. Let me just say that if you're going to PL, try as you as you can NOT to PL a caster. They have low ac, low hp, crappy offensive abilities and they are just plain hard ot keep alive. PLus PLing goes hecka slow with a caster. So go for a tank type.

Here is what I did
Lvl 1 to 4 - Snakes, rats, and all that junk.
Lvl 5 to 9 - Orcs and Dervs in the Southwestern corner of Oasis of Marr. Two orc camps here plus tons of wandering orcs.
Lvl 10 to 14 - Reavers, animals and stuff in EC. Bes tplace is the reaver hill.
Lvl 15 to 30 - Temple of Cazic Thule. I Haven't read many of the posts here, but haven't seen anyone put this down. This is the best place to PL a tank. My warrior (has a 55 ranger as main and is an RL friend) would take his half elf in full FS and run around in the maze until he gets some mobs then comes back to me in the same inner corner inside of the maze. There, I'd hit him with dmg shield, and just relax while watching his hps. Easy as pie and extremely fast exp.
Lvl 31 to 40 - Lower Guk. Best place is the Bedroom to 35 then either Ass/Sav/Cav/Exe (But NOT Sage).
Lvl 41 to 50 - Dreadlands and LGuk. Both are decent, but by now it gets hecka slow and boring. So put on some music, get out your eq papers and just relax. Make the tank pull since he/she should be high enough to do it.

Some guy posted here saying that every 4 levels, the guy should get his skills up. Well, that's good advice, but not necessary. I mean, his skills will be flying when you put him with SLN, Chrolo, DMg Shield and set him against a red mob. Oh, never waste mana. You should never bother with any other buff, except maybe magic resist if you are in LGuk. If you get down to 40m or lower, call a short break and med, especially if the guy you are PLing is in his 30s or higher.

If you're doing the pulling, fudge about safety and pull like two or three mobs. It's hecka fun ;) Set them against your tank, root and snare all of them, then just watchi the guys health. PLing is as easy as pie as long as you have good mana at all times. If mana gets low and mob's kicking your buddies butt, don't be afraid to say "zone". Oh, and whether the mob runs or not, snare it. Use snar euntil the guy is in his 30s then use ensnare. Just in case. Always expect the unexpected. ANything could happen.

Oh, and usually when you get into the PLing business and get good at it, people give you awesome things. I've been offered lumi staff, 30k, shieldstorm, MoSS, thorneblade of yk, hammerhead helm, smr, iksar regen bp, glowing black stone, Crown of King Tranix, KDs, wu sticks, fighting batons, fbss, tbbs and more. I tell you, get good, play long hours (like me, hehehe) and you'll get rich within a week. If the guy is paying you plat, then make out a system. Like, "pay me every 5 levels" or "pay me every level". Just know that the lower levels, you should not get alot of plat cause they're easy, but at higher levels, you should get plenty.

Anyway, I'm done blabbering. Hope some of that helps ya. ANd yes, in case people haven't noticed, I don't like Kunark or Velious PLs much. Too sucky there.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Nikan Spahr - 54th Wanderer of Tunare
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Tamador - 35th Rogue of Bristlebane

07-02-2001, 09:34 AM
No no no, you people missed the best and easiest XP in the game. The alluring sirens in OOT. Right when you enter the zone from Butcher, look to the right of the boat. You will see them on some rocks. They are mermaids with orange lower bodies. There's 2 of them, they spawn every 6 minutes or so and give fantastic XP. I took my rogue there at level 10, with my druid standing watch of course. Each kill was a solid blue bubble of xp. By level 13 it was 3/4 a bubble.

But then I took him to Unrest. Unrest is best at that level for one reason: undead never run. They fight to the death. The rogue's dodge, defense, dual weild and double attack just shot up, and he gained 3 levels in like 2 hours. He's now 16 and parked in Freeport. Eventually I'll take him to Oasis and let him earn the rest without Galiana watching his ass. :)


07-02-2001, 09:35 AM
I'm currently powerleveling a cleric alt on another account since our guild is woefully short of high level clerics at the moment (only 1 level 49+ cleric in the guild).

