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07-02-2001, 08:19 AM
Thurgadin War (10th Coldain Ring) Summary

Summary of Quest (based on various threads and reports from a variety of sources; some information may be off, and I will correct it when known):

1. Get note from Dain (tell him “you can count on my help”)

2. Go to GD, give note to Sentry Badain (westernmost guard tower)
-Sentry blows horn, entire zone depops

3. Follow Badain to Seneschal Aldikar, who sits with the dwarven commanders near the waterfall.

Sentry Badain says 'Excuse me Seneschal Aldikar, you instructed me to report to you when the outlander returned. I have brought him.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Perfect timing outlander, please be seated and listen carefully. Badain, yer dismissed.

Sentry Badain says 'Sir, yessir!

Seneschal Aldikar says 'We knew the day might come when the Kromrif would discover the location of our beloved city. It was only prudent for there to be a plan for such a circumstance. In light of recent developments, however, our plans have been adjusted. Outlander, the Dain has appointed you to lead our armies in defense of Thurgadin.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'I will stand here with a handful of men as a final line of defense. Should I fall, all will be lost. You will have these men and their soldiers to command. Use them wisely, you will be richly rewarded if your forces are able to keep them alive.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Garadain will post his men in the gorge to the east. Churn and his men will await your command in the caves to the west. Dobbin will have his forces at the ready in the clearing directly south of here near the towers. If any Kromrif make it to his vicinity he and his men will attack with or without your command.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Lastly, Corbin will hide his men in the worm caves to the south, call on him for a surprise attack. Remember where these men are stationed, outlander. Should they call out for help you may wish to send some of your people to aid them.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'The leader of this invasion is a powerful Kromrif named Narandi. Rumor has it that he is more powerful than any ten of his peers. He must fall. When he is slain you must show his head and the ninth ring to me.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Scout Zrelik here will follow you and serve as your herald. He will relay your orders to the troops. Show me your ninth ring now to verify your identity and I will give you the orders to memorize.

4. Give Aldikar the 9th Coldain Ring. He gives it back, along with a list of battle commands with the following instructions:

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Commit these orders to memory, Iustus , have them ready to speak at a moment's notice. When you are finished memorizing, repeat them to me. Tell your soldiers to prepare themselves. When the orders are handed to Zrelik we will take up our positions.

5. The commands to summon the commanders and their troops to your side are as follows (these should be hotkeyed prior to the battle).

/attack off
/target Zrelik
/say [army command]
Garadain to my side!
Dobbin assist me!
Chum protect me!
Corbin, attack!
For the Dain, attack! [this summons all of the commanders to your side]

6. Give the orders to Zrelik (do not delay too long). He gives them back. He will then follow you around like a pet (but takes no pet commands). Make sure combat is toggled off and Zrelik is targeted when giving these commands. The commander summoned comes running, but if there is nothing to engage, will return to his post at a walk.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Outlander, the enemy approaches. If you do not hand Zrelik the orders you will not be able to command the Coldain armies. You have one minute remaining.
Zrelik the Scout says 'At yer service, Iustus . Remember now, before issuing me an order ya must disengage from any combat and be sure yer speakin to me. Now let's get down to the business of killin some Kromrif!

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Good citizens of Thurgadin, hear me! Our city, our people, our very lives are in danger this day. The Kromrif are at this very moment marching towards us in an offensive they hope will bring about our demise...

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'I hereby command, by authority of Dain Frostreaver the Fourth, that all able bodied Coldain fight to the death in defense of our land. Children, disabled citzens, and unseasoned travellers are advised to evacuate immediately!

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My fellow soldiers, take heart! For we are not alone in this endeavor. One among us, an outlander, has earned the title Hero of the Dain for valiant service to our people. This newcomer has brought with him allies that will fight alongside you to help bring about our victory.

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My friends... Brell did not place us here so many centuries ago to be slaughtered by these heathens. Nor did our forefather, Colin Dain, sacrifice himself simply to have us fail here now. Through these events we were brought to this day to test our strength and our faith.

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Will we be shackled together to slave away in Kromrif mines or will we stand united and feed these beasts Coldain blades? By Brell I promise you, 'It is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees!'

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'TROOPS, TAKE YOUR POSITIONS!!

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'No need to pray to your little God stumpymen, you'll be meeting him in person soon enough!

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'You'll be begging Brell for forgiveness by the day's end, vile beast!

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Kromrif! Form up! Dispatch these tiny fools and destroy Thurgadin. Theres a keg of ice mead waiting for every man back at home.

7. Within minutes, the First Wave of giants will attack. In general, there are THREE timed waves, with three sub-waves. They are timed from the start of the battle, and if you don’t finish off an earlier wave, you can have overlapping battles. The sub-waves come from the south (near the wurm caves), the west, and the east, and are substantially identical (i.e., one leader mob, one or two healer/priests, several grunts). The sub-waves come one right after the other, while there is a little time between the major waves to res/heal.
The Giants and Dwarves are on the normal factions when battle starts. If you are KOS to Coldain, the dwarven armies will attack you. Same for being KOS to giants. They also give the normal faction hits when killed.

