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07-02-2001, 07:23 AM
Karana - Plains Pebbles

The spell, Imbue Plains Pebble can be purchased at the Druid Ring in North Karana (Tak Whistler) and can only be cast by Karana worshiping priest classes (cleric, druid only). It is a 29th level Abjuration spell and costs 200 mana to cast.

A brief history of the Plains Pebble:
Introduced during or near the release of Kunark, these foraged pebbles were no-drop items that, upon imbuing, became droppable. There was no known use for them at that time and rumors of their use in making a water extractor and/or cutting food and water consumption were rampantů nothing was ever confirmed. Months later they were changed, making them droppable. This is possibly because certain non-foraging Karana priest classes (human Karana clerics) had no access to them. Since that time, the revamping of the tradeskills has made these pebbles useful for creating weapons, armor and items wearable by the followers of Karana.

Currently, upon foraging, they are non-stackable and tradable (droppable). Imbuing makes them stackable.

Obtaining Plains Pebbles:
Plains Pebbles can only be acquired by foraging in North, South, East, and West Karana. A skill of at least 100 is needed to forage them, with the exception of Iksar who have the ability to forage rares at first level.

When I need them for tailoring, I run around the Karanas, keeping the foraging button shaded. I also auction to buy them for 2-3 plat and will pay 5pp each for imbued ones. Besides tradeskills, their only other known use is the Shackle of Bronze quest, which starts in Cabilis (Iksar quest), so there's not much competition. I find that it helps to stay in one zone and auction regularly, people are more receptive if you offer to run to them, trade buffs for the pebbles, and are in the same zone when they happen to forage one. The most active of the Karanas seems to be South Karana, and I've got the most response there as well. Also, it doesn't hurt to run around tracking, there are some rares that spawn in SK with decent loot.

The following items are the only known items crafted by using Imbued Plains Pebbles:

12 different pieces of Imbued Vale Studded Armor (Halfling Cultural Tailoring)
12 different pieces of Imbued Vale Reinforced Armor (Halfling Cultural Tailoring) (

Imbued Enchanted Silver Ring (Jewelcraft)
Imbued Enchanted Electrum Earring (Jewelcraft)
Imbued Enchanted Gold Earring (Jewelcraft)
Imbued Enchanted Platinum Ring (Jewelcraft) (

Imbued Mithril Fier'dal Dagger
Imbued Mithril Fier'dal Long Sword
Imbued Mithril Fier'dal Morning Star
Imbued Mithril Fier'dal Rapier
Imbued Mithril Fier'dal Spear (

Volfen ~ The Drunken Tailor