1-7 did Misty Thicket (beyond the wall), wasps, giant bats, young kodiaks

7-11 Derv camp in SRO. Nobody ever camps it and you get an occassional Sand Giant so you can make some money while powerleveling your alt/friend.

11-14 Unrest yard trash. OMG, this is incredible. I'd run around the yard and snare everything that moved, bringing back 10-15 mobs at once. Then they'd all bunch up in line waiting to hit me. The Cleric steps into the middle of the group and casts Word of Pain. Hits 4 of them at once, who all turn and beat themselves to death on the dmg shield. Did 11-14 in about 90 mins, plus 1hb, defense, offense are all maxed. Casting skills were maxed at 11, and I plan on maxing them at every 3 levels thereafter so they don't get too far behind.

14-?? Currently in EK at Reaver Hill, but several are blue. May do gorgehounds and dark reavers at the other end of the zone, or go back to Unrest =)

A little different tactic with my Rogue I'm also powerleveling. I'd get mobs that I *know* will run at low health and snare them. That way he gets at least a couple backstab practices on every kill.

Something that nobody has mentioned. If you are worried about mobs running at low health, pull more than 1 at once. Most mobs will fight to the death if there is more than one of them on you. What I do is pull 2 Reavers and hit one a couple times just to do some damage. Then switch to the other one. The first one beats himself to death on the dmg shield while you kill the other.

Plus, I never pull mobs that are so red that the powerlevelee can't hit. I hate standing behind a mob for 10 minutes whiffing at it (unless I need weapon practice =).


07-02-2001, 09:36 AM
This is what I've done with my twinks.

1-5 Newbie Area- This is usually the toughest for me, as I want to get their skills up and going, but you lvl so fast to 5, most skills are still around lvl 1(10)-2(15). My last twink, my clr, I just played to 5 to help get skills going.

5-14 Unrest Yard Trash- I agree with many, best in game.

14-19 LoIO- Mill side. Mostly cats and skellies.

19-24 LoIO- Fort side. Cats and skellies. (getting harder to do now, more ppl camping loio)

24-30 LGuk BR- Pulled everything but the spiders. GIBS are better exp than the frogs even.

30-35 MistMoore- This was more for the fact I like NS Wreaths, Fangs, and would like a cloak. I usually took the maid/butler or the cloaked dyhampyre guy. The cooks were a lil rough on my twinks though. Fountain/cloak is better exp, more mobs, can pull from piano room too if keeping the cy clear.

35-40 FV- This was a great place for exp. I went to the drovlarg camp at 800, neg 2k. There were roughly 30 blue mobs, and not a soul in sight. Exp is great having that many mobs to yourself. This was during prime time too, not sure why ppl dont use them more. Bad loot, but exp is more important when PL'ing.

40-50 LGuk, KK, SolB- I prefer the old world mobs, they dont hit as hard. I mean, with a 40 twink, I could pull the whole pool room, window room, two SK from KR, and all the GK to the LS zone in the 29min spawn time(even after sow wore off heh). Only problem is more and more ppl are leveling twinks and mains in old world dungeons now too. I am thinking about trying CoM though w/my lvl 41 war twink. I think CoM is a bindable area by the zone in or inside. Just have to get over there like a previous poster mentioned.

For me, in my experience, 40-50 is slower than the previous lvl's. PL'ing gets boring to me. Besides you can still get about a yellow bub an hour in a good group by KC in DL. For me, grouping is more fun, especially after mostly soloing a dru, and then 'soloing' my twinks with two computers. If I could get two yellow bub an hour (41-50), I'd solo though. Since I havent found that, I'll prob group some and PL some to 50 from now on to mix it up.