8. WAVE 1 – The Scrubs: Kromrif Recruits, Kromrif Captains (all green to level 58)
-should not summon
-not particularly difficult

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Outlander, our scouts report no more Kromrif for the time being. Resurrect your fallen and heal your wounded. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them.

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Interlopers! You've chosen the wrong side in this war. My warriors will succeed where the young recruits have failed. You shall suffer the same fate as the pathetic vermin you serve. Your heads shall be perched upon our spears along with those of your Coldain friends!

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Pay no attention to his babbling, outlander. It is our destiny to emerge victorious. Prepare your army for glorious battle!
Narandi the Wretched shouts 'My warriors approach, I offer you one final opportunity to bow before the might of Rallos Zek. Throw down your weapons and surrender. You will live out your lives in relative peace, rightfully serving your Kromrif masters.

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Enough! Show yourself coward! Your blasphemous words shall be etched upon your spacious brow. All will mock you for generations to come. Your own god will forsake you when he witnesses your defeat here today!

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Warriors! Charge through these pompous fools. Any you manage to capture shall become your personal slaves. The outlanders and the Seneschal must die! Bring me their heads!

9. WAVE 2- Kromrif Warriors, Priests of Zek, Kromrif General (all will be in the 50+ range, but blue to 58)
-summoning (so don’t kite any near dwarves)

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Well fought, friends! May the piles of Kromrif corpses strike fear in the hearts of our overgrown enemies.

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Silence fool! Speak not of our fallen. They who die honorably in combat earn an eternal rest in the company of our greatest heroes... even Rallos Zek himself!

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'It is your misguided
beliefs that made this war necessary. Now you feel the sting of your errors. Return to Kael and preach the doctrine of Brell Serilis in hopes that your people may someday be spared.

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Enough chatter. Our veterans approach now to finish you. You have been tested and your weaknesses have been assessed. Bid farewell to your dear Thurgadin, those of you who are fortunate enough to survive the slaughter shall make a new home in the Kromrif slave pens!

Narandi the Wretched shouts 'Veterans! Be sure that this time we allow none of the stumpymen to escape to create yet another city. This shall be our final war with these unworthy beings.

10. WAVE 3 – 8 Kromrif Veterans, 2 High Priests of Zek, Kromrif Warlord (per squad) (Vets will be around 58, with Warlord at 60)
-Warlords hit for 355

11. Narandi then pops to the South and attempts to get away. All the dwarves except the commanders will despawn. He is on a timer and will despawn if not killed quickly, so he cannot be kited for long (if there are any remnants from prior battles, they should be kited while Narandi is killed). He is RED to a level 60, and flurries for 460. He drops the Lance and his Head.

Narandi the Wretched says 'One more trophy for my collection! Good riddance, puny one.
Narandi the Wretched's corpse says 'Rallos! Please accept my soul... I pray that you may find me worthy.

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Outlander! You've done it! The Kromrif invasion has been frustrated! Bring me the head of Narandi and your Hero's ring.

12. Take the Head to Aldikar and give him the Head and the 9th Coldain Ring. He returns a Shorn Head and the 10th Coldain Ring. The Shorn Head is NO RENT.

13. Give the Shorn Head to each of the named commanders who survived, and to the nameless archer commander (he can’t be controlled, by the way). Do not give the head to the Scout. He will simply take it. Each commander will take an item from the head and give it to you (along with the head back), then go to the waterfall area and despawn. If any commander is dead at this time, you cannot obtain that item.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Show the head to the surviving heroes quickly, we must report to the Dain and tend to the wounded.

Churn the Axeman – Crown
Dobbin Crossaxe – Facemask
Garadain Glacierbane – Choker
Corbin Blackwell - Earring
Archer - Eye

14. If you have allied faction with the Dain, every time you give him the 10th Coldain Ring, he will give you a scroll of Protection of the Dain with 1 charge of Divine Aura.

MAP: Below is a rough map I found with some of the dwarf and giant starting locations. The red Xs are where the giants starts. The green ovals are the dwarf troops. The red ovals are lines of Kromrif giants that appear to be leftovers from failed battles (they summon without being damaged if aggroed, so stay well clear if they are up).

In essence, it involves the following goals:
1. Keep the Seneschal alive.
2. Keep the named commanders alive.
3. Keep the Scout alive.
4. Keep the person doing the quest alive.
5. Kill Narandil.

As you might imagine, the successes so far seem to involve kiting, several killing groups in the center, and a dedicated res center (cleric with a stick) out of the way with several helpers dragging corpses to him or her (the dwarves and most giants don't see through invis).