Danee SilverPine, Preserver of Kelethin
Crimson Eternity

07-02-2001, 09:37 AM
When powering a melee, 33-59 should all be done in sol b. Unless people have their entire guilds camping all of sol b waiting on ragefire, there are plenty of bats, beetles, and ldcs to keep you busy.

At 33, the best spot I found was pulling kobolds to pool room. Little competition up there and tons of spawns. Kobolds will take you all the way to 47 or 48, but start to green out at 46.

Can start off at 45 or so in sol a bat(bat 4), starting on bats and the occasional beetle. By this time, the melee should be pulling as his hp and ac will be far ahead of yours, not to mention the pain hell have taunting it off of you(and wasted heals, regrowth, buffs on yourself). Will want to avoid ldcs until 53 or 54 really, unless you have a fungi or epic(rogue/monk).

At 52 and 53 you can start pulling ldcs, but will want to get drones and winged on them to lower their hp a bit.

At 56, beetles and bats really start to green out and youll want ldcs only. This would be a good time to move to elbow so you dont have to bother with the green stuff.

At 58, you can solo pull imps and guardians which should be fairly easy by then. Can do ldcs all the way to 60, as 1/2 are blue and even the greens give exp at 59.

Rogue in my guild went from 29 to 59 in under 18 days played using exactly these steps and a naked level 51 druid. The warrior Ive been working on is currently at 57 with just over 10 days /played. Best exp in the game youll see right here.


07-02-2001, 09:38 AM
Hard Core powering,

Level 1 - 20 Kurns Tower any class fast weapon-thorns
Level 20 - 30 CT or UGuk- Low Delay weapon-thorns-snare
Level 30 - 40 Dalnirs or GD Mino Caves - Low Delay weapon-thorns-snare
Level 40 - 50 City of Mist - 51 plus Puller

Sro is way to much Micro and running around , in all these locations you can setup and never move, gets boring fast but get friends to come and have a party. in the tower and in cazic let the poweree pull all mobs for best result, an extra healer is nice to have for Cazic and above.

PS Level 20 - 46 can be done in Crystal Cavern starting with orcs then Terrors at broken bridge then spiders , then Terror Room. but CC is usually to busy to be effective


07-02-2001, 09:39 AM
Okay I'm starting to become pretty good at this power-leveling thing so I have one place to add:

31-46 Mines of Nurga

This place is nearly built for power-leveling. The spiders are my favorite spot because they only rarely spawn a caster. Lots of great exp to be had here since they buffed up the exp modifier of this zone. No wanderers at all and lots of wide-open deserted areas to pull to. If you are power-leveling an Enchanter with mem blur or Cleric with atone, the spiders will be taken down to near death with one cast of winged death and using your level 5 root to keep them in place. The mobs don't hit too hard here so it's really easy to keep your melee's healed and ready for action. The spiders do poison tho so keep your counteract poison memed. This place is usually deserted as the loot pretty much sucks. However, they do drop up to 4pp and that adds up after a while. No decent items drop but plenty of spider silk if you happen to be a tailor.

edit: one more thing. If you are 51+ you can pretty much pull singles out of a crowd and not worry about adds at all. Just snare them from afar and run them back to your camp. They will however argo you if you get too close.

I decided to do a full list of spots that are nice and quiet and fast places to powerlevel. This is using the assumption you are a 50+ druid and are powerleveling a melee type character. (All but INT casters will work up to about 35 using thorns and buffs and hit point gear. After that it gets a lot tougher for Shamans/Druids. Clerics can use atone after 34). Warriors and Monks are the easiest to powerlevel.

1-5: Any newbie area will do.
6-10: I used the mobs in Qeynos Hills but there are *many* different spots at this level.
10-15: Bandits in WK or NK
15-20: Unrest yard trash.
20-25: Permafrost (all the mobs around the alchy room)
25-30: Sol A (I suggest outside Foreman Room and then moving to Bartender at around 28)
31-46: Mines of Nurga (see above)
46-50: Dreadlands or Kedge Keep. (Dreadlands isn't very quiet but Kedge is)